Friday, April 10, 2015

I'm in TAUPO New Zealand

This is what I did at 3 am on the flight from LAX to Auckland. I flew on Air New Zealand which I loved! It was the best flight and I managed to sleep for about 6 hours and woke up and added to the WANDERLUST workshop book. My new TRAVEL range is just hitting my warehouse to ship. I literally got the papers the day before I left to fly here. So I am so in LOVE with this GOLD, BLACK, WHITE collection. I did manage to get some stares from people on the flight wondering what I was doing in the dark with the little light from the overhead.  

I arrived in Auckland and met up with Melissa from Kaisercraft. Yes, she is a doll. We waited for Michele and Michelle (yes, the two M's) to arrive so we could hit the road and drive to Taupo. 

We had to make a few stops along the way for food and jandales (I think that is the word) for sandles/flip flops. We laughed a lot and these girls are truly my friends. I realize more and more how blessed my life is to have friends like these girls.

We arrived at this beautiful resort and I am feeling very fortunate to be back again in this GORGEOUS green country. Not only are  the surroundings over the top amazing, but the people here are so kind and welcoming. It is rainy and I love it. I am 18 hours ahead of my home right now so that is the hardest part of being here.
My closest friends and family know that I have a hard time leaving and being away. It is when I need the support the most.

I am often inspired when I am traveling and have time to be alone and think. I love meeting people and sharing my passion and story. I want each of us to REACH and BE our full POTENTIAL. As women, as human beings, we can soar beyond anything we can dream and truly want. We only need to SEE and reach for the very BEST that we each have within us. I know the voices in my head... call it fear or thoughts of negativity only have the POWER if I give it power. I have learned to STOP giving power to that chatter- yes, I choose to not give into it. I've learned with age that letting NEGATIVE thoughts into my head will hinder my progress and stop growth. I will not give it the power to lead my life and head off track.

I met a beautiful woman yesterday who recently lost her husband two months ago. As we spoke and shared, we had such a similar story. We bonded and talked about the "real" reality. This is one that only you can know if you have experienced it. She had thought about not coming, but decided to come and we talked, connected and it was very special. I know that being willing to share with each other can help lift one another. That is so much what this event and others is about. It is SO much more than designing and projects and the product.

I feel blessed to live the life I am living. Life is a GRAND wonder to me. I appreciate the life I have. Here and NOW... my trials, happiness and struggles- every moment of it. When life changed for me, I strived to gain clarity. I found that I am stronger than I thought, and that no matter what circumstances I have found myself in, that I will be okay. I take moments like TODAY to look around in awe at the goodness and grace that surrounds me. I take time to notice the BLESSINGS that are everywhere.

Karen spoke to me yesterday and told me that she follows my blog and shared that it's all about 
I am honored that she sees me this way and I wrote it down on the palm of my hand in a black sharpie.
I want to be just like Karen sees me. 
Thank you Karen...

Each person I meet has no idea the impact that they leave in my heart and mind. That is why I am here for such a short time, but felt I needed and wanted to come. It's worth the jet lag and the exhaustion.  I know that I gain more than anyone.

This place is truly a reminder of God's  beautiful hand in his creations. It makes me miss my home and where I grew up- North Carolina. The rain here is calming and it's so relaxing. The people here are just like this. I adore Michele and Jodi who have organized this event. They are such good women.

This is the layout workshop I am teaching. I gave them all so much extra papers to PLAY and design it... it can be completely different than mine. I love teaching workshops and sharing stories of my family and hearing their stories. This is Taylor and Travis. I look at these photos and am so thankful she found TRAVIS. I only want her to be happy. She deserves it.  Now this beautiful girl will be a mom to twins- a boy and a girl. This makes me so happy and I can't stop smiling. I adore her and her little family. Yes, I am ready to spoil these babies. 

This is Sarah and I loved seeing her again here. I love her kind sweet and giving heart. She gave me this GOLD gift. It was the perfect gift- Pure essential oils from The Aromatherapy Co in New Zealand- (orange & jasmine). I am so thankful. Thank you Sarah for your gift and friendship. I adore you!!!!

Here is a few of the "girls" that kept me laughing so hard. Did I mention we have so much fun?????? 

This is Esther. I loved this "ring leader" who admits that she is the "troublemaker." I love to see women being so happy and excited to be here. I love to see the happy smiling faces of friends being together. Don't we deserve this????

I have two helpers/assistants in each workshop. Denise and Melanie are over the top AMAZING. I love them both so much and yes, they kept me in stock with Coke Zero and Pineapple lumps. Yes, I "might" be a little addicted to both. 

I adore this photo and to see this beautiful woman laughing.

Yes, Brenda was the cutest. She would not come up and talk to me the day before. Than yesterday, she came up to talk to me and we hugged and talked. I gave her a big hug and was honored to meet her. I mentioned her last name is McKay and I have a daughter McKay. She was so cute and mentioned she knew that. I love meeting everyone. I love knowing that my blog and products connects me with people around the world. This is something that is very near and dear to my heart. 

Part of the classroom....

Her layout in progress. I love how she used my products. Everyone was so creative.

This is the other side of the room. Okay, it's SATURDAY and I have three more workshops to teach today. I am LOVING being here. 
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Carol H. said...
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Carol H. said...

I have to say how very much I love your blog. Thank you for sharing so much and being proof that we can do and be anything we need to on the road that God has given us! No road is impassable when you know He is there! I absolutely love your scrapbook layout! Why? Because it has MORE THAN ONE picture! I am making scrapbooks for our 2 daughters and there's no way I could only use one photo. I want to get as many memories on the page as I can! Love, love yours! Have a great time! (Had to delete my first post because of my typos--can't stand those--LOL!)

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