Friday, August 21, 2015

New VIDEO.... something I love

So many people have asked me WHAT the personalized stamps are that I designed with PSA ESSENTIALS. I simply love giving cards and invitations so this was a perfect partnership.
I have created personalized home, office address, and wedding invitations return address for Gentry and Devan's wedding. Yes, now I'm having one made for the twins birth announcement. It can customized personally for YOU.

Watch the video for more ideas:

It's so easy to simply add create your own stamp yourself. You can design it to say anything that you desire. 

It's FRIDAY and I am busy kitting for my big Vegas event next month. It's a crazy time at our office and even at  home since McKay wanted to help assemble the kits. It's been crazy with school starting this coming Monday for my boys too.  I am looking forward to the weekend with the family. Hope you have a great weekend too....

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