Friday, March 28, 2014

I AM soooo HAPPY

I am just so happy. I am HAPPY just because. I always count my blessing EVERY SINGLE day. I just feel so much appreciation for ALL that I have.  I wanted to update you all. Ty got his results from the 100 day post transplant. Right now... they do not see the cancer. THIS IS SOOOOO GREAT! They tried to burst my bubble by saying that it's normal to not show up now and usually it will come back at the 2 year post transplant mark. So I will NOT dwell on this. I will dwell on that fact that TODAY they do not see the cancer. He just is getting stronger... every day. He will be able to start getting his immunizations again in June. He has to stay away from large crowds of people right now. 

I love him so much and I just am grateful for EACH day we have together. I live each day with total thankfulness that we are HERE together. I don't think about "what" might happen. It just isn't the way I want to live each day. 

Also, my CRAZY, SWEET... WONDERFUL silly girl... McKay has hit her HUMP day....

McKay (on the left) has been on her mission in Seattle Washington for 9 months now. She is 1/2 way. She mentioned she will be released on or about December 16th 2014.
I send her packages at least twice a month. I sent her my
Instagram banner kit this week with photos of
our family in each of the frames.
She can easily hang this in her apartment.

I could not be prouder of her choice to serve and help others. She just loves the Spanish community and culture. She has made a difference in the life's of others. I am missing her silly
fun ways. I love her positive outlook on life. I guess she is constantly told that she is just "way too happy." I love that she
is this way. I have always taught all my children
that HAPPINESS is a choice.
YOU have the choice each day to brighten and
lighten the world by who YOU are.

So I am flying to meet up with my friends at Fiskars on Sunday afternoon. I am so fortunate to be able to design
with them. MANY good things are in the works.
I decided to teach a little... okay "big" project to the team
when I am there on Monday.

I started to think... I should offer this FREE to all of you too.

So watch for the detailed instructions, photos and supply list coming up in the next few days. I love offering
you too can recreate and take classes from me- even
if it's only via my blog.


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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

HSN- Teresa Collins Albums Made Easy Cards & Albums- UPDATE

The kits on HSN are the following below. I do think some people were a little confused on the sets and what they would be getting. I decided to post them here.

Below are the correct images of the kits.  Please note this and there are a few more available on just a couple of the sets. Sorry some are already sold out at The TC eBosser, embossing folders, TC Stampmaker and some of the kits are unfortunately sold out. You would need to go to the website to see what may still be available.
These are my albums and card sets with We R Memory Keepers. They are finally available and shipping!!! The glitter on the two albums are NOT going to come off. Each set has 80 beautiful cards in  3x4 and 4x6. Designs are glittered, die cut and transparency cards- all in one set.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I got home tonight from my teaching trip to Georgia at EMI Scrapbooking- following a flight to Tampa FL to be on HSN. I thought I would share a little tonight about the visit. I will be posting about EMI later this week. I arrived in Florida and the day before the big 24 HOUR CRAFT DAY. I have been on the show before so it is nice to know what to expect. That is one of the reason I had three suitcases full of projects and supplies. You just never know what will really "pop" on air. The day or night prior to the show, you go to HSN and find your on air kits and set them up on the tables. It is your chance to display the items and add projects that showcase the items you will be selling on air.

I was busy with many shows and I know from the past that often you are asked to add more shows.
That is a very good thing.
In fact, due to online sales- you can sell out prior to even going on air. This happened with the TC Stampmaker.
My BRAND NEW TC embossing folders SOLD OUT so fast and
I am not sure when they will be available. (Woodgrain Cottage and Beautiful Word Collage).

They give you the times of your shows and this can change many times. You get emails that tell you the hour slot that you will be on air and the show schedule. Again, it can change and I am always trying to be prepared. They set up hair and make up for you about 1.5 hours before you go on air.

This time, Rina said would you let me do a "soft curl/wave" to your hair. I thought it was 5am and why not?
My hair is naturally VERY straight so I thought the curls would not stay. So imagine my surprise when
they did stay and others complimented the look.
Yes, I think this could be a new look every once in a while.

I am so fortunate to have product with some great partners. I was able to go on air with my NEW albums and card sets, my adhesive bundle kit, my eBosser Craftwell machine & folders, and my own TCD line of papers, embellishments, kits and mixed media supplies. It was a GREAT day and I was "floating."

For the first time on HSN, I debuted my flip books, modeling paste, and so much more.
I left TC SEQUINS in the green room, hallways and studio. I hope they don't mind too much!!!! 

HSN would never be the same without seeing my sweet friend Beth Kingston.
She is the ultimate SWEET girl and I just LOVE her.
Xyron is so blessed to have her.
I am always in awe of her mad TV skills.

When you are at HSN if you want to hang out with other guests you have to somewhat
have similar air times. She had a show yesterday at 6pm and I was not due back to
the studio until 9pm. So we did not get to have dinner. It's fun when you both have
the time off and can get  together. Anyway, there is a lot of time spent setting up and resetting up your table.
Then you get assigned a GREEN ROOM to wait and watch on TV the live segments. If you happen to have lots of shows you may not be able to even leave the studio. The green rooms are private so you could sleep there if needed.

They have nice big couches, and provide snacks and drinks in each room. They have dressing closets, and a mirrored salon set up to be camera ready. About 20 minutes prior to your on air visit, they come and put the microphone on you.
For the girls, they often run it along the back of your shirt. 

During my first airing, the TC eBosser was selling like crazy. We literally knew then that the machine was going to sell out along with the debuting TC new embossing folders. So right now, they are SOLD OUT!!!!!

My kits included the modeling paste, stencils and so much more. We sold so many and I was just amazed at the response. 

I was showing all the stencils and how to use them as home decor in my first 6am segment. 

I demoed on all my shows. This was the machine that I demoed with and gave away on my face book page last night. 

A real behind the scenes at HSN.  

I loved running into Lisa Bearnson and Amy Tan at HSN.
This is inside the HSN studio. Are they not the cutest????? 

Yes, it was amazing and exhausting. I am headed to bed right now.... ha!

I am so happy to have had a fun few days in GA and FL. I enjoyed the sunny weather and the time spent with friends. 

The kits did amazing and for this I am most grateful. 

This is the inside of ONE of my albums made easy... finally they are out and shipping. YEAH!!!

I know that many items are sold out and some are available online at
I plan to post more. THANK YOU!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2014


I am here in Clearwater Florida getting ready for the start of the 24 hour HUGE CRAFT day here at Home Shopping Network. I am just super excited about the WORLD LAUNCH of so many of my NEW products. Here is a view of a FEW of the items I will be selling and showing on air.

I am selling my PINK cute kit that has all my favorite adhesives all in ONE kit. I use mine every day and even travel with mine. 

This is my DAILY STORIES paper collection with so many extra file folders, die cuts, 800 sequins, sticker sheets and MORE. This is the debut of this paper collection for HSN. This is my current #1 selling paper collection collection.

This is the WORLD LAUNCH and TV debut of my mixed media set of ALL of my stencils. Yes, 12x12 and 8.5 x 11stencils. That is 11 total with the envelopes, glassine, pocket folders, manila folders, palette knifes and my favorite modeling paste. This is a huge selection of everything you need. So addicted to all of these.

This is SO over the top exciting. If you want your own TC cut and emboss machine. Well, this deal is going to amaze you. You get my machine (that I use every single day!!!) with FIVE yes, FIVE embossing folders. These folders are the largest in the industry. I love them!!!! I have designed a huge collection of them.

I am OVER THE MOON excited about the HSN debut of my BRAND NEW TC albums and Albums Made Easy Card sets. These are truly my all time favorite albums and I am honored to be asked to partner with We R Memory Keepers. This set is the "QUOTED." You get clear transparency cards in both 3x4, 4x6, and glittered cards in both sizes along with die cuts and speciality cards in both- in ALL of the following albums and sets. They are giving you extra page protectors as well. These albums are hard to find and sold out directly from the WRMK. 

This TC and Album Card set is HELLO LIFE. I am in love with this one too.

This is the ARCHIVED album and card set. I have a feeling this may be my pick for anything Disney and or travel too. 

These are my brand new TC embossing folders that debut TODAY for the very first time. They are called Woodgrain Cottage and Beautiful Words. They are 8.5 x 12" h. ONLY AVAILABLE ON HSN today. They will for sure sell out. So don't hesitate. They are amazing.....

This is a kit of all kits!!!!
My flip books in both small and large, instagram banner kit, and my mixed media card, tags and envelope kit.

You can also get my modeling paste and palette knifes as a kit. Oh my.... this is going to be amazing.

This is my fourth album card and album set.... SNAPSHOTS.
Please watch me on HSN to see all of these yourself.
I simply am so honored and excited to be here
and able to debut the things that I have designed, use and love so much!!!! 

I will be on at 6am EST, 10:00am EST, 3:00 pm EST and WATCH for other shows that may be added. You can follow me on instagram or facebook for the updates. 

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hello Story with Ali and MUNICH Germany event

I am a little obsessed with journaling and telling the story. 
This is what brought me into scrapbooking 
and it is what inspires and motivates me still today.
I have to say that my biggest influence over the years in journaling
has been my friend Ali Edwards. 
She is real and authentic.
She inspires me to continue to tell the story.

So I am excited to let you know that I will be giving away a spot in
her new workshop of HELLO STORY with Ali.

If you want to win the 12 week workshop... just post to the blog post in the comment section and share it on your facebook, instagram or twitter that I am giving away a full 12 week spot in Ali's workshop. I would really love to support Ali on this and hope you will help me to spread the word.

To sign up for the full course... simply click on this link-

Everyone can get the free week though via this link-


I can finally share that I will be teaching in Munich Germany April 8th- 9th 2014-
I loved the projects that Sandra selected. They are all very technique and hands on projects. 

We are creating layouts with my new modeling paste and stencils, and mixing it to show how to create beautiful pages with them. I know we have at least six pages and so many supplies that  there is going to be lots of supplies to create cards and more.

Tuesday, April 08 - Layout class 6pm - 10 pm  € 68,- per person
Wednesday, April 09 -  Clipboard 'Daily Stories' - 9am - 1:30pm € 75,- per person
             Memory Display and Mini Album 'Hello my Name is' - 3pm - 7:30pm € 75,- per person
All prices include generous workshop kits, light snack and beverages.  Classes to be held in the community 'Buergerhaus' in Eching, north of Munich, south Germany.

This is my DAILY STORIES clipboard project.
I love that she choose this one too.
PS This is the last time I will be teaching this workshop and a couple more so I have decided to sell them. Watch for this... (I always kit up a few extra and then
sell them after I am done teaching them). 

This is the third workshop- it is the Daily Stories Memory Keeper (bonus book) that comes with the MEMORY DISPLAY TRAY
project.  *PLEASE NOTE- at this event, the papers used in the MEMORY DISPLAY are from HELLO MY NAME IS collection and not the one shown below. I have given two options to do like mine below or do it with the HELLO MY NAME is collection. (not to confuse anyone)

That's right two projects in ONE class. PS the boxes went out today for Germany. I am really looking forward to teaching in Portugal and Munich & Frankfurt Germany next month.

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