Friday, February 28, 2014


Yesterday was our wedding anniversary. Tyler and I have been very blessed. I was shocked that he made me another card with my machine. (TC eBosser) He mentioned that he loves it! He did die-cut and emboss the card. He gave me a beautiful ring. He had ordered it online for me. I loved it even though I did not expect anything. He had a few weeks ago try to find my ring size. He was trying to say my ring size is 7 and I remember NOW that I kept saying... no I'm a six. My fingers are a six...and he kept saying no I think you're a size 7. Looking back, he was trying to make sure I knew what size my rings are. Well, the size 6 ring did fit and it was so thoughtful and beautiful.

I wanted to blog yesterday but my heart was just too tender. I could not articulate the feelings. The massive emotions were at the tip of my heart. I had a dentist visit and Dr. Richard Parkin is both our dentist and our close friend. Rich and his wife are truly life long close friends. So I actually look forward to going to the dentist. ha! Yesterday, my emotions were going in overdrive and I could not talk about Ty and the cancer without having tears come to my eyes. I know it's okay to have these kind of days. It is reality. 

No matter what.... this is still our reality. I realize that very soon Ty will be tested. I know that no matter what the tests say... we are indeed so blessed. I am in constant PRAYER that Ty will be in remission. I pray that I will have MANY MANY more years of anniversaries to celebrate with my best friend. It still is hard to think about the tests coming up and I keep telling myself...
every day...


I cry mostly because I simply love and adore him. I see him struggling with the after effects of that nasty chemo. He has big time effects with muscle loss, and neuropathy in both his feet. He has been having stomach issues and has no desire to eat. Most days he will not get out of bed until 11am. Some days he needs to still just stay in bed for the day. I know he is bored and tired of being in the house ALL the time. I know it would drive anyone a little stir crazy.

He is amazing in every single way and mostly I love the way he loves ME, God and our children. He is a big softie at heart and I love that he always PUTS us first. He is very unselfish. Tyler-
you are my everything.

We had a really nice dinner together with our boys. Our neighbors had brought over BRIO (takeout) for our family. It is a nice restaurant in the Fashion Place Mall. It was delicious.... THANK YOU Kim and Heidi!!!!! They had no idea it was our anniversary and it was a nice surprise.

I just want to take the time to tell Tyler how much I love him. He is my very best friend and because of him I keep going. I am so thankful every single day that we are together on this journey...
After all of these years, HE still is the most handsome man and I look at him and I think "I am the LUCKIEST girl in the world." To be honest, I always think... My husband is so HOT... ha ha!
I love that he is MY EVERYTHING.
I LOVE the family that we have created.
I love knowing that NO MATTER what comes our way...
we are united and are committed to US.

I took the redeye this morning to Richmond Virginia... and now I am teaching here for the next two days. 

This place is simply BEAUTIFUL. I am thrilled to be here. I consider myself so LUCKY and fortunate to get to meet the crafters who come to take my workshops. 

I love the history here too. It is a good thing I can sleep on the plane, but I did check in and slept a couple more hours. The Scrapdoodles EVENT is amazing. I am honored to be asked to come teach again this year. I am teaching HELLO MY NAME IS project tonight. I am so passionate about helping others to tell their story... this line was designed for that reason. This is a special class for me. I love hopefully inspiring others to want to document life.

 Wyndham Virginia Crossings Hotel & Conference Center in Glen Allen Virginia 

I am so happy to here. Thank you Cheryl for being my friend and for hosting and running this AMAZING event each year. I love you and thank you for inviting me. Many of you may know that Tessa Wise is on my design team and she is here too. I love that I met her HERE this year and asked her to join my design team. She is so talented and created MAGICAL cards and designs. We are all meeting for dinner before the class tonight. I just feel especially THANKFUL. 
I love LIFE.
I love these MOMENTS.
I am BEYOND thankful for each of you.
THANK YOU for being a part of this journey with me too.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


On Mondays Teresa Collins weekly show I showed this album that I created. I am sharing the page by page photos and my
instructions so that YOU too can do this project.
Please note that I used my Teresa Collins eBosser machine to EMBOSS and DIE CUT the butterflies. *you will
LOVE this machine.

This is the dotted chevron TC embossing folder (8.5 x12) with Craftwell. I used my
brand new line- DAILY STORIES for the entire project. 

I use my stapler... all the time. It is one of my ESSENTIALS.  I love the look and effect
and it makes it FAST too. (TC Stapler (pink) by Xyron) 

I adore card flaps... so easy to make out of my heavyweight paper too!
This is using my 8.5x12 embossing folder- HERRINGBONE. I simply run my paper through
my machine. Isn't the dimension amazing?

I love to use my dies to cut out my embellishments from my paper... it then coordinates.
The machine uses all the dies... in ONE machine. 

This is the TC DECOR CIRCLES embossing folder too. 

YOU can download and print the instructions here

When I got home last night from my meeting, I came home to seeing Zach had just been asked to MAG.
It is a girls choice dance. 

He had a long list of girls with different combinations
beside their names. He had to go through all of them with his
lock to see WHO...
was really asking him to MAG. 

He got treats, candy and he LOVED being asked.
He was excited to be asked and he was equally excited
when he found out who had asked him.
Oh, the good ole HIGH SCHOOL days.
I love this... and I love that he let me take photos.

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We could not be happier....

On Sunday February 23rd our family has a new baby to love and cherish.
This is Tenneson Lewis Collins.
He was 8 lbs. 12 oz and 20 inches
He is perfect in every way.

Matt and Kayla are still living in California and that morning-
Matt was taking me to the Long Beach airport to fly home
when Kayla called us and said her water had broke.
We turned around and headed back to the their house.
We arrived and exchanged cars and she was doing okay, so Matt took me back to the airport. He was driving so fast and I was WISHING like crazy that I could stay.
I knew I needed to get home though to the boys and Ty and I had to fly a business meeting on Monday morning.
It was so hard to leave....
PS We made it just in time for me to make my flight.

A few short hours later, Matt told us to get on skype so we could "listen" to the birth. Matt set up the camera so
that we could hear everything (but obviously not watch)
and it was truly so special.
As Tenneson was born, I couldn't help but watch my husband. He
had his head down and I could tell he was emotional. We listened as he took his first breathe and started to cry.

Matt then started to show us Tenneson right after he was born.
Zach and Ty watched with us and saw how newborns really look
upon birth. When they told us his name, it really meant
so much to us. They named him Lewis for my husband. This is his middle name.

This is our FAVORITE photo. Maxson is playing with Tenneson's toes and Zellie is looking right at the photographer.
These BEAUTIFUL photos were taken at the hospital by Kayla's friend. I LOVE her photos and can't thank her enough for documenting these memories for not only Kayla and Matt for us.
If you want to see more photos or see her work- click on Abinante Photography sight. She is in the Huntington Beach CA area.

I am so grateful to be home now from my meeting. I am
feeling so THANKFUL. I feel God's
hand in all that I am doing. My cute best friend
just is so supportive, encouraging and proud of me.
Guess what>>>  today is DAY 87.
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Saturday, February 22, 2014


Oh I am here with these crazy beautiful girls and TONY. We had a workshop last night and I used my TC eBosser the entire class and showed how to incorporate embossing and die cuts into your pocket page crafting. Can I tell you LONG BEACH...
Scrapbook Daisies is THE place to be?
We had so much fun and well, sharing and creating
memories is just so much fun.

Yes, REAL MEN do craft. This is TONY. He was showing us ALL
how he can emboss and die cut like a pro!
Tony is married to Martha and what a team they make. He will be using my machine in the future because I think he is impressed with how "manly" my machine is. wink!

Scrapbook Daisies has my machine and all my folders too.
Martha brought in ALL my lines. It is the place to be this weekend.  

Shetara, Shetara, Shetara... I have known her for 12 years from my very beginning of my crafting career. She is the cutest girl and friend. It never fails I will be going to CA to teach and she shows up. She never tells me so it's always a HAPPY reunion. I always send a photo to my husband who loves Shetara too. My crazy me... loves to simply call her by her name three times because she makes me happy just by being near her-
I love you Shetara, Shetara, Shetara.

She works with abused children and helps to get them out of harms way in the social system. She works nonstop to help our sweet children. Her HEART is golden and she shines to the core. To me it takes a special person to see such horrific things and works so hard to protect and help our innocent little ones.
I get emotional thinking about it. 

Tony is letting me show him how my machine works.
It will CHANGE the way you create...
Right Tony????

This is what we created. Using We R Memory Keeper page pockets with my YOU ARE MY HAPPY collection... oh my this is a fun way to display your memories. Simply and truly love teaching this workshop. My albums and card sets will be available next MONTH... HAPPINESS!!!! 

This is some of the girls in lasts night class. The workshops sold out and these girls were all so excited to be here.
They shared with me... and I shared with them. Many of them take my workshops again and again.
I feel so honored. I hope they are inspired to keep creating....
I am obsessed with helping light the FIRE and DESIRE
in others to create from the heart.

I am so in love with Christine. She just is a joy. I loved that she told me that she was NOT ever going to do pocket page card scrapbooking. It never appealed to her and she said NO WAY....
so watch the video to see what changed her mind. So funny and I shared it with Andrew the owner of We R Memory Keeper... yes,
I think he thought it was cute too. So WATCH out crafters...
I am a mission to show you a new way to keep it EASY but sophisticated, chic and most important MEANINGFUL.

I'm headed now to teach two more workshops today and then I am going to spend the evening with.... MY FAMILY here!!!!!! Kayla is due to have the baby ANY time. Is it bad that I am hoping it's TODAY.... vibes are being sent.... BABY COLLINS come TODAY.... I LOVE YOU...  COME see me... Yes, I know I can be a little excited and happy. xoxo

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sometimes is feels like... Where is Teresa?

I have to update my event schedule. I love teaching and making those personal connections. I am going to share some news... I'm headed to Germany to teach.  I promise to POST all the details as soon as they are available but I wanted to make sure I announced it. I will be going to Munich Germany in April. It will be my actual first time ever teaching in Germany. I will be teaching three workshops on April 8th and 9th. Then I will be in Frankfurt Germany the following weekend April 11-13th teaching. I will be posting the locations, times, workshops and all the fun details very soon. 

I am excited to actually spend some time in Germany.  I was going last year and it was during the month Ty was going into the hospital for his transplant. I hated to cancel and it was the first time I ever had done this. So I will definitely be going back and teaching at a very special event for scrapbook-werkstatt. 

I will be at Creative Cards & Crafts again... I sure love Claudia and her girls!!!!! I hope you will join me in Villa Park, IL April 25th and 26th. Claudia has the cutest store.... so beautiful, and inspiring. It is so worth the trip! Plus, Claudia just has become someone very special in my heart and life.

I will be at the Creative Adventure Down Under event again later that month. You could say that I fell in LOVE with New Zealand and jumped at the chance to go back. Thank you Michele and Jodi- I adore you girls. 

Oh and then I will be in FLORIDA... my one and only time in Florida planned this year will be at She Scrapbooks at the Villages.  Mark June 27th and 28th and join me for a GREAT weekend with my friends Stephanie and Yvonne. 

I want to share something from my heart. For me, I love to talk and get to know people. I want them to know me... the real me. When I travel, I get to meet so many people. I always gain the most from what they give to me. The heart felt wisdom and love... the conversations, the advice... and often I find its much more than business... we talk about our families, our kids, our dreams, our hopes and we connect. I am always so thankful to be asked to come back and teach again. This is a huge compliment. 

Now... it's time for me to share a project-

I love this photo of Zellie
with her mommy.
I even did my alphabet stencil with modeling paste-
(daily stories papers, sequins, buttons, chipboard, stickers)

I am a firm believer you can NEVER have too many

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

This is how it works....

I thought today I would share a few projects that are actually on my packaging for my NEW line of ESSENTIALS stencils with my NEW modeling paste. Now I want to tell you that I love modeling paste and I worked hard to get just the right components so that it applies and looks amazing. I wanted it easy to use. So here are a few projects using them both together.

This is the diagonal stripe stencil and the FAMILY word that I wrote. I added a faint line of gold sharpie to the side of some of the stripes after they dried to give them dimension. This line is my DAILY STORIES papers, sequins and stickers too. I love how the lines look on a layout and project. 

This is the HEART stencil with modeling paste. I simply colored in some of the hearts with metallic gold ink. I also used my alphabet stencil to apply US directly to the photo. The US is a little glittered since I added glitter (gold) to my modeling paste so that the US would stand out.

Okay, I admit... I am love with my herringbone stencil. I mixed my modeling paste with glitter and then applied to my white bazzill cardstock. It is so shimmery and beautiful in real life. I mix my modeling paste with paints too. There are no limits to what you can create.
The papers used are so beautiful. They are colorful but not too bold...kind of like colored sorbet.
DAILY STORIES collection.

This is also one of my FAVORITE things to do with my stencils and paste. This scallop stencil is 12x12 in size. I simply put it on top of my DAILY STORIES graph paper. I mixed the modeling paste with gold paint and gold glitter. I applied the stencil to the top of the graph paper and then applied my "gold" paste.
I allowed it to dry and then adorned with SAVE THE DATE script stars, hexagons, sequins and created a
beautiful memory.

Okay... I am so excited. I head to LONG BEACH this Friday morning to go teach. I am going to California and Kayla is due to have their baby ANY DAY now. Fingers crossed that I will be there and see the new little one. It's a boy... That's makes

So make sure you stop by Scrapbook Daisies. Martha ordered ALL of my brand new products. I am teaching one workshop Friday and two on Saturday. I will be going to stay with Matt and Kayla on Saturday night. I can't tell you how happy
I am to see my family.

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Monday, February 17, 2014


I wanted to share my entire album photo overlay album today that I did with my NEW Hello My Name is Transparency pages with the collection. I wanted to share the album that I created and showed at CHA and give you some tips and tricks on creating your own
transparency album.

This is the first page of my book. I simply added a 5x7 photo behind the white flower border transparency. I used my clear liquid TC adhesive by Xyron. This is from my adhesive box kit. I only put the clear adhesive along the four outside edges.

I added my sequins to the page with the same clear adhesive. I added the chipboard from the line (it is already has adhesive on the back of chipboard). Staple TIME tab chipboard along the top right edge.

Note that the first page before the cover was actually a sheet of plastic paper that I embossed with my honeycomb folder using the TC eBosser machine.  

This is a 4x6 transparency- LIVE LIFE BELIEVING over a photo. I simply added the heart chipboard, the sequins, the ESSENTIALS white stickers to spell LOVE. The chipboard scroll  was added along the right side edge with my stapler (TC Xyron- pink!!!!)

I placed another photo behind the heart with LOVE transparency.
I like to put my chipboard right on top of the transparency. PLACE, TODAY, NOTE and HELLO MY NAME IS is
all adhesive backed chipboard from the line. The clear gem is from this line as well. I am such a lover of sparkle and gems. I added a sticker word- SWEET from
my ESSENTIALS stickers.

NOTE: alternate the 4x6 and 5x7 transparencies for visual interest.

This page is 4x6. The transparency is the WHITE label. I added sequins, TODAY and NOTE
with the chipboard. The word TRUE is the ESSENTIALS alpha stickers. 

The next page is 5x7 and the photo is behind the FAVORITE transparency.
I added my large HEART word chipboard to the edge. KEEP the backing on the portion that will extend off
the page edge.
*it won't stick to the the other pages.
Add another chipboard HELLO word to the center of the heart.
Add LOVE to the top right from the ESSENTIALS alpha letter stickers. 

This is a larger 5x7 transparency page- it has the white diagonal lines around all four sides.
However, I actually used a 4x6 in the center of this transparency. On the top
right I added two of my clear gems, a black binder
clip along the right side edge. Yes, I added a sequin to the top of the clip with my liquid

Then add chipboard pieces:

I added the BEST alpha word stickers too. 

This is the last page- my BACK cover.
It is the 5x7 CAPTURED transparency with border.
I added a 5x7 photo to the transparency.
The LIFE, and FLEUR de LIS is the chipboard.
I added the red sequins from the line and the
ESSENTIALS alpha stickers: FOREVER and 2013.

I punched the pages with the Cinch Machine by We R Memory Keepers and added ribbon to the coil.
I kept it simple and I love how it turned out.

Please feel free to create, teach and share. Please just give credit to me. I so appreciate your support!!!

HELLO MY NAME IS Teresa Collins Collection




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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Why NOT be HAPPY NOW....

This was a FUN weekend. I do love that my son was not really amused that Taylor and I decided to sing in the car. 

I met Taylor at IKEA. I really should come here more often. We had two carts FULL and we mixed my "work" with so much fun. This girl and I are a lot alike. She has the BEST attitude.  She has been divorced now for over a year now.

 It was fun to just spend a day together. It's hard to get these times alone with my kids. She told me something this weekend that kind of shocked me. She said one of her friends who knows our family had commenting on the fact that we are STILL happy. She mentioned that even though Ty has cancer that we are being so positive. Her friend was shocked that we are not all more "sad" or discouraged.  What a eye opener! It opened up our conversation and beliefs. 

Tyler is now day 80 today. He is the most wonderful and strong husband and father. He won't let me post a photo. His hair started to grow back in about two weeks ago. In the last week, his eyebrows and eyelashes have really come in. His hair is almost like fuzz... like a baby is born with. The biggest physical difference I see is this in the last week, his coloring in his face is back. Ty no longer looks so washed out, white and sick. I can see in his face and body that he is looking a bit more like the Ty before the transplant. He tires very easily and simply never complains. Thankfully, he has NO pain now. He still does not have an appetite. I can honestly say he is just 100% positive through this trial. I know his biggest fear is that the transplant did not work. Next month, we will be starting the tests again to see if the transplant and chemo treatments work. I am nervous. However, I have the BIGGEST positive thoughts that it has worked.  I keep telling him this.

So WHY.... NOT be HAPPY? 

 I believe that being positive in our daily life is so important. I live each day with faith and simple gratitude for EACH day. There are NO guarantees in life. I choose to look at the situation with the "good" and not the bad. The "good" was that he was able to have the transplant. His cancer although it is bad... well, it could have been worse. I am working harder each day knowing that I can help with the significant financial loss that his sudden illness has caused. I am so THANKFUL for the way I can serve, help and keep my family going. It is with great thankfulness that I do this. Can I tell you... blessings have been SHOWERED upon each of us. Yes, Heavenly Father does not leave us in our trials. I am HAPPY because I did not loss him suddenly. I told him that I would spend every single day of life helping him and taking care of him. 

My sweet kids. Wow.... I sure love that they are just so POSITIVE in this trial too. They love their dad so much. We all are just talking about DAD getting better. We focus on spending time with each other and remain so close. I know some of you may think... Teresa is just in denial. Maybe you think I don't realize that Ty could pass away from his cancer.  I assure you that I realize this. I would be foolish to not realize how serious his cancer is. My children are very aware of this and what the doctors "PREDICT." We have chosen to face each day as it comes and if our journey takes us in a way that we PRAY it doesn't.... we will be united as a family... with the GREATEST love, appreciation and faith to face it. 

TODAY... yes, TODAY... each day- WHY NOT BE HAPPY????
This was taken at church today. Taylor decided to come to my church ward today. I love this. This girl is a NEW person since her divorce. She told me today that she is so HAPPY with who she is now. I think she kind of lost herself. I know that she blamed herself. She felt judged and honestly, it was HER that judged herself the harshest. She now loves Taylor. Isn't this what we must all learn to do?

I wanted to share the cards that I got on Friday. The cards in the bin are from Tyler and McKay. 

I came home to find this PINK card. My cute and darling husband took out my TC eBosser machine and made the card. He found my punches and punched out the HEART. He used my HERRINGBONE embossing folder. I didn't know he even knew how to do it. I was so in love and touched by his card. Isn't it cute?????

McKay sent us the LARGE heart and she wrote a letter going around the heart. Oh my... I think my eyes got dizzy reading it. I loved it. I simply felt so much thankfulness this VALENTINES for not only my family but my friends. I would truly call all the people I work with.... MY FRIENDS. I go into the office and feel LOVE and at home. So Friday... everyone was sharing treats, cards and just sharing laughter. Thank you friends for making my life even more abundantly blessed. I love you!
I ate a little too much sugar. Oh and chocolate covered strawberries... YUMMY!!!!!!!

This is the WINNER of the HUGE prize giveaway... $400 plus TCD products. I am so excited for you! Please email me at teresa@teresacollinsdesigns. com and I will get your box sent to you right away.

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