Tuesday, July 29, 2014


*wearing my LUCKY green Essie nail polish in the hotel room this morning.
I feel so LUCKY to design and own my own company. I love what I do 
so much that often I forget that it's actually my job. 

I am on my way back to Utah. I am at the airport and I missed my flight. Oh yes, I guess  I wasn't too lucky today. I actually had the BEST day of meetings (WOO HOO) followed by having an accident in my rental car. I actually did not cry. I knew that I was running late and it was my fault. I have the red paint and big dent on the side of the car to prove it. I talked to myself and just said... "THIS IS A SMALL THING. Let it go..." 

So as I told the rental car agent how sorry I was, and that I am just so grateful no one was hurt, she was very nice. She even complimented me on my honesty (yes, I owned it... it was me not seeing the RED POLE). I thanked her and decided to just SMILE and be positive. I am going to be happy even when I do dumb things. 

My cute best friend will find out this week if he is in remission. I am praying so hard that he is. If he is they will proceed with the bone marrow transplant. HMMMM. I want so much for him to be in remission. I so wish he did NOT have to go to the hospital and do this again. Heartbroken and tears flow
so easily right now... 

Right now, I have such HUGE great amazing things happening for me. At the same time, I have my best friend fighting for his life. I simply take it day by day and know that God is in charge. After my meeting, I called Tyler right away. He is my biggest cheerleader.
He always tells me to "GO SHINE."
He often tells me that my "LIGHT" is bright
and to SHARE it. This man sees me in a way
that I don't see myself as. Did I tell you that he googles me?
He tells everyone he knows how much he loves me
and how talented I am. I often laugh and tell him
to please stop. I am just me... but HOW can I not be 
blessed to know that to HIM... he sees me as so much more that I see myself. I am just me... but because of HIM and our children
I want to be a better person.

I like to think this is how God sees us. He sees us as so much more then we see ourselves. He loves us faults and all. We are each literally HIS sons and daughters. We are royal in birth. 

I hope you each have someone who is YOUR anchor. 
Someone who believes in YOU. Someone who lifts you
when you are sad. We all need support and help during our life journey. I am so thankful for the knowledge that no matter what Tyler and I are going to be together forever. I believe with my entire being that we are a forever family. This is what gives me the greatest comfort. 

Now today is DAY 12...

Today is day 12 of the THIRTY days of INSPIRATION with my brand new LIFE EMPORIUM collection. I wanted to show the CORK (yes, it's CORK) die cut pieces that come with my new collection.
I am LOVING the wood and cork combined and this is what inspired this line... and that it is a line for LIFE MOMENTS. This book is also a workshop that I will be teaching. I am an advocate of telling "our story." This is life right now for my 16 year old. Years from now, he will treasure the photos, what he is saying and the things that are important to him NOW.

I am going home to PRINT photos. I am very inspired today to make a collage of photos for Tyler. I want him to be surrounded by LOVE and MEMORIES in the hospital. I want him to see the moments that we have shared and the ones he is fighting for to happen. I believe in living in the MOMENT and when I print these photos... I know I can love them ALWAYS. 
It's worth printing quality photos. I will use my Canon PIXMA iP8720 because I'm obsessed with the wide format, borderless prints. Yes, 13" x 19" size capability is my dream come true. 

Time to board the flight. So excited to get home... even if it takes me a little longer.

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Monday, July 28, 2014


This is the day we hear from McKay and Seth online.
I made her promise to send me weekly photos. For the most part, she is really good. She has only missed a couple weeks when
she "lost" or "misplaced" her camera.

TODAY she shared the simple but powerful message of this-

She shared this story (names have been changed):
This week we had another lesson with Martin, the man that was in the really bad car accident, that was really great. It's interesting to teach him because we have to teach super simply, but the spirit is always so strong. The thing that I learned the most during that lesson was from something that he said right before we left. I asked him if there was anything we could do for him and he answered, "Live happy." It made me really think because if anyone had a good reason to complain about not having a fair life, it would be him. But he's just so happy all the time and tries to always help others to feel the same way. It made me think about times when I'm grumpy over the silliest things. I want to extend this same invitation to you all, live happy! 

I am actually on a airplane right now. I am headed to a meeting. (wonderful things are happening)
I try to always be happy. I strive to SMILE even when
I am feeling down. I smiled today at people at the airport. I know that often they look at me like..."she is way too happy."
HAPPINESS is a choice. I smile because I see the good in each day. I see the good in life even during the rain and thunderstorms.
I want to remember to LIVE HAPPY too.

Yes, McKay is growing up. I am so thankful she is choosing to lead a life that makes her happy. (far left) I adore photos. Just think if THIS photo had not been taken. It would have been
a lost memory. 

I think this so often as the challenges of cancer has invaded our life, our family, our home. I love that EACH day is fabulous as long as we are together. I love my sweet family.
It has been too long and I have to share the "babies" with you.
Okay, they are getting big. They melt me... they melt Ty.
I get to see them in August. I am flying down and teaching at Scrapbook Daisies and staying with them.

Oh my... she is the SWEETEST little Zellie...
I can't wait. 

so hard to believe Tenneson is 5 months old.
Isn't he a BIG boy? I want to just hold him.

This photo tells a story. Matt taking Maxson fishing for the very first time. This photo shares a memory. I know I will be printing out all these photos when I get home.  
We are at day 11.
I am showing a paper from Nine & Co.
This is one of the 3x4 cards from the 12x12 paper (tag sheet).

Simply cut the 3x4 card from paper and put inside gold frame. This frame was .99 cents at the local thrift store. I love a DIY bargain.

Well, my photos from SPC and the Tim McGraw concert are gone. Yes, I loaded on my laptop and I think I must have deleted them somehow. So for now... one photo from Friday night with my son.

We had a great time. Even though some "guy" thought we should be slow dancing together. ha! My son said, "she's my mom" and he said... "so, don't you love your mom?" Oh my... funny.
I am just grateful he wanted to spend time with me. It's important to have that one on one time together. It's important to take photos and document that time. I will definitely print out the photos this week. I don't want the memories lost or forgotten.
There is a NEW weekly TC video today at www.mycraftchannel.com
I showed my LIFE EMPORIUM tag book. 

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Friday, July 25, 2014

HAPPY FRIDAY... it's DAY 10... going to see TIM MCGRAW

HAPPY FRIDAY. I am pretty excited. Today I am working for the first time ever from my new office space. I am completely NOT unpacked. I am on the floor right now as I blog. I have cried ALL morning. My heart is full. This week has been a busy week with a trade show, a birthday, moving my office, and just CHANGE. My sweet husband was too weak to start his 4th chemo this week. So they are going to test him next week to see if he is in remission and just proceed with the transplant. I cry nonstop. Often it's tears of happiness and then those moments of sheer sadness. Can you relate? 

Each day seems to be a mixture of this. I have recently learned who are my REAL support are during this time. I got a text on my birthday from someone who came into my life about seven months ago. This person and I clicked. She saw something in me that I don't know if I saw in myself.  We became friends instantly and she we shared a heart felt connection. She sent me a text that was so special to me... one of encouragement and her belief in me. I started to cry. Then she mentioned she had thought of me all day. She sent me a song to listen to. It was the SAME song that I love and was played at my mothers funeral. She had no IDEA of the connection. It was so special. I listened to the song. It is the song that I have posted inside my blog. This gives me comfort. I want to thank this very special friend for caring about me and for seeing my struggles and encouraging me to SHINE through the hard times....

When times get tough... and they do- I always think this...

I cannot change anyone else but myself. I can't change situations, or Ty's cancer. I can't change the things I wish I could. I can change MYSELF only and be better and do better. 

I am excited to go to the TIM MCGRAW concert with my son tonight. Zach and I love country music and I exposed my children from an early age to all types and genre of music. Coming from NC- country music is in my soul. It is a reminder of me of home. So I love that my girls and Zach love it! My son Ty is not really a fan as much and did not want to go. WATCH for photos!!!! I can't wait. I loved that he actually wanted to go with his mama. I'm lucky!!!!! 
of my 30 days of INSPIRATION
I have really enjoyed doing this?

This is is my CLEAR 12x12 PAPER SHEETS!!!!
They are THICK but can be cut with the cutting machines.

Hard to photograph anything CLEAR!
This is using my FISKARS heart punch and then you
make a clear HEART garland with added pink beads.
YES, it can be embossed, painted, glittered, misted
and MORE!!!!!

YOU get FIVE beautiful heavy weight clear papers to a package.
They were a MASSIVE hit at the show. You can't find this product anywhere... trust me I tried to find it...
so I designed it! IT is clearly beautiful and if you
do find a clear paper I know it will not be the same
thickness and quality- so try it out!

take photos...
& celebrate TODAY!!!

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

LAST day of Trade Show... DAY 9

Today is DAY 9 of the 30 days of INSPIRATION. 
*this is the NINE & CO monogram alpha 12x12 paper.
Please note it is blurry and faded so that it cannot be copied.***

I wanted to show how I took the papers in the Nine & Co line and created cupcake and cake monogram and word accents.

First, I punched my paper with Fiskars punch. Then I cut out the monograms letters from the 12x12. Simply spell out a word or an initial from the alpha paper. Then you can put inside the punched shape. Place on toothpick and do the same on the opposite side.

I LOVE how super FAST and simple it is... with just ONE sheet of paper.

This is an affordable way to say ANYTHING!!!  An easy way to customize your next celebration.

I love to design my papers so that they are unique and give value in what they can become. I hope you like these too!
Today was the last day at the SPC Trade Show here in Utah. I am so tired. It is a lot of work to do a trade show. I love it. I love talking to the retailers and LOVE spending time with them.
My son Zach came to the show today to help Sean and I.  He was having a great time and enjoying everyone already knowing who he is. I promise to post lots of photos.

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes. I have been overwhelmed with love and support. It was the most amazing day!
My day was so special and I am truly so fortunate for all the love and support everyone gave me. 
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

TODAY... It's my BIRTHDAY!!!!

It is day 8
I am celebrating my birthday today and will be at SPC trade show showing all my new collections to everyone.

I am GIDDY to show you my new WOOD pieces that are die cut. They come with both of my Christmas collections.
They are actual wood and you get SIX per package. *yes, I glittered the tree on the book stand.

This is my TINSEL & COMPANY papers. I rolled them up and tied a bow around them and hung the die cut ornament. I did nothing to this. It's gorgeous. PS everyone is loving this "glam chic" Christmas line... ha ha- that is what a buyer called it yesterday. I guess I made her year. She had been wanting a line like this forever.


Can you see the candy cane paper?
I am in love. Oh, loving the STAR ornament.
There are MORE designs.
I am warning you now that they are going to SELL OUT fast!
Just after one day at the trade show I can see both lines are going fast and everyone loves the unique and "glam" additions I have done with two Christmas lines this year.

I taught a class yesterday to the Crafters Home group. I am so grateful for this. I love teaching... I love sharing. To me this isn't work. It's just what I was born to do. 

We are at SPC show all week. This was set up day. It started with a 10x10 space. I love how truly DIY a show is for us. It was so busy yesterday and I head back today. It is in SLC and so love how close it is for me. RIGHT NOW... this is such a blessing. I am so fortunate to have Brie and Sean helping me. I will keep sharing  from the show via Facebook and instagram too. 

Booth set up is always fun. Sean loves all the "let's put together the tables" work. He is the best! 

It's my birthday.
So I am just celebrating
this morning with my boys until
I head to the SPC show. I film a few shows
there today too.
I am so GRATEFUL for each and every day.

I celebrate each day and each year.
I don't want to take a moment for granted.
I am happy in spite of many things that
make my heart very sad.

Last night, we kneeled today as a family and prayed.
I started crying as my husband offered the prayer. THIS is what keeps me going. This is why today... is another amazing day.
Ty is struggling right now. He is fighting. We are fighting with him. The best gift ever is having him with me today and everyday. There is nothing better than having two boys... young men, age 15 and 16 kneel beside us and pray. This is a gift to have
my boys, my children... my family.
We realize Heavenly Father is in charge and
he is guiding us, loving us and supporting us. This is what I posted on my Facebook page- and yes, I was crying as I wrote it:

TODAY is my BIRTHDAY. My heart is FULL to the brim. I am so thankful and grateful. Each day we have is a blessing. I know that right now the trials only make me stronger and APPRECIATE more what I have. I am passionate about LIFE and sharing LOVE. I have the best husband, children, family and friends. My life is surrounded by those who love me. I shared on my blog today a sweet experience of my husband, sons and I last night. I know that LIFE is be cherished, celebrated and documented EACH day. I love that my son Zach wants a photo of our family TODAY together. This is GOLD. This is what matters most. I realize what matters most. TODAY I am celebrating the LIFE and LOVE that is bursting from my heart. I am celebrating ALL of you who love me... who inspire me. Many of you have NO IDEA what you bring into my life. I love and thank you all for your support. I am so happy in spite of the trials that are refining me right now. I am so busy that often I wonder how can I do anything else. Yet, I find that I can and am doing this. I hope TODAY you will celebrate TODAY with me too. I am going to pretend that CAKE has ZERO calories today. I am going to go get my favorite frozen yogurt and make it LARGE. I am going to continue to praise God for helping me with my struggles and for the daily OVERLOAD of blessing. I am happy despite the trials. CELEBRATE TODAY!!!!!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


It's DAY 7 of INSPIRATION today.
I am definitely feeling inspired. I set up yesterday for the SPC trade show in dowtown SLC. I love decorating and so this is
just my favorite thing... PLUS I get to met my friends and make new ones.

Can't wait to show you the entire booth.

This is BUCKY and I thought his gold deer was adorable. Yes, we were facing fun during set up today.

Today's 7th day of inspiration is adding this beautiful GOLD FOILED transparent overlay to a photo.
This is NINE & Co.
I love the added effect of the gold overlays. I added my clear TC gems into a Fiskars punched seal punch.
Isn't the arrow and fox cute?
This is my darling son... 16... Zach. I am such a blessed mother.

So many people asked me what type of paper I am printing on. This is the only paper that I use. It is the Photo Paper Pro (luster) and I can print up to 13" x 19". It is a beautiful print and you thenknow you have archival saved the photo for up to 300 years. Don't skimp on the brand or quality of your photo paper. It makes a HUGE difference in the quality and the archival life span if you are using a printer (*Canon PIXMA iP8720) with the genuine ink and paper combination. I've learned so much in my efforts to document and preserve memories and this is something that I will not skimp on. Quality is so important. 

I use this photo paper for my 4"x6" prints.
Canon paper plus glossy II

I am off to the trade show. I am teaching a workshop this morning to a large group of retailers in my office to. BUSY BUSY and I love it!

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Monday, July 21, 2014


Today I am showing a fun way to use my BRAND new 12x12 NUMBER Stencil with Signature Essentials. I love the BIG numbers. You can use them individually or you can use them as one piece that you can put on a layout, bag or anything.

This layout with Maxson is 12x12. I have NEW 12x12 clear paper too with this release. This is how to do this glittered number layout with my NUMBERS stencil.
1. Take 12x12 TC clear paper. Place number stencil on top of clear paper. Fill in TC modeling paste evenly. Lift off the number stencil and clean.
2.  Sprinkle GOLD glitter on top of the modeling paste. Allow to dry completely.
3. Adhere TC clear paper that has been stenciled to TINSEL & COMPANY triangle paper. Use TC liquid adhesive so that it will dry clear and or the TC stapler to attach to layout. Add photo to right side of layout. Add limited edition circle from TC Hello, My Name is paper.

I wanted to show my adhesive mega runner. So many people have no idea how amazing and easy to change my mega runner is to change. It comes with 100 FEET of adhesive.

This is the clear cartridge for my refill. The adhesive lasts a very long time. When you run out, you simply open up the pink case and put in the new refill.

It's super easy and durable. I travel with mine.

TODAY is a new TC show on mycraftchannel.com. Today you can see this beautiful project:

This is the NEW Christmas Countdown project that I designed for 2014. I am teaching this too. It's a yearly tradition. This is MERRY & BRIGHT with Candy Cane Lane & Tinsel & Company mixed. I am so excited to show it on the show today.

Today I am setting up a 10x10 booth for the SPC show here in Utah. There are 100 retailers or so coming to Utah to see new products. I will be showing video, photos and MORE this week.

Happy MONDAY!!!!!!
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