Thursday, May 22, 2014


I left the Stationery show... right from my booth and headed straight to JFK airport. I was on my way to LAX, then Australia and then Auckland, New Zealand. I missed my flight at LAX. They did not put the gate up and I was lost. They had "technical issues." I arrived at my gate to see no one there but a couple of workers at the gate. I said, I missed my flight huh? They asked me to go sit down. I did and I held back the tears. I knew I would be late and not arrive in time to teach on Friday. The manager came over and told me that they were holding the plane and I was to get in his private car and they would drive me directly to the airplane. I was 40 minutes late and I walked on the plane to lots of stares. I was so grateful and praying a gratitude of thanks to God for helping me on this one. I crumbled into my seat.

The flight was on Virgin Australia and it was a fabulous flight. It was over 15 hours of flight time to get to Australia. Yes, I slept on and off. My mind was racing. I kept thinking of my family, my husband and my business. Take it day by day. I was and am just so fortunate to love what I do. I am being blessed and I can see the results of my hard work and passion for what I am doing. When I arrived in Australia, I only had less than a hour to board another flight to NZ. It was another long 4 hour flight and I was starving at this point. Oh well, at least I was on that flight.

I arrived and went to baggage claim. None of my bags made it. I am teaching in a few hours here and I will be without my samples, project to teach and supplies. I have nothing to offer them but myself. Thankfully, they will have kits that I sent over weeks ago. (looking at the positive). I  went to the supermarket last night and got some basic essentials. I am looking forward to today. I know that it's not going to be what I planned, but that's okay. Lately, I am realizing that plans often change and being able to adapt is key.  I hope the students don't mind. My bags will come later today. 

Also, guess what? My lost bag from that Delta flight showed up too. I forgot to update that. Anyway, I am here. I am grateful for the  opportunity to share what I love so much. I was here last year too. Michele and Jodi are the ultimate hosts and make me feel so loved.

 I am having big time email issues. I can't get on and email or even read the emails in my account- so if you are trying to reach me... just know I'm having some issues. I will be working on it. 

I wanted to share a few more photos from my products at the NYC Stationery show:

This is my booth. I am in love with how beautiful and simple it was. I love white and the gold with the blue accents.
I wanted my products to be the focus. 

This is my file folders. You get two of three beautiful designs. They are heavy weight
and I am truly in LOVE with them.
My notecards come with beautiful gold foiled (my handwriting) design  on the front of the cards
with the blue heavyweight card envelopes. 

I am a PASSIONATE note  taker, journal and keeper of things.
I did sticky nots with gold foil outline and I did labels that are foiled as well- you get 70 of these
labels. They ere a hit! I also did chipboard pieces for cardmakers too. PS- did you notice that my packaging even is foiled?

My calendar was a great addition to the collection. We had such as great response. The coil is gold with gold foiled cabana
stripes on the front of the book. It is undated so it can be used anytime of the year. You have the tabs in bracket
shapes, full month calendar, and more!!!! I even designed pages for all the notes we take. 

I can't wait to show you more. It is the middle of the night here in NZ and I am up and going. I can't sleep and the time change is significant. If you are trying to reach me,  I am trying to figure out how to get things working. 

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Emma Sacchetti said...

You're a powerhouse! I can't imagine doing NYC and jumping planes to travel around the world! Congrats on everything! People laugh at me because I only buy your products :-) I can't wait for you to show up in other areas of my life lol. I love the GOLD!! I hope you get some rest! You're the hardest working woman in the craft world in my book :-) God Bless. We are still praying.

Theresa Smith said...

Sorry about the delayed bags...I'm sure your students will be thrilled to be taking a class with you and won't mind at all....Your booth and all of your products are gorgeous...I can't wait to get my hands on these new products...wondering where will they be sold? stationary stores? or bigger retailers like staples, etc? said...

WOW you are on the GO..Love your attitude!! God bless you! And I am sure your students will understand.

cjm said...

Congratulations on your success in NY. Glad you made it to NZ okay. Have a fun time. Best wishes for success and safe travels home. Glad you got your lost bag. I had a feeling you would. Smiles.

hotpotato said...

Enjoy your time inNZ......just remember talented people don't need samples. x

Kelly Jean said...

Oh no. More baggage trouble? One day it will be right the first time and it will just be a gift! You are such an amazing speaker and teacher that you will be enough.

kathy jo said...

Glad you made it there safely. It would be nice to have your samples and such but you don't need them. You are a "rock star"! They just want to see you.. and the projects will all come together. Good luck with classes. And as always you are in our prayers.

Margie H said...

SO glad you made it - so sorry to hear about your eventful journey :( At least we are on the same side of the world! HA! Waving from Tokyo!! I'm having issues with my internet too - hope yours get resolved. The students will be thrilled to see you and will be understanding. Hang in there my sweet friend - all will work itself out! To a successful trip xo

Banner Market said...

I would love to order this for my store. We are in Mission Viejo CA pls let me know how I can order. THank you GIna

dorism6220 said...

Is it something about LAX? You were there the day of the shooting last Nov. On your way to San Jose and got the last seat on the plane. The travel gods are looking after you! Glad you recovered your luggage...all of it!

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