Thursday, March 12, 2015

It's WHAT matters

I love my family. They came to watch Zach play his first baseball game of the high school season this past Monday. Yes, Gentry is 7 months pregnant and she GLOWS. 

This is KJ. Yes, he is like family. He is my other son and he calls me MOM. I love that my kids friends are close with me too. I have had their friends come and talk to me when my children are not even around. I love this. I have always loved that my children have amazing friends. 

They drove up from Provo to be here. McKay took a later shift at the Creamery (BYU job) to come. This meant a lot to her little (big) brother. We celebrated by going to Noodles & Co together afterwards. 

Zach is Varsity catcher for Murray High School. 

They do seem to pass the time at the games having fun. Ty even came to the game and he is not the biggest baseball fan. 

I wish that Taylor could have come. She is starting to feel somewhat better in the pregnancy but she is emotional. (her words!!!!) 

I know I am biased but WOW Gentry is beautiful. I love her pregnancy style. I never looked this fabulous being pregnant. She has her baby shower on Saturday. Can't wait to hold my brand new little grand son. I am over the moon excited. 

The gang watching Zach. I love Kenadee and her family so much. They are now like family to us. Dean and Jami are her parents and have truly almost adopted Zach. I feel so much gratitude for this family. 

I love work meetings. We are being productive. Mike doesn't like being in the photos. We really do love working together.

I am headed to ATLANTA Georgia. I am going to Susan's 5th Annual event that she hosts for me to come. It's SOLD OUT and we have so much fun. Yes, I love going to Cummings Georgia. It's so fun!!!!

I had lunch with this sweet girl yesterday. Margie Aslett Romney does amazing SPARK workshops and she is teaching at my VEGAS event on Thursday. SOON you can sign up. She is teaching four workshops and they will be so inspiring and the girl is FUNNY. I am thankful to call her my friend. YOU can get on the wait list for the event-  The event is SOLD OUT at this point but we have added an entire day of workshops from amazing teachers and I will be teaching as well.  

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