Friday, May 6, 2016


Brian and I are at the airport.
I'm in serious excitement mode to go to Mexico this morning.
This is going to be amazing and I will be visiting stores today and teaching all day tomorrow (one long workshop).

So I thought I would share photos from yesterday.
Coop and Gentry holding my new book.
We were at my book publishers.
I loved that Gentry LOVED it.
It's MINT... and accents of gold.
(no pink this time)

I have three books out right now with Cedar Fort (my publisher).
PINCH myself!!!!!

Coop just wanted to walk and he is nonstop!!!!

I saw my book for the first time yesterday- YOU ARE GOLD.
I was so very HAPPY... OVERJOYED... it's gorgeous.
I did a live periscope yesterday if you want to watch it to see the inside. The video can be found by searching TeresaCollins1.

NOW for total cuteness...

Capri and Beckett.
Notice Beckett is pointing at Capri-
it's not me!!!!
This kills me. 
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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Tomorrow... going to Mexico

I am packed and ready to go. Mexico City... yes, I am excited. It will be my first time there. I have been on periscope and see so many girls from Mexico who will be joining me and I love it. I feel very fortunate to be able to go there and teach this weekend. Brian is going with me. I love that he is fluent in Spanish. 

I had the most amazing day today. I went to my book publisher to pick up my latest book- YOU ARE GOLD. I will post about this soon. I was able to see Coop and Gentry. I admit that it melted my heart when I left and Coop started to cry and Gentry taped it. He loves his grandma.

Tonight Seth, Brian and I went to Josilyn and Parker's wedding reception tonight. Oh how I love McKay's best friend. 

TRUE STORY- Josilyn is like another daughter. McKay and her have been BEST friends since 7th grade. They were always together. So one day I see this "new boy" on her Facebook page. I looked at the photos. I visited his page. I wanted to see what he was about. I immediately had the strongest feeling that she was going to marry him.  Yes, imagine me telling her this. I remember she laughed and I just KNEW. I told Gentry the same thing about Devan and it was the same situation. I admit, I may be a little strange but I'm 2-2. ha!

Mckay was her maid of honor. 
I love these two girls so much.
I could NOT be happier. You know me, I was crying
at the reception when I saw them do their first dance. Then her dad and her... I was a goner during the daddy daughter dance. Oh how I love to see her so happy. 

It was seriously beautiful.
How can you resist blush pink?

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016


I am LOVING the beautiful weather here in Utah. It's about 70 degrees and the perfect Spring warm. It makes me want to be outside all day long. We are having our backyard done right now and I have really loved planning the plants, trees and the design. We had a mess with our sprinkler system with our new home. It had 28 zones that were a complete "nightmare". So we decided to redo the sprinklers along with our many changes to our backyard. 

This photo below means so much to me. This was taken while Seth was home from Mexico and before Seth went back out on his mission. It was rare because Ty hated his photo taken and I asked him if I could take one of him and Seth. He allowed it and I was so grateful. I know this photo will mean so much to Seth too. It is him and his dad. He knew when he went on his mission that his dad was so sick and he would probably never see him again in this life. What a brave boy he was and is!I know that this was a special time in our life and having Seth home with us for that year before he went back out his mission. I will forever cherish this time. I wanted Ty and Seth bond and become so close. Seth spent countless hours helping his dad move his entire office, he spent countless hours talking to me and we grew so close. Seth would do my "honey do's" at our house and kept me company when Ty was so sick and in bed. We watched Duck Dynasty together and Ty thought we were NUTS for being obsessed with the show.. He loved his dad and Tyler loved him. Seth is such a great young man and his mission has made him so strong in his desire to be MORE.

It was Seth's 22nd birthday yesterday. He is working full time and is so busy and so every time we see him we love it. I tell the family to use Seth as the role model on how to work. He also shares how he was "lost" for a time in high school. It was rough at time and he eventually figured out what he needed to do to be happy. He did this on his own, in his own time and with great hope. I love you Seth. I am proud to be your "other" mother. 

Seth came over and we went to the church. Zach was ordained the Melchezidek priesthood in our church. It was so beautiful and Seth gave him the ordination/prayer. I was crying so hard. The spirit was so strong and I knew that Tyler was there. Seth told him that their dad was his angel and would be there on his mission with him. He told him how proud and happy his dad is. McKay was able to come last minute. The girls could not make it. They had to do it last night because Zach needs his visa asap so he can go to Brazil. I thought it was sweet that Zach wanted just his sibling and Brian and I there. 

       (mckay did not want to be in the photo with the boys-allowing it to be the brothers photo)

Zach took this GIFT very seriously and I think he gave me the biggest hug I have ever got from him. The bishop asked me to say something. I told Zach, Seth, Ty and McKay that I know Heavenly Father is real. That they have been through such hard times losing dad and that they still are having faith and strength to accept these hard challenges. I am proud of them. They each want to make their dad proud. I told them that I know that they know in life NO MATTER what they face that they can endure it and go through it. I told them how much I love them and being their mother. Family is there for each other. I have seen this so strongly as my kids are best friends. They would rather be together or hanging out all together at our house than anything else. This was one of my biggest goals in being a mother. I wanted the kids to have a built in set of life long best friends who will be there for each other. Yes, with our BIG crazy family it can get loud and chaotic at times but I would not have it any other way. 

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Monday, May 2, 2016


I can't believe how fast time is going for me personally right now. I am really thankful for my challenge to blog again. It was a good decision. I know it's important to write things down. I know for me, it makes me more MINDFUL. I am a girl that has always been more emotional and tenderhearted. I was taught as a little girl to always think about others feelings, put yourself in their shoes, etc. I would say one of my "good traits" is my empathy. Oh wow... at times this get's me into big trouble. I have been taken advantage of, taken for granted or misunderstood.

So over the years I have learned to just follow those feelings in my heart. Yesterday, in church we have a meeting called FAST SUNDAY. I had woke up feeling that I needed to enjoy the PEACE that I always feel there. Fast Sunday is the first Sunday of the month. I love it because anyone who wants to can go up to the podium and share their testimony of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father.

I was sitting in the pews and kept feeling this overwhelming feeling to get up and share. I fought it. It kept coming and my entire body felt it, so I got up. I knew I needed to share my love and gratitude. All day I was weepy and emotional. So much on my mind and in my heart. The family came over to celebrate Mother's Day early and I found myself being much more quiet and "thinking." I took the twins off my myself to PONDER more. Sometimes we need the quietness in our life and in our heart. 

I held the babies and felt complete comfort. I know that in my weaknesses and shortcomings... I am ENOUGH and sometimes we all just need to SLOW down our wheels. I have been going and going and I have been needing to STOP and really listen to feelings that have been in my heart. I embrace the tender hearted, emotional person that I am. I have thought a lot about how I love and communicate with others. I think often in communication what WE often don't HEAR what isn't being said. There is always more. We often are so busy in life communicating via Facebook, texts, instagram, social media, etc. that we forget to SLOW down and have REAL conversations. It's the hope that when you talk and share with someone that they care enough to really listen and communicate back. 

In fact, I think we forget to communicate with our own inner self. Are we so busy listening to the radio that we tune out the thoughts and feelings that we should "think about"? Do we listen? I have been trying not to listen to the radio as I drive this past week. I found so many thoughts/feeling & ideas coming into my heart. I will listen closer. The world is so LOUD  at times. It's hard to shut it off. 

So many changes are ahead for the family. I am a big creature of habit so BOO to this! I accept changes, but I am always reluctant to face them. 

So I thought I would share some photos from yesterday. Family kickball in the front yard, yummy food and Zach making us all laugh hysterically at the dinner table. Late evening smores by the fire pit. I will forever be thankful for these memories. 

Beckett is obsessed with eating his sister. Poor Capri is always
getting her in this position and trying to eat her.
He is like a baby Zombie from the Walking Dead- ha!

Oh and he loves to cry right on top of her. He is ALL BOY! She is very easy going and just goes with the flow.

I have to say this photo is the best because I captured the boy in the far right. He was walking down the street and we had NO idea who he was.

He lunged at McKay and hugged her and then Brian. They hugged him and we asked him to play kickball with us. He joined us and we found out his name is Bentley. I kept looking for someone to come find him. Finally, a neighbor boy came and laughed to find that he had joined our family and game. 

I am over ONE WEEK of NO soda and NO sugar. The headaches went away and I have no craving anymore for the soda. I still want SUGAR. ha! I am drinking over 100 oz of water a day to cleanse my body and feel so much better in only 9 days.

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Sunday, May 1, 2016


I wanted to share the dance photos from last night today. This dance is the Spartonian Ball. They invite other sports too- so Ty took his beautiful girlfriend to the dance.

I'm a fan of black so I love what they both wore.

Ty can be quite the silly boy. I love how much Tallya puts up him! ha

I can't believe he is in 11th grade and only has one more year. He is talking about college and making his plans. Yikes!!!!

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Saturday, April 30, 2016

SATURDAY... stay at home day

I am STILL fighting a cold. The good news is the "headaches" did not happen for the first time today. YEAH! I don't crave soda whatsoever. This is huge for me. Now, I do still VERY much want sugar. I am drinking so much water every day now. 

I made the posters for the church foyers today. I love this idea to do a FAVORITE things social. I have no idea what I will bring for my favorite thing to give away. It has a $10.00 or under limit.

Hmmm.. I can think of a million things so I need to narrow it down. I am honestly thinking of taking one of my photo albums and including product for someone to do their own memory/photo book.

Here is Zach's team photo after yesterday's game.

These boys are super happy. 
I love that Zach had some of his team come over last night to 
"chill" and celebrate. They did smores on our fire pit. I always want to be the home where my kids and their friends, my friend and family always feel welcome.

Tomorrow we are celebrating Mother's Day.
I teach in Mexico next weekend and get home that day.  Brian arranged for it to be this Sunday to allow
for more time and a family dinner.

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Friday, April 29, 2016

FRIDAYS... oh how I love you!

I love days when I am super productive. I was in constant motion today in meetings. I even did a live PERISCOPE from my products at Joann Fabric and Crafts. I did have some girls watching me. It was fun to do and I know that many people are not able to go to a Joann and this way they can still see what I have there. 

I am really excited for ALL the events that I will be doing this year. We had meetings today to go over all the details and plan some great things today for my upcoming TC Vegas Event today. 

Anyway, I went straight from my office to go watch Zach play in a double header. I loved that McKay, Missy and Brian came to cheer the team and Zach on. They won both of them! 

We literally laugh the entire time at each other.
Missy is like another daughter to me.

Tonight we had a chill night at home. This is the BEST! 
Spencer and Ty have a LOVE for cars and they went for a ride in the car that Tyler recently purchased. 

So here is the real story. Right before Tyler died he wanted to buy cars for the boys. He was very generous to 16 year old boys and the boys had nice cars. Tyler asked me a few months ago to sell his jeep. This jeep was only a couple of years old and would be any teenager dream car (or adult for that matter). So I thought he was crazy to not have a car and we sold it. 

Then Tyler took TRAX or got rides to school with Zach or his girlfriend for the past couple of months. He never complained. He works at Super Sonic carwash after school and SAVES money. He came to me about two weeks ago and said he was going to buy himself a car. He wanted to buy it completely on his own.
I was really taken back when he wanted and purchased a 1998 Honda Civic LX.  He had saved up all the money and paid $950.00 for HIS car.

I asked him why he decided to sell the jeep and then to buy the Honda. He told me that he realized that he wanted to work and pay for his own car and not hear things like "oh, daddy and mommy bought you that jeep." It made him want to buy a car all by himself. He realizes the value of a dollar and I am really
proud of his decision. 

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Baby, Baby... Baby

Today was COOP time. Oh my this boy is on the go now. I need to take him shopping with me more. I had "no" time to really look. He is going to save me money. I love that he comes to me all the time and wants me to hold him. 

What will I do when these grand babies can talk?
I will be a big bowl of mush.
I never realized how much I would LOVE being a grandmother. 

When you kids want to be with you then you work it out. Yesterday, Taylor had a dentist appt. so I went with her to watch the twins. I have decided that I was very smart to have all my kids by the age of 29. I had so much more energy. 

Beckett is so full of energy and loves ALL the attention. Capri is so easy going. After errands too, I watched the babies so Taylor could take a much needed nap. 

Tonight, Brian and I took the boys to dinner at Crown Burger. They have this amazing salad that I love. I am on day 5 of no soda or sugar and I still have a headache. My energy level is very low. I know it will get better. I am going to bed super early too.
I guess that is a good thing.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016


A few years ago I was doing this really fun new workout at the gym. It was "new" to me. It is the popular CROSS FIT. I made so many amazing friends. Seriously, when you sweat and are in pain and pushed to your limits... it bonds you. Right? Well, when I got a pretty serious hurt back I had to give up my cross fit days. However, I met some really AMAZING men and women. I met this amazing woman named Sharon. A few weeks into our daily workouts her son came to our class time. He was so much like his mother. Immediately, I saw she had raised an amazing person. He was thoughtful, kind (very kind) and just pushed himself to the limits. I remember him coming in late because he had just done carpool for his kids. Over the time I was there we became friends and business conversation came up. I immediately knew he was successful. He lit up when he spoke. He had PASSION overload. Wow, he was inspiring. I wanted him and Matt to meet. I still do. We even went to lunch to talk business and I learned so much. I realized that SUCCESSFUL people set NO LIMITS... setbacks only teach us valuable lessons.

I believe that truly successful people want to share and help others in their own journey. They share their story. They share their heart, setbacks, successes and what they have learned along the way.

So today I am sharing this with you. He has written a book. He is someone that I believe in. Someone that I personally know and respect. So check out his website, his book and I know
YOU too will be just as inspired by him.

5 steps for unapologetic success by Justin Prince I recommend for everyone to get your free copy here:

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Today I woke up to the surprise of Zach being featured in the Deseret News article as the STAR ATHLETE of the WEEK. I am very proud of his drive, determination and mostly his kind heart. He is the one cheering EACH of his team members on and really sees baseball as a TEAM sport. I love this KID!!!! I love you Zach!!!

The Spartans are one of just two undefeated teams remaining in Utah, and the play of this senior is a big reason why.
Collins is batting .629 this season with six home runs, seven doubles and 32 RBIs. His slugging percentage is 1.371 with only one strikeout.
“Zach is a four-year varsity starting catcher. He's the best high school catcher I've ever coached and one of the best I've seen in many years, well beyond his years in regards to his intelligence behind the plate. For the past four years every pitcher through this program knows how fortunate they've been to pitch to a catcher of Zach's ability,” said Murray coach Marce Wilson.
“Personally he's been through more than a teenager should have to go through in recent months. How he stays focused to perform athletically and academically at the level he does is remarkable. Stats aside, Zach's value to our baseball program is often unexplainable.”
Collins maintains a 3.95 GPA as well.

If you want to read the article online you can find it here:

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