Sunday, March 24, 2019

Why do I do motivational speaking?

A couple weeks ago, I was the keynote speaker at Planner Con and it was "ME CHANGING." I say that because the more I give and share, I feel it has been worth it. The more I connect and share my BOLD truths, the more I get back. I am inspired by everyone I meet. I love to know their stories. 

This is Jerodelle.
I am going to share her story right now... in her own words:

Get the tissues ready but, I can tell you that the ending is good because I am alive today :)

I was born “normal” with no indication of becoming sick but this is where it all started. At 6 months old, I got this disease called Purpura fulminans ( -an acute, often fatal, thrombotic disorder which manifests as blood spots, bruising and discolouration of the skin resulting from coagulation in small blood vessels within the skin and rapidly leads to skin necrosis and disseminated intravascular coagulation).

This started out with a diaper rash in which my parents were not too concerned about. One day, my mom came home from work to pick me up from my nanny and there it was. Everywhere. BLOOD. I was drenched in my own blood and as my mom picked me up, my veins were exploding left and right. She rushed out and got in the car with my dad to drive me to the nearest hospital. Of course, there was traffic on the way there so, she got out of the car, and ran. She ran as fast as she could to “save me”.

Upon arrival at the hospital she had no idea how to even communicate to the hospital staff, you see, my parents did not speak a lot of French which Paris, France is where it all happened. They quickly admitted me where I underwent a series of tests. which concluded that I had Purpura Fulminans.

After hours of waiting in the waiting room, the doctor finally went up to my parents and said “Do you believe in God?”.  
My parents quickly replied “Why?”  The doctor replied - “He is the only one that can save your little girl”.

At that point I wasn’t responding to treatments and I could not breathe and/or eat on my own. My legs were losing circulation and you could see my limbs turning blue. The doctor knew the fatal rate of anyone surviving this deadly virus. There was a slim to non chance of my parents losing me and so, they got on their knees and prayed. All day, all night. 

After one of the hardest nights in my parent’s lives, the doctor went up to them in the late hours of night and he said “I can’t believe it, your daughter is a miracle. Out of the 99.99% of people that have died from this deadly disease, she is the 00.01%”. He explained to my my parents that from that day on, it would be an uphill battle because of the trauma my body had endured. Because of the explosions of my veins, it, gave me severe bone malformations in my legs and numerous scars and scar tissue.  

Fast forward to me being 7- 8 years old, I was hospitalized, again. But this time, to straighten my left leg. You see, my veins exploding left me pretty much bow legged. Little did I know, I was going to have to fight for my life, yet again. I have gone through over 30 surgeries, it started with a very painful leg brace ( which was pretty much pins going through my left leg to help straighten the leg ) multiple casts from my hips down to my knee down but I will tell you that the hardest part of it all was that first step. I remember standing there for the first time in 3 years I was standing. and I remember feeling the rush of blood going down my leg. and all I could do was cry. 

Faith was never something I lost or even questioned because quite honestly, that was the only thing I had and still have. I knew that my Father would take care of me and that everything was temporary and that trusting him above all things was the most important thing I could ever do.

You see, I didn’t know that when I made that first step, it would mean to stand up for myself and ALWAYS look at the positive. My body has endured so much and there are days that, I do feel bad but I always try to remember this - It could be worse. It REALLY could be worse. I have one life to live and I choose to live it in the most positive way possible. Could it be better? of course.  These are my scars, My scars are a part of me, they also tell my story. My body is my story.

There are so many things about my situation that I would love to change like  financially struggling but I know that if I keep being myself and hustle, there is something out there for me. I don’t know how, where or what but I can feel it in my bones that meeting you has been a turning point in my life." WATCH HER VIDEO IF YOU WISH AT: MY STORY MY DISABILITY.

Here is a little video I posted about being a speaker. I feel privileged to meet you and for people like Jerodelle who remind me to keep sharing. Our hard makes us all stronger if we choose. Look for the good in the bad.

It's truly a blessing to share and speak even when I feel super vulnerable. I spoke to 1,200 plus attendees in San Francisco at Planner Con- March 2019. I talked about being the VIP of your life. For me, I don't want to get up on stage and have a "brag fest" or sell you on me. I want to sell you on YOURSELF. 
I wrote my book because I knew it would help others and sharing my hard has helped me in seeing the value of our telling our struggles. I love to share how YOU can overcome the worst hard and hardest times and be a SURVIVOR.
You can still be HAPPY.
You can find GOOD in the BAD.
I believe STRIVING daily to choose to live a happy and positive life
It's changed my life.

YOU... I want you to know you are the real VIP- the real celebrity of your life. I want you to feel YOUR WORTH. I want you to feel your ENOUGH.

This Thursday I spoke to 300 people in Huntington Utah to a group of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I talked about "YOU ARE ENOUGH." My heart felt so much gratitude for this opportunity. It is my biggest hope that when I speak that others FEEL their enough. I hope they see that although I have felt unloved, unwanted and LESS than... I took that power back. I stood up TALL and decided to own that beautiful power within me.

We were BORN enough. We can change that negative thought pattern that the WORLD tells us... that we don't measure up. NOPE! We can say NO to the media and unsubscribe to the people and images that say... "YOU DON'T MEASURE UP." It's a lie. The world wants us to compare and compete. I believe we need to BUILD others and ourselves. You my friend have NEVER been nor will ever be less than.

I love you. Remember... YOU LACK NOTHING!

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Sunday, March 17, 2019

YOU TUBE... who knew....SHARE YOUR WHY!!!!!!!

I finally did buy own YOU TUBE channel this year. I have put it off for years. I have so many videos already on youtube but none from me directly. I want to warn you. I decided it was going to be both personal and business. Why? Because for me the TWO are connected. My personal values and being and how I design and create stem from my "why." I figure if I am talking about my REAL and it has inspired my products, then it needs to be sharing it as I feel compelled to. 

The YOU TUBE story of pain and loss of being a widow.

Last Friday, I filmed the next 7 shows. I try to upload two shows a week. Some are VERY hard on me to share... like being widowed.
This show was on my stroke. I hope it helps others to not just look at someone and THINK you 
know their story. We all have a story and so much more. We never know the private battles someone has been through.

This is me explaining my BRAND NEW EMPOWERMENT SUBSCRIPTION BOX. I want to share my WHY in such a bold way with the world. It's my PURPOSE and my PASSION.

I also filmed some more that I am excited to debut with you. I hope you will check them out. I hope in some way this is another way for us to connect, and put more GOOD and light in the world. 

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Friday, March 15, 2019


Oh my... I just got home this week from a whirlwind of a 15 day business/ and some sightseeing trip. I was the keynote speaker at Planner Con and it was "ME CHANGING." I say that because the more I give. The more I connect and share my bold truths, the more I get back. I am inspired by everyone I meet. I love to know their stories. It's truly a blessing. I spoke to 1,200 plus attendees and I talked about being the VIP of your life. For me, I don't want to get up on stage and have a "brag fest" or sell you on me. I want to sell you on YOURSELF. 

YOU... I want you to know you are the real VIP- the real celebrity of your life.

I want you to feel YOUR WORTH. I want you to feel your ENOUGH.

In a world that wants us to compete-
I say lets collaborate, connect and celebrate one another.
STOP the unnecessary competition.

I debuted the Teresa Collins Subscription Box at Planner Con too.
I was nervous. I put so much in the box that my entire team was telling me that I had to stop or I was going to go in the negative. ha!

What can I say... I am a giver.
I want to share with you what this is about.
I hope you will join me if you feel like this can
add value to your life.

Look at this.... I am so THRILLED, EXCITED and seriously feel this EMPOWERMENT subscription box is a real reflection of my WHY. I wanted her ..."YOU" to subscribe
Every box (six times a year/every 2 months) comes with products I have designed to UPLIFT and celebrate YOU.
It's full of lifestyle products that CELEBRATE
your bold gorgeous life.

I want you to open my box and feel like
you get a big LOVE HUG from me.
That you see and feel your WORTH.

What comes in my TC EMPOWERMENT BOX?
Each box will be similar but of course I will change it up to be AWESOME. Some things you can see in the first box and each kit will be full of lifestyle (pretty products!!!!)
1.Exclusive TC gallery EMPOWERMENT quotes/art prints to
 add to your wall, office, or maybe a vision board. They will come in 8x10, 4x6, and 5x7. They are all TC exclusives. (image a whole wall of these like wallpaper!!! I am dreaming it!
3. PEN
5. STICKER SHEETS (12 in first box)
6. EMPOWERMENT DIE CUTS (hundreds in each box)
7. Stickers (more goodness)
8. Sticky notes
9. PARTY item (party fans in first box)
10. exclusive 8x10 color print for all your crafting and journaling and planning need.
11. Planner (first box)*
12. TC empowerment washi tape (x3)

Okay... if you have ever subscribed to a kit  before you know that items change in each box. This is my first time doing it and I am putting my entire HEART and passion into it. I can personally promise you that I will overwhelm the BEAUTY in each kit. I want you to feel surprised and excited. I hope you know that I haven't even listed
all of the items- because I hope you can simply FEEL
and see what I have in store for you.

So if you want to join and subscribe...

WHY IN THE WORLD did I do this big undertaking?
Because I want YOU to FEEL and SEE my
love and belief in you.
I want you to feel your WORTH.
I want to spread SELF LOVE
so big and bold in this world.
It is my WHY as a person and as a company.
In a world that wants us to STARE and COMPARE..
I want you to see yourself as

Sunday, February 3, 2019


I believe that YOU are the VIP of your life. You deserve everyday to be at the VIP section. I shared my story of being bullied and make fun of and feeling less than. I will never let these bullies stop me from feeling love for myself and my worth. OWN your beautiful power. Don't let anyone take that power away from you. Watch my NEW video on YOUTUBE...

In a world that wants us to feel LESS THAN...
look for "celebrities" to follow and be like...
I am NO...
I will be the VIP and the celebrity of my own life.
Do you agree?

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Saturday, January 26, 2019

hello from the CARIBBEAN

Cruising with my sister for 11 days. I came straight from a trade show in Phoenix. Shelley and I are so different but so alike. We were both determined to make changes from a HARD and abusive childhood. We are both just so grateful for what we have done with our life and our stories. We broke the cycle. I love you Shelley. I’m blessed with us. God knew we could needed each another. Her first cruise our first vacation alone together and it’s magical.

This is my younger sister Shelley.
She still lives in Hickory NC.
This is where we were both born and raised.
We have NEVER ever taken a vacation together- just us. 
We have laughed, cried and almost peed our pants.
You guys I am so proud of her.

I love her very much.
She is incredibly strong and resislent.

She raised two girls after a divorce in her 20's. No help and as a single mother she was determined to keep going and keep growing. My niece Miranda (her oldest daughter) is getting her PHD right now. I have three of my 5 birth children in college full time too. We defied some big odds. We wanted more. We never wanted our children to worry about heat, where their next meal was from or from abusive people. We both are determined to not allow toxic people and drama to exist. We both are big into being positive... every day.

Shelley is now the plant manager for a huge company. All the day to day operations of over 28 people. She is killing it! My little sister is a force. I am so proud of her. Also, she has another daughter Kayla who is quite amazing too. I love our little family. We may be small but we are BIG in love.

I guess you could say we are living our life boldly. The past does not define us or you.

Virgin Pina Coladas
Vitamin SEA
Hats & Sunglasses
I could not be happier

Today I shared this on my instagram page. I get so many women who tell me that they struggle (so hard) with comparing themselves. They compare their success, their life, and it's easy to think we are "less than." I am the biggest believer in that our success is ours... and ours alone. We should look at someone else's success as inspiration to KNOW it can be done. There is ENOUGH SUCCESS available to all of us. Each of us... in ABUNDANCE.

I look at my biggest role models and think.. look at what they have done. I can do my OWN thing, my OWN way and be just as unstoppable. Success is for YOU and there is no stopping a determined woman or man. 

Okay, we are in Bonaire. Time to go on a Catamaran and snorkel. 
Make Today Count!!!!

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Monday, January 14, 2019


I decided to share just a few things that I am working on and upcoming amazing things. I have a trade show in AZ this week. I'm head to CREATIVATION. It is the Craft & Hobby Industries tradeshow. My booth is 2020... so easy to remember. Right?
I was thinking today on how I am choosing to see the good in the busy and not let it overwhelm my mind set or see it as stress. I used to do this. Now I see it as a such a blessing to be busy. 

I follow my heart when I decide to attend any event. I know that when I feel it in my gut and I follow that prompting to do something, it has always served me well.

I am going back to the UK in August for the Press Pause 2019 event. This event is faith based and I will be speaking to thousands of attendees, along side the most impressive line up of presenters and singers. When I speak to groups of over 1,000 + I see this as a personal challenge to connect with the audience as if it is on a smaller more intimate group. 

I get asked if I get nervous when I am speaking in front of so many people. That is such a great question. I would say I am not really nervous.  I overthink my message. I go over it for WEEKS and MONTHS. I would say I agonize over it. I want it to be impactful. So I do a lot of praying. I love to hear what the event would like for me to speak about or address and then I allow myself time to really feel the inspiration on WHAT needs  I am trying to meet. 

It doesn't matter if it's a message to 50 people or thousands. I know that I want to elevate and give people hope in their journey. I know that we ALL have the same basic wants and desires. I am like everyone else. I remember telling over 1,000 beautiful women at the JoAnn Fabrics & Crafts headquarters event (I spoke for like 1.5 hours) about having cellulite and stretch marks. I was in a room of amazing great successful managers and I felt impressed to share that common need of self acceptance that I believe ALL women and men want. 

I pour my heart and soul into everything I do and for me speaking is an honor and a gift. I don't ever take it lightly that position to go on stage and deliver a message. I'm not afraid to be real, and vulnerable. After I speak, I will be honest... I am completely WIPED out. All the energy, the thought, the vulnerability and emotions can make me very quiet and very contemplative. I will go back to my hotel room and be very STILL in my thoughts. This is a miracle. It's emotionally draining in a big beautiful way. I often share things that I had no idea I would share. It comes to me and I follow that deep impression to share. It is always followed by someone coming up to me afterwards saying, " it was just for them" or "this is exactly what I needed to hear." I believe a "great" speaker is one who is willing to really connect and share. It's going THERE... I don't hold back and I follow my heart and often share things that I did not intend. Yep... that about sums me up!

I know that public speaking is not for everyone. I would have never thought this was my journey. I feel honored that this coming year, I am able to speak more than ever. I am headed to speak next at the Planner Con event in San Francisco, CA. I think about this nonstop... there are over 1,300+ attendees at this event. I am speaking to everyone on Saturday evening of the event. I know that my message is going to be BIG... BOLD... INTENTIONAL.. its time for SELF LOVE and being REALLY intentional with our SELF TALK. Our words are so powerful! I have been preparing for months on this particular event. 

I never thought I would be doing a PODCAST either... but after so many promptings, I knew I would be doing a podcast. So it's in the works. I want to have guests too. I have always been the guest so I am looking forward to being the host too. I wanted a platform that anyone could listen to and gain from anytime and from all over the world. 

I realized that the next step for me was hosting empowerment events that would be LIFE CHANGING to the attendees. So last year in 2018- I held the first LIVE YOUR STORY EVENT. Oh my such a labor of love. It was powerful!
It changed lives and I knew it was something I had to grow.

Taylor and I loved every moment of it of the first event. I realized that if I made it into a two day event and added a day (just with me as a masterclass that I would teach, connect and share- and THEN add more speakers to speak along side me (on the next day)... well, it would be SO powerful and LIFE changing to the attendees. 

SIDENOTE: Just yesterday in a conversation, a woman asked me this. 

"Can you help me? I love your positivity and I'm dealing with a husband who is so negative. It's draining me. I can't stand it. It's taking the LIFE out of me. "
-We talked for a long time. I know that she now knows some powerful steps to help her with her peace and sanity. It's crucial. It's called boundaries. It's about loving yourself enough to set some much needed boundaries and self care. 

I believe in SPEAKING and sharing the GOOD and the BAD.
What do you do when you fail?
How do you get out of a negative mindset?
How do you forgive someone who has done you wrong?
Life is full of REALLY hard things to face.

We now have people coming from around the world. I didn't ever let my brain go to my event failing. I knew the POWER of doing this event. I knew if I had 20 people come or hundreds... I was making a difference. That is GOLD to me and my HEART.

I want to make a difference. It's not ALL about me. It never has been or will be. I am just sharing what I know now is RESILIENCE. I am sharing how taking ACTION- doing something is vital. 

You can make all the vision boards, plan your heart out and yet if you are not DOING the WORK and taking ACTION. Well, you really are not going to go anywhere. 

I asked five powerhouse presenters to join me to ELEVATE and inspire. I was lead to these individuals. I knew together we are going to ELEVATE what it means to have goals and a vision in our personal and professional life. 

I believe too many people invest too much in things of little or no value. YOU have to see yourself as an investment.  You have to take ACTION. What are you doing to enhance your worth? So this is continuing my WHY in a big and bold way. 

Seriously, DREAMS are for chasing... hunting them down and claiming those dreams. I mean I get a little crazy and I attack my DREAMS. I am a believer in being UNSTOPPABLE.  If you want to join me in Park City, Utah for the event that I know will change YOU... sign up and I promise you will not regret it. If you are local to Utah... you need to stop making excuses and join us. 

Thank you friends for being here and sharing in my story and in my journey. It means so much to me! 

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Saturday, January 12, 2019

EXCUSE ME WHILE I BLOG.... and remodel my bathroom

OH MY IT FEELS SO GOOD TO BLOG AGAIN...and to blog in my own way. I just feel FREE. So today I wanted to share this with you....

ELEVATE your vision of YOU. You are the BOSS of your life. 

Here are some things I practice daily. 

1. Set goals and move toward them. 
2. Stop comparing yourself to others. 
3. Set boundaries and put YOURSELF at the top of your list as a PRIORITY. 
4. Watch your SELF-TALK. I tell myself daily that I am ENOUGH right 
5. Watch who you spend time with. They say you turn out like the five people you spend most of your time with. 
6. KNOW who you really are. You are powerful energy. You are a miracle. Love yourself so boldly. Because it means you are taking care of YOU. 

These things have allowed me personally to FLY and elevate in my own WORTH and value. 

Once you begin to do these things INTENTIONALLY— be prepared to know that EVERYTHING changes in a BOLD way. It overflows and spreads. 

It’s literally EVERYTHING!!!! Do you agree????

Also, we are in the ongoing phase of our home renovation... (the job that never ends!) My cute husband came home from a Utah vs BYU game at like 1:00 am and while taking a shower- broke the shower hardware. Our house for some reason has been built with no access to the shower/tub and shower fixtures/hardware if any thing happened.

When we opened up the wall we found a massive hole from a leak that was growing. This eventually would have become a massive problem. Our shower hardware breaking was a blessing (a costly one... but one that would have been even more costly)

We decided to go ahead and take out the rest of the tile that matched the shower and just make it all the same. Brian said he knew I would make this decision. I love my big jet tub and we kept it. 

We needed to add access to the tub so we put it inside this room, where the toilet goes. This way if the tub ever has issues, we can access it.

So we had to tear into this wall into the shower to get our shower fixed. This of course lead to the 
decision to redo the rest of the bathroom. 

We had done everything in the bathroom earlier in the year so WHY not just do the rest? (I had made the decision that I did not think it needed to be replaced and so we were good- until the hardware broke and we had to go into walls.)

I think this will be my dream bathroom after all. I am choosing to be really thankful and positive through the four week renovation. Thankfully, my home office is right across from our master bedroom and it has a full bathroom and shower. I can't complain. I love home projects, just not the mess. It's a good distraction for the big trade show and all the work I'm putting into my new products and booth this week in AZ. 

If you are going to CREATIVATION TRADE SHOW... I'm in booth 2020. Yes, it's PERFECTLY clear you should come SEE me at the show. 

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