Friday, August 1, 2014

LIFE IS GOLDEN Inspiration Unlimited SNEAK PEEK....

I am so excited that it's FRIDAY and I can FINALLY share something wonderful. Many of you may not know that I do a yearly event. It is held in Henderson, NV each year in September at the Green Valley Resort and Spa.

 I don't advertise the event because it sells out immediately. It is a great problem to have. Ginger Nelson is the event coordinator and has been working so hard to keep everything running smoothly. 

 I have added more Teresa Collins events in the past couple of years since so many people cannot get into the Inspiration Unlimited event. It has been hard in that it has SOLD OUT from the very first year.

Each year I invite different teachers to come and teach and inspire all of the creative people that attend. This year I am excited that we have a huge talented group of women who have agreed to come and share their talent. Each day I will show a little peek of what each teacher is doing this year. So watch my blog EACH day.

Today I am sharing the day 15 of my THIRTY DAYS of INSPIRATION

This is also my workshop sneak peek
for Inspiration Unlimited 
           Teresa Collins Workshop

This is my STUDIO GOLD 8.5 x 11 BRAND NEW- TC Gold Foiled ALBUM with page pockets that I designed for We R Memory Keepers. I debuted my line of albums and cards in NYC.  I really wanted to show my new album and my love for pocket pages.

My workshop is titled.... LIFE is GOLDEN

LIFE IS GOLDEN is a stunning album that has both beauty and meaning. Attendees will create a beautiful memory album with page pockets that focus on what is most important.       This is photo memories
in a keepsake album. 

I want them to be inspired to Share their MEMORIES. 

This will be a inspirational journey of life and meaning...because LIFE is GOLDEN.

This is my new album and elements from Studio Gold stationery supplies. 

I love labels, the gold book plate, gold paper clips and items to adorn the book and the photos. I can't wait to teach
this workshop. I'm excited!!!!!

I love the clear cabana striped album size that I designed with Studio Gold cards. I love how beautiful  and perfect the album and card set came out. Inspiration Unlimited is going to be amazing this year. 

*please note: if you are going on the Teresa Collins Caribbean Cruise today is the last day to pay for the workshops. The cruise is sold out as well. We do have a waiting list, however for the last nine months we have not had any cancellations.

Please check out my cruise event blog for more information:

We are planning four BIG Teresa Collins events in 2015. If you are interested in being on 
the newsletter and information notification list please contact

MANY wonderful things are soon to be revealed. Make sure you sign up to hear the latest and greatest first!!!!!

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Dria said...

I love the look of "life is golden"

Florence Germono said...

I tried to send a email using the email above and it says invalid. Is there a new one. I want to be added to the newsletter. (

Bernii Miller said...

Looks gorgeous as always! co classic ♥

Rorie Linford said...

I would love to have a chance to go to the event next year. Where can I go to sign up for it?

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