Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I can't wait... I am so thrilled to share with you what has kept me super busy and inspired, and sleep deprived beyond my wildest design dreams. I have a very excited and proud family supporting me. I think they are my biggest cheerleaders.  
I am so thankful for their LOVE and support. It is because of their
faith in me...they encouraged me to do what I am revealing.
photo: pelemele etsy

Let's just say this is my
DREAM to do this.
sign: YOUAREMYHAPPYSHOP etsy shop by
yes, this is my daughter. 

I could not be prouder of her.

I do believe that we must truly believe in ourselves.
We must not let FEAR stop us from following our biggest DREAMS. 

When I was in design school, one of my teachers told me-

ALWAYS give more than expected and
you will get MORE than expected.

Nothing comes easy and so my heart is on JOYOUS and HAPPY
overdrive with the response from
those who do know what is happening.

Just in case you are wondering... I am NOT pregnant. ha!
Sorry- I had to say that.

Also, the workshops at SHE SCRAPBOOKS are almost full. 
I was told the phone was ringing nonstop today and within a couple of hours the class was over half full. They have crafters flying from NYC,  Puerto Rico...and all over... to be at my workshops. I'm truly grateful & I am going to spoil everyone for coming and joining me for the 1st ALL DAY workshop with my new album & system with WRMK.

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I can finally share the projects that  I will be teaching at SHE SCRAPBOOKS
in the Villages in Florida in June.

I am even bringing my son Ty with me.
We are going to go to Magic Kingdom and another park prior to me teaching.
I am so happy that I can have some one on one
time with him for an extended amount of time.

I took him before to She Scrapbooks and he LOVED the attention. I think he even signed autographs- ha!
He loved Stephanie and Yvonne too.
They were so sweet and took him to get ice cream and
gave him a "goody gift" when we had
arrived at the hotel. 

Stephanie choose two REALLY amazing projects. I am so excited to teach these to those who sign up.
So join me SATURDAY JUNE 28th 2014
for the first time EVER-
I am teaching the ENTIRE day... this ONE very BIG
Teresa Collins HELLO LIFE Albums MADE Easy
album. It will start at 8am and go until 7 pm.

We will take a lunch break, but it will be an ENTIRE day
of nonstop memory documentation.
The class participants will get my 12x12 TC Glittered QUOTED album, TC AME card set (100 count), AME page protectors and so much MORE.

This is just a FEW of the 20 completed pocket pages in the albums we will be doing in the workshop. 

This photo does not do this album justice.  This is the album that you will
get when you sign up for the class. The workshop kits are enormous. 

I am really in love with pocket page system
documenting now. What are you doing with all the photos that you are taking? 

In class we will be using my TC eBosser machine and folders and SO MUCH MORE!
I will show you how to add your own style and personality into your
memory album. I hope to inspire you to TAKE more photos, PRINT the photos and then
DOCUMENT them. Memories are powerful....  

Yes, there will be mixed media involved too...
HOWEVER, know that I always will tell you that YOU
can try it and if you don't like it- you have learned how
to do something new. 

*the workshop has limited space so don't hesitate if you want to join me for this all day workshop.

This is the project for FRIDAY night at She Scrapbooks-
photo stand project. 

It is a big album basically on a stand.
It is my brand new UM collection and has
lots of flips and flaps...
and of course the wood sequins are
so cute! 

You will be learning to use your punches in
a whole new way. This project is very interactive.
It can be masculine or feminine.  

I did add some beautiful mixed media. Learn how to stencil with
my new TC modeling paste and stencil designs.
Yes, GLITTER will be involved. 

It's all about creating a project
you can display anywhere!!!! 

DOCUMENT your life through your memories
and photos. Learn to emboss and die cut with my

There is lots of space for photos and journaling. 

Join me that night as we get creative with
our photos. It is a three hour

I am also teaching this same project in PUERTO RICO at the THE SCRAPBOOK STORE event in JUNE.
I am so fortunate to get to do this and meet so many amazing creative people
as I travel and teach workshops.

Join me at SHE SCRAPBOOKS by
calling or visiting them at:

Address: 918 Bichara Blvd, The Villages, FL 32159
Phone:(352) 259-6226

STAY TUNED MAY 1st is SOOOO CLOSE and    a BIG reveal finally be released.
I am excited to share the news with you. I am posting the winners from yesterday tomorrow. 

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Monday, April 28, 2014

DELTA... this really happened!!!!!

I wanted to tell you about this weekend... and 
well something CRAZY with 
my flight home yesterday. 

Let's just say that I learned
a BIG valuable lesson.

SO today this a day in that I want to ask a big favor...
if you watch me on www.mycraftchannel.com
I have a weekly show every Monday.
Today I am showing all my new WE R MEMORY KEEPERS books
and WHAT I intended to show and do 
did not happen.
I don't think I have ever had this happen but
I talked from the heart about my books,
and the REASON why
I do what I do. 

PLUS- TODAY you can win the CARD SET  and ALBUM of your choice here on my blog and facebook by commenting on this blog post and on again on facebook and sharing the show. Yes, winners will be picked
from both locations to make it fair.

This beautiful large art was made by Connie and the people
that came to my workshops.

This is UNREAL...the most thoughtful gift!

If you look closely you can see the words...
the meaning within the branches.
TY & Teresa

Each pink leave is some of  FINGERPRINT  of my friends at Creative Cards & Crafts.

I was so overcome with emotion when Claudia got up and spoke about me
to everyone and then gave this to me.
I'm actually crying as I type this.
I was and am simply GRATEFUL
for this gift.
It is so special to me...
with all my heart I will treasure it
and be reminded of the love
and support Ty and I and our family
has had.

This was one of the workshops. We are even missing some girls. I taught three wonderful sold out workshops. Claudia only had a couple of weeks after we announced that I was coming to fill the class. I was
completely in shock when she filled all three classes. I love these girls and Jordan (yes, he is so exceptional...what a talented and kind 15 year old boy). I even met his father.

The workshop sizes were too big and we needed more space. So we had the workshops at a church right by the store. Everyone was excited and we keep busy with my modeling paste and stencils.

Thank you so much Creative Cards & Crafts for this gift...
but MOST of all the gift of LOVE that I truly feel.
They asked me to come back
and I immediately said YES!
February 2015...

I even did make n takes and got to meet so many wonderful people.
It was crazy in that all of my product from Urban Market and
TC eBosser machines had SOLD OUT before I got there.
Claudia ordered and overnighted
more product. She felt bad for everyone
coming and wanted the new product to be there.

I am thinking the all time record was met this weekend.
There was a girl (yes, I won't name names)...
who purchased 118 (it may have been more)
of my new papers. Yes, she was a girl on a mission.

So thankful for these beautiful girls.
They came and helped me for the wokshops.
Jennifer Haggerty and Malika ...
are so special. I feel honored to know
them both. 

Jordan is fifteen years old.
I know I love when the YOUNGER generation follow me...
and take my workshops and come to meet me.
Then when it's a young man with
talent and such sweetness like Jordan...
Oh... I am the LUCKY one to know him.

He had read about my MA Y 1st announcement
and he KNEW it has something to do with GOLD...
So he gave me the sweetest gift bag of
GOLD journal, GOLD notepad and GOLD pens.
I will NEVER forget him.
Jordan, YOU are pure in heart and I
am blessed to know you.

I loved that the store had a party on Saturday night with me.
They rented a bowling alley and we bowled, ate yummy food
and shared a lot. Here is a few of the crew that came.
We had a FULL house. 
My team won the first round (thank you Mike)
and then we lost.
DEAR JESSICA (she is on my left of me in the photo)
YOU could be a professional bowler.
I loved getting to know you. 
She beat all of us... such talent and beauty.

warning: this really happened yesterday

I travel with a lot of stuff. I had two checked on bags yesterday. I was flying from Chicago direct stop back home to SLC.
When I get to the airport, I do the usual I have done countless times.
I take my two bags to the DELTA line. I fly so much that I am a SKY priority girl... and I
do get three free bags (thank you Delta).
This is good since I bring so many project samples, a BAG (over ten lbs of FISKAR punches, all my TC Xyron adhesives/ tools, etc. and prizes.... you know A LOT!

I always have a bag of my clothes and even more tools.  I
normally have sketches of new lines and
 journaling books with all of the things from my head on this paper.

Delta loves me because I am loyal.
I check in with two black bags. I have found the cute PINK and pattern ones simply won't hold up to my travels. So to adorn it...
I use tulle and gold ribbon on the top of my checked luggage.
I have never had to "guess" if it's my bag.

The older lady printed my two suitcase labels and proceeded to talk about the boy behind us in the airport. He was disabled and
was wailing and flinging his body as his family
was putting him in a wheelchair. I assume she was distracted.
He was about 12 years old and it was heartbreaking
and he was violently moving his arms and legs as his
mom was strapping him with restraints in the chair.

She was simply distracted. She checked my two bags and I left
to come home. When I arrive in SLC, I see my one bag- (*yes, the one in the photo) and I wait for bag two. I use the time to talk to Gentry, Tyler, my friend Amy. Finally,
I'm like this is way too long no new bags have come out in forever. I am the only one waiting now.
I go and look at a big black bag like mine... but
I think no way... it's not possibly mine. It's more torn and such and lighter black and has NO ribbon. I look at the name tag-
I'm confused. Did they take my ribbon off?
Did my bag get really beat up this time?

I open the bag to see a man's belonging. I close it and go to the Delta baggage claim.
A nice man helped me. I explained the situation and gave him the man's bag and showed him that I did get ONE of my two bags.
He said-
Airlines are known to put someone else's label on the wrong bag.
He told me that I probably will not get that bag back.

I started to think what was in THAT bag since he wanted to know what was inside it. I had just packed it that morning and I try to be really organized. I knew all the contents.
I told him... 1. a white flatiron (chi) 2. my canon camera (yes, thankfully it is my travel one 3. brown boots (tan) with five buckles (gold) on the side 4. white satin like blouse with gold buttons 5. three pairs of shoes (described them) 6. jeans and the brand 7. two pink shirts with ruffles 8. shampoo/conditioner 9. gold bag toothpaste, lotions etc. 9. dies and punches *now I had to explain to him I own a craft company. okay... I could go on...I know you do not want to hear
everything in my suitcase. I had so much in that one bag. The only thing I normally don't pack was my camera. I
still don't know why I did that. It was in my purse and I was sorting my items between three bags and put it in the "wrong" bag.

Anyway, he said "I'm so sorry but I don't think you will get any of this back. Mislabeled bags are often never recovered." So as I stood there I am talking to everyone and even other people who had missing bags.

We had a conversation and he gave me great tips for the future and how to avoid this happened. I thanked him and said. "You know, it's a bag and I lost a lot of material items.  l did  lose a lot of my favorite clothes and my favorite camera but it's okay. It's only STUFF and it can be replaced."

I think my reaction and that I was even smiling must have really surprised him. He said, "ms. you are NOT like most people."
I simply told him again.
"It's only stuff... this was important items but
NOT important people or things that cannot be

He thanked me and told me he hopes they find my bag.
I learned some things.

1. watch the printed label as they put it on YOUR bag.
2. he suggested to have them show YOU the label so you know it's YOUR label.
3. when packing write down or take a photo or your bag so if it's lost you can show them the bag and visual of the contents.
4. when things like this happen- you have a choice on HOW
you are going to look at it. I hope they find my bag, but if they
don't it's okay.

I am most GRATEFUL for my sweet husband who when he picked me up and felt the same way. We laughed.
It's only a bag.
PS- I still love DELTA.

enter to win one of my Card sets and ALBUM of your choice HERE
and on my facebook-
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Friday, April 25, 2014

BLOG HOP day 5- On the way to Chicago- ANNOUNCEMENT

Well, it's FRIDAY.

I am up and wanted to share some news.... well, I am actually at the SLC airport. 
The rumors are true... I get searched every single time. I think it's the glitter that always seems to follow me and the bling on the jeans. 

So I have some news..........

I have been waiting a long time JUST to share this photo-
                         I decided to give you a BIG hint..... 

I can't wait to tell you what I have been doing for the past FOUR months...
pretty much NIGHT and DAY.
I have not been able to sleep
due to this exciting time for my

So STAY tuned for MAY 1st.
It is also the last day of the BLOG HOP with Xyron and Cardmaker Magazine today. It has been a lot of fun. I am headed to Chicago now to go teach this weekend at Creative Cards and Crafts.

I am quite honored to go back again and teach three workshops. Thank you Claudia. I think this is my fourth or fifth time teaching at her amazing store.

I am really fortunate in that I love to meet people and I love to hear WHY they create... what inspires them... and I love to watch what they create with. I am the one often inspired. I always make new friends and I truly enjoy the time I get to spend at the events. I am deeply committed to helping the independent scrapbook stores survive. It is my hope that I am helping to support the stores by going and visiting the stores. I know that together we are all stronger. We need the independent, larger craft stores and online stores to all keep going, growing and surviving. 

I love to look at photos from past teaching trips. It always takes me back to that time.

Also, if you are going to be near the store this afternoon- I am doing this FREE
make n take at the store. 

For day five of the blog hop- I decided to design and share
the MAKE N TAKE that I will be doing at the store today.
I used Urban Market (word paper), UM glittered paper, UM sequins (I'm loving the matte silver and wood grain sequins. 

I used my small FISKARS punch to punch the hexagon shapes. Then I used my TC pink adhesives box to adhere everything down. Apply the pop up dots behind the hexagon shape.
We will be using the card front embossing design from my BEAUTIFUL WORD COLLAGE embossing folder with Craftwell. You can make this card in just a minute or so.

We will use my TC cut & emboss machine as well. Feel free to join us for the free make n take or recreate it.

Hope you have a FABULOUS Friday!!!!!!
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Thursday, April 24, 2014



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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


It is day three of the BLOG HOP with Cardmaker Magazine and Xyron. I hope you will follow the links to the blogs for all the prize giveaways each day. You can go to my facebook
to win this. Inside the box is my BRAND NEW
just arrived collections of paper- URBAN MARKET
It is all boxed up and ready to be shipped.
PS- Remember the TC AME with We R Memory Keepers DESIGN TEAM CALL... deadline  is May 9th. Details here on my blog. *We are getting submissions. THANK YOU!
Go to my facebook page to enter this contest.


This is the blog hop...
and then go to

Some amazing prizes EVERY day and LOTS of inspiration!!!!

I wanted to just share a little of my NOW.
This past week has been a great week for our family.
We had Easter, kids visiting, Gentry's birthday,
baseball games, and just lots of TIME together.

Matt and the kids are still in Huntington Beach, CA.
We are so in LOVE with this family.
We have THREE little ones now.
Tenneson (2 months), Zellie (2) and Maxson (almost 4).
I took this on Easter when we were on SKYPE.
Notice the SMILE on Matt's face.
I am so proud of the father that he is.
I watch him and it's so endearing.
Matt came into my life when he was 12 years old.
His dad and I got married and MATT
loved and accepted me instantly.
How rare is this?
Matt came to live with us when he was in 8th
Grade. I think we had ONE fight when he was
a 12th grader. It's funny looking back on it.
We just connected. I remember taking him to the Matchbox 20
concert. He was 16 years old. Little did I know that
the couple behind us thought WE were on a date.
They finally asked us at the end of the concert. It was so funny.
I simply loved this boy from the moment I met him.
He is a GIANT of a man, son and I truly love him like my own "birth" children.
I don't know why I can't call him my STEP son.
When I go teach. Everyone tries to figure out when I say...
I have 7 children. Yes, SEVEN.
They always ask. All yourself?
I say... I have FIVE by birth... yes, I did it!
I even had TWO natural births. Pretty proud that I did it...ha!
Plus, I have TWO bonus sons.
Everyone is always confused... huh?
I explain I have TWO more handsome
sons by marriage. They are MINE
just like my own.
I love them. I hope they know I love
and treasure them like the five I have
physically given life to.
Anyway, they are MY bonus children
and I love them dearly.
Yes, I would have given birth to Matt
in Jr. High School... which
thankfully I did not. ha! 

This sums up my life.
I live for my FAMILY.
I always say this...
I am happiest when I can be surrounded
by LOVE. For me, this is my
family and friends. I truly love
that these cuties came up Saturday to spend time with
us. Ty can't go shopping and so we went to Good Will (inspiration shopping), Paper Source and Chick-fil-A...
I love their Diet Lemonade.

Funny story- I was checking out at Paper Source and the associate said... "are you THE Teresa Collins that Scrapbooks?"
I was like well, yes, I am.
How cute is that?
Paper Source is literally right by my house.
Okay... if you don't know Paper Source
YOU have to go find them. Yes, I do have
some product there. I think you
will see LOTS more there soon...

I love Maxson's face on Saturday at the EASTER EGG hunt!
Oh how I love Instagram....
 Kayla is so great to send us photos
and keep us updated.

these moments are IMPORTANT.
I always have my camera in my purse.
I am the biggest advocate of not only
taking the photos...
but PRINT them out!

I am the biggest CANON camera lover.
It is my go to... everyday camera(s).
However, so many people are taking only
photos on their phone and erasing them, not printing them or
like me- what happens when you "like me"
destroy/drop/lose your phone and you lose
the photos and memories.

Yesterday was 75 degrees.
I wore sandals.
I posted this on INSTAGRAM.
I got a message- could they share my photo on
I had to laugh. My feet?
I love the blue nail polish.
I love the gold in the sandals. I got these on sale at
Nordstroms Rack.
Yesterday just made me happy...
and I got to go to Zach's baseball game.
I video tape every one of his at bats.
Then I can send them to family and friends right away.
Yes, he did great and I captured it.
So LOVE these moments.

Wow... I am chatty this am.
I am headed to tape MY CRAFT CHANNEL this morning- so I will wind this
blog post up. 
NOW... as promised my FREE instructions and photos of my workshop in
Frankfurt Germany.
To recreate this project you will need the following:

TC Essentials Album Kit- BE1010 (it comes with the pocket pages, predesigned pages, die cuts and sticker sheet. Seriously CUTE book that comes BOUND.
TC Essentials- Envelopes, Tags and Bags- BE1008
TC Essentials- PINK 12x12 Damask Stencil
TC embossing folder- COLLAGE WORDS with CRAFTWELL (use TC eBosser machine)
Gold Craft Paper- *new TC product coming out SOON. for now- you can use gold paper.
TC papers: Stationary Noted TAG paper and Summer Stories TAG papers. 
PUNCHES: Fiskars (large and small STAR, Butterfly, Hexagon, Circle punch.
ADHESIVE and TOOLS: TC Xyron (pink stapler, pink stickermaker, pink adhesive kit and mega runner)

*note- die cuts added as needed... just a few visuals of the pages.
The PDF will have all of them. 

Here is the free PDF...

Don't forget to sent in your projects for the design team call. All the information is posted in a previous post. Good Luck!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I am really excited to be doing this blog hop with Xyron and Cardmaker Magazine. I am so lucky to get to work with companies that I love and believe in their product. It makes being CREATIVE so much fun! 

Go today to follow day 2 of the blog hop and for your chance at some GREAT prize giveaways. Please go to my facebook page as well for some great prizes....



So yesterday, my cute friend Beth Kingston called me. Oh my... if you see her on HSN you know she is amazing. Yes, she is the QUEEN of HSN and she is just as charming, cute and talented and FUNNY as you see on TV. We talked about life and our recent trip together teaching in Portugal. We talked about how much we both LOVE teaching and traveling (and each other!!!). I told her I wish she could go to EVERY event that I teach at. We both want to promote our love of being creative.  

The foundation of being CREATIVE is the adhesives that you use... right? FYI... BETH KINGSTON will be doing a mini workshop or TWO on my TC Caribbean cruise in November. YEAH!!!! Since this cruise sold out so fast, please know that in 2015 I will be doing another cruise as well as Inspiration Unlimited. 

Now to todays PROJECT...

I have a true confession. I haven't been
a big fan of designing cards until now.
I am NOW officially a CARD LOVING woman.
What changed me?????
Well, it was my TC eBosser Craftwell machine with my embossing folders.

I find it super EASY... you will find that it's so easy to make simple yet beautiful cards in no time at all.
The foundation is always amazing adhesive.
There is no way getting around this.

Here is how to create the HELLO card:

1. Run your white card stock sized A2 (or whatever you prefer) through the TC cut & emboss machine with the embossing folder. (word collage TC Craftwell 8.5x12 folders). I like to use Bazzill card stock.
2. Use the Fiskars punches: (large hexagon) and large stars. Simply use the "TC Xyron Adhesive kit" to create dimension by applying a pop up dot behind the hexagon and add gold stars and sequins with the liquid adhesive from the kit. It will dry clear.
3. Create dimensional stars by punching two large stars with the Fiskar punch. Score and fold in 1/2 and glue together in the center with the liquid adhesive and adhere to the card.
4. Cut HELLO tag from TC paper- YOU ARE MY HAPPY tag paper and adhere to the bottom of the card. Corner round the bottom of the card as desired. 

How to create the BOW card: 

1. Take white card stock and cut to size desired. Run white paper through TC cut & emboss Craftwell machine, using the TC embossing folder- Wood Grain Cottage sized 8.5x 12" h. Corner round the bottom of the card with Fiskars punch.
2. Take 6x6 paper pad- YOU ARE MY HAPPY and cut diagonal stripe pattern paper to 2" h. Place along top of card with TC Xyron Mega Runner. 
3. Cut bow using a die or template online and create and apply to the center of the diagonal stripe paper with dimensional foam dots. Adhere two gold TC sequins to the center of the bow with the TC liquid adhesive. 
4. Add seam binding ribbon (blush- color) to the right side card edge. Adhere sticker to the right side bottom section of card from TC Daily Stories sticker sheet-Good Times.

NOTE: the TC eBosser machine from Craftwell is SOLD OUT! Please shop at your local scrapbook store to find the machine. Retailers- order directly from your favorite distributor. Many of my folders are SOLD OUT too. Watch for them to be back in stock.

This is a special day...
my daughter Gentry is 22 years old today.
This sweetie is just so loved.
I thought I would do a "get to know" Gentry.
Many of you know her...
but if you don't I thought I would share about her.

1. Gentry loves all things being creative. She always made her own clothes, head bands, art work for her room.
2. She loves to do make up and hair
3. She was accepted and was a ART MAJOR at BYU
4. She is the family stylist. No joke!!!!
5. She even cuts Zach's hair. *note: photo from TWO years ago.... crazy how fast they grow!!!!

9. She is my only child that DOES not have BLUE eyes. She has GREEN eyes.
10. She is my only GIRL who is dark headed like her dad. She loved the song...
"Your my BROWN EYED girl" when she was very little. Note- she has green eyes though. She likes to be different. 

11. She is CRAZY silly.... She likes to TRAVEL with me. We tend laugh a lot.
12. She has worked for me part time for the past two years.
13. She is going to be working for me full time in about a month.
14. She is excited to do an internship.
15. Her next trip with me is to NEW YORK CITY in May... for business. She is not complaining....

16. I always make a birthday SASH for the girls. She likes to sew...did you see the POOF she made on her blog?
She didn't mind that sometimes they were "homemade."
17. Mandatory photo shoots on birthdays. I have taught them to take LOTS of photos.
18. She uses a CANON camera for all her photography (like me!)
Her in-laws gave her a new Canon camera for Christmas.

19. Her best friends are MCKAY, TAYLOR, DEVAN and me.
She calls me all the time... I love this!

20. She loves fashion too.
21. She loves her niece and nephews. A LOT!!!!!
22. She is excited to be a mommy herself one day.
23. She does not have a middle name....
24. She loves CARBS...
25. She loves to read. She would rather read than go out.

HAPPY HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY sweet daughter.
I love you so very much.
I hope you know how special you are to me.
I love your love for life and
for your family. You are a wonderful &
kind woman. I love you Gent!!!!!!

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