Monday, October 6, 2014

MONDAY in TAMPA... HSN time!!!!

Well, I am now in Tampa Florida today. I took the red eye and am now preparing today for the HSN 24 HOUR craft day. It is all day... starts at midnight October 7th EST. I am not on air until 8am EST for my first show.  I am on again at 9am EST and scheduled for more shows in the afternoon. Yes, often they do change the schedule and add and cancel some shows. Last time I was on air I had the TSV- Today's Special Value and it is really hard to go on so many times and keep the energy up all day and for the 24 hours. I love it though!!!!!!  

You never know what "celebrity" or person you will meet at HSN. I do personally think Tony Little must live at HSN because he is always there when I am. He has a army of fitness models with him every time. I admit, that I love that they do my hair and makeup. They have a full time staff of professional artist and the salon is just like a normal salon (a smaller version) and they have you go in about 2 hours prior to your appearance and then one hour before later shows for a touch up. I have learned to let them know what my natural look is. A couple of years ago, I had on bright red lipstick and felt "weird." It just wasn't me and I felt uncomfortable on air. That reminds me... make sure you watch tomorrow and call in. I love it when I get to talk to you. 

Today I wanted to share with you this photo. Can you guess who this baby girl is?

It's me. 
This is the ONLY PHOTO of me as a baby. I cherish it. I have no idea why I did not have more. I would imagine because my mother was not financially able to take photos. It makes me sad when I think of all the people who are not printing out their photos now. We are going to be the lost generation if we don't start taking the time to print out our memories. I hope you will each remember to not only take the photos but to print the photos out. 

I remember the first meeting I had at Canon headquarters on Long Island. I met with a team of employees who talked about this. It really added FUEL to my cause. I realized that too many of us are taking photos ONLY with our cell phones. These photos are just "in our phones" or on some social media site. They are not being printed out. I have challenged my kids to stop taking all their photos with their phone. I gave each of them their own camera.

Right now, Zach is taking a photography class at school. He is in 11th grade. All of my kids have taken this course. I felt it was important for them to have a foundation. They take photos and then print them out. Zach is using my camera right now, he wanted a "great camera" that was lightweight and easy to take to and from school each day. I miss it. He is "borrowing" my G16 for the next few months.

I am now using  the Canon S110 (it's white and a EXCELLENT) camera in my purse (note: I keep mine in clear plastic make up bag to protect it and to see it). I love that he asked for his own camera. Yes, he lost his about a year ago. He loves taking photos and I have "stressed" in a good way the importance of documenting life.    I am a huge fan of the G16 because it is so lightweight and the quality of the photos are "amazing." It is like a professional camera at a relatively affordable price. I found as I travel my larger Canon camera was just too big and heavy. 
Many of you will say... "I don't like the way I look." Well, trust me, I feel the some way some days. We are so hard on ourselves. However, we must remember that this is important to be a part of the story, our life and family. I just tell myself... 20 years from now, I will wish I still looked so young and realize I'm being too hard on myself. 

The other day Taylor visited me at my office. She works for me part time. We were sitting beside each other and I leaned over and said, let's take a couple photos together. At first she said, "I don't look good" and then said "never mind" and we took a couple photos. These random... photos for no reason... are my favorite. 

Take photos and take MORE photos. I print off my photos at least twice a month. I would rather have my photos printed and a book of memories more than anything.

Tomorrow is the big 24 HOUR CRAFT day on HSN. I hope you will watch and call in if you can. I also want to thank everyone for sending and posting my products that they are finding at JoAnn on my page. Keep them coming!!!!! I am loving that you are doing this and sharing this with me.

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