Monday, August 24, 2015

Gallery Wall Art Video

Join Teresa today as she shares Gallery Wall art designed from the Wanderlust Collection and talks about her tips and tricks for using these in your home.

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FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL... tender moments

 I'm in a FABULOUS thankful mood. I spend a great weekend with these crazy fun kids. How in the WORLD did I get so lucky and blessed????

It's back to school today for my kids. So this weekend was back to school prep and yesterday we had a great dinner together. Brian is the best cook and made dinner for us. Then we had a special family home evening together. We talked about living a life each day choosing and making good decisions. High school is hard. College is hard. Yes, no matter what STAGE of life we are in.. it's daily decisions that will effect what we become. I tell my kids all the time, "YOU determine so much YOUR life by the decisions you make." Often it is the simple decisions. We all make mistakes, we all slip and fall, we all face hard times. It's WHAT we do when this happens that determines our future and our attitudes. 

Taylor and Travis are having a scheduled C-Section this week. Yes, I'm praying and thinking nonstop on the "magnitude" of this miracle. This little boy and girl are coming into a family that are OVER THE MOON in love with them already. This was Taylor and Travis on Saturday. This is her 38 weeks with twins. They came to visit us for the day. She is on bed rest but decided she needed a change of scenery. It was fun to see her and spend time with her. Travis says she is getting a little grumpy. I had to laugh. Yes, any woman can relate to the end of pregnancy, the hormones, Summer heat, and well... bed rest too. Can't wait to share my little grand babies with you. You can follow here or on my instagram (teresacollinswebber-personal) and teresacollinsdesigns.

Now today is the 1st day of school for my teenage boys. I heard a knock on my bedroom door about 6:40 am. Yes, traditions matter. Ty was ready for me to come down and take their photos. I have done this every year since they started school.

Zach is 17 years old. He is a senior this year. I am very thankful for his kindness and fun personality. I know BIG things will happen for him because he wants to make a difference in the world.

This photos kills me. I heard the boys talking and laughing. One of them said, let's do a TOUGH one like dad. I held back the tears.
I thought of Tyler. I thought of how hard he fought to be with these kids. He fought to not leave me. He adored his boys. He adored ALL of his kids. This was the first "back to school" he has missed. 

He would be so proud of these two boys. I KNOW he is still very near and close as he watches over them. THIS is reality. I know that many of you have watched and seen how sad and hard the past couple of years have been for our family. It doesn't just end when someone dies. You don't stop loving that person. You don't forget. I am thankful for Brian who loves these boys and has never once tried to "be their dad." We talk so much about this. 

They are never going to have their dad again. I ache as I know this has greatly impacted their life. I am deeply grateful for these boys and how they are choosing to be happy and keep going. 

I am proud of them. I am so thankful God is giving me tender mercies daily. We have had some rough days and some really sad days. We have many more happy times and we celebrate and talk about the good. We remember Tyler and talk about him. When you lose someone, life quickly goes on for everyone else. It doesn't and isn't the same ever for the people closest to the person gone. 

This is little Ty. He is 16 years old now. I adore this kid. He is so much a mixture of Ty and I. Yes, he is stubborn, feisty, hardworking, smart, and I love him. I see so much of his dad in him that makes me thankful. I know that this smile is more real now. It's not been easy and the secret has been simple. LOVE... We have hard times and sad times and we simply LOVE each other during those times. 

Saturday night, Brian and I went on a drive and date night in Park City. We knew getting married was a commitment to not only US but to our children. We knew that our children had been through so much with Ty's death and divorce. We wanted the strongest foundation and knew we would work hard to keep our marriage strong. 

Yes, I'm so happy to have found him. I consider this man a miracle in every possible way. He is so smart and we are a team. He is kind and giving. He took Zach to hit golf balls and then get his truck's maintenance done this weekend. He is that person who simply wants to help make others life easier. I know that Ty would have wanted someone like Brian in our life. I have felt this so many times. I know this is really personal to share, but it's the truth. I still have those times when I feel guilty for being happy again. I know that Ty would be so mad at me. I know he would be so telling me to STOP thinking like that. He would tell me to be HAPPY, and that my happiness is so important for our children and family. 

When I found out that Costco has my journal's now at some locations, Brian was the first to want to go there and see them. I am thankful for his belief in me. I KNOW that we all need people behind us who  LOVE us... BELIEVE in us. 

PS... I love MONDAYS.

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Friday, August 21, 2015

New VIDEO.... something I love

So many people have asked me WHAT the personalized stamps are that I designed with PSA ESSENTIALS. I simply love giving cards and invitations so this was a perfect partnership.
I have created personalized home, office address, and wedding invitations return address for Gentry and Devan's wedding. Yes, now I'm having one made for the twins birth announcement. It can customized personally for YOU.

Watch the video for more ideas:

It's so easy to simply add create your own stamp yourself. You can design it to say anything that you desire. 

It's FRIDAY and I am busy kitting for my big Vegas event next month. It's a crazy time at our office and even at  home since McKay wanted to help assemble the kits. It's been crazy with school starting this coming Monday for my boys too.  I am looking forward to the weekend with the family. Hope you have a great weekend too....

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

SURROUND yourself with LOVE.. letting GO

                     Do you surround yourself with LOVE? 

This is my home studio. It is across from my Master bedroom. I know that for me, I wanted my creative space and office to be "real." It is more than a pretty room to me. I wanted it to be functional and simple. A place where I would want to be. I designed my room with light gray walls and I added additional lights (can) in the ceiling and a chandelier. The floors used to be off white carpet and the previous owners had spilt red cough syrup on it the week before we moved in. They offered to give us an allowance on the carpet and I decided to replace the carpet for an off white wood floor. 

I added artwork that had meaning to me and long white drapes. It is a room that is peaceful and inviting. I decorated my home office/studio similar to my actual office at work. I wanted it to be SIMPLE and not be cluttered. I learned something in school that is still replaying in my head. If you inherited furniture or something from a family member and you personally do not love it or want it, do you keep it? So often we feel obligated to keep something because it is associated with someone we love. 

The lesson to me was to only keep things (especially items) in our life that we personally WANT and love. Surround yourself with things of happiness. If not, get rid of it. I learned this lesson even more strongly after Tyler died. Many of you would never know, but he struggled with keeping, saving and some would say "hoarding" things in life. We had our share of "discussions" on this. I realized how much "these things" could have power over us. I had a hard time cleaning out his office after he died. I did not want to get rid of anything. I still have a large storage unit to go through. It will take time, but I feel the peace of letting "things" go.

Gentry came over to the house to help me clean out his office. The truth was you could not even walk into his office. It was FULL of "stuff." I saw things differently than Gentry. It took her coming in and taking charge. She reminded me to "let it go." These things were not Ty. They were just "things."  We proceeded to clean for months. Tyler had storage sheds and our garage full of stuff. For years, it was a "issue" for us. I looked at the "stuff" differently than he did. I bet many marriages have similar issues. 

Then the time came when I knew I needed to have a "fresh" start and move. I had been purging for months. I did this as my therapy. I would cry, laugh and do it all again on a daily basis. I kept things with meaning- photos, letters... you know the things that really matter. I never knew how hard it would be to go through all of Ty's personal items. It felt like a crazy bad dream. I reminded me of having to do the same when my mother unexpectantly died. I did not want to even open his dresser drawers. It was too "real." It ended up being a form of reflection for me. 

I donated so many things to charity. I created boxes of memories for the children.  I got a 27 foot dumpster to get rid of things.  I felt such a huge relief by clearing things out. I realized what I valued and what mattered. I decided to share this because it has truly been the best thing I could do for my soul. Right before Tyler died, it was hard for him. He would apologize and tell me how sorry he was to leave such a mess to go through. We spent time in the hospital talking about getting rid of things. He told me what to donate, sell, etc. It was so hard. 

I have thought of the difference it has been for me to have "simplified" my life. These things were donated, sold, thrown away or "kept" because they mattered. I wish we had done it together years ago. Over the almost 19 years of our marriage, we had together amassed so much stuff- plus all the stuff we had prior to marrying. 

I am more practical now. I have tried to get rid of things that were personally weighing me down. I can only use so many crafting tools. I only need so many beach towels. I don't need a closet full of clothes that I don't even wear, or hope would fit me again. ha! 

I really love my Studio Box. I put everything you can imagine in my box.  I keep the things that I really use. I tend to use the same products over and over so I use mine as a office and crafting storage box. So I have donated and given away a lot of product when I moved. This is what I am basically down too. I do have a closet for items that I use less frequently.

I did a video last Friday. The Original Scrapbook came to film and take photos of the TC Studio Box that we debuted. It inspired me to share this blog post. I hope in some way I have reminded you to "let things go" and simplify your life if you felt like I did. 

Here are some videos of me giving tips and how I utilize my Studio Box.

Just know that I have found that by "letting go" I have felt   more "free." I had so many things that I needed to let go myself. When I moved I decided to down size "stuff" I have and simplify in order to feel more peace. I can honestly say that I feel this and it's changed what I want and buy now. 

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Monday, August 17, 2015


This has been such a FAST time for me. Summer seems to go by faster. I have been trying to balance huge things. I am at my office today and working on some BIG deadlines, dealing with BIG things that never seem to go away and STRIVING for balance. I am a firm believer in looking for the GOOD and just being GRATEFUL even during our deepest trials and struggles. Recently, I have had to practice what I believe and not let a hard situation that would cause me to be very bitter to learn from this experience. I know this will be a HUGE life lesson for me. I often trust way too easy and when I get burned it's HARD to not feel angry at myself and the situation. I spent the last couple of weeks in much thought and prayer on how to grow from this experience. I have felt PEACE when I was feeling so discouraged. I was so disappointed in myself for making a decision that has made so many problems. I will be STRONGER from going through this experience. I told myself YOU can be BITTER or you can be BETTER. I will CHOOSE to stand stronger and more confident in going forward. I am so thankful for the people in my LIFE who are there for me and helping me to remember that there is GREAT AMAZING people in this world and in our life. My children, handsome husband, my work team and closest friends have supported and lifted me. TODAY I just feel I needed to share this quote.

I know that it is so easy to forget that we are all humans. WE all have problems. I have to keep things very personal due to my business and simply because I don't believe you should ever "air" your business on Social Media. It's simply not fair to anyone. I won't and will never do this. Just know that I am just like everyone else. Anyway, today I am looking for the GOOD... the GREAT... the GRATITUDE in today. 

This past week some of the things that make me smile...

Brian went to Wisconsin for the PGA Tournament with his brothers. I missed him!!!

McKay is feeling even better but seems to have gotten a intestinal problem. Taylor has been put on complete bed rest of the duration of the pregnancy. I could load TONS of photos of Cooper but am keeping these more private per Gent's request.  Coop is 3 months old. Oh my... my heart is in love.

She's starting Fall semester again at Brigham Young University. So thankful she is close to us. She truly inspires me.

Church EACH week is what keeps me going. I am so dependent on God in my life. I am always trying to be mindful that I am not in control and can only control how I handle WHAT I am given... good and bad.

My HUSBAND supports me 1,000% by going to the book debut at Cedar Fort. I spoke to book stores from around the world. I shared my inspiration and why I wrote my book. We debuted my journal. I was beyond grateful. I feel so thankful that I can't even articulate how amazing this has been. It's been tough. I shared
my heart, my struggles and my abuse as a child. It's real and 
it's scary to share what many of you don't know. It's 
been hard to open up my struggles and how I grew as a person through both good and very hard times in my life.
NO ONE has a perfect life. You may be surprised
to learn of what I went through. It's easy to judge someone by their looks, their outward appearance... but WE really never know
what anyone is going through. I used my trials to REFINE 
me and I am sharing how I did it.

 I know that Tyler would be proud
of me being honest on how hard at  times our marriage was. I wrote it with great love and acceptance of who I am. I spoke of how hard at times it was and how we worked through some serious issues. I know I am the wife
and mother I am TODAY because of Ty and my children.
I don't REGRET anything. I would do it all again.
I may have handled things differently- wouldn't we all?

I am truly a blessed woman who believes in LIVING life
with CONFIDENCE in who you are, being gentle
on ourself when we make mistakes and GROW from
them. DREAM BIGGER and LOVE yourself.
It's NOT all about me... or YOU... we are going to be HAPPY
if and when we FOCUS on others. 

I visited Seagull Book store on Saturday and saw my journals. I didn't even go to look for the book. I walked down the aisle and stopped and just stared at the books. I was in complete awe. I feel so grateful for this opportunity to design in this new market. I have always wanted to more lifestyle designs.

 My amazing friends Michelle and Andrew Grant from the UK came to visit and stay with us this past week. They went to church with me on Sunday. Michelle has been a true friend for over 13 years. We met in England at the Bonanza show. We have never lost contact. We realized the first day we met that we were very similar. Years later, she let me cry, talk and helped me when I felt so down that I didn't know which way was up. I know her positive outlook and love for me helped me when I was discouraged and afraid. She helped me realize that Tyler would want me to GO ON. He loved me and wanted me to be happy. She stayed with Ty and I before when cancer was not in our life. It was so great to have friends who understood and knew us as a family. She was that friend for me. I am publishing MY STORY because of her. She has told me for years to do this... she introduced me to the President of Cedar Fort.  Thank you dear sweet friend... love you!

This is a little bit of what I designed and what I have debuted with the Cedar Fort brand of publishers. MORE great things  are in the works too!

This is SO very exciting to announce. Yes, TODAY you can now go to my website and purchase my cell phone cases, pay for my TC events, speciality bags, t-shirts, paper, journals, stationery and more. In a effort to perform better as a company, I knew we needed our team to be able to handle the big growth we have had as a company. This way you can order direct on products and events.

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My Craft Channel Sticker Addiction Episode

Today on My Craft Channel Teresa talks about her "sticker addiction." Whether you use them for paper crafting, letter writing, planners or more you will become an addiction too!

View more awesome Teresa Collins Studio episodes here.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Winter Paperie Collection Close-up

Pull out the holiday decorations and Christmas tree it's time to start creating decor with style. The new Winter Paperie Collection by Teresa Collins Studio is the perfect mix of traditional color with modern designs. And bonus, this collection has many designs that work well all year round. Teresa has also created two sticker sheets that work well for most paper crafting projects. And the new Winter Paperie trims are the perfect finishing piece for any project. 

Here's some fun projects we featured at the SPC Trade Show the end of July featuring the Winter Paperie Collection.

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Monday, August 10, 2015

My Craft Channel All About Albums Episode + 4x4 Instructions

Today over on My Craft Channel be sure to watch the latest Teresa Collins Studio episode "All About Albums". Teresa shares her latest album designs and coordinating products.

And she has offered FREE INSTRUCTIONS for her 4x4 album featured in today's episode. Simply click here to download the step-by-step instructions.

View more awesome Teresa Collins Studio episodes here.

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