Sunday, May 18, 2014


It's TRUE...Fiskars has made my GOLDEN dream come TRUE.
When I decided to DEBUT my own line of OFFICE and STATIONERY items,  I

called my friends and asked them if they would do some of my favorite
products in GOLD.

 I really wanted my scissors in GOLD and a GOLD trimmer.
They immediately said... " What a COOL idea!!!!"
They jumped on board and made it happen.
They believed in me and my vision.
They were just as excited as I was as the prototypes came in.
They "get me" and I love them.
I love working with a company that is
truly cutting edge, trend forward and want to INSPIRE
people to be CREATIVE.

SO you now will be able to have your own GOLD handled
scissors and GOLD TRIMMER with Teresa Collins & Fiskars.

I have the chipboard punch with XYRON too. It's GOLD

too. I am just thrilled with how beautiful it will be.
Thank you XYRON. How many of you would like to see
a GOLD line of TC mega runners, sticker maker and adhesives????
How about my awesome TC Stapler w/ Xyron in GOLD????

THIS makes me want to do the HAPPY HAPPY GOLD DANCE!!!!! 

This is the BEST day in New York City. I would have cried from excitement if no one would have
thought I was a little crazy. I was prepared for it to be really slow.
I knew that no one would know me here. This is a NEW world and I have to prove myself. I did not know how I my look, my designs, my style
and my products would be received.  I wanted the focus of my debut of STUDIO GOLD to be purchased on
the merits that I had designed beautiful great quality products. 
NSS Booth #1302

I knew it was a good sign when other exhibitors stopped by my booth. I even had many of them tell me that they felt my booth and products were so fresh and new. Retailers came by and said that my booth and products "jumped" out at them. I was completely honored and THANKFUL.

I know it is hard to see the booth as it really is, because the SHINY MIRROR gold on the wall was so SHINY... I designed the booth and had the vinyl custom made. You can see that I wanted the product to be the focus of my booth.

I had a table and display rack that were gold and accents of white.
I am going to show you a "few" of the products that I debuted today.

You can see my file folders that are six gorgeous folders in a set. You get two of each GOLD foiled designed folders. They retail for under $8.00. Yes, you know I have to offer quality
at affordable prices.

I offered NOTECARD sets with my handwriting too. I did five different sets that come with 12 cards and 12 "blue" envelopes within the card sets.

I am in LOVE with my GOLD sticky notes (far left), my foiled die cut labels (70 count)... they are gorgeous and CHIPBOARD foiled (for card makers). Let's just say PHOTOS do not even do these justice. 

This is my CALENDAR book.
It is so pretty. It is UNDATED. You can see I have tabs in cute bracket shapes,
It has the MONTHS page, and then daily pages, pages for NOTES, PHOTOS, keepsakes.
It was a BIG hit!!!!! 

I did a HAPPY and ADORE glittered banner kit. Yes, it is already pre done for you. You simply take out of the package and hang. RETAIL $5.00

I love the PAPER CHAIN GARLAND kit (far left), my notebook, my transparency overlay card and envelope kit, CARD (star) kit and my STATIONERY gold foiled paper and card kits.
You are going to see MUCH MUCH more each day.

I have some news to share. Ty and I just found out that his sister Leann is not a bone marrow donor match. His brother, Bret is a half match. So out of a ten he is a five. I am trying to be
positive and not disappointed. I know that we will
look for a donor and if they cannot find one in the registry that we do have his brother as a option if truly needed.

It's still very unknown what and where this journey is taking us. It is DAY by DAY... FAITH. I just am taking it one day at a time.
Each challenge at a time. This morning within a hour someone stole one of my brand new booth samples. WOW...
yes, I was sad since I only had one displayed. I
decided to just let it go and not think about it.
I did not want someone else to ruin my special day.
I so want to make my husband proud of me.
I am doing this for him and my family. I know that they
are my "biggest support" and they believe in
me and my "creative" message.

so many emails...
YES, it's so WONDERFUL and COOL.
I will tell you that right now there is so many things in the works.
I cannot share everything right now. I will be showing basically what I do to SHARE MOMENTS with you. CANON is a huge part of this by taking my photos. My camera for traveling is the G16 to my printer. I have the PIXMA Canon printer- it's AMAZING!!!!!!  You will see videos and more in the near future.
This partnership will also enable me to have another
event here in New York in 2015- Teresa Collins and CANON
together for a SHARE THE MOMENTS event.

Sorry... no more information is available
right now. I promise to share more as more details are planned out.
THIS is not like my TC Inspiration Unlimited event. I do want to clear this up. This will be different and I wanted to share this before anyone started asking if this is the same.

I was able to go to Canon's headquarters on Thursday after I arrived. They are on Long Island. They sent a driver for me and the girls to go to their corporate headquarters. I felt inspired in so many ways as I got a tour of their new and cutting edge facilities. Sorry no photos are allowed at their headquarters. FYI- CANON does much more than cameras and printers. I was so impressed with everything that I learned and saw. I knew by their excitement mixed with mine that we would be the perfect relationship.

I hope you will do me a favor and share my new products and offering to those you know... add them to pinterest etc, and help me share the word about all the amazing stuff that will be out soon. I really appreciate the support and helping others to know about what I have been up too.

I will keep posting and sharing.

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Yvonne said...

You go girl!!!! So happy for you!!! You are rocking it!!!

piradee talvanna said...

absolutely love everything! when will the products be available? I really need that calendar book. congrats on another amazing collection.

Kelly Jean said...

Really loving everything I'm seeing! I'm sorry someone took one of your displays. Some people are just jealous of other people's work and beautiful and happy lives. Praying for Ty and home a match is found soon.

Emma Sacchetti said...

Teresa I'm so excited about all of your new products! You deserve all of the success in the world. I'm sorry that someone decided to steal from you, it's bizarre to me that people will do things like that!
My husband and I are still praying!!
Isaiah 41:10

Claire Spielman said...

I couldn't read your post fast enough.....soooo exciting yet I know how hard it is for you to truly breathe with so much anxiety for Ty. Stay focused and he'll be fine.

Chelsea said...

I am blown away by the beauty of it all!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE everything that I see, and must get my hands on it!! :) Your family I am sure is uber proud of you no matter what, never doubt that... Praying for your hubby, he's got a lot of love behind him and I personally know that is worth it's weight in gold. :)

Suz said...

Really pretty release. I love the classic stationary I'm a fan of handwritten letters. Can't wait to hear more about cannon joint venture. So many great things on the horizon for you. I'm praying your hubby finds a match to cure him

Kerrie Gurney said...

Teresa you new stationery collection is stunning I do hope it will be available in Australia. I can't believe people are still stealing from you...good on you for rising above and not letting it affect you. My thoughts are you Ty and you family xoxo

Philippa said...

Hi Teresa honey, oh squeeeeeeeeeeee I have goosebumps! Firstly I am beyond proud of everything you are achieving and the fact that it is your dream makes it so, so much more wonderful! Seriously I have GOOSEBUMPS for you! Secondly, how sad that things are still being stolen.. what is with NYC?! and stealing things from an event like this. It just seems plain odd to me! Thirdly, and most importantly, sending you majorly large hugs re the news re Ty's brother and sister. Honey, thankfully his brother is 1/2 a match - it would feel so much worse if he wasn't a match at all. I love you and your gorgeous family and send you ALL of my extra strength while they hunt for a donor. Much love, hugs and mega-watt smiles winging their way to you! p.s. oh my I WANT/NEED/HAVE TO HAVE your calendar and everything else.. just so beautiful!!! xxxx

Cindy Lou said...

It's all beautiful. Good for you on following your dreams. I'm already making my shopping list.

Grace Moore said...

Looks gorgeous! You're even inspiring the professional....what a compliment! Keep up the amazing job :)

Dorina D said...

Congratulations on a successful first day at the show. You show every crafter that their dreams can come true and how much fun an any crafter have other than adding some of your gold to their craft room. Great designs and so fun. Have a great time at the show

Glenda said...

WOW!! Where can we get these?? Gorgeous!! I would love a big gold heart for a paper weight on my desk. It would remind me of you with your heart of gold and the inspiration you have given me over the years. Your positive outlook on life has helped me so much along the way! I love sharing this journey with you! Congrats!!

kathy jo said...

Congratulations on your New York showing. The items look fantastic and I can olny imagine that they look amazing "live time". Can't wait to have a golden scissors! Half good news with Ty, we will continue to pray for him and you and your family. You keep going girl! You are doing great!

antenucci said...

Everything looks AMAZING! Those will be fun things to play with even in the scrappy world.

Elaine said...

Love the new GOLD, and want it all! When, where can we get the scissors and trimmers?

MarcMeka said...

I totally want that Calendar!! I mean I want it all but you know!!

Theresa Smith said...

Where can we purchase your new stationary products??? thanks.

Lorrie said...

I LUV the gold and when is it available? And about all the theft- aren't all the other participants there venders and retailers as well? or is it open to the public? Pretty disgusting if the thieves are your would make you question going there again if its so bad and has it happened to any one else there??? Hugs for Ty and have your children been tested, are they able to donate?

Patty McGovern-Pughs Marketing Newsletter said...

Gold gold gold!! I love it all! It's so beautiful!! I'm excited for your new partnerships and my prayers are with your family!! Your new line is amazing!

Meghan said...

Loved your booth, it was one of the first ones I visited and it was great speaking with you and Sean.

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