Sunday, July 5, 2015


I am so thankful each day and especially on the 4th of July for the reminder of the freedom, liberty and blessings we have.
I am thankful for the brave men and women who fight for that freedom. 

Yesterday, I was able to do to my first Webber 4th of July breakfast celebration. I took lots of photos and so enjoyed being apart of Brian's great family. His parents have many great traditions. This is something that I love. 

I love that Brian is so close to his parents and siblings. This is his dad. His parents have been open arms to me and my children. I am so thankful for this. Brian and I have been doing "date nights" with his parents too. Yes, family is everything. This was a strong vital connection that Brian and I share. 

This is his mother. Pat is as kind, giving and her kids adore her. Well, they all do and I do as well. I remember the very first time I met her. She got tears in her eyes and thanked me. She saw his light and happiness in his eyes. Brian and I had barely started dating when he sent his entire family a email about meeting me. He expressed his instant feelings for me. He wanted them to know that he had met someone and how he felt. I think his family thought he had "lost" it and was just head over heels in love. ha! The truth is and I tell people all that time, that we both felt it immediately. It was a connection that we could not almost articulate in words. His entire family was only happy for him and welcomed me into their life. 

They never questioned how fast it was because they knew Brian. It's funny because Brian is logical and always thinks things through. He said when he met me that his family just "knew" if he was expressing his love for me so fast that it was serious. It was within a week of meeting me and I remember he forwarded the email he sent to his family and closest of friends. I was so touched and had no idea this was not like him at all to be so "emotional" and "not logical." The things we do for LOVE... ha!!! *thank you Webber family for not thinking he had "lost his mind" and trusting him and me as we knew that Heavenly Father brought us together.

This is Brian's oldest daughter Madi. She is so sweet and kind. I knew the first time that I met her that we were going to be close. I knew it would be so tough in a "divorce" situation. I wanted and still want for her to be as close to her dad (and I) as possible. Love grows and this is what we always wanted for our children. We did not want anything more than to love and be there for each other and our children. This does not change how I feel for my "bonus" sons. I have Matt and Seth in my heart and life forever. I still don't like the word "step" anything. They are my boys. I never see Matt anymore and yet he is my son. They are still living in California and I'm so proud of him. He is the hardest working dad and husband. Seth is on his mission and I can't WAIT for him to get home. I will be at the airport along with Amy (yes, his mom and my friend) with the biggest tears of joy in my eyes. He gets home in March 2016. Families are what matter most. I gained family and for this I am so happy. Yes, I am crying as I type this. My kids and his kids are getting to know each other. They know that it is new and it's really about being kind and loving to everyone. The relationships are and will just naturally grow. In a short amount of time, I see this happening. If you are dealing with "step" or I like to say... bonus children. I have done it before and am doing it again. I have learned it really is simple- be patient and TIME is vital. It's all about LOVE. Focus on loving each other and if a child or someone in the family is having a hard time, just LOVE that person. Isn't that what we all really just want and need? 

You come to my blog thinking you are going to read about the 4th of July and I always end up talking about life and family. This is me... I took many more photos but I love the ones that show the relationships and fun times that everyone had.

Pat simply put together a beautiful party at her beautiful home. They are about 15 minutes from our home. I consider this a blessing. I feel so strongly to share something. I still love my Collins family so much. NOTHING has changed this. I think of Ty's mother every single day. I talk to his sister all the time still. We share emails and we are still family. Ty's death did not end these relationships. Living life and accepting God's will in a horribly sad situation was a matter of faith. Marrying Brian only brought more people in my life to love. My boys spent part of the 4th of July at the girls dads house. This may seem weird to some people. The girls dad and I are blessed to have a great (very nontoxic relationship). When Ty got sick no one could come to our house and Bob invited my boys and I at times to family events. I am so happy to say that my boys spend time with Bob and the girls too. They had a great pool party at his house yesterday. I support and encourage my boys and my daughters to find all the love they can in life and be surrounded by it.

This was our first 4th of July. This is new to us and yet we feel so connected that it's natural and easy. I know God knows that we both needed each other. This "logical cute boy" will spend hours talking to me every day.  Last night from the balcony of our bedroom, we watched over 20 different firework shows. It was the perfect way to spend a day of celebration.

We are headed as a family in a few minutes to go to Disneyland. Yes, we have three cars headed to Anaheim and we are going to spend the next few days making memories and having FUN! This is our first family trip in a very long time. This is my first trip with  some of his children. This is my first trip with my grand baby Cooper. This is going to be amazing. Mckay is super jealous to not be able to go, but she is in Peru so we are jealous of her. Taylor is so pregnant now and the doctor said she has to stay home now. This only means more trips to include our kids that could not make it. I am so thankful for this opportunity and time away with our family. 
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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Free Land That I Love Printable

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Happy Independence Day!!

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

LOVE AGAIN... in the everyday

The REALITY is that life is really about the everyday simple moments. Many of my friends have asked how has the adjustment been for me since I remarried. Was it awkward? How is it living with Brian after being married for so long to my late husband? How has Brian adjusted? How are the boys who live with us? 

 It is something that you really have no idea WHAT the reality will be. I knew that I loved Brian and I knew he loved me. I knew we were committed and loved being together. We made decisions prior to marrying that were important to us. We both felt strongly that we did not want a "physical" relationship until we were married. Many close friends and my sister thought we were crazy. 

Our wedding day was beautiful. Then we went to Cabo for a week for our honeymoon. The best thing was that we had no internet or social media to distract us. We spent many hours talking and by the pool side. We walked by the ocean and everything was magical. 

This was our favorite photo. We had been walking on the beach on a windy evening. It was getting dark. The best thing about our relationship is that we both spent hours every day for months getting to know each other.

Brian had been married once before for over twenty three years. I had been married to Tyler for almost nineteen years. We both had been in long marriages. This meant we both brought differences into a relationship. It amazed me how similar we both were and wondered if marriage would change anything. I met with his ex-wife and this only confirmed my feelings for Brian. I knew and trusted my heart. I am a firm believer in listening to your own spirit. If someone ever tries to tell you something differently, than I would suggest you find out yourself what is the truth. Follow your gut. Seriously, I am so thankful that I did.
Always make your own decisions and know that every relationship is new and will be different because its with two different people.

So now we are married and I am so thankful that Brian is so loving and kind in the everyday moments. He loves to cook for us and this is just one of his love languages.  He will come home from work and call to ask to take me out on a date or stop and buy me my favorite SWIG soft drink and sugar cookie. His natural thoughtfulness was more than I could ever have hoped or expected. The REALITY is that he makes me laugh, smile and he loves me.  I warned him that I am easily moved to tears and things easily touch my heart. Brian "get's me." What should have taken years for us to KNOW each other... well, it happened so fast. We often complete each other's thoughts. Brian is so patient and my boys are thriving with him as a role model. I know that he loves them and is not trying to "replace" or be their dad.  This is huge. We both realize that it's really simple. We love each other to the core. We love who each other is. We are committed to building up each other and loving each other. We love our children and want a strong family together. Brian is a great father and is very present in their life.  I love his dedication and love for each of his children. It's important to me that they will feel at home and loved when they are with us. His children know that I love them and I would never try to replace their mother.  I respect that relationship and feel that children should never have to pick sides. Our children are blessed to have both of us loving them.

   We are both imperfect but feel like it is "our perfect." We both appreciate this LOVE and finding each other. There is naturally going to be an adjustment. This is reality in any new marriage and we know in time we will get more and more adjusted. We want all of our kids to want to be at home. The world can be so scary and we want them to be influenced within the walls of our home. We want them to want to be home and simply feel loved by both of us. The world is hard at times, but our home with be that SAFE place for the kids. Our two families are blending together- day by day. We are appreciative for the happiness that others have expressed that they have felt when they walk into our home. This is the best thing ever!!!! Yes, we are new at this LIFE together but we know with lots of love & patience... we are going to have a great life together. When there are bumps in the road, we are committed to never giving up. 

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

A photo is worth a THOUSAND WORDS- sharing the wedding

On June 8th 2015 many of you know that I remarried. This was truly a beautiful special day in my life. I was able to marry the most amazing man. Brian and I met earlier this year. I remember the day in January that we meet for a early dinner. We had spoken on the phone and through texting conversations and I felt an instant friendship with him already. I mentioned to him that I knew we would be great friends. 

Since I had never thought about the possibility of remarriage I was safe. However, I became nervous to go to dinner. This was not like me. Why was I feeling so nervous? I told my office staff that I was going to cancel that day.  Bridget, Brie and my friend TC talked me into going.  I somehow "knew" before even meeting him that there was "something about him" that I liked. We meet at a local sushi restaurant. I met him there so I could leave fast if needed. Then it was literally almost five hours we sat and talked. It was INSTANT. I loved his personality and his gentle soul. We talked about life and our children and that he went to University of Utah and I went to BYU- Big RIVALS. We joked and laughed. We drank a ton of diet cokes. We ordered a bunch of food.  The food arrived and it went untouched. We sat and talked and talked. I don't remember people coming or going... it was just a deep conversation and connection. It was magical and comfortable. I felt like I knew him. 

Brian and I connected with our faith, values and what was most important to us in life. When we finally had to go, yes, the restaurant closed at 10 pm. I had to pick up my daughter and Devan from the airport, so he gave me a simple friendly hug. I got into my car and called my friend who was about to call the police. She had been texting me all night and was seriously worried at this point. I She was sure that he had kidnapped me and I was a goner. She was so worried, because WHO does five hour dinners? I assured her that I was okay and she asked about the dinner.  I told her I had no idea if he even liked me, but I thought he was amazing and we would be great friends. I talked and shared more and then she said, "You are going to marry this guy." I told her she was CRAZY. I said, "I don't even know if I will see him again." Then within 30 minutes he sent me the sweetest text. He said that he had never experienced anything like that night and that time had stood still  with me and he had a great night. He wanted to definitely get together again. 

The next day I went to my office and everyone was asking how it was. I was smiling and they knew. I told them that it was "UNREAL" to have this connection to someone.  I really liked Brian as a person and he is so kind that I felt blessed to have met him. The next thing I know it's about 10:30am and he texted me. Brian said that he was at work trying to focus but he was getting no work done because ALL that he could think of was me. He asked to call me that night. We talked on the phone for over six hours- until 4 am. Yes, sleep deprivation started fast.

That is how our love story started and I simply KNEW then and know now that he was the one who I would find love again with. It was completely what they call a "fairy tale" or "love story." I never thought I would smile and feel this way again. I told Brian that I was the saddest I had ever been. I was lost in so many ways for the first time in my life. I remember when McKay came home from her mission in December and being on my knees in prayer. I literally begged for Heavenly Father to help me to feel "ME" again and to find JOY in a hard time in my life. I was praying nonstop and spent so much time on my knees. I was not praying for a "man." I was I was simply praying for the desire to be the woman and mother that I was before.  

I know that Heavenly Father knows exactly what and when we need in our life. This was never the timing I had planned- to find love again. I firmly believe God has his own timing and we sometimes don't understand his PLAN but this is where FAITH comes in.  So here are just a few of the beautiful photos from our wedding day. It is my hope and wish that you EACH are able to find the SPARK, SMILE and LOVE in your own life and heart. 

If you are ever in a dark or hard time in your own life... know that YOU can endure it.  I did and continue to do so. You can and will find comfort. It may take time. Be patient and know that I I personally know this to be true. NEVER GIVE UP... 

This was a beautiful day for a wedding. We got married at Tuscany/Francks restaurant venue here in Utah. It was the same place that he proposed to me. We had wanted to get married in one of the LDS temples, but we both had been previously sealed to our spouses. I won't go into this situation, but we would have loved to have been married there if possible. This was the perfect place since this was not possible in our situation. 

I wanted it to be SIMPLE and the focus to be on the marriage and what this meant to us. The colors were blush, platinum silver, gold and white. The garland on the gazebo was made from lemon leaves. My dear friend Lara helped make these along with TC and Brian's mother, Pat. We did simple poms with ribbon to decorate the white chairs.

My children looked so nice. The boys wanted BLUSH bow ties. Ty wanted suspenders. Yes, he is the cutest kid. This is his sweet 16 year old girlfriend Tallya. 

This cake was gorgeous and the photos do not do it justice. The band is GOLD and the flowers are real. The designer was Flour & Flourish and she did the "insanely" yummy macarons too.

I was getting ready for the ceremony. Rochelle did my makeup that day- she does wedding hair, make up (spray), lashes, etc. I would recommend her for any occasion. You can find her on FACEBOOK at Pretty Edgy Hair and Lashes. Trust me you would love her!!!

I love my girls. How in the world did I get blessed to have these sweet daughters? McKay was a huge help setting up that day with her brothers. Taylor has to be careful having twins and looked amazing. Gentry has her sweet newborn Cooper. I was told he was fussy that day. 

This is my sister Shelley. She flew in from Hickory NC. Yes, she wanted to support Brian and I and our children. She loves me and got to meet Brian for the first time. Thankfully, she loved him. Whew!!!! I love my sister so much. I can't thank her enough for coming to support us.

Dressing room... I was not nervous at all. Then TC came and told me that Brian had arrived. She said he had tears in his eyes and was so excited. I lost it in the dressing room. I never had one doubt that this was "too fast" or not right. I followed the strong promptings in my heart.

I am so addicted to pink peonies. I loved the blush candles. 

I absolutely LOVE the father that Brian is. He has four children. This is his oldest daughter. I adore this sweet girl. The first time I met her, it was a natural connection. He has a son serving a full time mission in Ecuador right now. Brian also has two children that live with their mother. 

Devan blessed us by playing "A THOUSAND YEARS" on the piano as I walked down the aisle.

My handsome 17 year old son, walked me down the aisle. He was nervous, but he did great. I was so touched that he did this. 

Many of you may wonder. How are my children doing? I am so thankful and happy to say that they like Brian and they love me. We are FAMILY and we support each other. Seth is on his mission and he was so supportive and happy for me. This meant so much. Matt and Kayla were not able to come since they just had closed and were moving into a beautiful new home. Thankfully, the children see the light and happiness in my life. Brian is not their dad. He is a blessing to them and in our family. My boys love that Brian plays golf too. The boys have a strong and good male role model who loves them. They will forever miss their dad.

We were married by my church Bishop Boyle. I love this GIANT of a man. I don't remember too much of it. I was smiling, happy and feeling so thankful for the kids, family and close friends who came to witness our marriage.

Lizzie Rosen played the violin with Devan to "A THOUSAND YEARS" and it was beautiful. 

This was a DIY wedding. I printed the invites, programs and everything in my office on my Canon PIXMA iP8720 printer. I used blush card stock and my TC GOLD ribbon tape.

I loved the small feel of this special day. I could not be happier to have our children there to start the beginning of our new life chapter... 

This is all of our children with the exception of his son serving a mission.  I am so thankful for Brittany Ting photos that captured this beautiful moment and day. She is a photography major at BYU. 

Weddings and celebrations should be FUN. Yes, Devan and Zach are goof balls. I loved that everyone seemed to have a great time.

This is the beginning of  GOING on.
THIS is exactly what Heavenly Father and what I know in my heart   was supposed to be.
I adore this man. I adore our children. I will forever be grateful to have a husband to share my life with. 
I am grateful to every single one of you who have loved and supported us. I am grateful for Brian's family who have welcomed me and loved me instantly. My heart is overflowing with gratitude and love. 

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