Saturday, August 30, 2014

Follow your HEART in all that you do....

                I am a firm believer in the power of YOU! 
Yes, YOU... I am often given the amazing opportunity to go and talk to groups about my life, my business and how I have grown my company from my design background. I am so thankful that I am someone others feel I have something to offer and give back. I want to help and encourage others to FOLLOW their dreams. I thought today I would share some of my personal thoughts. 

I am at the hospital with my cute husband. I am on "my bed" here. I have been here for hours and my cutie best friend in asleep in his recliner. I hesitate to even hold his hand right now. His count is still 100, but I KNOW soon he will be seeing that number come up. He needs to be at 500 for three days before I can take him home. 

I may or may not have suggested I wheel him out today to take him home with me. I miss him so much. Don't worry, we just laughed about it. He knows I wouldn't ever do this, but it's funny to joke about. I love that he wants me to sleep here at the hospital so I can be with him all day. We both are so positive in our HOPE and belief that he is going to come home soon. We are together going to KICK this cancers butt. BTW- today is day 15 post transplant. Day 100 will be November 23rd. That is the DATE to test to see initially if the transplant has worked and the cancer is in remission. Please join me in prayer for this transplant to evade his body with healthy stem cells that kill any and all remaining cancer. I will NEVER give up HOPE!!!!

Today I am sharing my OFFICE DIY update. Many people may not know that before I scrapbooked I was decorating. Yes, I am and always will consider myself a decorator. I believe you can design your life. Your home and surroundings are a MASSIVE (yes, trying to emphasis how big it is) part of YOU. Think of your home and where you spend MOST of your time. The memories you make and create. So for me, my new office needed to have the ESSENTIAL component- I feel myself, I feel inspired, I feel at home, I feel like who I am is represented. When you come to my office or home, I want you to feel welcome. There is a lot of meaning behind the items that are in my office and home space.  

 I love the color WHITE. I always have. I think my last three cars have been white. I love the freshness and the LIGHT of white. It reminds me of "HEAVEN". Not that I can remember heaven, but I believe we lived with God in heaven before we came to earth.
I love WHITE because in my religion we have temples that we attend. The white represents pureness and something I strive and want to have.
(photo: teresa collins office reception room area)

This is the upstairs "meeting space." I added a chandelier ($129.00) and had the room wired prior to moving in to accommodate this. I feel that LIGHT is the way to show us the way in life. It's hard to maneuver in the dark. I add lots of light so that I can see things clearly. In business, you have to be careful to listen to your own heart, gut and instinct. You can be easily discouraged by others or people who don't "see" things the way you do. Successful business people have to follow
their own light and not be swayed by others.
I added this GOLD picture. I wanted it for a long time. I could not see paying the $499.00 price tag so I waited for it to go on sale at almost 70% off.

Yes, Zgallerie does have sales if you wait (patiently).

I love GOLD. My mother did too. I got a beautiful gold ring from my mother when I was younger. I still have it. She loved
"gold" jewelry. The color GOLD reminds me of her.
She always told me...
You are my GOLDEN girl.
From the time I was 5 or so, I was her
blond haired, blue eyed golden girl.
She told me that I could have all the GOLD in the world but have NOTHING if I did not SHINE in my heart.

She wanted me to be a GOLDEN person. I have strived to listen to her. I want to have integrity and be kind because to me-
MONEY is only money. Use the money you have to bless the lives of others. 

My mom is no longer with me. I miss her everyday.
I hope I make her proud. 
I want to shine like GOLD for her.

I wanted to share this. I have been in the craft industry now for right at 14 years. I love it so much. I never thought that I would be designing well beyond and outside that industry. I did however set goals. I still have a FIVE YEAR plan. Do you? 
If you don't have a plan, a course of action for you life... YOU may not even know what direction to take. I would tell each of you... WRITE down what you want. Then you have to take the steps to make that happen. Follow that road... or your will get lost and maybe even go the wrong direction. I can't stress this enough.  

I have had such growth in the few years, I realized I needed to hire and surround myself with others who knew things I do not. This to me in vital. I am not an expert at accounting. However, I have three amazing men who I hired who do. Do what you do well, and surround yourself with others who do the same. PS- so excited for the addition of Bridget Bauer Bradley to my sales department. She starts on Tuesday and many of you may know her. 

That is why I partner and license my designs with certain companies. I love designing albums with We R Memory Keepers. I love working with CANON. As an avid photo taker, this is a passion of mine. I printed these photos with the Canon Selphy 910 printer wirelessly at my office. 
(photo: Teresa Collins albums with We R Memory Keepers and card sets Studio Gold- photos from Selphy) 

I LOVE working with FISKARS. Yes, I could shout this too. Who would have thought I would be designing punches and tools and scissors? They are the BEST in the industry for their quality and designs. I knew they would be the company I would want to work with. 
Don't settle for LESS now for what you may want later. I was given the opportunity about five years ago to design punches for another company. I turned it down. Those closest to me thought I was crazy to not do it. Again, follow your heart! I knew I should
wait until I knew it was the perfect fit. Little did I know Fiskars would happen. If I had "settled" and went with company B... I could not have said yes to this amazing opportunity.

Now the next thing is about CANON. I am not a professional photographer so why would Canon ever want to work with me?
I had NEVER even had them on my radar as a potential partner. 

Never limit the possibilities in your life. I was very honest in that had it been Nikon I would not have agreed to work with them. Now don't get me wrong. I know that Nikon has amazing and wonderful cameras and products. However, I have always used Canon. So I told them how thrilled I was and knew it was a perfect fit. I know that TRUST is important. I believe being honesty is all about personal integrity. If I say I use or design or promote something, you will always know it's the truth. No amount of money will make me feel good in my heart if I've mislead my customers (my friends).

This is one of the office rooms. I knew I wanted a bold look of a dark black wall and the other walls in the room are white. I wanted a room of artwork that I had designed with inspiring quotes. This is the beginning of my vision. Devan is my son n law. I love how he is my "substitute" Tyler right now. He is doing the things that Tyler normally "loves" to do for me. This is the wall before and later this week you will see the 'after.'  Now, this is again another example of me following my heart. I know people may think... why put so much effort into your office? or maybe... a BLACK wall? I just think you need to surround your life with things that make you SMILE. One of the other office rooms has white IDEA PAINT on one wall. This was what aka Mr. President wanted to make his space creative, functional and enjoy work. (ps his name is Mike Wigton).

Sorry I rambled on and on. I just love days that you feel the need to share. PS- my favorite tv show is SHARK TANK.  Ty and I are huge fans. Anyone else watch this show?
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Thursday, August 28, 2014

When you can't STAND on your own....

This was my Facebook post this afternoon-

Family & Friends- Ty's count are at 100 today. THAT is such a blessing. The doctors are calling him the poster child. Ty's transplant is going better than they had anticipated. I have learned to VALUE every moment and NEVER give-up and NEVER give in. I went to the Desert book store today to buy items for our two cute missionary kids- Sister-McKay Pier and Elder Seth Collins. My heart was beating so fast, as I thought of each of them. We miss them so much and I know that God is watching over them as they serve. I pray daily (countless times) for their safety as well as that for the other missionaries.

I walked to the aisle of photos of Jesus Christ and I stood there and wept. I felt God's spirit rush through my entire body. I felt LOVE overcome my body and the feeling that God is mindful of me and my prayers of my heart. God has not left Tyler or I or our family for one second in this journey. God loves each of us so much and knows our own personal struggles. I felt I had to share this special comfort and witness. I have never doubted for one second that God is not carrying me and each of us when we feel we can't walk or stand on our own. I love you so much Tyler Lewis Collins- you are my BEST FRIEND!!!!!!!

Ty has been in the hospital for right at 3 weeks.
He could come home a lot sooner if the counts stay high and he responds so well. This makes me so happy.

This means I will be cleaning my house like a crazy
mad woman starting today. I can't risk him
coming home and getting sick. I know this makes me emotional in a good way. I keep telling God- THANK YOU THANK YOU    THANK YOU...

I am so thankful for EACH day... EACH moment that we have together. I know we have a long journey of recovery ahead and it will not be easy. When Ty comes home he will need help 24/7. I am worried on how this going to be possible. I know it will be day by day. At 100 days, they will test him to see if the cancer is in remission. For now... each day, I tell myself- MAKE each DAY the BEST!!!!!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I love Mondays because I get to email with my cute daughter. She is on her mission in Seattle and I am so proud of  her.
I love her weekly photos. I can't believe she has been out on her mission for 14 1/2months. She sent this photo and said
Seriously, she is a nut!
She is Spanish speaking and I guess she eats Mexican food every meal it seems. 

This is a little photo shoot of Taylor & Travis. The wedding is less than 3 weeks now. It will be a very low key wedding and reception in Taylor's dads backyard. 

Okay, I had to add another photo of McKay.
Nothing makes me happier than seeing these girls who are all serving other people. I can't wait to HUG this girl.
Obviously, you can tell I miss her right?

Update on my honey...
he is still at the hospital.
Tyler has not engrafted and he is at day 12 after the transplant. They don't really know when he will engraft. The doctors said it is normal to see the average patient engraft on day nineteen. He has had two platelet transfusions this past week. His ANC counts are still at 0. Yesterday he had this last methotrexate treatment. He really hated the chewing the ice that is important with this treatment. So thankful that part is over.

I wanted to announce the blog for the Teresa Collins Inspiration Unlimited blog. If you are going or want to go, make sure you check out the blog for the up to date information. You can find the blog at
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Monday, August 25, 2014

It's simple... FAMILY is EVERYTHING

It's now that time of YEAR.  Back to School....
I'm thrilled about the contest I am doings with Canon.
You still have until Wednesday to submit your photos and enter
to win the Teresa Collins & Canon contest.

This is huge!!!!!!

This is WHAT you will get from my company alone.
Yes, this is STUDIO GOLD love!!!!
This alone is valued at well over $200.00
and you will get the Canon PIXMA MG7120 printer in WHITE.
This is valued at $225.00.
You even get a pack of 4x6 photo printer paper.
Who is ready for back to school? We’re here to help get you one fabulously stylish step closer! We are SO excited to partner with @CanonUSA for this beyond amazing #giveaway! To enter for a chance to win do the following: 1) Follow both the @teresacollinsdesigns and @CanonUSA instagram feeds 2) Tag a friend in the comments who you think would also like to enter for a chance to win! 3) Repost this image to your own feed, tagging both @teresacollinsdesigns and @CanonUSA and use the hashtag #tccanonbacktoschool (this is how we will track entries so don’t forget to hashtag!) BONUS ENTRY for a chance to win can be earned by posting a photo of your own showing us WHY you want to win! Be as creative as you want, but don’t forget to tag @teresacollinsdesigns and @CanonUSA and use the hashtag #tccanonbacktoschool for your bonus entry to be counted! To see the sweepstakes details and read the Official Rules go to].

This weekend was fast, fun and very tiring. I was going non-stop with teaching and spending time with my family in Huntington Beach, California. I admit, I was a little nervous driving since less than a month ago I wrecked my car that I had rented. I am not used to driving on the 405.   SCARY!!!!!

I got to Scrapbook Daisies and had the best time!!!!! I taught long classes and really enjoyed everyone there.

It's knowing that I get to see my friends like Shetara. They make my trips meaningful. I love the girls who are there. I truly know them.

As soon as I got there, I went to the beach with the kids and Kayla. It was so much fun. I love being with them and I know that they enjoyed Grandma Teresa. I painted Zellie's nails LUCKY green like mine. I did a Christmas/bday for them from papa and I. 

With Ty fighting cancer for the last year, they cannot visit due to his immunity. I wanted to celebrate with them and gave them some presents in person so they knew it was from us and see their reaction. It was amazing and I felt they now will remember
and know that we wish we could be with them more.

When I left to teach Zellie wanted to go with me. She kept telling me to not go. So when I left they ran to the window. I took the photo. Is this not the most precious thing ever?
I never knew what how different it would be to be a "grandma."
I want you to know that I love them so much. I don't ever think that they are not because Matt was not born to me. Matt is my son
and in my heart I love him like all my kids. So when
he had children I loved them instantly.
I love Kayla and just don't ever see them as 
anything but my kids and grandchildren. When people question
how I can have them at my age- I just usually laugh and tell them I look young for my age. Yes, did you know I'm actually 60? 
Hey, I love this. I love being able to enjoy
my children and grand babies.

This is me teaching at Scrapbook Daisies. All the workshops sold out and we even had so many kit only's that I will be shipping kits later today. Great problem to have! We were busy spray painting and having so many GREAT class discussions. My heart is FULL!!!! 

I honestly just feel like my heart is BIGGER
from ALL of you. I love the hugs and the prayers
and most of all the support I feel.

I love to share and hope that by sharing my life, my story, and my heart that others are in some small way inspired. I never know what I will feel prompted to share, but I do. I want others to know that I am just truly one fortunate blessed designer, mother, wife, friend, business owner, girl.... just me. 

I got to hold and see this cutie. Our newest and 3rd grand baby...Tenneson Lewis Collins. 
He is 6 months old. He has the Collins nose. He is the sweetest
most easy going baby ever. He has the bluest eyes too.

On the way to church yesterday, I had to take this photo. Zellie is 2.5 years old and is holding Flowerina and the Hello Kitty box I gave her. She just kept asking for candy. Maxson is into Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles at age 4... just like his dad was.  I took so many photos. I will cherish every single one of them. This is really what MATTERS most. It's time with those you love.
CHERISH it. I know I do.
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Friday, August 22, 2014

READY? I challenge YOU!!!

I am sure many of you have or will be given the ALS challenge. The first video that I saw was a friend of my son's who really didn't go into the meaning and it was "very comical." I did not even really realize what the whole "campaign" was about. Then my daughter Gentry had me watch the video of the "reason"... the real person behind the story. I was crying as I watched it. I felt I needed to help in some way. I then challenged Beth and Don Kingston and Chris Potter who I love and know from Xyron.

I always tell my children to be a leader and not a follower. I knew that I wanted to accept my challenge from my both my friends TC and Amy. I also knew that every little bit helps. So I challenged everyone on my Facebook and instagram to donate just $5.00 to the ALS cause (or one that is near and dear to them). That alone would raise over 100,000.00 to the ALS cause. I wanted to personally donate $100.00 and do the challenge.

I know that without medical research we all can and will face horrible illnesses that have no cure. Thankfully my husband has had his stem cell transplant. This was a real blessing. This can help to save his life. How grateful I am to those who have donated and helped raise money for cancer and lymphoma research. I want  to make a difference in some small way. I am so grateful for my husband and his "fighting" but weak spirit. He is really amazing!

I am headed for the airport on my way to Long Beach, CA in a few hours. I am going to see Matt's beautiful family. I will stay with them. I am so excited to see them. I look forward to seeing everyone in my workshops today and tomorrow too. I love doing these events. 

Now today is the BIG REVEAL. My brand new dies SOLD OUT in hours on HSN. Now you can get them (*very limited quantity) here....

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Who is ready for back to school??? We’re here to help get you one fabulously stylish step closer! We are SO excited to partner with @CanonUSA for this beyond amazing ‪#‎giveaway‬ valued at $429!

ONE lucky winner will win:
  • One (1) Canon MG7120 Pixma Printer in White
  • One (1) pack of 4×6 photo paper
  • One (1) set of Studio Gold Stationery
  • Two (2) sets of Studio Gold Note Cards
  • One (1) set of Studio Gold Photo Overlay Card Kit
  • One (1) set of Studio Gold File Folders
  • Two (2) sheets of Studio Gold Sentiment Stickers
  • One (1) Studio Gold Notebook
  • One (1) Studio Gold Clip set
  • One (1) set of Studio Gold flip books
  • One (1) Studio Gold “Happy” Banner
  • One (1) Studio Gold Calendar
  • One (1) Studio Gold Clipboard
  • One (1) Studio Gold Tassel Banner Kit
To enter for a chance to win do the following:
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3) Repost this image to your own instagram feed, tagging both @teresacollinsdesigns and @CanonUSA and use the hashtag‪#‎tccanonbacktoschool‬ (this is how we will track entries so don’t forget to hashtag!)
BONUS ENTRY for a chance to win can be earned by posting a photo of your own showing us WHY you want to win! Be as creative as you want, but don’t forget to tag @teresacollinsdesigns and @CanonUSA and use the hashtag #tccanonbacktoschool for your bonus entry to be counted!
Visit my blog for a full list of what is included in the prize package.
To see the sweepstakes details and read the Official Rules go to

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hanging in there....

I had the most amazing meeting and opportunity present itself to me this past month. It is truly a DREAM come true. I met yesterday to discuss this opportunity and I knew it was meant to be. I often marvel over the timing of things that are happening for me and our family right now.  I realize some things will and have had to "give" up to do the things I feel are important. There is only so much time and so I have to really feel it's the right decision for me often when I decide to add anything on my plate. I have always tried to listen to my heart and feel "good" about the decisions I make in my life, even the day to day decisions. 

Often voices of opinions from everyone is constantly given to me. "You should do this, I don't think you should do this, You need to do this, I feel like you have to do this, you have to do this,... etc."  I appreciate those well meaning people, but I'm a firm believer that we need to be careful to listen to our own prompting, our own heart, and especially when we know it's God telling us to do something.  Today I had went into work and I felt strongly that it was time to go and see my husband. I wanted and just needed to be with him. I didn't question that voice. I went then and told everyone that I felt Ty needed me. I am at the hospital now. He is just the cutest man alive. I look at him and my heart EXPLODES with love. I know him better than anyone else and our connection is so strong. I cried on and off all day. The crazy thing is that Taylor showed up at my office this morning. I was shocked to see her. She came to help me with so much going on. I was telling Ty how having her come help really saved me today. He got tears in his eyes and I instantly knew he had texted her to come help me. I love this about him. He is in the hospital and he is most concerned about me.... helping me. I am so fortunate I married this man. He is day 4 post transplant. His counts are going down and he is having lots of headaches from the Tacrolinus (this is the medication they are giving him to help with rejecting the stem cells from the donor). He will be on this medication for a year. He has no appetite and they had a nutritionist come in. He was not eating any protein when he was eating and they warned him if he doesn't they will have to do the feeding TPN. He hated this last time. 

My boys are starting school on Thursday too. They both will be in high school. WOW... time does fly. I always tell young mothers- don't WISH your days away. Cherish them, they go so FAST!!!!

I was printing photos yesterday of my daughter that she sent from her mission.  I love this printer too. It is the SELPHY 910. 

It's wireless and I love printing out the pictures she emails me every Monday. It's a highlight of my week. I am trying to do more things like this that make me happy and remind me of the good times.

This is the last week of the 30 days of inspiration. I wanted to show this project called
I am teaching this at my event in NV- Inspiration Unlimited.
That reminds me- if you want to be on my newsletter
and email for my events please email:

I wanted to show my BRAND NEW TC Signature Essentials
stickers- journaling snippets.
All the journaling has meaning and has so much value. I designed it to be full of gratitude and about LIFE. 
This is the stickers that are along the bottom of the project. 
PS my matchbox label stickers, wood dots and more are 
SOLD OUT already. I debuted my Summer products
and we are SELLING OUT. So if you see
them and want them... they are now sold out 
on my end. (thanks for the support everyone!) The cards
used on this stand are my STUDIO GOLD ones I designed for the AME WRMK system.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014


This is the time of year when it is normal for me to kit round 1,000 kits for classes in September. Yes, events are not only a lot of work but a lot of class kit prep. I lost my help, but that is okay. I have a backup plan and I know day by day we can do it. If you have ever taken a workshop from me, you know that I want my workshops to be stress free with instructions and photos and beautiful class kits. I am all about learning and doing techniques. I planned my 2014 schedule with my husband. We thought he had "beaten" the cancer. So we made the decision that I would KEEP GOING and with the help my amazing mother in law and family we would make it all work. I realize what a blessing this is. 

My husband has to have 24/7 care when he gets home and I could not continue to work without the help from his mother. She is such a blessing. I can't imagine trying to run my company without her help. The part about my Carol that truly helps is that she does things that honestly I am not great at. It's no secret I am "not" the best cook. I can cook, but I am very much a simple cook. Carol has the time and talent to cook from scratch. She does everything healthy and organic. She takes care of the house and will come and help "deeper" clean the house to help us. I am sharing this because I   simply can't do it all. There is always a "time & season" in life. Right now, we are definitely at a time and season that we need her help. I can't do it all, but I'm trying hard to balance it all. TODAY... I am so happy to say that I am smiling. I am not being so hard on myself like I did when Tyler was first diagnosed and hospitalized. I needed help but just didn't want to ask. Guess what? it's okay to need help. I am using each day... each hour to be as productive as I can be... FAMILY first is always the way to be. Everything else always works out if you make time for the things that truly matter most!

So next weekend I will be going to see Matt, Kayla and the grand babies. Oh my... I wish Tyler could go with me. He can't and I know it's so hard for him. He still has not been able to see Tenneson or Maxson and Zellie (for a year now). It is because of their age and immunization. The doctors advised him to not be around anyone under the age of 14 and younger kids are definitely a no no. If he happened to get sick, it could literally kill him. He has no immunity. So next weekend I am visiting a store in Long Beach, CA and staying with Matt's family. It's still quick... Friday- Sunday but I really KNEW I needed to see them and wanted to teach for Martha. I have NO idea if there are any spots left. I do know the LIFE EMPORIUM page pocket class sold out as soon as she announced it. The others one were close to selling out last I heard. I want to share this workshop that I will be teaching.... 

This is the DAY 25 of my 30 days of INSPIRATION too-

This is my BRAND NEW GOLD HEART foiled CLEAR 4x4 album. I wanted to show that there is NOTHING little about this memory book. 

I know many of you take countless photos on your phone. I understand... it's easy. How many of you print out your photos though? How many of you are just taking photos and then they will be lost memories- since they are not being printed?

This is the BIGGEST little memory book. I can't wait to teach it. I am teaching it for the first time in CA, at Scrapbook Expos in Ontario CA and in Mesa, AZ and
AUSTRALIA in November...
*just announced...
join me at PAGES 2 SCRAP
November 6, 7, 8th

The TC gold foil 4x4 cards are stunning.... 

I wanted to show that you can and will
decorate and embellish the story
even in a smaller format.
*new TC label stickers and more!!!!!
loving my black and white cabana stripe cards in this set.
LOVE 2x2 as well...

My goal is to show how LITTLE doesn't have to be
boring or hard to use.
So if you are interested... watch for this workshop in California next weekend and at the two expos and AUSTRALIA.
Trust me, you will want to take this workshop is you are taking countless photos (especially on your phone) and have no idea what to do with them!!!!!

TODAY... I love Saturday's... I am enjoying the day with my boys. I  will be visiting my husband of course too. I miss him every second of the day. I wanted to take my boys to a movie and just enjoy some   mom & son time together. I love that they love being with me too. HAPPY SATURDAY...

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Friday, August 15, 2014


I am at the hospital with my husband. We only know that his donor is male and 36 years old. They gave him 8 million new "donor" stem cells this afternoon around 3:15 pm. It is considered his "new birthday." His blood type was B- but his donor has B+ blood type. Tyler's blood type will now change to B+ as well. The entire process was two hours. This is a little bit about the donor stem cells.

 ****Why donor stem cell (allogeneic) transplants are used

A donor stem cell transplant can be used to increase the chances of curing cancers that affect the bone marrow, such as leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma.
It can also help keep a cancer in remission (when there are no signs of the cancer) for as long as possible.

Your specialist may advise using donor stem cells because: 
  • Stem cells from a donor won’t contain any leukaemia or cancer cells.
  • Donor stem cells contain healthy immune cells that may attack any remaining leukaemia or cancer cells. This is called graft-versus-leukaemia or graft-versus-cancer, and it’s the main benefit of a transplant from a donor.
A donor stem cell transplant can be given at different times depending on why you need it. You may have a transplant:
  • after the first few chemotherapy treatments when the disease is in remission
  • when treatment has achieved a remission in a cancer or leukaemia that has come back (relapsed).
The aim of a donor stem cell transplant is to replace your immune system with the immune system of your donor. The immune system defends the body against infections and diseases like cancer. 
A donor stem cell transplant is sometimes called an allograft, because your donor’s immune system is ‘grafted’ on to yours.

The main benefits of having a donor stem cell transplant are:
  • It gives you a new, healthy bone marrow
  • Your new immune system can fight any remaining cancer cells.
A donor stem cell transplant is an intensive and complex procedure. It’s carried out in specialized transplant units with specially trained teams.

Tyler was a HLA match to his donor. I cannot express my gratitude that he is getting this chance. We acknowledge God's hand and mercy in giving him this second chance. I am constantly praying for him to be healthy again. I am praying the donor's cells will be MIGHTY and fight any cancer that is still "hiding" and that the graft to host problems will not harm and attack his body and organs. I know that Ty is most concerned at getting a donors cells that may attack his body. They watch this very carefully. It is a long process as you can imagine. 

Anyone who knows me KNOWS that I love quotes. They inspire me to do and be greater. I have always been a  firm believer to live each and every day with appreciation. Look for the positive in even the worst situations. I simply am thankful for each day of life with my husband. I know each day is a new day to just continue to fight. We both have faith and we believe in God's will and hand in his treatment. Trust me, I get scared. I have to push away the thoughts of "what if" because I can't think about this. Right now... TODAY... we simply are "not stopping" and letting cancer win this battle.

 I love this... LIFE really is GRAND, if we will
look at the good that always is THERE.

 I appreciate the support so much. Thank you for the prayers for my husband and family. I am doing everything I can to make it "normal" for my boys. They start school next week. They went to Lagoon today with a group of friends. I wanted them to LIVE today and know that no matter it's all going to be okay.


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Thursday, August 14, 2014

What is the SECRET?????

I am here at the Huntsmen Cancer Institute with my best friend. Right now, he is having ATG chemo and his melfalin treatment. He has been chewing ice for 90 minutes. His mouth is so numb that he is biting his tongue. They encourage you to chew ice so that you don't get really bad mouth and throat sores, mucacitis and more. (sorry, if I misspelled anything). It has made him cold and he's went through four buckets of ice. A lot of numbness now can help him with the pain and suffering afterwards. So today I am his "cheerleader" to encourage him to keep chewing on the ice.

This is his home for the next few weeks. He doesn't like his photo taken so I will just show you the surroundings.  Ty has a special bed that helps with comfort since he spents so much time in bed. Ty is taller and is 6 foot 1" and they have this bed which inflates as needed. It is a special order and he also has a bike in his room. They want him to try to do 30 minutes on the bike each day. They encourage them to walk around the bone marrow unit each day in the unit. However, he is so cautious of germs so he doesn't do this.  

This is the board in his room. It helps with the numerous staff changes and who is taking care of him.  

This is the view of BEAUTIFUL down town SLC from Ty's hospital room. Right below the cancer institute is the University of Utah hospital and Primary Children's hospital. I consider this a blessing to live only 20 minutes from this amazing hospital. 

This is the medications going into his body right now. He is on chemo 24 hours a day. Did I mention he has NEVER once complained? He just keeps fighting and is thankful that they are working hard to save his life. The drugs are hitting him hard and he had a rough day on Tuesday with the ATG chemo. These drugs don't mess around. He has lost 5 lbs in only 2 days. 
TOMORROW is the transplant.
They legally don't and can't tell you much about his donor. The things we know are that the donor is MALE. He is 36 years old. They can't tell us where he is from or anything else.
I can tell you I am so THANKFUL
that this man choose to become a donor.
It is because of him we are able to give Tyler
this chance to survive from his cancer. 

I had a friend ask me yesterday, WHAT IS THE SECRET? I said, the secret to what? She said to being able to handle this. I instantly knew and answered. I truly just take it day by day with my head and mind thankful for WHAT we have and the blessings. I know and believe God does not give us MORE than we can handle. I know that it's okay that I have a huge pile of laundry, dirty kitchen floors and little food in the house. I know that it really does not matter. Last night, it was almost 8 pm until I was able to take my boys to dinner. Yes, fast food works. It's meal by meal, day by day... and guess what? It's okay. The secret is knowing that I'm not perfect. I don't have a perfect life and so I am just allowing myself to do the best that I can. I also realized when I woke up this morning that I am going to occasionally drop the ball and not feel like I'm doing things good enough. Last time, it took a big toll on my heart. This time... I know I will allow myself to be a little kinder to myself. I hope those around will too. So I don't have a secret other than this...

Now... today is DAY 24 of the 30 days

I am sharing NINE & Co.
I wanted to share the beautiful gold accented
cards and notes.
I wanted to encourage you TODAY to take the time to write a note to someone that you love. Share your love for them!
Just like the 8x10 white frame states:
LIFE does not have to be PERFECT to be wonderful.

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