Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Surgery went GREAT now let's have a WEDDING!!!!

What a fabulous crazy busy week!
We are in full blown wedding, partnership meetings, my event next week and surgery mode added to "our normal" daily life.
So it has a been nonstop craziness.

I had been so scared about the surgery today. It was minor surgery, but when you are put under anesthesia, there is always risks with surgery... it's scary. NOTE: there is a video out there that has me coming out of surgery thanks to my beautiful daughter Taylor. She taped me and I did not remember anything of what I said. My kids were laughing so hard and needless to say the video has been deleted. 
What happens on versed can be quite entertaining!
Taylor even showed up to take me to surgery and we were wearing the SAME shirt. Yes, I changed. 

I know I talked about it before and finally knew I needed to have the surgery due to fibroid tumors and polyps. Thankfully, a few weeks ago the biopsy did show that they were not cancerous. Mine were benign but larger growths that potentially can grow quite large (think size of a five month fetus- no thanks!) These tumors actually can cause very heavy bleeding as it causes a thickening of the lining of the uterus. My polyps formed a endometrial hyperplasia, with this overgrowth of the uterine lining. This is common with women who have given birth to several babies. I have had five babies. 

Here I am this morning. I am waiting to be taken back to the surgical room. I got poked a few times and they waited to start the IV due to "blown out veins" in that room. They told me to show up very comfortable and wear no metal. I love "no makeup" days.

I even got this fleece zebra blanket to keep forever. SWEET! I got some cute blue socks that Taylor wanted. She waited in this room during the procedure. THANK YOU Taylor for coming helping me. I know dad wanted to be there but right now... it's just not possible and my kids are helping me through so much.
I am happy and thankful I did it. I'm home and the discomfort has been okay. The hardest part is trying to stay down for the first 24 hours. 

I am thrilled my daughter Taylor is getting married on Friday. We have the WAFFLE company coming and rented a company to set up strung lights all in the back yard for the reception. She is having this at her dads house. Taylor felt that she wanted it small and intimate with the family and friends who have helped her in this journey. So NO INVITATIONS were sent out other than to immediate family. I had to ask for one myself! I hate to have any hard feelings if you are reading this and did not get the invitation. I have not even seen who is coming. Taylor wanted to do this herself and I will tell you, it's going to be AMAZING!!!!

Taylor is very artistic. She picked out her dress and they did the bridals together. I loved this. They wanted the wedding day to be focused on them and family... a celebration.
(I love that Taylor is using my chandelier and hung this in the woods)

Taylor has said I can share a couple of the photos. I can't wait to show you the MANY printed photos that we printed with my printer. Of course, I am totally in love with the large format printer. 
(CanonPIXMA iP8720- is the DRESS printer).
All of the photos were shot by her wedding photographer and a Canon camera. *more about this later and a contact for this amazingly talented photographer.

THRILLED that my event in Vegas- Inspiration Unlimited is NEXT WEEK. I have to say that as my company and brand has grown so has my events. I have been able to do things that are so fulfilling and special to me. I want this to be such a GREAT event that you will want to come and come back every single year. 
I want to GIVE back to you. I want to bring in teachers who INSPIRE you. This year I have been working so hard so make this happen. I love to throw parties and this is ONE huge party.

I am so thrilled to announce that Friday night at the event is the BIGGEST party. Yes, Canon is coming. I have personally designed a Photo Booth and exclusive bonus make n take class workshops. Oh, and then I have MY FAVORITE THINGS 
*I can't tell you who made my LIST but those going will get a GOLD TICKET and the opportunity to WIN my
Check out the event blog. Signups must be emailed and addressed to
*please note the event coordinator Ginger and I keep all the names and if you are on the waiting list ALREADY- you do not need
to resubmit. THANK YOU!

*WARNING... I need to share CANADA visit more with photos.
In order to post this week, the photos are unedited and borrowed from my dear friend Deanna Hutchinson who is one of owners of Clipper Street Scrapbook Company, along with her mother Lori.

I love teaching. It's just PURE joy for me to show how I design and create with my products.  I love every single second of it.
We had girls drive long distances to be here. We even had girls come from the United States. Wow... I just feel so loved and supported.

FISKARS punches are now shipping RIGHT NOW! Yes, they are at HUNDREDS of Jo-Ann stores. TERESA COLLINS PARTNERS WITH JO-ANN  
So I had to let them use the amazing new tools and actually give some of mine away. Fiskars are so generous and I love working with them. Just know that I personally loved and designed each and every one of them. Fiskars is the BEST and they stand behind their products. This is quite the honor to be doing this. 

I gave away some of my MEMORY PHOTO books with WE R MEMORY KEEPERS. 

I loved the SPRAY PAINT area. Yes, it is always out doors. This is my new WOOD die cut pieces with my Christmas collections. I also had them spray paint my NEW -ALPHAS and NUMBERS. Trust me... these are not die cut paper. They are a thin plastic and spray paint makes them POP. I am so in LOVE these essentials of my collections. 

 This is the projects that I brought to show my new collections. I allow everyone to take as many photos as they want. To be I want everyone to feel inspired and get as much out of workshop as they can. 

I made this project with my Studio Gold card set with WRMK, and my essentials stickers for memory journaling. 

Deanna and Lori have created a HUGE store with GREAT selection. The store is over 5,000 plus square feet and they are a DESTINATION. You have to go visit them. Yes, I will go back.
I am blessed to call them REAL and TRUE friends.
I get so many invitations to visit and teach workshops and I have stores that I have for years personally committed to. I will go at least once a year. I feel it so important to visit the stores that support me. They have several sections of my products.
I will be friends with them and their family forever, even if I was not a company and they were not a store. 

I love their store classroom. This is one of two classrooms.

My new products!!!!
My New York City Stationery products, office, party, gift and memory keeping products are SHIPPING effective this week.
You will have to contact Bridget Bauer at our new number at
Teresa Collins.


We've moved and you can only get STUDIO GOLD directly from us. We have a new warehouse full of the most amazingly beautiful products that is a dream come true for me!!!!

Everyone got to use my new punches and tools and my existing TC Xyron products. I brought every one of them and some of my favorite other tools from Fiskars. 

When you think of FABULOUS... this is what I think of these two women.
Deanna and Lori.... you inspired me in so many ways.
Deanna just is one smart business woman and I love listening to her stories and the way she runs her business.

LISA was a WINNER too. She is coming to the Vegas event too. Talk about a sweetheart! 

Did I mention we had so much fun???? I feel bad I did not get photos with all the classes and this was the end of the day and we were missing girls who had to leave early.

This is where you will find me teaching next: 

Teresa Collins Vegas Event- inspiration unlimited
September 25-27th. On site store that anyone can go to operated by Ginger the event coordinator. 

October 3-4- Mesa Arizona Scrapbook Expo *sign up online
October 10-11- Ontario Ca Scrapbook Expo *sign up online

October 17-18th- Ben Franklin Stores in Washingon (monroe on 17th/ bonney lake store on 18th- SIGN UPS HAVE STARTED NOW)

October 17th 2014
Ben Franklin Stores event with Teresa Collins
19505 State Route 2, Monroe, WA 98272
(360) 794-6745

October 18th 2014
Ben Franklin Stores event with Teresa Collins
21121 410th Hwy, Bonney Lake, WA 98391
(253) 862-6822
Scrap N Bean- October 24-25th EDMONTON, CANADA
Scrap & Bean event with Teresa Collins
Edmonton, AB CANADA Kathy Hanson Owner

NOVEMBER- AUSTRALIA Teresa Collins Visit with Pages 2 Scrap (limited if any space... call TODAY!) 6th,7th, and 8th.
Tuggerah NSW 2259 Australia Event

November 16-23rd- Teresa Collins Caribbean Cruise 2014 from Galvaston Texas (sold out)

December 4- 6th- Thousand Oaks, CA Treasured Memories visit.

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Philippa said...

Hi Teresa sweetheart, squuuuueeeeeeeeeeeee I'm so excited about Taylor's wedding.. how special it will be!! So happy our surgery went well and that everything was benign.. you must have been a bit worried! Oh my goodness I love all of the photographs.. oh how I long to be able to attend one of your classes when you're here in NZ.. I know that one day we will meet in person! Love you loads, majorly large.. be good and stay down for 24 hours.. hugs with smiles... xxxxxx Can't wait to see all the wedding photos!!!

Anonymous said...

You touch my heart every single post you write. No wonder people from around the world idolize, feel inspired and consider you their favorite celebrity. I follow you and watch you your heart is always shared for us to get to know you. You inspire me beyond words with your compassion and down to earth attitude. xxx Sarah

Dorina D said...

So glad that you had such a good day. And wishing you a day of fun and joy at the Wedding. Loved the pictures from Canada and so excited that you will be teaching in Monroe, WA again. Loved the last class you taught there and looking forward to another fun class.

Jean said...

Glad to hear the surgery went well. Hope you get some time to rest up. My daughter got married two weeks ago. It is such a special moment to see your girl as a bride. I know Taylor will be beautiful!

IslandV said...

SOOO HAPPY your surgery went well Teresa! TRY to REST and relax so you can heal up proper! Of COURSE your daughter would be there to support you! who would not? You're her Mama! CONGRATS on her upcoming wedding! How exciting! I love the pics! Sending Blessings and Prayers to you and yours! ((hugs))

Kim M said...

So glad your surgery went well. I had the same issue with the fibroid tumors, mine was so bad, we just went ahead and took all my parts out, lol, best thing I ever did. I hope your recovery is smooth and pain free!

Kim said...

I had that surgery too in March. Easy peasy!

anuroodh sablawat said...

Absolutely gorgeous! you do some AMAZING work. Thanks for sharing with us.

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