Thursday, July 31, 2014

Don't take ONE day for granted-

TODAY is day 14 of the THIRTY days of INSPIRATION

This is Tinsel & Company and I wanted to show how to use my new lines with die cuts to accent the project. 

This is a workshop that I am teaching so I want to show how you can use an ordinary white envelope and emboss it with my embossing folder (triangles). I used my cut n' boss machine with Craftwell. Then I used Tim Holtz Sizzix die (gold wreath).
I did emboss it first with my wood embossing folder (8.5x12)
I love to use dies to create unique designs to my projects. 

I love the circle icon paper... A LOT!!!!! 

I loved this ornament that I cut with my
star paper in the collection. This is a die cut
from Sizzix (Tim Holtz).

*embossed wood grain on envelope. LOVING the white trees on the red paper. 

This is the bow tie die cut. I used my wood die cut ornaments and spray painted it gold. I put one of my stickers inside the bow.

I wanted to mention where I will be teaching at next. I will be traveling to Long Beach, California and teaching three
workshops- August 22nd and 23rd. I will be at Scrapbook Daisies and sign ups start TOMORROW!!!!!! This is my first time teaching with some of my new collections. Did I mention I will see Matt, Kayla and the kids????? This is making me SO HAPPY!

Well, we are dealing with almost daily hospital appointments. It's a long story but they are don't think Ty is in remission yet. They still want to forgo the 4th chemo and head right into the transplant. It's been a major whirlwind. They will explain the results next week to us. They still want to proceed anyway.

They have Ty doing every test imaginable as he prepares for the long journey of the chemos and new BIRTHDAY (transplant).  Today they took 20 vials of blood.
I just WISH I could make it all go away.

I lay in bed at night and just watch him sleep. I wake up often and check on him. I normally wake up before him and don't want to leave his side.  I often reach over to just touch or hold his hand. I cherish being able to do this. I have always loved and appreciated my husband. This has only made me realize in a much deeper level how my perspective has changed. I have so much
more appreciation for EVERY single day. I used to love our weekly date nights. I now realize how just time together is precious. We don't need to do ONE thing. It's as simple as
holding his hand and sitting beside him that makes me happy. It's the REAL moments that I realize are the ones that I need and cherish most. It has been over a year with no date nights- no vacations or trips together- not going to church together... it's been a year for me to realize WHAT we have is based on a strong foundation of LOVE.

When I married Ty I "thought" I was in LOVE. I realize I liked him and loved him, but all these years later, I realize I grew into another depth of ... LOVE.  I love him MORE each day and year because love does grow. It only gets deeper and expands. Through our trials and our imperfect relationship we grew to love and accept each other more. Marriage is never easy. Even now, we have our days. Cancer does not make a marriage perfect. In fact, I know it's common for many marriages to break up. It's not a time to be selfish. It's the time to act and serve each other more. It's a time to be the biggest cheerleader ever to your spouse or loved one. I tell him daily our love and our family is worth fighting for. I am so thankful he is doing just that...

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chipndalefan said...

Love the Christmas Line! Can't wait to play with it. (embracing the gold...LOL)

Continuing the prayers and positive thoughts for Ty and you and the rest of the family. You are one of the strongest people I know. I can see the love you have for Ty in your eyes (when I see you) and can feel/hear it in your words. You are very special and dear to me and you are always in my thoughts. You have been going what seems to be nonstop please take some time for you to relax. Hugs and kisses to all of ya'll!

Jean said...

Oh my goodness!! :LOVE!!

Suz said...

Continuing to pray for Ty that this next transplant will give you many more happy years together

Great project. Love the Christmas lines

tndj said...

Love you new Christmas projects. Prayers for you, Ty and your family. Stay strong!

Faye's Crafti Corner said...

You all are in my prayers daily. Wish I could do more. Thanks for all your inspiration Teresa and I know that God has you all safe in His loving arms.

Claire Spielman said...

Ty has so many people hoping and praying for his FULL recovery....he will make it and the you can go on "date night"! Beautiful project.

Dria said...

LOVE your creations! Prayers and hugs for all of your going through this tough (understatement of the year) time in you family.

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