Tuesday, January 20, 2015

It's NONSTOP... and I love it!!!!

I am sitting in my seat on a long flight today. I am on the way to a few different places (states) for some meetings. I am simply just the most blessed girl ever to be able to have found my passion and design my life, company and dreams to do what I LOVE.

*next week Bridget and I will be in Frankfurt Germany for Paper World. I will be teaching only TWO workshops in Munich Germany that following Friday at Saturday at Sandra's store again. I would LOVE to see all of you again. 
Scrappies - Eching - Germany

I have been given the opportunity to DREAM BIGGER than I ever thought possible. I have set no LIMITS and so these meetings are a testament to dreaming bigger in life. 

Not everything if life works out as planned. I never thought I would be doing what I do- IT never was my life plan.  I never thought I would be widowed. I never thought I would have a stroke at twenty nine years old when I was pregnant. Life will and does throw us curve balls. I visited Ty's grave on Sunday after church. I know that I never thought I could endure the pain of seeing him dying and leave us. That time watching him fight so hard to live made me realize more than ever how each day is precious and should not be taken for granted. He struggled and wanted to live. 

I realize that it's all through God that we have to put our faith and trust in knowing we can FACE hard things. We really are NOT alone during this REALLY hard times. I realized that I am not alone ever as life has changed for me and our family. I know that Heavenly Father knows each of us. He knows our hearts and I have felt his love as I have found that life goes on and happy times are still happening. It's really AMAZING!!!!! 

There are countless women just like me. We are just trying to do the very best we can at SO many things. We all struggle with balance-  raising children, self worth, relationships, jobs, etc. It's part of the plan and it's often hard to see the JOY when it's really hard and we feel hopeless. Somedays it seems we just need to take it minute by minute. I can honestly say that I have felt the saddest than I ever thought possible during the past couple of years and then when I focused on the GOOD. It was the LITTLE simple GOOD things in everyday moments that helped me to know that I am going to be okay. 

I wanted to share the blog post that PSA Essentials did about our journey together at CHA. I simply ADORE working with Libby and PSA. I met Libby years ago when I was going on HSN (home shopping network) and we chatted. She is fabulous, beautiful and kind. This is her recap from their blog post. 

CHA Recap 
What a week! We started Sunday at the Craft and Hobby Association's Annual MEGA Show in Anaheim, California and I ended in Dallas for Dallas Market Center's Gift Show. (And in between, I was in South Carolina at home in the office and with my babies!) A whirlwind but incredibly exciting for PSA Essentials. We just have so many things in the works for our customers.

At CHA 2015, we launched our new line of PSA Essentials Personalized Stamps and Switchable Middles by Teresa Collins. The response was fantastic! People just love Teresa's personality and it seems that anything she touches, she makes her mark on it and puts her enthusiasm into that product wholeheartedly. She genuinely loves PSA Essentials and the product she has designed and so do we!  These products will be available to our retailers mid-February and customers shortly after. So stay tuned. 

We planned a "Bubbly and Bites" party on Monday and served up cupcakes and fizzy soda! Attendees enjoyed the cupcakes and the cupcake toppers that I designed using the Switchable Middle stamps by Teresa Collins! (Easy to make: stamp on card stock using your PSA Essentials Switchable Middle Stamp and stamp body, punch out with a 1" punch, adhere to 1.5" scallop punched glitter card stock. Use glue gun to adhere to lolipop sticks. Voila!) 

We just SO enjoyed being part of Teresa's show and thank not only Teresa, but Bridget, Mike, Teresa's daughters, son, and son-in-law.  (Note: Devon win's the award for most enthusiastic about our product but what really sold him was our inks!!) We are excited to be a small part of the Teresa Collins family company-- it's filled with great energy and I really look forward to a long relationship ahead. 

Stay tuned for more!  

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Monday, January 19, 2015

WHERE does the TIME go?????

Oh wow... it's been over a week. I guess that means that LIFE is crazy busy. It's crazy GOOD. I am simply in amazement at the goodness in my life. I had the BEST show and now I'm preparing to get on a plane TOMORROW for some amazing meetings that is allowing me to SHINE and expand my brand in so many ways. 

The secret in all of this is to just KEEP GOING and BELIEVE in yourself and what you have to offer. I know that for me, I have such a love for life, my family, friends and it comes out through my designs and it makes my job my passion. I am so LUCKY that my family and friends are CONSTANT steadfast support. 

I know that right now, it would be REALLY easy for me to just be done. I have a thousand things going on. There is NOT enough time in the day. I need to hire more people. I still have so many things to deal with in my home and taking care of LOTS of things I have never dealt with. I am finding that I can do this. I am definitely MUCH slower and trying to be "gentle" on myself during the process. 
There was so many photos from the show. I  wish I had MORE to show but unfortunately the day of the show... I walked into my booth and ALL my papers were GONE. Unfortunately, some
people came into the booth and took my papers and destroyed them by wading them up and throwing them away. SO if you were at the show or at home and were thinking... WHY is she not showing her new paper collections... that is the reason why.

I simply did not have the papers to display and show. 
THIS is the catalog page of the THREE collections-


This of course do not do these GORGEOUS photos justice. So hopefully soon I can post the REAL photos. I have NEVER had a show and not been able to "show" the products. This was another challenge and honestly it was one of those things that I could not control. I decided to not let it ruin my day, my attitude and just keep going. PS... did I mention the papers are BEYOND gorgeous?????

PSA and  I had the most YUMMY gold mini cupcakes in the booth. Who does not love GOLD dusted desserts????? I was so busy that I did not even have ONE. CRAZY... I heard they were amazing. These are my stamps on the top of the cupcakes. 

The shows can be stressful and I always want everything to go great. I have realized that things happen and just like life... it's ALL how you choose to look at it. I have learned that I can't change anything but HOW I face the challenges. As a business owner, as a mother, friend, etc. I am simply doing the very best I can. I am smiling again and just being grateful for life. I realize more than ever that life does NOT have to be PERFECT. It's all the imperfect moments that make it truly perfect to me. 

It's being surrounded by BEAUTY. Yes, beauty to me is the people I love MOST in the world. I have so many wonderful things in my life right now. I feel God has helped me to see and feel his love in the everyday blessings that he is showering me with. 

I am all about sharing and that is WHY I agreed to write the book. I spend several hours on Friday being taped and interviewed for the book. It's a fun process. I write and write and then I am asked to expand on all of it. I have faced some tough times in my life and I have chosen to share it. I know that often we look at other peoples life and think... "Oh, they have the PERFECT life. They have no problems, etc. " I know that by sharing our journey- the good and the bad that we can really support each other. 

I know that LIFE is so very precious and we need to make EVERY single day count. We can CHOOSE to LIVE IN ALL CAPS. I hope in some small way I can share my journey in life and business and help others to CHASE and CAPTURE their own dreams.

In the end, APPRECIATE it all.

This weekend I went to Provo to visit my youngest daughter at BYU. I adore this girl. I loved going to BYU myself. I took her shopping, to lunch and yes, finally shellac nails. I literally wore her out. I cherish the one on one times. She even got asked out on a date while I was with her.

This girl is loving college, and has a golden heart.
She applied to do a service mission this summer in Mexico.
I love that she is always thinking of others.

I then went to visit Taylor at her home before I came home. She is so happy. I love seeing her so happy and in love. Marriage is for her. I am so thankful she found Travis and Jaxon.  I love her new little family and it makes my heart happy.

This is what it is ALL about. My son Ty is my youngest. He just turned 16 years old. He has dealt with a lot. He faced a hard two years knowing his dad was dying of cancer. This boy has grown and grown. He is very close to me. I see that when Ty died, this boy took it upon him to take care of me. Yesterday, he waited for me to ride together to church. He doesn't want me to be alone. He is always trying to get me to do things and be happy. I love you Ty!!!!!

I am finding that in the process of change... I decided to do MORE of what I love. I have been decluttering and cleaning. McKay's room is now almost like a "family" room. She moved all of her things to college. I decided to paint it a dark gray while she was on her mission. 

I wanted to lighten up the room so I added WHITE and GOLD to the room. It is the smallest room in the house, so I wanted to create a space that seemed quiet, peaceful and relaxing and not feel so small. 

She even took all her clothes so the dresser is empty. It will be perfect for when she comes home, or the other kids and friends. I want the family to always want to be close and visit. 

This bedroom is actually so small, so I kept the furniture to a minimum. I added mirrors and lots of lights to open up the space. 

Some people think you can't do DARK walls in smaller spaces, but you can. It really is how you balance it all. I knew that the lightness of the bedding and the subtle color would keep the room open. I love that she loved the GOLD accents too.

I am not afraid of WHITE. I am not one to worry if it gets dirty. I say design your surroundings to be YOU. You should LOVE where you are. Make your home your happy space. I hope now my kids will come home even more. ha!!!!
Did I mention I love Mondays????? 

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

TODAY- Watch me Jo-Ann Makes with Teresa Collins on TV

Today I am going to be LIVE on TV on the Create and Craft TV Network for an entire hour. It is the Jo-Ann Makes with Teresa Collins. It will be on LIVE here from Anaheim, California. It is 12:00 pm- Pacific time on Channel 221 Dish and 85/222 on Direct TV. 

I will be showing you projects, talking about working and designing with Jo-Ann and Fiskars. I absolutely LOVE this opportunity to share LIVE what I am so blessed to do.

My show booth. I have the opportunity to work with great industry partners. I am outrageously blessed!!!!!
The show is going AMAZING and I have debuted
so many exciting products. Make sure you watch and join my
Facebook page to see MORE. I will be posting more
on my blog after the show. To see more announcements as they happen follow me on my Facebook and Instagram pages.

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Friday, January 9, 2015

HERE in ANAHEIM- CHA 2015 booth #249

I simply LOVE that I am able to work with the people I love the most. MY family is my EVERYTHING. I don't know
how I was so BLESSED to be given the gift of their love & support.

I am sharing some photos from set up day yesterday with you. It's fun to see the beginning process to the final booth. I am speaking here at CHA this morning, having meetings and finishing then finishing the booth for the start of the show tomorrow. I am so thankful for my amazing support team. I'm outrageously blessed!!!! 

SNEAK PEEK ALERT- gold foiled signage... YES, I am debuting Teresa Collins GOLD bags. You can purchase them in my favorite quotes like BE A WARRIOR, or a signature bag. They are shiny and gorgeous.  

The girls decided to TAKE their shoes off for set up and let's just say... they had BLACK dirty feet. YUCK!!!!
(gentry, bridget and taylor)
I did not take my shoes off.

The booth is a long process and we are about 3/4 of the way done. 

It is BEAUTIFUL here.  

This was the beginning of the booth. I had WHITE carpet placed in my island location. I am in booth #249. 

This is Taylor showing me that she was NOT wanting her photo taken.  

This is the booth in process. I love decorating the booth as if it is "my home." 
 It is almost time for me to go speak. I am talking about the changing industry and how to not only SURVIVE but SHINE!!!!! It is about how I depend on passion and inspiration to be successful but there is MORE that I have learned and will talk and share it today at the conference.

10:30 am-11:30 AM
CHA Anaheim Convention Center Room 207A

I will announce something during my seminar and will post it later  for all of you NOT here. I am bursting with excitement!!!!!

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

OFF WE GO!!!!!

It's time for the show. We are at the airport headed to the trade show in Anaheim. We are going to be setting up the booth today and are really excited. If you are coming my booth is #249.  Tomorrow I will be speaking too. Okay... we are off. 

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