Sunday, November 9, 2014

How will YOU remember it??????? - My CRAFT CHANNEL

Please look at this photo carefully. What do you see???? I am now home from Australia. I was so thankful for THIS photo. It is a little "message" I feel I need to share with you. *more about Australia soon too. 

I have a camera in my hand along with my cell phone. I was at the Australian Reptile Park and was petting the kangaroo that kept following us around. Andrea took this photo of me. When she shared it with me. I chuckled... I noticed right away that I had my Canon S110 in my hand with my cell phone. WHY??????

I believe so strongly in documenting our life. Photos are the way to remember. I tell others in my seminars to "take photos... REAL photos" and stop using your cell phone to document your life. Now of course, we all use our "easy" and "handy" cell phone at times. These photos are only digital imprints. They are not archival quality and we are going to be the lost generation if we are not taking out and using our "REAL" camera. We need to keep a camera (this is one of my favorite travel ones and I keep in my purse 24/7). I pull out my camera first. I use my actual camera to capture the moments. I don't want to trust on social media sights and photos to be preserved from my phone. Who has not had their phone stolen, broken, not backed up, and images LOST forever. 

This is WHY I take photos with a camera. More importantly, I print out the photos. I am doing that TODAY. My heart is so heavy right now. I look at all the photos I have been printing. I am thankful for them. They bring me tears of joy and remind me of so many wonderful and meaningful times. I believe in being authentic. I will never endorse or promote something that I don't personally use or believe in. That is truly why I am working with Canon cameras. I do this because I hope to change the way people look at documenting life through their photos and printing them out. So many people asked WHAT camera do you use? What printer? I am not paid based on the sales of these items. I am sharing with you because I love and use them.

Canon Powershot S110- White- Image Stabilizer- lightweight Zoom lens 5xIS

Canon G16- I absolutely LOVE this camera. Zach is using it for his high school photography course. He loves it and won't give it back to me. It's like a professional camera in a little lightweight package. I love it so much and I use this to travel with too. 

Canon 5D- Tyler bought this for me when it first came out. I love it and use this for my photography shots and when I am home. I do take it with me and use at my office. * I am going to get another camera for my office for doing videos soon. I am researching for the perfect one for our needs. 

PRINTER- I use the

Canon Pixma iP8720 Wireless Inkjet Photo Printer 

It is a budget friendly printer for moderately serious to serious photo enthusiasts. Prints at up to 13 by 19 inches. It can print on printable optical discs. I am all about Wi-Fi printing that is wireless with PictBridge.

Hands down... my favorite. I have this at my home. I also, have the SELPHY. I have the Selphy both at my office and home. Yes, I love it too!!!!! I hope this helps to answer the questions.

You can watch my video today on MY CRAFT CHANNEL showing the printers and the cameras.
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ScrappyCamperSisters said...

Teresa, remember I brought my Canon Selphy on the Alaska Cruise in 2010? I printed out most of my trip before I even got home, I loved that little thing! So glad you are working with them, when does the gold camera come out, lol, hint hint. Okay well thats my request. Hugs and love to you and TY XX johnna

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