Monday, July 28, 2014


This is the day we hear from McKay and Seth online.
I made her promise to send me weekly photos. For the most part, she is really good. She has only missed a couple weeks when
she "lost" or "misplaced" her camera.

TODAY she shared the simple but powerful message of this-

She shared this story (names have been changed):
This week we had another lesson with Martin, the man that was in the really bad car accident, that was really great. It's interesting to teach him because we have to teach super simply, but the spirit is always so strong. The thing that I learned the most during that lesson was from something that he said right before we left. I asked him if there was anything we could do for him and he answered, "Live happy." It made me really think because if anyone had a good reason to complain about not having a fair life, it would be him. But he's just so happy all the time and tries to always help others to feel the same way. It made me think about times when I'm grumpy over the silliest things. I want to extend this same invitation to you all, live happy! 

I am actually on a airplane right now. I am headed to a meeting. (wonderful things are happening)
I try to always be happy. I strive to SMILE even when
I am feeling down. I smiled today at people at the airport. I know that often they look at me like..."she is way too happy."
HAPPINESS is a choice. I smile because I see the good in each day. I see the good in life even during the rain and thunderstorms.
I want to remember to LIVE HAPPY too.

Yes, McKay is growing up. I am so thankful she is choosing to lead a life that makes her happy. (far left) I adore photos. Just think if THIS photo had not been taken. It would have been
a lost memory. 

I think this so often as the challenges of cancer has invaded our life, our family, our home. I love that EACH day is fabulous as long as we are together. I love my sweet family.
It has been too long and I have to share the "babies" with you.
Okay, they are getting big. They melt me... they melt Ty.
I get to see them in August. I am flying down and teaching at Scrapbook Daisies and staying with them.

Oh my... she is the SWEETEST little Zellie...
I can't wait. 

so hard to believe Tenneson is 5 months old.
Isn't he a BIG boy? I want to just hold him.

This photo tells a story. Matt taking Maxson fishing for the very first time. This photo shares a memory. I know I will be printing out all these photos when I get home.  
We are at day 11.
I am showing a paper from Nine & Co.
This is one of the 3x4 cards from the 12x12 paper (tag sheet).

Simply cut the 3x4 card from paper and put inside gold frame. This frame was .99 cents at the local thrift store. I love a DIY bargain.

Well, my photos from SPC and the Tim McGraw concert are gone. Yes, I loaded on my laptop and I think I must have deleted them somehow. So for now... one photo from Friday night with my son.

We had a great time. Even though some "guy" thought we should be slow dancing together. ha! My son said, "she's my mom" and he said... "so, don't you love your mom?" Oh my... funny.
I am just grateful he wanted to spend time with me. It's important to have that one on one time together. It's important to take photos and document that time. I will definitely print out the photos this week. I don't want the memories lost or forgotten.
There is a NEW weekly TC video today at
I showed my LIFE EMPORIUM tag book. 

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At July 28, 2014 at 6:12 PM , Blogger Bernii Miller said...

What wonderful memories you have here Teresa :)

At July 29, 2014 at 8:45 AM , Blogger tndj said...

Wonderful memories. Treasure them all! Children and grandchildren grow up
much to fast.

At July 29, 2014 at 1:41 PM , Blogger Claire Spielman said...

Great update! LOVE the fishing photo...priceless!

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