Monday, April 27, 2015


My heart is seriously overflowing with emotion. Rachel Robbins Mills and her dear family hosted a farewell celebration for our family with our neighbors. It is so hard to leave everyone that I simply love so much. They have greatly impacted and influenced our lives. Their support will forever be in my heart. Thank you for loving us. We close on our new home tomorrow and have a month to actually move all out.  This is a great thing since we have almost 19 years of STUFF to go through and get packed. I know that this is not goodbye because we will always be friends. Thankfully I'm only about 15-20 minutes away in the home we are moving to.

This is Eli and Rachel. They are truly the most wonderful neighbors. They have loved us and loved our children. They will forever be our friends. A few miles distance will never impede our friendship with our dear friends and neighbors.

We are going with so much love and support. Everyone understands how hard it has been to stay at the same house. I have learned that YOU never know how life will change. This was needed for a fresh start. The boys are staying at the same school since it is only a short drive and they are both so close to graduating. 

MY girls. I have served with the YOUNG WOMEN for years and I adore these girls. I have known them from the time they were little. They have warned me that they are coming to visit me all the time. We are planning a Summer party and they are always welcome- my door is open. 

Brianny and Ashley-
WOW... my heart loves these girls. I have known them since
they were babies. I love that they wanted photos with me. Yes, they even follow me on instagram. I am so fortunate that these girls
love me. I certainly adore them!

KJ and Ty. Oh my... buddies for LIFE. They are just the funniest boys together and I KNOW that we are forever going to be "family."

This is Wendy Margetts and Tallya. When Tyler was very young, he was mad at me. It was a Sunday and I was trying to get the kids to church on time and out the door. Ty was so feisty and did not want to listen to me. He said in a cute three year old voice, "I am going to go live with Wendy Margetts, because she is nice and never gets mad." I laughed so hard and told him okay. I saw Wendy at church that day and we laughed. She fed him popsicles, let him feed her rabbit and he would walk to visit her almost EVERY day. I could NEVER keep him, McKay and Zach from going to their house. She is the neighbor EVERYONE wants. She knew Ty before he was born. She is so happy for us. She loves us and this will NEVER change.

My dear Stake President Child. Oh my... what a faithful, wonderful man. Tyler and I knew him so well. He gave me such comfort yesterday. He is so proud of me and shared his feelings with me that touched me. I was thankful that he was so supportive and encouraging me to KEEP GOING and to follow my heart. He told me that Tyler is so proud of me for not giving up, but being a strong, dedicated woman. I told him that CHANGE is so very hard, but I know that CHANGE has "refined" me and made me realize that I can face HARD things. I went from total despair to feeling that I can do this... all because of my firm belief and trust in Heavenly Father.  

My sons have been truly amazing through the last two years. They have struggled and they have grown. They have beeb hit hard by not having Tyler here. I am such a girl and their dad was so great at understanding boys. I am learning a new way to parent alone. It is a ongoing daily learning experience. It has been a day by day effort in the process. They are so strong in their faith and this has given them a perspective that has kept them happy and positive. It's amazing to see the how being faithful in tribulation can build character and purify our hearts. Though the suffering has been there... the blessings have been uncountable.  We are united and just being THANKFUL. We are so excited right now for the new baby boy that will soon be here. THIS is beyond exciting....

Today I am working from the office on videos for Canon and JoAnn and a big debut. I simply am so thankful to do what I love most. I am so fortunate and passionate about my career. It's really a family affair. I just hired McKay for the first time ever. Yes, she is coming on board. This is such a blessing to get to work with her. Taylor and Gentry are having new babies so they are not in a position to keep working with me for the time being. 

We were printing today on the PIXMA ip8720 Canon printer and literally ran out of ink. Yes, it's heavily used. Tomorrow we have to start again. This is the camera we use for project and product shots. I love my G16 for everyday usage and traveling. It's my FAVORITE because it's so lightweight. 


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At April 27, 2015 at 7:32 PM , Blogger scrapwordsmom said...

What an amazing array of friends you have!! BEAUTIFUL post!!! You will do great in your new home:)

At April 30, 2015 at 6:46 AM , Blogger hotpotato said...

Good luck with your house move. x

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At June 12, 2015 at 6:09 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you photoshop every photo you post on your blog? Or just those with you in them?

At June 17, 2015 at 2:19 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is your mouth hanging open in all of your pictures?

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