Saturday, October 18, 2014


This Friday and Saturday I am in Washington. This is Ben Franklin in Monroe. The class was SOLD OUT... (sorry, not everyone stayed and was in the photo!) and we had the most wonderful FRIDAY night. I believe things happen for a reason. I was even almost not able to make this store visit. As you know, with my family and Ty- my life and schedule has been UPSIDE DOWN... I take it day by day. Thankfully, Seattle is a quick trip for me and my husband and I kept feeling I was supposed to
come here. Immediately... I knew it was more for ME!

I only had TWO people here that had met me before. I met the most amazing women who read my blog, follow me and are fans of my products. I was overwhelmed from the time I walked in the room. They were PURE energy and positive LOVE. The entire room was on GOLD high. ha ha... Yes,
I shared and shared and well, I met and made new
best friends. I know that I get SO much more than
anyone else. I truly feel like I am a better woman today from being here. I immediately was overwhelmed and had to hold my tears when I met a woman named Laura.

She was emotional as she meet me. I had NO IDEA that I had made a difference to her and her life. I had NO IDEA that when I blog that sometimes I have in some small way helped someone else. I was full of gratitude to know that "silly crazy" me can make life better for someone. THIS is why I teach and visit the stores.

As she left the room last night, I gave her a surprise. She had seen I was giving away prizes and expressed how she loved it. I set it aside and gave her my new mini TC Fiskars STAR punch as she left last night. Tears were in her eyes and I knew she needed to know "she shines" like the stars. I know my SOUL shines today from meeting her and talking to her.

THIS is why I do what I do. Words don't express what I feel in my heart for each of you. I know it sounds weird, because I can't and don't personally know each of you. I do not know each of your "stories." I wish I could... of course, this is not possible. I do hope that you each feel that by reading my blog, and me inviting you into my life and family that you will know- I am just like you. I am just Teresa... a girl from North Carolina who LOVES life and family, friends and designing passionately.

I hope in some way TOGETHER we can be better and
make the world a better place.

This is CHARLOTTE. Well, call her CHAR.
She is going on the TC Caribbean cruise in 4 weeks. She gave me the GOLD elephant. I was so touched. I love quotes and symbolisms that UPLIFT me. This GOLD elephant means a lot to me. CHAR thank you for sharing the GOLD. I love you and well, we are going to have WAY too much fun on the cruise. 

PS the TC Cruise is SOLD OUT... (it sold out in ONE DAY!!!) and they can't get ONE more person in the conference rooms. I do one TC cruise each year. 2015- you can sign up to be notified at I have not scheduled 2015 yet, but it will be soon. If you can take a week of crazy over the top fun... PURE relaxation with like minded crafters and spouses- (I know we have over 70 husbands going too this year!!!!!) then contact to be on the list.

If you are interested in coming to any of my events, please just email my event staff. I now have two dedicated TC team members who handle sign ups, wait lists and more. If you have signed up to go to my Vegas event know I have added spaces and am truly trying to get in as many people as I can. I am adding and announcing a couple new TC events for those of you on the wait list. I know it's hard when you have been on a wait list for two and more years. 

So just know 2015 will "reveal" great things for those of you who have waited and waited. Make sure you are on my newsletter notification/ wait list and I'll
keep you posted. 

GOOD things are happening in 2015!!!!!!!

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Friday, October 17, 2014

from 10,000 FEET

I'm on a plane... 10,000 feet now- headed to Ben Franklin stores in Monroe and Bonney Lake Washington. I have a zillion
things "swirling" in my mind. I am that girl
who simply can't stop the thoughts always
going through my mind.

I have thought a lot lately about LIFE.
I know that with Ty's cancer, I think about EACH day as a GIFT.
I see him FIGHT ever day for his LIFE. I see how many
of us, don't have a clue to what we have. I guess it's true that we often don't realize what we have- until it's gone or we are facing losing something. 

I will never take for granted the daily daily calls and texts from my husband and kids. The simple words of I love you, I miss you and being able to just have this.

When my mother died unexpectantly, I kept her answering machine. I sometimes will go and listen to her saying, "Hey, you've reached xxx-xxxx I'm sorry I'm not home right now, but if you leave a message, I'll call you right back."
I cry every single time I listen to her voice. It's this reason that I have a hard time deleting voice messages on my phone. 

I know some of you can relate. Right?
One day, I was in my bedroom. I was cleaning and I was home alone. I heard a woman's voice and I was a little afraid. I walked out of my room and the answering machine (yes, old and outdated) was talking. It was my mother and her voice. I stopped and fell to the laundry room floor. It was her... it was my mom. It made me cry, but I knew it was HER telling me that she is STILL with me. I knew it. The machine had been unplugged and was hidden away. I was taken back, but grateful.
These reminders tell me that LIFE is one to be cherished, and to FIGHT for it. Be that WARRIOR in your own life. Design your life and dreams. Don't settle. YOU are worth so much and deserve to be happy. I am taking it day by day and focusing on this. I am a firm believer in when life gives you LEMONS... make lemonade and well, why not add some strawberries too. 

I have the FAITH and I'm too stubborn to give up on believing in all that is GOOD in life and each day.

I have NO DOUBT that God inspired me to do my GOLD line of Office and Organization products. I know that GOLD is of great worth.
  I know that GOD sees us as precious and of worth.

I hope that the new TC GOLD products helps others SHINE too. So today on my business Facebook page you can go and comment and share to WiN everything in this photo. If you are NOT on Facebook- it's okay. I will be posting a contest here too at a later date. 
Remember, YOU are worth MORE than GOLD.
Celebrate every moment TODAY....
don't take one simple I love you for granted.
Excited to see all my Seattle friends. YOU are all lifting me
have no idea what your love and support does for me.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I have to share these cute layout...

I know for me... it's hard to believe Christmas is so soon. I wanted to share these layouts by Jennifer Haggerty. She used my line Candy Cane lane and the Siloquette machine. You can see my enamel shapers, brads, papers and die cuts. I loved the photo too!

This is my new collection- Nine & Co. I am loving the wood die cut OWL in the line. This is the papers, die cuts and brads, die cut wood and chipboard. I am such a fan of Jennifer's work. I love the stitching on her projects. Love the siloquette too!

Thanks Jennifer for sharing your amazing projects! I LOVE documenting life.
This weekend we went to Taylor's house. It was on Sunday. We met to celebrate Zach's 17th birthday.  It was at night so my photos are not the best- BUT they are... because they
are special to me. I am grateful for this time. 

Our family is united in LOVE and we talked about missing dad. Ty can't leave the house and I honestly HATED to leave him. I knew that I must keep going and be there for Zach's celebration. It is hard when my best friend and the dad of our family is not in these photos. I am thankful for Taylor and Travis making an amazing dinner for us. They just wanted us to show up.
We had tater tot casserole, raspberry salad, score cake, parmesan rolls and it was simply a "home" meal. Their home is full of love and very welcoming.

We played games... the girls danced for us. Yes, we get a little crazy and we shared many laughs. We loved having Kenadee with us. She is Zach's special friend. Plus, I have Jaxon (Travis's son) now and he is such a sweet and funny kid. 

I took lots of photos. I printed the photos out yesterday to send to McKay. I want her to feel like she is still very much apart of the family. It's easy since I just print from my printer at home. I try to send her photos each week.

I really just needed my kids this weekend. We sat around and talked, laughed and cried. Our family has had many changes with the kids on mission and Ty's battle with cancer. My heart is always sensitive and just grateful for the little things. I don't look at things the same way. I don't want to take ONE DAY for granted.  

I don't want to miss an opportunity to spend time with my family. I had a meeting yesterday at my office employees. I have decided to work more from home so I can be with Tyler more. I have arranged my schedule to come in the morning and be home by early afternoon. I have been struggling with my business growing so fast and I knew I could find more balance and happiness if I was home with Ty more. I am blessed that I can design from home. I think with so much growth I felt I had to oversee everything. I realized for me and right now... I need to be home more.  So I went home early yesterday and loved Ty's reaction to me being home so early.  I did kit for Australia. Ty was on the couch right by me and I felt PEACE. I knew I had made the right decision. I have to trust my team at work to support me now more than ever. I want you each to know that my family more than
ever is thankful for EACH of you. We feel your prayers and your support. I am not going to lie and say it's not tough.

I feel the weight on my shoulders. I also feel like angels are right by me. I feel God so strong in our home. I feel hope and I feel like a WARRIOR for my husband. I am simply trying the best I can. I guess that is all that I can do.

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Saturday, October 11, 2014


Today if I was just saying the word that comes to mind about life right now... it would be whirlwind.  I guess it could be like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. As the tornado that swirls and you are trying like crazy to not get caught in it's path. I'm going and going and just keep reminding myself to take each day one at a time. Life really is about choices and priorities. I am home this weekend. Ty and I watched a movie I had taped from HALLMARK channel. Yes, I call it date night. It was a mega chick love show. I admit, Ty fell asleep watching it.  It was so cheesy that it was good and I was putting my GOLD sequins in baggies. I am a multi tasker. It's hard for me to shut down. Anyone else this way?

Zach had his 17th birthday on Thursday. He choose to go to Popeye's for dinner. I had never been there. I can now say, it's not my first choice, but I loved being with him. Then we went to his school's Spartan Spectacular. It's homecoming this weekend! I got to see his special friend dance at the show and then her family and Zach and I went to Coldstone's for birthday ice cream.  I was very excited that my son wanted me to go with him. It was time like this that makes me happy. All of his friends were with their friends. Zach was walking around with ME. I love this boy! His choice was to spend time with me and it makes me emotional thinking about it. I was struggling that my husband was home. Wow... life truly did change with CANCER. 

I love this MESSAGE and song by Matthew WEST... 
                             HELLO MY NAME is... 
I hope you will watch it. I am defined by God and I will  keep going. I am truly thankful for my friend who shared this message with me. I am a WARRIOR and a child of God... so are YOU!!!!!!!!

I leave the home each day to carry on and keep going. My husband is home and I feel sadness that he can't do this anymore. His hair is trying really hard right now to come back. It's coming back a little right now as fuzz. It's hard to see because it's very light. Ty is still doing his daily transfusions. In all honesty, as horrible as the first transplant was for him physically- this one is by far worse. Ty is a fighter though. However, this transplant was much harder on his body and the rejection from the donors stem cells causing issues. I try not to post too much about it. It's our life every single day. I don't want anyone to worry. I just want everyone to know we are not giving up...EVER... and when you ask what you can do- it's this-  pray.pray.pray for my husband. I believe in prayer. I believe that the tornados are there in our life make us strong and smarter. I believe that God has a plan for us. 

Recently I had a personal situation in that someone let me know that "one of my competitors" was going to "take me down." I was so taken back. It was one of the times when YOU realize that in life, you have to choose firmly who YOU are.  I know that for me, I don't ever wish anyone harm. I am a firm believer that competition is good for you. It should make you excel and always try to be better. I believe my biggest competition is myself. Often, in life everyone is so focused on what everyone else is doing... instead of their OWN story, life and what THEY are doing.

I choose to spend my time and energy on uplifting others. I love to mentor and help others. This to me is how life should be. Let's help to UPLIFT each other. Why does everything have to be so cut throat? I am never going to be that girl. I will NEVER let my success in business turn me into a person who would do "anything" to harm another person or company.  So if you are in a situation in life and someone wants to harm you in a personal or business situation I hope you will not let them get to you. Just focus on what you are doing and don't get caught up in the drama or "the game." 

YOU have to FOCUS on where and what you are doing. FOCUS to me is not letting negativity come into your life, heart and business.    

I love each of you. Each of us have our own BATTLE. Don't give up!!!!! Be strong and be kind to others. We all have battles that often others don't see. I just felt strongly to share this message today. Excited for Homecoming photos to take and a day with my family. 

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

More HSN.... AUSTRALIA journey...

I wanted to share the "behind the scenes" photos from being on 24 HOUR HSN Craft Day. It was a HUGE day and the vibe was so happy and positive. Every show was just so fun and sales were great which is always a good thing. 

This is Anna Griffin live at HSN. She debuted her beautiful new Cricut Explorer machine. This lady was super sick and she handled the TS like a PRO. I was amazed at her with how poorly she felt. 

This is my table waiting to be wheeled on air prior to my last show with my machine (TC cut n boss by Craftwell). The machine really just sells itself. It's amazing. I did all the projects and really loved decorating the table. 

I was watching Beth and Bill from "behind the camera." Okay... Bill is HILARIOUS and so funny in real life. So is Beth Kingston. Okay... together YOU never know what is going to be said or done. So sorry Bill... the photo below is a little crazy, huh? 

For the first time EVER they had LIVE- talented DIY girls on the set. They created the entire day right by the on air set. I loved this new and exciting element.

 I am most thankful to be able to go on HSN and know that millions of people are able to hopefully be inspired and learn about the amazing creative products on the market. As a on-air personality at HSN, you are on LIVE TV and you never know
what can and does happen. If you saw my last show yesterday, Bill accidentally turned off my TC cut n boss machine. So when he was trying to do it, it did not work. Things happen and I just made a joke of it. I realize that things happen and it's best to just be honest. I simply had to help him turn it back on. PS- Bill is hilarious. 

This is my NEW memory collection of handwriting gold dies. Yes, I love having my writing as a die. The HAPPY frame die does come with the machine.  

I made these cards and layout from my new dies. The flower on the gold bag is cut with the machine and tissue paper. It's amazing and cut 60 layers of flowers at ONE time. I am telling you... this is the a machine that I use and love because it's simple.  

I love this super easy LAYOUT with Taylor and Travis. The entire layout was PAPER and the machine. Yes, I embossed the Bazzill card stock with my wood grain (woodgrain cottage) embossing folder, I added gold glitter along the bottom and made the PINK flower with a flower Sizzix die set. 
TIM HOLTZ die made all these little pockets on my tray. I am in love with these little mini bags that I cut with my LIFE EMPORIUM paper collection. 

This is my dear friend Beth Kingston. You know TODAY is her birthday. I can tell you that sometimes life has ways of showing you WHO is there for you. She is that girl. She knows me and my heart and she is unwavering to her loyalty to her friends. 
In fact, HSN was like a FRIENDS reunion. We each come together to support one another. I saw my friends from Provo Craft, American Crafts, We R Memory Keepers, Spellbinders (Ducky!!!), Anna Griffin, and more. We each are there to help each other and it's just amazing. I have been blessed to be able to get to know so many people and these connections are what keep me going.  

When I landed in Tampa, prior to the shows, I needed to go buy some crafting basics and prep for the show. I went to the JoAnn store in Tampa. I spent 1.5 hours in the store. It was a big beautiful store. I found and bought this folio book by Tim Holtz. I had heard about them, but had never seen them. I feel in love and bought one to show on air. I covered my book with my paper (black/white cabana 8.5x11 paper pad- HELLO MY NAME IS- exclusive to JoAnn) and added ribbon & a gold button (from their fabric section) and made a white flower from tissue paper and my machine. I have to say that I LOVE this book. It is only $3.99. They have Tim and Teresa right beside each other at the store too. 

Showing more projects and materials that the machine will cut with the dies- glitter, canvas, burlap, felt, cork, tissue, thin metal, thin chipboard, etc.  

It seems like this trip has been planned forever, but FINALLY I am going to teach again Australia. I am beyond thrilled. I am teaching FIVE yes, FIVE workshops in November. This is my last international teaching trip for the year.  The workshops filled up FAST and I we added more spots and workshops. Here are a few of visuals of the projects that I will be teaching in Australia-

If you are in Australia- this is the Pages 2 Scrap TC event details: 


We would love to see you there. We have so much planned and it's going to be the longest, biggest, most workshops I have ever taught in Australia. Thank you Tracey for inviting me. I am thrilled to be going to Sydney. 

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