Sunday, July 20, 2014


I love these girls!
I have had the best time this weekend.
I am leaving in a few minutes to catch my flight back home to SLC. I know that I am going home a better person from the time and memories that I have had here.

Thankfully  Beth and Tamara came and helped me
the entire weekend. They are SUPER ROCK STARS
and my workshops went so smoothly with their assistance. I begged them to go with me every time. I met them on the cruise last year and could not wait to spend the weekend with them. I am grateful for the friendships that I have gained through my journey. THEY ARE SO IMPORTANT to me.

Well, this is supposed to be a SILLY shot. I have NO IDEA what we were all doing but I LOVE THIS PHOTO!
(the worst photo is the one YOU do not take!!!!)

I can honestly say I look at EACH of these amazing girls and feel a connection. ARKANSAS was the place to be! These girls are
so sweet and melted my heart. I felt like I was going home
to NC and visiting with my best friends...

Oh yeah... it was going to be a silly photo. Only maybe two of us GOT the message. HA HA! 

I  may or may not have went to eat at RIB CRIB twice in only two days.

I am a FAN...
oh and FRIED OKRA (both days)
We do not have FRIED OKRA in UTAH at
any restaurant and I miss my southern food. 

These sweet girls. I think we took TEN photos and every single photo someone had their eyes closed.
Regardless... they are WONDERFUL> 

LOVE that they are the sweetest girls. Darla and these girls made me a special Christmas countdown and shipped it to me last Winter. Darla bought all my products here and had the LONGEST receipt I have ever seen in a scrapbook store.
Sorry Lindsey for changing your name to Ashley. HA!
PS I want to go GLAMPING with you girls. 

THIS TABLE was FULL of ANGELS. Hmmmm.... I can't even express some heartfelt feelings but they EACH know.
The BEST compliment was one of these girls who came with her friend (she was talked into taking my class from her friend)
and after the workshop she told me this. She said, " I am so GLAD I came." This means so much to me that in some small way I have made a difference in someone's life.  So many people think it's just PAPER...
Oh, it's so much MORE to me.  

The AWARD goes to these beautiful girls who were ALWAYS SMILING and HAPPY! 

We kept really busy. I enjoyed meeting these two friends.  

The Three Amigos
The are so FUN. So CRAZY...
I love how they love and pick on each other. Their bond is
special. I love to just watch them! I will NEVER ever
 forget the keepsakes I will cherish that they had made for me. One was a pillowcase with a photo of my husband and I on one side and the opposite side was a FAMILY photo of all of our children. It was for when I travel to put on my pillow.
Isn't this the sweetest? 

PAM look at how cute this is????
These cuties are waiting for the TC cut n' boss machine.
This machine is always so LOVED and used
nonstop in all my workshops. 

I love HER...
SELFIES are the BEST!!!!! 

SIGNS SIGNS everywhere.
I have a thing for NUMBER 8.
It is my FAVORITE number.
It is our number... Ty and I have this connection with 8.
I got number 8 at LUNCH at McAllisters.
It's always showing up.
I took out my CANON S110 power shot camera and  asked
Beth to take this photo.
*always keep a camera in your purse!

We used my brand new SIGNATURE ESSENTIALS stencils and modeling paste. It was a hit! I love this workshop and how girls who have never used this medium end up LOVING it.

YOU know GLITTER is EVERYWHERE in a TC workshop. 

I loved watching each of them create.

I gave away my TC Cratwell cut n' boss machine, new gold dies and 7 embossing folders to one lucky winner... it was a very excited ASHLEY!!!!

Did I mention I went here TWICE?
Hmmm... I may have a problem.

When can I come back??????

I will miss you all so much. LOVE YOU girls.
I will see many of you on my cruise in November.

*2015 cruise is happening. The cruise does not have schedule until January 1st. I will have a list sign up list COMING soon for notifications of all of my events, dates and how to get on this list. I have many exciting things planned for 2015. WATCH my blog and Facebook page on how to join my list of notification.

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At July 20, 2014 at 9:07 AM , Blogger BethW said...

Sweetheart you make a difference in a whole lot of people
s life every day. Your spirit and faith shine bright for all of to see. We love you!

At July 20, 2014 at 11:31 AM , Blogger Ruth G said...

So fun to see you sharing and enjoying your creative life! Thanks so much for sharing!

At July 20, 2014 at 4:52 PM , Blogger Dria said...

WOW! This looks like a GRRR8 time! made me hungry!

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