Friday, September 19, 2014


I am up very early. I finally gave up and at 3:30 am decided to get up. I love writing early in the morning. The house is quiet. All my family is asleep. Today my daughter Taylor is getting married. I love that they found each other. Last night, Taylor was given some advice from her dad Bob. She called me afterwards and shared the advice. Her told her that "any two people can get married and make it work." He explained that marriage is hard work and that they have to put each others needs above their own. Basically he was telling her that commitment to each other, the marriage and that to have a God centered family/marriage. 

I know that marriage is not to be taken lightly. Taylor is becoming a stepmother today to Travis's ten year old son. Taylor just turned  24 years old last month. I have seen her with him. I know how much she loves him. I also know that there will be times that she is not "equipped" to know how to handle a instant "son" who is older. I know that her love for him and Travis will prevail. I told her that times will come that will be hard. It's part of our "imperfect" life and how she chooses to handle the situations is going to be important. 

When Ty and I married I had three beautiful young girls. I was divorced by the time I was 27 years old with Taylor, Gentry and McKay. I was so not looking to find Tyler. I had gotten married the first time to the girls dad at 19 years old. It was "not a mistake" but a life experience that I now have three of my favorite, most beautiful best friends and daughters from.  So I was newly divorced and not looking on the day I met Ty. (yes, I met him at the gym on the first day of my brand new gym membership) When we married he had two boys and I had my three girls. Instant love and we were married within a year of meeting. We had our sons Zach and Tyler. Imagine dealing with the ex's... a new house, blending and introducing our kids to our "shared" life together, moving to a new home, and I had to get used to being married to a doctor who was working 12-14 hours a day at the time. I was 28 years old and yet, Ty and I were determined to allow our LOVE to triumph and weather the storms. Oh we had storms. Once Ty told me that my feistiness was cute. I think he loved that I was a strong woman. I was raised to be strong in that I believe man and wife are equals. I grew up in an abusive household and watched my father degrade and beat my mother. I vowed that I would be allowed to express my opinions and not be in that horrible situation ever. I knew the first hit would have been the last hit. I watched my father constantly cheat on my mother. It was so hard and yet I learned by watching and knew I would break the pattern. I would not allow someone to do that to me.  

So I'm sharing this because I believe in life... "people will treat you, the way you allow them to treat you." I heard this by Dr. Phil years ago. I believe it. I know that marriage is give and take and through the hard times and the good times, the foundation just grows stronger. A marriage built on love, trust, and integrity is vital. I encouraged Taylor and Travis to be committed to each other above all else. Treat each other like the most valued and special person in the universe. I know that they will be happy.

I wanted to share more of their photos today. It's raining right now and the reception is outside. No matter what happens it will be a WONDERFUL day. 

I love that my husband talked to Taylor last night and gave her advice on the phone. I was telling her what he was telling me to tell her. He's not a big talker right now. He does not have a lot of energy.  He has been having some major issues with the graft/host problems and is having twice daily infusions for anti-rejection. Unfortunately, the drugs are causing kidney issues and they are now trying to deal with two issues. He is still very weak and spends most of his time in bed resting (I don't know if rest is the right word). He will not be with us today to celebrate. This makes me sad, but I know he would if he could. 

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jcobb said...

These are beautiful! The happiness just radiates from the two of them! Wish them a long, happy and God-filled life for me, please!

Anonymous said...

beautiful... beautiful...such a great blog entry ... wishing them joy

hotpotato said...

Amazing photos, can't wait to see more. Hope the day goes off well. Such a heart felt blog entry, thank you for sharing it with us, you spoke very true words. x

Kirsten said...

Ah, those photos are lovely - it's a great day to get married - it's my birthday! And I have a Taylor, too....although she is my baby, at 14. Celebrate this new love, and send them off with love. And know I'm sending hugs and prayers for you and yours.

Barbara Hart said...

Such a precious blog entry from such a loving mother. TFS! I know the wedding will be beautiful and Ty will be there in your hearts. I wish much joy and peace for the bridal couple. God bless the new family!

Cindy - FL said...

Great post!! LOVE the photos of the happy couple. Wishing Travis and Taylor all the best in the days to come. I'm just sorry that Ty wasn't able to be there with you all and I pray that things turn around for the better soon.
THANK YOU for speaking out about abuse..........I get SO tired of hearing people say, "he didn't mean it". I feel that if HE can't control his anger, YOU need to end it and leave. It has to stop somewhere and women need to quit making excuses.

paula riehl said...

Great post. Teresa, you are on strong, amazing woman. If even one woman who is abused reads this post and gets away from the abuse.

Philippa said...

Oh what a special day today is! I am so happy for Taylor.. she deserves to be happy and I know she will be a truly wonderful mother and will face any challenges with grace and wisdom - best of all she has you in her corner, gorgeous Teresa! I'm sorry Ty is having such a hard time.. I'm sending ALL ALL ALL of my extra energy to help heal him. Love you so dearly honey... xxx

nancy john said...

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sharon g said...

I loved reading your post. I assumed that you have always had a perfect life (until your husband's health problems!). It's great that all of your past family problems have taught you to be strong. I've had some major issues in life--similar---and have become stronger because of them, too. They are SO difficult to go through, but shape us as people. Thanks for sharing, even though I'm sure it's hard to put your dirty laundry out there. They are encouraging to some of us.....And congratulations on your daughter's marriage.

Anonymous said...

Teresa you have many layers. I always thought you had the perfect Utah upbringing like my cousins. Everything went their way in life. All I got to say is wow! You never know the pain that hides behind every individual. Never judge a book by it's cover. I really should follow that rule. Good luck, congrats for your daughter and I hope your husband will succeed in his fight. DJD

Barbie Sanchez said...

What a great day to get married we celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary

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