Friday, February 28, 2014


Yesterday was our wedding anniversary. Tyler and I have been very blessed. I was shocked that he made me another card with my machine. (TC eBosser) He mentioned that he loves it! He did die-cut and emboss the card. He gave me a beautiful ring. He had ordered it online for me. I loved it even though I did not expect anything. He had a few weeks ago try to find my ring size. He was trying to say my ring size is 7 and I remember NOW that I kept saying... no I'm a six. My fingers are a six...and he kept saying no I think you're a size 7. Looking back, he was trying to make sure I knew what size my rings are. Well, the size 6 ring did fit and it was so thoughtful and beautiful.

I wanted to blog yesterday but my heart was just too tender. I could not articulate the feelings. The massive emotions were at the tip of my heart. I had a dentist visit and Dr. Richard Parkin is both our dentist and our close friend. Rich and his wife are truly life long close friends. So I actually look forward to going to the dentist. ha! Yesterday, my emotions were going in overdrive and I could not talk about Ty and the cancer without having tears come to my eyes. I know it's okay to have these kind of days. It is reality. 

No matter what.... this is still our reality. I realize that very soon Ty will be tested. I know that no matter what the tests say... we are indeed so blessed. I am in constant PRAYER that Ty will be in remission. I pray that I will have MANY MANY more years of anniversaries to celebrate with my best friend. It still is hard to think about the tests coming up and I keep telling myself...
every day...


I cry mostly because I simply love and adore him. I see him struggling with the after effects of that nasty chemo. He has big time effects with muscle loss, and neuropathy in both his feet. He has been having stomach issues and has no desire to eat. Most days he will not get out of bed until 11am. Some days he needs to still just stay in bed for the day. I know he is bored and tired of being in the house ALL the time. I know it would drive anyone a little stir crazy.

He is amazing in every single way and mostly I love the way he loves ME, God and our children. He is a big softie at heart and I love that he always PUTS us first. He is very unselfish. Tyler-
you are my everything.

We had a really nice dinner together with our boys. Our neighbors had brought over BRIO (takeout) for our family. It is a nice restaurant in the Fashion Place Mall. It was delicious.... THANK YOU Kim and Heidi!!!!! They had no idea it was our anniversary and it was a nice surprise.

I just want to take the time to tell Tyler how much I love him. He is my very best friend and because of him I keep going. I am so thankful every single day that we are together on this journey...
After all of these years, HE still is the most handsome man and I look at him and I think "I am the LUCKIEST girl in the world." To be honest, I always think... My husband is so HOT... ha ha!
I love that he is MY EVERYTHING.
I LOVE the family that we have created.
I love knowing that NO MATTER what comes our way...
we are united and are committed to US.

I took the redeye this morning to Richmond Virginia... and now I am teaching here for the next two days. 

This place is simply BEAUTIFUL. I am thrilled to be here. I consider myself so LUCKY and fortunate to get to meet the crafters who come to take my workshops. 

I love the history here too. It is a good thing I can sleep on the plane, but I did check in and slept a couple more hours. The Scrapdoodles EVENT is amazing. I am honored to be asked to come teach again this year. I am teaching HELLO MY NAME IS project tonight. I am so passionate about helping others to tell their story... this line was designed for that reason. This is a special class for me. I love hopefully inspiring others to want to document life.

 Wyndham Virginia Crossings Hotel & Conference Center in Glen Allen Virginia 

I am so happy to here. Thank you Cheryl for being my friend and for hosting and running this AMAZING event each year. I love you and thank you for inviting me. Many of you may know that Tessa Wise is on my design team and she is here too. I love that I met her HERE this year and asked her to join my design team. She is so talented and created MAGICAL cards and designs. We are all meeting for dinner before the class tonight. I just feel especially THANKFUL. 
I love LIFE.
I love these MOMENTS.
I am BEYOND thankful for each of you.
THANK YOU for being a part of this journey with me too.

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philippa said...

Hi Teresa honey, oh how I love this post. I got tears in my eyes reading it. You are so blessed to have such a wonderful family and husband but more importantly, they are beyond blessed to have you! You truly are a very special woman and you inspire me so much to try and be a better person.

I am just home from a total hip joint replacement and am having a hard time not doing the things I always do. My husband is having to do EVERYTHING and he is getting so stressed and irritable. I end up in tears most of the time. I must remember to be gentle with myself and not take the things he is saying to heart! He is my best friend too and I need to remember that!
Love you honey.. xxx

Emma Sacchetti said...

Happy Anniversary :-) loved the post
And can't wait to take more classes tomorrow!

Dee Fisher said...

So glad you had a wonderful anniversary with you husband and boys. I know you feel the love of all the ladies & Gent's who are in your classes. I think it is hard to keep fear out sometimes when you are trying to think only positive thoughts. Just know you have a lot of fans who are praying and thinking positive thoughts for your husband and you also

MarcMeka said...

Hey girl! I am enjoying your class and Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!!!

Your Favorite Scrapbooker, Lameka :) (hugs)

Kelly Jean said...

The happiest of anniversaries to you and Ty. I'd like to think it is because of you and reading your posts that I myself have become more faithful. I pray even though I am non-religious, and see the miracles that can happen. Thank you for this. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Without a doubt, Ty knows how much you love him and am thankful for him. Your love simply resonates. Have safe travels! I hope to meet you in April.

tndj said...

Happy belated Anniversary wishes to you and Ty. You are truly blessed to have such a wonderful
man/husband and family. I also pray that he goes into remission for at least 80 yrs. Prayers
are with you and your family.

Jean said...

Happy belated Anniversary! Kepping you and your family in my htoughts and prayers.

gayla said...

Happy Anniversary..what a sweet husband you have! I feel the same way, it's nice growing together the longer we are married the better! I lift your husband and your family in prayer and believe for God's healing upon him. Thank you for creating beautiful things and keep doing what your doing cause God obviously has gifted you with much!! Have watched your videos and am a big Teresa fan….hugs, love and joy, g

Anonymous said...

Hi teresa i glad your neighbours treated you all with a lovly take out and it was your special day. I think of you all at this time.
Kind regards
Tracey mcintyre
You are amazing

Nancy Carroll said...

Amazing, thanks for sharing..couldn't imagine my husband using my stuff to make a card! Happy Anniversary!

IslandV said...

I had SOOOO MUCH Fun meeting you and learning from you Teresa!! You are so down to earth and SUCH a beautiful spirit! You are a great teacher and your projects beautiful! I can't wait to take more of your classes! I can't wait to see all the new and exciting products you have coming out!! This was one of the best birthday weekends ever! I will email you the pics we took! Have a safe flight home! XOXO Hugs, Vernetta

IslandV said...

Awww how sweet of Tyler! Happy Anniversary! I will definitely be adding him and your family to my prayer list! Hugs, V

TracyM #6773 said...

PRECIOUS moments!!!
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you both!!!

Beth R. Nutt said...

A beautiful tribute to your husband and your love for each other! Once again, I had a wonderful time sitting under your teaching and listening to your story. You inspire me and I am so grateful!!

janis m said...

oh Teresa, I know that feeling of dread right before a big test like this. Please know that you, Ty and your family have TONS of prayers coming your way from CA. You are right on when you say let your faith be stronger than your fear. A belated anniversary to you both! :-) xoxoxoxox

Jean Bullock said...

My eyes are stinging. You guys are on my prayer list.

Judy Bell said...

I happened by your blog from Google search and read your story with tears in my eyes.. my mother in law is now in pallative care with weeks maybe days left. Cancer is such an ugly word. I was touched by the love shared in your post. Happy Belated Anniversary and prayers & hugs sent your way.

scootingranny said...

Happy Anniversary to a beautifully loving couple. I pray for you and Ty and your are amazing and I admire the strength and faith you show every day.

zuzia620 said...

Belated happy anniversary

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