Thursday, August 14, 2014

What is the SECRET?????

I am here at the Huntsmen Cancer Institute with my best friend. Right now, he is having ATG chemo and his melfalin treatment. He has been chewing ice for 90 minutes. His mouth is so numb that he is biting his tongue. They encourage you to chew ice so that you don't get really bad mouth and throat sores, mucacitis and more. (sorry, if I misspelled anything). It has made him cold and he's went through four buckets of ice. A lot of numbness now can help him with the pain and suffering afterwards. So today I am his "cheerleader" to encourage him to keep chewing on the ice.

This is his home for the next few weeks. He doesn't like his photo taken so I will just show you the surroundings.  Ty has a special bed that helps with comfort since he spents so much time in bed. Ty is taller and is 6 foot 1" and they have this bed which inflates as needed. It is a special order and he also has a bike in his room. They want him to try to do 30 minutes on the bike each day. They encourage them to walk around the bone marrow unit each day in the unit. However, he is so cautious of germs so he doesn't do this.  

This is the board in his room. It helps with the numerous staff changes and who is taking care of him.  

This is the view of BEAUTIFUL down town SLC from Ty's hospital room. Right below the cancer institute is the University of Utah hospital and Primary Children's hospital. I consider this a blessing to live only 20 minutes from this amazing hospital. 

This is the medications going into his body right now. He is on chemo 24 hours a day. Did I mention he has NEVER once complained? He just keeps fighting and is thankful that they are working hard to save his life. The drugs are hitting him hard and he had a rough day on Tuesday with the ATG chemo. These drugs don't mess around. He has lost 5 lbs in only 2 days. 
TOMORROW is the transplant.
They legally don't and can't tell you much about his donor. The things we know are that the donor is MALE. He is 36 years old. They can't tell us where he is from or anything else.
I can tell you I am so THANKFUL
that this man choose to become a donor.
It is because of him we are able to give Tyler
this chance to survive from his cancer. 

I had a friend ask me yesterday, WHAT IS THE SECRET? I said, the secret to what? She said to being able to handle this. I instantly knew and answered. I truly just take it day by day with my head and mind thankful for WHAT we have and the blessings. I know and believe God does not give us MORE than we can handle. I know that it's okay that I have a huge pile of laundry, dirty kitchen floors and little food in the house. I know that it really does not matter. Last night, it was almost 8 pm until I was able to take my boys to dinner. Yes, fast food works. It's meal by meal, day by day... and guess what? It's okay. The secret is knowing that I'm not perfect. I don't have a perfect life and so I am just allowing myself to do the best that I can. I also realized when I woke up this morning that I am going to occasionally drop the ball and not feel like I'm doing things good enough. Last time, it took a big toll on my heart. This time... I know I will allow myself to be a little kinder to myself. I hope those around will too. So I don't have a secret other than this...

Now... today is DAY 24 of the 30 days

I am sharing NINE & Co.
I wanted to share the beautiful gold accented
cards and notes.
I wanted to encourage you TODAY to take the time to write a note to someone that you love. Share your love for them!
Just like the 8x10 white frame states:
LIFE does not have to be PERFECT to be wonderful.

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CA Scrapper said...

Sending prayers to you and your family. You are right, take one day or hour at a time.


Leslie McLaughlin said...

Yes - Sending prayers for your whole family!

MamaStork said...

Your spirit is so beautiful! You're truly an inspiration.

And when dinner's a bit later than usual, just tell yourself you're doing it "European style." :P

deb musick said...

I am in awe of you. Your family is so lucky to have your strength and your faith at the helm of the family right now. Prayers offered up for your entire family.

paula riehl said...

I love that you focus on the positive rather than the negative - that takes great strength. Prayers going up

hotpotato said...

HUGS to you all xx.

Denise Smart said...

Teresa I came across your blog not too long ago. I follow because my 36 year son was a transplant patient 10 years ago at Universary of Utah. I know some of what you and Ty are going through and you are handling it the only way you can one day sometimes even 1 hour at a time.I send you hugs and lots of positive energy for Ty's complete recovery.

BethW said...

God be with you all.

tndj said...

Continuing prayers for Ty, you and your family! hanle One hour, one day at a time.

Dee Fisher said...

Prayers, Prayers for you and your family. Living just minute by minute is the only way to get through something like this. Do not look back only forward and know you and your family are doing the best that you can. It is not important about laundry and a clean house, being where you need to be and doing what you need to do is what is important and that is being with your husband at this time. We all wishing the best for you all.

Jean said...

Thinking of you and your family.

Monica said...

Sometimes people say "I could never do that" about something hard that other people are going through, but really, what is the alternative? You can because you have to and I have learned that you can a lot more than you ever thought possible, somehow you take out a strength from somewere within that you didn't knew you had. And with God in it as well, well, then you can even enjoy the journey even if it's hard, because He will carry you through it all. For me it feels like He has carried me for years. The faith and the love you share is a true inspiration to us all.

Denverkat276 said...

Thank you for sharing Ty's progress. It means a lot to a lot of us that you are so generous in telling us such private parts of your life. Seeing you both go through this tells me that I can keep my fight going. Please know as always you all are in my thoughts and prayers. God bless. (((((hugs)))))

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