Saturday, January 3, 2015

HAPPY 2015!!!!!!!!!!

I have so enjoyed this past week having my kids (kind of) at home with me. Yes, they are teenage boys and young adults (my girls), so my home has a revolving door. I have to say we have had the best holiday. I can't believe how sweet and thoughtful everyone was to us. This was our first Thanksgiving and Christmas without Tyler and I was amazed at the love and support from others. 

I have never realized how close our family really is. I know that sounds weird. I KNEW we are close, but I think we are even closer now if that is possible. I wanted to share a little bit about 2014. Well, as you know this past year and losing Tyler was beyond tough. I guess to be honest 2013 and 2014 were TOUGH. My world... our world changed when Ty was diagnosed with cancer. I had many months to prepare and knew (even though I was in denial) that nothing was working. In my heart, I truly believe the 17 months that he lived were a gift to US. It changed him in many ways and it certainly changed me. I can only say that I learned so much about faith and hope and accepting Gods will in our life. It also taught me to NEVER sweat the small things.

When Ty passed away he was surrounded with LOVE and his family. (brother, sister and mom)
I am thankful we took photos during his illness (even though he did not want me to) to remember this time.
I know that he truly has made me the person I am today.
I am finding that I smile more, laugh more and celebrate life more because of him. I am not bitter but so thankful for the time
and knowing that it's truly part of God's plan. 

Having McKay home has been a tremendous gift. She has helped me to see things with greater love. She inspires me with her heart, her testimony and her love for our family. She does listen to FROZEN "let it go" in Spanish WAY too much. I have it in my head. It's a joke now... we are going around singing it in Spanish. She starts BYU on Monday. I am so thankful she is driven, passionate for life and positive for the future. I will miss her but she is only a 45 minutes drive away.

I am keeping myself busy with much needed house projects "problems." Oh yes, finally I can get the hardwood floors refinished, the driveway repaired, etc. Little things have sprung up and I just think it's a way to "test" my attitude. I am facing the challenges and figuring it out. PS- don't buy a couch on OVERSTOCK.COM. I fell in love with the couch and it came like 4 weeks later but the worst part is its HARDER than a rock, sheds feathers and immediately I emailed to ask them to pick it up. They finally responded they would with a $170.00 fee and then NO communication. Oh well,
it's pretty but oh so uncomfortable. Everyone laughs when they sit on it and says, "Who buys a couch online?" Oh, yes it was ME!
I'm sure it will get sorted. It's a VERY small thing, so I'm
actually having a good laugh over it.

I have enjoyed Zach and Ty being home. They are such great boys. I will miss them going back to school.

I am lucky that Zach has Kenadee and her family in his life. They had a date day with sledding, building a snowman, playing games and then a "dinner" date here on New Years Eve. He went to the store and  bought steaks and roses... and told her her was taking her to dinner. He secretly created a "restaurant" in our basement. McKay helped him create a beautiful table that looked so pretty. Then he made her dinner and served sparkling apple cider. It was so cute!!!
I love that he treats her and all girls with respect. It helps that he has his sisters and I to "hound" him on how to treat girls and other people.

I am so super excited that this is the FIRST photo of my little grandson what will be born early May. After two miscarriages and fear that Gentry would not be able to sustain a pregnancy, this little boy is coming. She is now 22 weeks and feeling him move and we are absolutely looking forward to a baby in the family. 
I had prayed so much for her and Devan to be given this gift. 
I love him already. 

Now, next week I head to CALIFORNIA. It's the big Craft and Hobby Association Show. CHA is where I reveal new products, new partnerships and MORE. I am speaking as well on Friday. This is something I am so looking forward to. PLUS, my kids are going with me to work the show. Yes, we are a TEAM. I can't wait to see Matt, Kayla and the kids too.

The shows are hard work. Thankfully, Gentry is great with set up. Devan is even going to help me "set" up the hard stuff and big furniture. I will not be making store visits this time, but NEXT TIME you can count on it!

Yesterday at my office was FULL blown CHA mode. We had to go buy a white couch to ship. Of course, IKEA is a maze. Thankfully, Bridget was with me. How fortunate I am to LOVE and enjoy everyone who works for me???? I believe in having
and surrounding YOURSELF by positive, thoughtful, kind and people who INSPIRE and believe in you.

She is amazing and keeps all the details going. You will see her at CHA with me. Also, come meet the new President of my company- Mr. Michael Wigton. I have the most amazing team. Oh, and did I mention that I will be going to GERMANY this month? You will find me at the Frankfurt Germany trade show with Bridget. I will be visiting and teaching at TWO stores in Germany. It's set and sign ups are going. PLEASE come see me. I love GERMANY.

So just know I have to THANK you. I cannot possibly respond to the emails, letters, gifts, and more that pour into my office each day. I am and feel so loved. I love you. PLEASE know I truly from the bottom of my heart appreciate every single thought. I simply don't have enough time in the day to get to the enormous outpouring of kindness that you have shown me. Can I please give you all the biggest CYBER hug ever? 

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zuzia620 said...

sending warm thoughts and lots of love with prayers your way ,good luck at cha and fly safe to Europe ,may your sparkle shines like a diamond ;))) keep on smiling and stay strong ,my heart goes to you every day mostly when ever I read your blog ,I cry every time thinking about what you are going through and thanks to you I don't take nothing for granted, lots of love Agnieszka

Kathy Jo said...

I am so happy that your new year is beginning with "bang" . Safe travels on your trip. And I'm so happy that your Faith and your family have helped to sustain you through the dark. Thank you for teaching me to embrace every moment. Prayers for you and all your family.

Michaela said...

I am sooooo looking forward to meeting you again in Munich at Srappies!! I'll bring my medicine along, in case your voice will be gone again ;-)

NessaLynn said...

Happy New Year! It's so wonderful how your family works together and supports each other. Very inspiring and just ... Warm :-)
How can I sign up to see you in Frankfurt / Germany? I've googled you, but could not find any upcoming visits.

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