Sunday, March 15, 2015


This week has been one CRAZY fabulous week. 
Zach started his high school baseball games.
He is so talented and yet so humble. I love this kid so much.
He is the catcher for Varsity on the MHS baseball team. On Friday he hit a home run and had 5 RBI's. He is doing really well considering his injuries at the end of last season. My heart is tender knowing that baseball was a HUGE thing for him and his dad. It was their connection and I know this is hard for him to look up at the stands and his dad is not there. I have reminded him to KNOW that his dad is truly still there. Ty is watching over him.

Taylor gave Gentry the most amazing baby shower yesterday. The family and many friends came to celebrate the arrival of the soon to be born baby boy. (MAY) She has only 8 weeks to go and she is glowing. I was the crazy mom who lost it and cried during the shower.

I don't think my kids will ever know the love I have for them until they become parents themselves. I remember thinking... "wow, I was so hard on my mother. " I loved my mother in a new way and with greater respect when I became a mother. I know that Gentry will be the most amazing mother. Devan's mother has been quite sick and was not able to come. My heart was tender thinking of her and her situation. I was thinking of her nonstop. We are both going to have this little grandson together. She gave Gentry a quilt from when he was born and wrote a beautiful letter with photos of Devan's birth and childhood. I could not control the emotions. What a thoughtful gift!!!! 

I was so proud of Taylor and her gifts for entertaining. She is beautiful and is 14 weeks pregnant too. She is due September 11th. YES, two grand children in ONE year. I could not be happier. 

Kayla flew up from CA and the girls were all together.  

I am very blessed in so many ways.  

Devan, Travis, Zach and Ty went golfing... yes, I love the boys too.
When Tyler died last year, I realized that my life was forever changed. I would walk around my home and just felt so many emotions OVER and over. I knew that I was needing to address some things and one of those things was the feelings over and over that it was time for our family to move. I have spent a lot of time, prayer and thought about this. It was a discussion with my boys. So tomorrow- I am listing my house up for sale. I am moving now and know that this is exactly what I need to do. It does not make it easy and I'm really sad to leave my neighbors. I have loved Murray. 

Yes, CHANGE is hard. I feel like I have endured so many trials and I am having to be strong, listen to my heart and follow those prompting. 

Next weekend I will be flying to Atlanta and teaching for the 5th year at the EMI Scrapbooking Event event weekend that hosts me to come out and visit & teach workshops. 

These are the projects we will be doing-

Friday NIGHT workshop- DOCUMENT LIFE
(my new foiled transparency clear paper)
*TC file folder chipboard album
*please bring your crocodile to workshop.

*NEW TAG PAPER mixed with some of my FAVE papers. 

*TC embossing folders and machine will be used in workshop!!!! 

I'm LOVING my new papers. GOLD + paper!!!! 

LOVE my die cut butterfly too!!!!!
TC labeling stickers and enamel dots.

LOVE my new TAG papers. They are finally going to be available in the USA soon. 

TC Fiskars- small STAR punch.


YES... GOLD spray paint, page protectors and more. *bring a variety of photos sized 3x4 and 4x6 as desired. I am in LOVE with this project. We will be using my office, stationery and clipboard products.



I felt so strongly to use my GOLD notebook and create a quote, inspiration book that you can customize yourself.

I love to write down things that inspire or motivate me. You can add photos to the bound notebook if you wish. I even added my stationery card and envelopes to the book. 

I am looking forward to seeing all of you there that are flying and driving to the event. I thank you for the MASSIVE support. This will be a great event and I'm excited to see all of you. The event is SOLD OUT and I am very grateful for the support.

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At March 15, 2015 at 3:21 PM , Blogger I am . . . said...

Teresa, I am so happy for the wonderful things happening in your life. Thanks for sharing your journey.

At March 16, 2015 at 8:11 AM , Blogger hotpotato said...

beautiful photos of your beautiful girls. good luck with you house sale, hope all goes well. x

At March 16, 2015 at 5:55 PM , Blogger Michele Smith said...

Oh yea!!! I see you will be at the Sandy Expo Center March 27-28!!! Will you be there or will one of the girls be manning the booth? Can't wait to see your latest gadgets and projects - hope to see you as well!! --Michele

At March 17, 2015 at 11:02 AM , Blogger Wilma said...

thank you for sharing your journey.... you are so strong, loving, creative.

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