Friday, June 20, 2014


Okay... this week has been tough. I am so thankful it is FRIDAY.  I can't sleep with so many things racing through my mind. Last night... I embraced it and sat up in bed to work. I decided to just embrace that I'm on brain activity overload. I will catch up hopefully tonight. Anyway, I have learned lessons this week that have completely made me realize that change has to happen. I know that I have been praying and fasting so much lately that I will really feel what is right for me and my family. I needed to feel in my heart that I am doing what HE wants and knows I can and should do. It has taken months to face a huge lesson of faith regarding some things that have needed to change in order for me to grow. The past few weeks has been one in which I have been relying on prayer and fasting to find answers. I knew if I was patient the answers would come. The comfort would come. The direction would come. I am at peace. I told my close friend today that when prayers are answered you know it... you feel it. I told her that it felt like God has put a blanket around my heart and said "TRUST ME... daughter of mine, I have you. I will be here and it's all okay." I can't tell you how much I needed this. 

With so many great things on the horizon, I have seen God's hand in our life. Ty is really feeling the effects of his chemo treatments. My husband- the love of my life- is truly facing the battle of his life. Yesterday, he met with his bone marrow transplant oncologist. I don't want to share what was shared. Dr. Boyer does not sugar coat anything. He knows Ty as a doctor himself wants to know the truth and the facts. I'm not ready or want to hear anything negative. This is just my way of life. I do believe in MIRACLES. Just know that my husband is the STRONGEST, BRAVEST man that I have ever known. He is more worried about ME than himself.  Last night, as we talked about life and the future... all he could think about was me and our children. I'm crying as I share this. This man is GIANT. He is the reason I am where I am. He is my biggest fan. He needs to know that I will be able to take care of our family no matter what happens. He is preparing me to do this alone and I just can't accept it. My heart is shattered. I try so hard to be strong... but some days I feel WEAK... so tiny... so scared... so sad. I want you all to go hug and tell those you love HOW much you love them... HOW much they mean to you... DON'T let stupid fights and drama control your life. Cherish every single day.... I know I am. We are still fighting... every day... trust in miracles.

Okay... now let me share something that is all sparkly and fun. Have you seen my new paper chain banner kit that I debuted at the  NYC stationery show? Its not any paper chain kit you will find or have seen before. I designed it as a DIY banner kit and you get FORTY speciality treated gorgeous designed banner strips with of gold foil and gold glitter mixed with white. I did the designs in dots, cabana stripes too in foil. I searched and searched for speciality banner kits and since no one had them, I knew it was the time to design my own collection of them. YES, WATCH for many more. No worries that are going to be available soon . Wait til you see the other ones like this coming out! hint hint... cough cough... blush pink... Did I just share that?????? 

This photos of my mantle does not even do this beautiful paper chain justice. It's the perfect DIY kit to create yourself.
It comes with 40 stripes of adhesive and you simply
link them together.
I did thicker paper and they are all so beautiful with either foil or glitter.  I made this in less than ten minutes. Anyone can do this kit!
Yes,  you will be seeing these kits at all your favorite
paper, paper, and craft stores. I can't wait for you
to see it and create your own for your weddings, birthday parties,  and special celebrations. 
 Hope you have a wonderful FRIDAY!!!!!!!

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Terri Burson said...

Teresa, such a wonderful testimony even in this super difficult time in your life. Wish I had the chance to meet your wonderful husband and tell him what an inspiration and every husband on God's green earth could learn a thing or two from him. What incredible devotion. Wow.

Debby Nygaard said...

Dear Teresa, my prayers continue for you and your family. My husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 Bile Duct Cancer within the same week you revealed the news about Ty. I have received such encouragement from your witness and I know that your days are like a roller coaster of emotion, energy, and empathy. I would never say I know your journey, because it is personal for each and every family living with cancer. Yes. LIVING with cancer! But I do know the road you are on, and the difficult days of treatments, scans, labs, and hanging on to each and every bit of information. Continue on sister. Someone posted this to me today and it is so true: Hope keeps your heart from breaking.

Charity Chamberlain said...

Thank you for sharing with us all! The power of prayer is A-MAZ-ING and I know I'm joined by so many more in praying for your husband, you, and your family. My husband was diagnosed with cancer in his very early 30`s. (I have a huge family history of many many relatives who had cancer so when we found out my husband had it, my heart sunk and my mind went straight to the negative) I was only in my 20`s, we had just had a baby, and I thought I was going to be without the love of my life. Then I remembered how awesome God is, that he can heal and he can perform miracles. So I surrendered and trusted in him. The power of prayer, faith in the Lord, and faith in the Lord's plan is nothing that can be explained however it's very real. So real that I am blessed to say that my husband has been completely cancer free for about 7 years. I pray you too will be able to have this same miracle and healing happen for your husband. I think you already know this by the posts I read, so keep remembering to only surrender yourself to the Lord, not to fear. xoxox

kathy jo said...

Praying for you and all your family. Heavenly Father will guide you through.

donna a said...

Teresa, please know that you and your precious family are being lifted up in prayer. My our God hold you in the palm of His hand, and that you will know peace. I pray for Ty in that he will be able to tolerate his chemo and continue to be a fighter. Continue to pray for a miracle as we pray with you. Hug and love.

Dria said...

More hugs more prayers. I believe in miracles too. Our 32nd anniversary was June 19th.. we have been through a lot --including a baby born at 29 weeks Alex has sever cerebral palsy but that does not define him. What defines him is his fighting spirit and his great since of humor. His latest thing is working on little clay creatures to start an ebay fund raiser auction for a new wheelchair van (ours is a 1999 an a bit of a problem lately) ..he has great ideas.
Let your creativeness ans your faith keep you going. We send prayers to God for you and yours.

jcobb said...

Dear Teresa, I have been where you are now so I know what a roller-coaster you are riding. It sounds like you have a good doctor, one who will be honest and forthright with you. It is hard to hear what they have to tell you, but it is better to know what you are facing so that you can prepare yourselves and the family. We didn't get our miracle and I lost my husband to his brain cancer. But I am praying for yours every day and for you to have the strength to be there through whatever comes for Ty and your children. Sending love, positive thoughts and prayers as I'm typing this. Hold on to your hope as well. Hope and our faith can sometimes be all we have. <3 O:)

Grace said...

Teresa, God can do anything!!! Miracles happen everyday!!! I'm living on borrowed time and making the best out of life. Drs can only tell u in medical facts what they know however God really knows. I'm still here 3 yes later w a stage 4 cervical diagnosis

Cindy Lou said...

Teresa, I just love the Studio gold, I can't wait to be able to get some of the products.
It has been seven years since my roller-coaster ride ended, the ride lasted almost two years. It made me stronger in a lot of ways, more tender and caring. I believe in miracles, they happen everyday. I believe in tender mercies. I know we have a Father in Heaven who loves us. He knows your faith and your struggles. I love to see your beautiful smiling face. You are in my thoughts.

Argelia Alvarez said...

Teresita (little Teresa in Spanish) I know you know you're not alone, but remember that besides Heavenly Father, your family and your closest friends, many of us are with you and your loved ones. I think of you, and you and your hubby are in my prayers. Let´s us not forget the power of unity, together we can generate miracles. Abrazos from Mexico City, Maggie Alvarez

philippa said...

Teresa honey, your post has brought tears to my eyes and my heart is clenched tight when I think of what you are going through right now. You are being beyond brave and I know whatever decision it is that you need to make, it will be the right one for your gorgeous family. Bless Ty's heart for preparing you.. he is the most wonderful man and he is doing this because he loves you with all his heart. He WILL continue to fight honey, he just needs to know you and the family are okay. I'm with you all in spirit 100% 24/7.. sending all my love, my extra strength and mega-hugs to you all. Love xxxx

Anonymous said...

I believe in miracles. I am praying for one for you and Ty. I wasn't so lucky. 14 yeas ago my husband of 30 years woke up and dropped dead of a massive heart attack. No time for good-byes, he was just gone. Live life to the fullest. God bless you.

Teresa said...

Teresa, my heart breaks for you as I read this post. I have been where you are. I lost the love of my life 10 yrs ago. If it had not been for my faith in God, l would have never made it. He did as He promises. He surrounded me with people to love me thru the difficult days. I see so clearly now how God prepared me for this journey the last yr John and I had together. I remind myself all the time this is not our home. God has been my father, my friend, myanchor. He is father to the fatherless and husband to the widow. I will be in prayer for all of you. What a courageous husband you have. To try and prepare you, while controlling his own emotions and still being the leader in your family. Not many men are that selfless anymore.

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