Friday, July 25, 2014

HAPPY FRIDAY... it's DAY 10... going to see TIM MCGRAW

HAPPY FRIDAY. I am pretty excited. Today I am working for the first time ever from my new office space. I am completely NOT unpacked. I am on the floor right now as I blog. I have cried ALL morning. My heart is full. This week has been a busy week with a trade show, a birthday, moving my office, and just CHANGE. My sweet husband was too weak to start his 4th chemo this week. So they are going to test him next week to see if he is in remission and just proceed with the transplant. I cry nonstop. Often it's tears of happiness and then those moments of sheer sadness. Can you relate? 

Each day seems to be a mixture of this. I have recently learned who are my REAL support are during this time. I got a text on my birthday from someone who came into my life about seven months ago. This person and I clicked. She saw something in me that I don't know if I saw in myself.  We became friends instantly and she we shared a heart felt connection. She sent me a text that was so special to me... one of encouragement and her belief in me. I started to cry. Then she mentioned she had thought of me all day. She sent me a song to listen to. It was the SAME song that I love and was played at my mothers funeral. She had no IDEA of the connection. It was so special. I listened to the song. It is the song that I have posted inside my blog. This gives me comfort. I want to thank this very special friend for caring about me and for seeing my struggles and encouraging me to SHINE through the hard times....

When times get tough... and they do- I always think this...

I cannot change anyone else but myself. I can't change situations, or Ty's cancer. I can't change the things I wish I could. I can change MYSELF only and be better and do better. 

I am excited to go to the TIM MCGRAW concert with my son tonight. Zach and I love country music and I exposed my children from an early age to all types and genre of music. Coming from NC- country music is in my soul. It is a reminder of me of home. So I love that my girls and Zach love it! My son Ty is not really a fan as much and did not want to go. WATCH for photos!!!! I can't wait. I loved that he actually wanted to go with his mama. I'm lucky!!!!! 
of my 30 days of INSPIRATION
I have really enjoyed doing this?

This is is my CLEAR 12x12 PAPER SHEETS!!!!
They are THICK but can be cut with the cutting machines.

Hard to photograph anything CLEAR!
This is using my FISKARS heart punch and then you
make a clear HEART garland with added pink beads.
YES, it can be embossed, painted, glittered, misted
and MORE!!!!!

YOU get FIVE beautiful heavy weight clear papers to a package.
They were a MASSIVE hit at the show. You can't find this product anywhere... trust me I tried to find it...
so I designed it! IT is clearly beautiful and if you
do find a clear paper I know it will not be the same
thickness and quality- so try it out!

take photos...
& celebrate TODAY!!!

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