Sunday, March 22, 2015


I am in ATLANTA. I am boarding in a few minutes to head back home to Utah. TODAY is a day that is going to be HARD. It is Tyler's birthday. The family will be going to his grave. I went on Thursday before I came. The grave stone is finally there and it is beautiful. Sometimes it feels like this really is not reality.  I know that Heavenly Father is so mindful of our family and especially the needs of our boys. I look at Ty and Zach and think of how hard it has been to see him suffer and endure the cancer and in the end return to God at such a young age. I know without a doubt that Ty is still very present and he is watching out for each of us. Words can never articulate the loss this has been and the pain each of us have been through. I have been very mindful that this is a journey and you never truly get over a loss like this. My boys are in high school now and I often  think... "what would Ty want?, what would he say now?" This is a very tender day. It is also the mission farewell for Joe- his nephew (his sisters son). How great is it that it is today? Some days are just HARDER than I even can express. Thankfully, there are more good days than bad and I try to keep GOING and have FAITH in Heavenly Father's plan.

I was LIFTED here. I got so much more from being here at the EMI store event than anyone else. I needed this love and kindness. It uplifted me and I felt more strength from this BRAVE and beautiful girls here.

I am reminded of WHY I do what I do. I am so thankful and blessed. I look at my problems and realize that when I focus on WHAT I do have- and I count my BLESSINGS that I can and will endure EVERY single trial that comes my way. It's okay if I shed some tears along the way. I am so thankful for the opportunity to come and feel their heart and kindness. Susan with EMI Scrapbooking in Cumming, GA did a FANTASTIC job on hosting this event. AMAZING... seriously, this is WHY I keep coming back to her store. SOLD OUT workshops and we all felt a ROOM full of LOVE. I don't have words to articulate it. It was SPECIAL and I'm going home with this intense feeling. THANK YOU so much Susan and ALL the girls who came. Yes, from ALL over the USA and Canada.

During my last workshop- I got a call from my realtor. We has listed the house the day before and we had an offer. YES, CRAZY... the very next day. I could not believe it. I just had to thank Heavenly Father for blessing us.

I have to say... it will be HARD to leave my home. I guess I knew that this was going to be hard, but I knew it was TIME.


This was the ONLY home that Ty and I shared. We bought it together and blended a beautiful family. We had our two sons together. It was full of so many memories. I designed the kitchen and had everything custom made. I recently refinished all the hardwood floors. I picked all the chandeliers and lights and tried hard to have a home that my family loved. However, it was TIME to move on... for me and our boys. We made this decision and I know it was the right one for us. I am so grateful that no matter how I decorated, redecorated or tried to make our house a home that Ty loved and supported my design passion. I think he loved when I crafted because it was much cheaper than furniture or home remodeling. I always had free reign on the house and it was my "baby." I now will have a new home to "decorate" and make a home. 

BOARDING now... Hope you have an AMAZING Sunday!!!!

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Wilma said...

Wishing you all the strenght you need on this special day.
You are living in a beautiful house. Hope you find yourself a new house very soon that you can make your home.

Tracey said...

Wow! Your house is gorgeous!!!

Sending you comfort on this tough day. The firsts of everything are always so tough. My mom's birthday is in two weeks and it is going to be a tough one. But, my family plans to get through the way we do everything - together.

Claire said...

Good luck with the move, your home was beautiful BUT, those are just "things". The memories will NEVER leave your heart and you can take them anywhere. Your new home will be special in a different , wonderful new way. Happy you had a great time in Atlanta.....missed seeing you guys.
Claire S

Elaine said...

We loved seeing you in Georgia, and your classes!

GoldSharpieGal said...

I had such an amazing weekend! I enjoyed all of your classes and had great laughs. Hope to see you next year!

simplybren said...

What a beautiful home! I am happy that it sold quickly and that a new chapter will come quickly. I so appreciate you coming to Atlanta. It was my first ever event.. Yep a virgin here. I have just be crafting for a few years....My hubby got me started because he said it was cheaper than therapy.....little did he know LOL. I had so much fun that now I look forward to getting together with other women that share my addiction soon. Thank you for pressing on and coming to Atlanta to share your inspiration. We were all truly blessed!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you peace, joy and comfort in your memories. P. Cloud

Jeannie said...

I am happy that your home sold so quickly. Wishing the best for you and your family in your new home.

Anonymous said...

It's April 4th now, why doesn't this page ever get updated?? just asking...

Anonymous said...

Oh anonymous you know why it has been updated....No tell the truth by teresa...

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