Saturday, August 30, 2014

Follow your HEART in all that you do....

                I am a firm believer in the power of YOU! 
Yes, YOU... I am often given the amazing opportunity to go and talk to groups about my life, my business and how I have grown my company from my design background. I am so thankful that I am someone others feel I have something to offer and give back. I want to help and encourage others to FOLLOW their dreams. I thought today I would share some of my personal thoughts. 

I am at the hospital with my cute husband. I am on "my bed" here. I have been here for hours and my cutie best friend in asleep in his recliner. I hesitate to even hold his hand right now. His count is still 100, but I KNOW soon he will be seeing that number come up. He needs to be at 500 for three days before I can take him home. 

I may or may not have suggested I wheel him out today to take him home with me. I miss him so much. Don't worry, we just laughed about it. He knows I wouldn't ever do this, but it's funny to joke about. I love that he wants me to sleep here at the hospital so I can be with him all day. We both are so positive in our HOPE and belief that he is going to come home soon. We are together going to KICK this cancers butt. BTW- today is day 15 post transplant. Day 100 will be November 23rd. That is the DATE to test to see initially if the transplant has worked and the cancer is in remission. Please join me in prayer for this transplant to evade his body with healthy stem cells that kill any and all remaining cancer. I will NEVER give up HOPE!!!!

Today I am sharing my OFFICE DIY update. Many people may not know that before I scrapbooked I was decorating. Yes, I am and always will consider myself a decorator. I believe you can design your life. Your home and surroundings are a MASSIVE (yes, trying to emphasis how big it is) part of YOU. Think of your home and where you spend MOST of your time. The memories you make and create. So for me, my new office needed to have the ESSENTIAL component- I feel myself, I feel inspired, I feel at home, I feel like who I am is represented. When you come to my office or home, I want you to feel welcome. There is a lot of meaning behind the items that are in my office and home space.  

 I love the color WHITE. I always have. I think my last three cars have been white. I love the freshness and the LIGHT of white. It reminds me of "HEAVEN". Not that I can remember heaven, but I believe we lived with God in heaven before we came to earth.
I love WHITE because in my religion we have temples that we attend. The white represents pureness and something I strive and want to have.
(photo: teresa collins office reception room area)

This is the upstairs "meeting space." I added a chandelier ($129.00) and had the room wired prior to moving in to accommodate this. I feel that LIGHT is the way to show us the way in life. It's hard to maneuver in the dark. I add lots of light so that I can see things clearly. In business, you have to be careful to listen to your own heart, gut and instinct. You can be easily discouraged by others or people who don't "see" things the way you do. Successful business people have to follow
their own light and not be swayed by others.
I added this GOLD picture. I wanted it for a long time. I could not see paying the $499.00 price tag so I waited for it to go on sale at almost 70% off.

Yes, Zgallerie does have sales if you wait (patiently).

I love GOLD. My mother did too. I got a beautiful gold ring from my mother when I was younger. I still have it. She loved
"gold" jewelry. The color GOLD reminds me of her.
She always told me...
You are my GOLDEN girl.
From the time I was 5 or so, I was her
blond haired, blue eyed golden girl.
She told me that I could have all the GOLD in the world but have NOTHING if I did not SHINE in my heart.

She wanted me to be a GOLDEN person. I have strived to listen to her. I want to have integrity and be kind because to me-
MONEY is only money. Use the money you have to bless the lives of others. 

My mom is no longer with me. I miss her everyday.
I hope I make her proud. 
I want to shine like GOLD for her.

I wanted to share this. I have been in the craft industry now for right at 14 years. I love it so much. I never thought that I would be designing well beyond and outside that industry. I did however set goals. I still have a FIVE YEAR plan. Do you? 
If you don't have a plan, a course of action for you life... YOU may not even know what direction to take. I would tell each of you... WRITE down what you want. Then you have to take the steps to make that happen. Follow that road... or your will get lost and maybe even go the wrong direction. I can't stress this enough.  

I have had such growth in the few years, I realized I needed to hire and surround myself with others who knew things I do not. This to me in vital. I am not an expert at accounting. However, I have three amazing men who I hired who do. Do what you do well, and surround yourself with others who do the same. PS- so excited for the addition of Bridget Bauer Bradley to my sales department. She starts on Tuesday and many of you may know her. 

That is why I partner and license my designs with certain companies. I love designing albums with We R Memory Keepers. I love working with CANON. As an avid photo taker, this is a passion of mine. I printed these photos with the Canon Selphy 910 printer wirelessly at my office. 
(photo: Teresa Collins albums with We R Memory Keepers and card sets Studio Gold- photos from Selphy) 

I LOVE working with FISKARS. Yes, I could shout this too. Who would have thought I would be designing punches and tools and scissors? They are the BEST in the industry for their quality and designs. I knew they would be the company I would want to work with. 
Don't settle for LESS now for what you may want later. I was given the opportunity about five years ago to design punches for another company. I turned it down. Those closest to me thought I was crazy to not do it. Again, follow your heart! I knew I should
wait until I knew it was the perfect fit. Little did I know Fiskars would happen. If I had "settled" and went with company B... I could not have said yes to this amazing opportunity.

Now the next thing is about CANON. I am not a professional photographer so why would Canon ever want to work with me?
I had NEVER even had them on my radar as a potential partner. 

Never limit the possibilities in your life. I was very honest in that had it been Nikon I would not have agreed to work with them. Now don't get me wrong. I know that Nikon has amazing and wonderful cameras and products. However, I have always used Canon. So I told them how thrilled I was and knew it was a perfect fit. I know that TRUST is important. I believe being honesty is all about personal integrity. If I say I use or design or promote something, you will always know it's the truth. No amount of money will make me feel good in my heart if I've mislead my customers (my friends).

This is one of the office rooms. I knew I wanted a bold look of a dark black wall and the other walls in the room are white. I wanted a room of artwork that I had designed with inspiring quotes. This is the beginning of my vision. Devan is my son n law. I love how he is my "substitute" Tyler right now. He is doing the things that Tyler normally "loves" to do for me. This is the wall before and later this week you will see the 'after.'  Now, this is again another example of me following my heart. I know people may think... why put so much effort into your office? or maybe... a BLACK wall? I just think you need to surround your life with things that make you SMILE. One of the other office rooms has white IDEA PAINT on one wall. This was what aka Mr. President wanted to make his space creative, functional and enjoy work. (ps his name is Mike Wigton).

Sorry I rambled on and on. I just love days that you feel the need to share. PS- my favorite tv show is SHARK TANK.  Ty and I are huge fans. Anyone else watch this show?
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At August 30, 2014 at 6:42 PM , Blogger Grace said...

what a wonderful office! Congratulations on all your blessing you have been busy on those stairs! lol Can't wait for the Fiskars Reveal Grace

At August 31, 2014 at 1:44 AM , Anonymous Teresa Wilkins said...

Looking forward to seeing your Fiskars punches. Mike and I both love Shark Tank. I hope this season is as good as last! I have my DVR set!

At August 31, 2014 at 10:47 AM , Blogger Cindy - FL said...

love this post!! So happy for you and your's always good to have a Plan. Congratulations, your hard work is paying off!!

At August 31, 2014 at 1:29 PM , Blogger Claire Spielman said...

I love when you ramble on!!! LOL You are always inspiring and when I called you a Golden Girl way back at the Stationery show, I didn't realize the importance of the term to you....very special!
So, GGGG (Go Getum Golden Girl )

At August 31, 2014 at 10:45 PM , Blogger J. Creations said...

Teresa, this post reminds me of our first super long cell conversation from years past! This is why I respect you and your products for all these years. I'll say the same thing I said before, please never change no matter how big your business grows, and I better get back stage pass when Oprah interviews you instead of Martha Stewart! Wink! Big hugs my friend!

At September 1, 2014 at 5:13 AM , Blogger Kathy Jo said...

You are amazing! We will continue to pray for you and Ty. And yes! Totally love Shark Tank! Peace and strength to you both.

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