Saturday, October 18, 2014


This Friday and Saturday I am in Washington. This is Ben Franklin in Monroe. The class was SOLD OUT... (sorry, not everyone stayed and was in the photo!) and we had the most wonderful FRIDAY night. I believe things happen for a reason. I was even almost not able to make this store visit. As you know, with my family and Ty- my life and schedule has been UPSIDE DOWN... I take it day by day. Thankfully, Seattle is a quick trip for me and my husband and I kept feeling I was supposed to
come here. Immediately... I knew it was more for ME!

I only had TWO people here that had met me before. I met the most amazing women who read my blog, follow me and are fans of my products. I was overwhelmed from the time I walked in the room. They were PURE energy and positive LOVE. The entire room was on GOLD high. ha ha... Yes,
I shared and shared and well, I met and made new
best friends. I know that I get SO much more than
anyone else. I truly feel like I am a better woman today from being here. I immediately was overwhelmed and had to hold my tears when I met a woman named Laura.

She was emotional as she meet me. I had NO IDEA that I had made a difference to her and her life. I had NO IDEA that when I blog that sometimes I have in some small way helped someone else. I was full of gratitude to know that "silly crazy" me can make life better for someone. THIS is why I teach and visit the stores.

As she left the room last night, I gave her a surprise. She had seen I was giving away prizes and expressed how she loved it. I set it aside and gave her my new mini TC Fiskars STAR punch as she left last night. Tears were in her eyes and I knew she needed to know "she shines" like the stars. I know my SOUL shines today from meeting her and talking to her.

THIS is why I do what I do. Words don't express what I feel in my heart for each of you. I know it sounds weird, because I can't and don't personally know each of you. I do not know each of your "stories." I wish I could... of course, this is not possible. I do hope that you each feel that by reading my blog, and me inviting you into my life and family that you will know- I am just like you. I am just Teresa... a girl from North Carolina who LOVES life and family, friends and designing passionately.

I hope in some way TOGETHER we can be better and
make the world a better place.

This is CHARLOTTE. Well, call her CHAR.
She is going on the TC Caribbean cruise in 4 weeks. She gave me the GOLD elephant. I was so touched. I love quotes and symbolisms that UPLIFT me. This GOLD elephant means a lot to me. CHAR thank you for sharing the GOLD. I love you and well, we are going to have WAY too much fun on the cruise. 

PS the TC Cruise is SOLD OUT... (it sold out in ONE DAY!!!) and they can't get ONE more person in the conference rooms. I do one TC cruise each year. 2015- you can sign up to be notified at I have not scheduled 2015 yet, but it will be soon. If you can take a week of crazy over the top fun... PURE relaxation with like minded crafters and spouses- (I know we have over 70 husbands going too this year!!!!!) then contact to be on the list.

If you are interested in coming to any of my events, please just email my event staff. I now have two dedicated TC team members who handle sign ups, wait lists and more. If you have signed up to go to my Vegas event know I have added spaces and am truly trying to get in as many people as I can. I am adding and announcing a couple new TC events for those of you on the wait list. I know it's hard when you have been on a wait list for two and more years. 

So just know 2015 will "reveal" great things for those of you who have waited and waited. Make sure you are on my newsletter notification/ wait list and I'll
keep you posted. 

GOOD things are happening in 2015!!!!!!!

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Glenda said...

One day I will tell you My Story, of how a beautiful woman named Teresa, with a heart of gold, who puts everyone first before herself, came into my life at a very difficult time. It too was in Monroe, I had picked up the phone to cancel my class, thinking I just couldn't make the 300 mile drive......but I thought this woman who I had been a fan of for sooo many years was the closest she had ever been to my home so I just HAD to go.....little did I know as I sat and wept in the back through her entire class that day, that my life would change because of one noticed I hadn't done one thing with my project that day.....I slipped out at the end...and cried for 300 miles home.......a favourite quote of mine is ...Life isn't about waiting for the storm to's about learning how to dance in the rain... Teresa taught me to dance and for that I will always be grateful. Teresa keep dancing.... May we meet again soon and dance together....only I get to lead.... ;) XXXOOO

tndj said...

Teresa - you and your strength just uplift people. If they are down and read your
blog - they realize they are blessed just as you are. Keep your strength and faith
as it just makes you glow. Keep being You! We all feel we know you and have
known you for years through your blog.

Rose Dodd said...

I read your blog everyday and I check prices of Kibin to be sure that I don't miss the right tickets to meet with you. You are my favourite write and blogger that inspires me!

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