Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Partnership with Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts and Fiskars debut-

As many of may have heard or seen, the Jo-Ann partnership is setting at the stores across the country. I have been in the craft industry for 14 years now. It has truly changed in the past years. I have always and will always support the independent stores. These are the smaller (and larger stores) that are not considered "big box." 

I knew that many people may not be aware that my products have been in Michaels, Jo-Ann, AC Moore, and Hobby Lobby for years. I would do exclusives or offer my products after I had offered the collections to my independent stores first. I know that the crafting industry survives because of both the independent and big box together. So many crafters shops at both and there are simply needs for both.  Most LSS survive because they bring in so much variety and bring in all the collections. The big box may bring in ONE collection. The truth is that when I started in the craft industry, we had probably close to 5,000 plus stores in the independent market. A product run can be at a smaller amount- 2,400 units. Sadly, the independent market has drastically decreased with many stores closing. This means that the number of stores now cannot support the minimum needed to do a production run for a company. This means, with out "big box" orders, many manufactures will not be able to even continue to survive.  I had another company in the industry tell me to "not post" about some who would not understand my partnership. They said, "don't worry about anyone who won't support you and you don't need them." Guess what? I disagree. YOU deserve to know WHY I said yes and truly am thrilled about this opportunity. You deserve to know that I care about EVERY single one of my stores. I will personally call you and explain this to you. Please know I do care. I am deeply thankful for each of you that carry and or buy my products. It is because of you that I am able to design. I love what I do and I do need each of you.

Many feel that if you sell to big box that you are hurting the industry. However, the truth is that as a company there are simply not enough independent stores around to keep most companies profitable. We need more stores in able to produce the minimum quantities needed and pay our employees.

What can I do? I travel and teach at independent stores year round. I decided years ago that I will visit stores in hopes to educate and hopefully inspire their customers. I host several events and invite the retailers to come. I offer collection lines months in advance to the independent market. I am 1,000% passionate and committed to keeping the crafting industry going.

My brand new products are hitting Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft stores right now. The original HELLO MY NAME is -
was debuted in January 2014.

This amazing "new" line has been"refreshed and I designed NEW products" for Jo-Ann. I stand behind this decision as I know that I want to be around as a brand and company. I know that my intention is to excite and promote my products to as many crafters as I can.

I am proud to be partnered with a company who believes in
my designs and passion for preserving memories and the WHO, WHAT, WHERE and DETAILS of life.
I can't thank you all enough for the support. I am sorry if this decision in any way makes my independent stores decide to no longer carry my brand. I knew I would post this blog post someday. I know many of you do not know the "behind the scenes" of what it takes to survive as a manufacturer. I knew I needed to share this post. I want you to know that I am thankful for those of you who love me enough to want me to not only survive but shine in a tough economy.
If you are a retailer, most of you KNOW me. I love you dearly and I will personally do anything I can to help you. You know that I will always do everything I can to support you and our industry equally.

Thank you for your support. I know that together my branded products in both the "larger" and "smaller" locations are a way to tell my story. I will continue to make store visits. I can't wait to share more with you about the Jo-Ann debut of my products.

TODAY... you can see my FISKARS Teresa Collins collection of tools, scissors, punches, trimmer and more. FISKARS is doing a BIG giveaway today on their Facebook page. 

Want to take home a fabulous prize pack of Teresa Collins Designs tools from Fiskars, plus crafting supplies and embellishments valued at over $500? Just tell us what inspires you to create, and you’ll be entered in our fantastic giveaway! Enter now:http://shout.lt/CNf3.

to celebrate the launch of the Teresa Collins & Fiskars. This has been their biggest partner launch ever and it's only going to GROW.

They are WHITE, pink and accents of GOLD.
The new Teresa Collins products have launched and are NOW live and shippable on www.Fiskars.com.

There are18 NEW items in this debut
and collection. I can't pick a favorite.... 

The best thing ever is that TODAY- I got to pick up my sweet husband from Huntsman Cancer Institute. It puts in all in perspective. I marveled at God's hand in allowing this to happen so fast. He was only in the hospital for one month. HE is the superstar patient. That is super fast for his stem cell transplant. It should or could have been weeks longer. Today my heart is full. My emotions are tender. I see the enormous blessings of him coming home. I am
so grateful for my company and the ability I have to support my family. I see Heavenly Father's hand in this.
I am overcome with thankfulness.


gela said...

Yay! Happy your husband is home! Congrats on a new venture.

Patty said...

I am so thrilled for you

Tc Dye said...

Could not be happier!!! I love variety. I'll take getting your product anyway I can. I don't have a LSS or big box near me so I shop whoever an whenever I find one. Or online. Love it all. Yay for Ty coming home.

Faye's Crafti Corner said...

Prayers continue and congrats on your new ventures. Your spirit inspires me daily.

Margie H said...

Importantly, I am SO HAPPY to read that Ty came home!!
I agree that there is a place for both the larger retailers and the LSSs in the industry.
Each will have something to offer. Much luck love & success in your continued journey, sweet friend xo

Lynn said...

Awwww, you bring me to tears once again, happy tears that you are bringing your hubby home. Thanks for sharing. You amaze me at all you do. Thank you for taking the time to explain about the stores. I say "yay' because now I can get TC locally. Good for you! Keep smiling and shining. Love your spirit!

sunflowerlori said...

I shop big box and independent. I'm thankful I'm able to find your products...wherever they may be. Best wishes to your hubby as he continues to heal.

therapygirl1961 said...

OMGOSH praise the Lord so happy Ty is doing well enough to come home with you!! I am SO very excited about your products being available at Joann's, you rock!! Love From Texas!

Vanessa Heinzer said...

So incredibly happy that Ty is home! I hope he grows stronger every day and that soon you can celebrate his cancer free life!
Yeah for Joanns! I am happy to be able to get Teresa Collins paper where ever it may be!
Sending love to the whole family!

Grace Moore said...

God bless that Ty is home where he belongs :) God has an amazing plan for you to shine big with JoAnn's. Looking forward to finally meeting you on the cruise in November. We love you here in Texas :))))

Veronica said...

Praise God that Ty is home! God is still passing out blessings!

Michelle Clark said...

Teresa, I am so touched by the love and sincerity in your post. I hope I can take part in one of your workshops one day! I don't live near a LSS so the big box stores are my only local option. Wonderful news about your husband! Continued prayers for your family

Latrice said...

Follow your heart and passion. Great collaboration and all the best to you.

Karen L K said...

That is so fantastic that your husband gets to go home! Thanks so much for explaining your products and where they are available. The number one thing for me is congrats to you for having such a great year with all your products. I also think it is super cool that you teach in non chain stores. You do seem to be someone who cares about the mom and pop stores. It is nice to have your product available at any store especially when folks don't have the small stores to go to and sometimes not the big ones either. I also think that folks should just keep their negative comments to themselves and just be happy for you.

Teresa Wilkins said...

Teresa, I am so thrilled that you got to bring your sweet husband home today. I am sure you can breath a little easier now.

As far as your new partnership with JoAnn's, you GO girl. Today's economy is a tough battle and choices need to be made that can't possibly please everyone but the most important is to please your company. It is sad that LSS are closing left and right but the reality is big box stores and online retailers are what consumers are "into" and as a business owner, you must adapt to the changes.

Your true customers will find and follow you whatever the circumstance. I, for one, think you are an amazing designer, brave business owner and terrific person.

So happy for you.

Teresa Wilkins

Anonymous said...

Coming from a small rural area I am excited that I may be able to get your products at the local Joann store. There are no independent stores near me. I think there is room for both and am so excited for your growing business. Love your products. Also happy that your husband is home.

Loretta said...

Happy for you! I have no LSS so I know where you're coming from. You'll never please all the people all the time. You have to do what you have to do.

Candy Williams said...

I am so glad that you were able to bring your sweet husband home today! What a blessing!! I'm excited to see your products in the bigger stores. I hope our Jo-Anns will carry your products. I love your products!! I will keep praying for your family.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a couple of week's with all your new lines and the most exciting of all getting your hubby/best fried home.
I cant wait to see if Michele and Jodi bring in all the new bits and pieces as we dont have a Joannes its LSS all the way.

Philippa said...

Teresa honey, I am SO happy that Ty is home! Oh my goodness you must be feeling so amazingly blessed. Such wonderful news and I know he will recover more quickly at home amongst the people who love him so dearly.
Honey, I love that you shared all of your thoughts, feelings and reasons for doing what you have done. You are the most amazingly special person and I am sure your retailers will remain loyal to you no matter what. If they don't IT IS THEIR LOSS! I can't wait to watch things progress further for you! Much love, admiration and big big hugs.. xxxx

Laura Turcotte said...

This is awesome! I do have a problem with designers, like yourself, making exclusive items to certain stores. They are not readily available to customers who do not have access to them. Joann's does not ship to Quebec, nor is there a Joann anywhere remotely close to us. So, again, we miss out.Quebec recently opened up with a few Michael's stores. Let me tell you, the selection is pitiful. I have been to a few (and there is not many!!) and it is the same in each. the selection is sad. So, I am an online shopper. And that too, proves to be a problem, as we end up paying an obscene amount of money for shipping for an item that one wants (I once paid over 25$ for a TC stamp set--who does that???) The box store/online store will adapt, and if they're smart (like you!!), they will see to the customers' wants and needs. I have 2 online stores that i frequently buy from, and thankfully I am not missing much. But when products are 'exclusive' to a store, especially Joann's and Michael's, that is when we miss out. Anyways, that's my 2 cents.

That is fantastic news that Ty is going home. All the best to you and your family!

Tina Flesher said...

I think that the people making these kinds of comments need to remember that not everyone has a small store in their area. All of mine have closed so I only rely on the big box stores, or online which as we all know when you are really wanting a new collection the waiting can be painful! It doesn't matter to me a bit who she does and doesn't sell to that's not up to me it's up to her! I have always been a fan and I will buy her products from a small box, a big box, or whatever kind of box they come in! Lol!! Negative, sad people really make me angry!! Find your own joy!! Congrats Teresa! Your deserve all of this!

Barb said...

Congrats on your new partnerships. It is awesome to see your business growing and doing so well!
So glad to hear Ty is doing good and home. Continued prayers for a complete recovery.

hotpotato said...

Great news on Ty being allowed home. x

~*Kristin Taylor*~ said...

So thrilled for you! !!!

Lisa W said...

So happy for you, great news about Ty.
I have live in small community in Canada and am thrilled to be able to order online with Joanne's, the shipping service is great. Continue to follow your heart and great business sense, we will stay loyal to you through it all.

Judy Webb said...

It is Win Win for all of us. When you live in rural area on-line and near-by Joanns are wonderful!! We love Teresa Collins. Praying for your family!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Laura but as a fellow Canadian I just had to add that you left out the fact that there are a lot of stores and businesses that will not and do not ship to Quebec so please do not single our TC products or Joann's or Michael's. If there is a problem with getting product, then take a drive down into the USA to shop for them, like we do from BC. :)

Grace said...

Awesome for everyone!! When does the "gold" line come out? Grace xoox

Shelley Ellis said...

I'm so happy for you Teresa! It fills my heart full of happiness knowing Ty is home with you and the family. Having your best friend & love of your life home again brings tears to my eyes. He is such a fighter and my prayers will continue. Ty will be cancer free
Sooner then everyone knows it! Praise God!

Terri Burson said...

God bless, so happy for you.

Susan said...

What wonderful news! Continued blessings for Ty, you and your family!

Renee said...

Teresa, this is beautiful!! Best wishes to you and your family!!

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