Tuesday, June 24, 2014

ORLANDO on the horizon

I am in the air... on a plane headed to Orlando Florida.  I have my son Ty with me and his friend Hunter. They are both 15 and both just funny kids. Hunter is so cute. He is not used to flying and this is very new to him. He keeps thanking him for bringing him and saying WOW. He went to the side of the airport and put his face near the glass like a little kid. He was watching the airplanes. He kept telling me how excited he was. He just so appreciates that he is with us on our little vacation and trip to teach this weekend at SHE SCRAPBOOKS.  


The boys are so cute.
My son has his BYU Cougar pillow and is set with videos.
I got them a little surprise (treats) for the plane.
Hunter can't stop thanking me. He is full of gratitude.
To watch his excitement today humbled me.
It reminded me again... Don't take things for granted!

Honestly, I knew I needed this time with my youngest son. He needs to have normal things going on. We all do. I did not want to leave my husband. There is no way he is able physically come. They would never allow him to travel on a plane. Plus, he was going to be admitted to the hospital again but they postponed it until next week. Ty's counts are just too low and he is really starting to feel no energy and not feeling well. PS- this man NEVER complains. Seriously, he is my ROCK and inspiration.

We are staying at the Disney resort. I was amazed one day when I got the email confirming my Disney hotel stay prior to going to teach. I had not paid for a room or anything. I looked closely and saw that a dear sweet friend had arranged for the boys and I to say there for FREE. I cried and felt the kindness of my her thoughtfulness. The boys were elated. In a world with so much negative and horrible news ever present, we must remember the GOOD, the GREAT and the people who like my friend are out there. Thank you Lisa for
being so thoughtful. She even mailed us all the information to go to the parks and will answer my calls when I am lost. Yes, I am not good with direction. I love you and can't thank you
enough. I am blessed to know you and call you
a true friend. We are lucky if we have REAL friends in our
life journey. The older I get the more I realize that REAL
friends are hard to come by.  Cherish your friends and let them
know you love them!!!!

I wanted to share some more of my new products that you will see soon. Like you, I am patiently waiting for it to be in the house and shipping. I have heard from so many of you asking where you can find all of my new lines. Exciting, big things are happening and I can promise you- you will be able to find my products easier in the future. I am so thankful for GROWTH and people wanting to help me educate and market on a bigger level.

These are my gold foiled file folders. They are regular sizes for all your office, and organizational needs. They are affordable and you get two of each design for a total of six. (yes, under $10 retail). They are strong and thick. You know I don't like wimpy paper. No, only the best quality is going to work. Plus, I loved adding the word ARCHIVED. I wanted to include my handwriting to make them unique. You can see my sequins in the cork top jars. The sides of the sequins say SPARKLE in gold. Let's just say...
your home and office space is going to be beautiful.

I am redoing my office. I am documenting it from start to finish with video and photos. I want to show you how to DIY your space.
I hope you will watch as I transform my office space.


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Terri Burson said...

I spy gorgeous bottled sequins?? Oh, yeah.....

Denverkat276 said...

I have to tell you, you all are in my thoughts and prayers, but TY,..... I think about all the things he's going through. It can be quite overwhelming starting treatments and going through it and it's side effects. There are emotions that you don't know how to convey.... Overwhelming is the only word I can come up with. I think about all the things that were happening to me and I didn't know how I felt about it other than scared. You all have given him a strong foundation to stand on. He'll be good while you're gone.

You all have a great time while you're gone. Ty has loads of prayers to keep him warm until you all return.

Know that, you have those who care about you all and what you are going through.
((((Hugs)))) to you all.
Love has it's arms wrapped all around you.


Dria said...

I hope you have Magical Day..make wishes at Cinderella's fountain! Dreams do come true--it can happen to you..a dream is a wish your heart makes...I love WDW! ENJOY!

Bernii Miller said...

WOW.. I am very patiently waiting also .lol.. so excited :)

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