Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I wanted to share a little "BEHIND THE SCENES" of one of my recent Channel 4 Good Things Utah TV segments.
First, I am in LOVE with LIVE TV. 
I just love that you know you are instantly 
getting your message out there. 

You normally get to the studio about an hour prior to the show beginning. You have to go through security to get into the TV Station. I know they do this so that no one can come in and do something crazy. They have a greenroom you can wait in, but I prefer to go "behind the scenes and watch the segments.
I prepare my segment by setting up my items,
projects, etc on a large table. 

Brian and Bridget went with me this morning. Yes,
the studio is dark except where you are on set. 

I like to wear skirts and they put the microphone on my blazer and the clip to the back of my skirt. I set up the table and then they have two show assistants take the take out on the set- (all the time I'm praying the items don't knock over!).

I am seriously in LOVE about the PHOTO BLOCKS.
I printed all my photos before I went on air at home. 
I prepped several photo blocks to show on air.
Then I printed photos on my Canon Printer to demo how easy it is to apply the photo to the photo blocks.

Depending on the local news and segments you have anywhere from 3-5 minutes. You simply watch the camera man for the "wrap it up" signal. 

The hardest part of LIVE TV is knowing that you really don't know
how much time you really have. So I think you
have to be okay with being able to quickly say 
what you want and wrap it up fast.

I would have loved to show the Canon Printer printing my photos but time and space on set simply does not allow it.

Nicea was loving the photo blocks and printer. They were amazed at the quality of my prints. Yes, they were gushing about little Cooper too.

I really do love doing this show because I love sharing
with the viewers "new ways" to display your photos and show
things that they probably have never seen or heard of.

BEHIND THE SCENES setting up my photo display. I wish the table was bigger because I had a hard time fitting it all on one table.

I also showed the Canon PIXMA iP8720 Crafting Printer (prints up to 13x19") and the GOLD Canon SELPHY CP910 Compact Photo Printer that you can find only at the Teresa Collins section at JoAnn Fabric and Crafts store. (*They are on sale this week too!!!!)

This is my go to TRAVEL printer and I am "obsessed" with both of these Canon Printers.

*LOOK at the quality of the photos that I put on the photo blocks.

I am showing how to take the film off and the adhesive is "on" the photo block and you simply apply the photo to the block. It's really simple. 

We weren't able to get a copy of the segment from the station so one of our fans recorded this from off her TV for us to view:

I hope this segment will inspire YOU to print your photos and display them. I know that I LOVE looking at photos in my home and office. They make me smile!!!!!

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Teresa Collins Gold Canon SELPHY CP910 Compact Photo Printer

Join Teresa Collins today as she shares why she loves the Canon SELPHY CP910 Compact Photo Printer. This fun printer are perfect for printing photos anywhere with wifi and from your mobile device. The popular "gold" Teresa Collins version is available at Joann stores nationwide.

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

It's VEGAS time.... 2015

It's almost time. Yes, in ONE week I will be in Henderson Nevada for four days hosting the TC VEGAS EVENT 2015. This is a SOLD OUT event. We have men and woman coming from all over the world to come together to celebrate life, family, friends, memories, and being creative. It is so much MORE than the projects. I have invited several amazingly talented designers to teach and inspire this year. 

This year is bigger than ever. Due to the size, we have even more a la carte workshops on Thursday prior to the actual start of the event. Anyone those not even who are attendees at the event can take workshops (not just the event) on this day. PLUS, for the first time- the on site store is open ALL DAY Thursday for the everyone with amazing deals and products from your favorite manufacturers. Anyone can come to the onsite store at the event and shop at Green Valley Resort and Spa. The store will be FULL of amazing product. Just to name a few Teresa Collins, Bella Blvd, Fiskars, Xyron, Craftwell, American Crafts, Graphic 45... oh that is just a FEW....

This year I felt very inspired to invite Ashley Mitchell (BIG TOUGH GIRL) come and be the KEYNOTE SPEAKER. She has a powerful message. I know that in life we all need that encouragement and to feel EMPOWERED and INSPIRED in our own personal journey. 

On a personal note, last year was the hardest year ever for me to do the event. I was struggling as I knew the end was near for Tyler. I had to refocus and get through a really hard sad time for my family. I remember seeing girls at the event but my mind would go blank and I could not remember their names. I was a shell walking and talking.  It was almost a blur and things just were not the same as the previous years. I had no desire for a time, to even want to keep going... much less do an event of this size and magnitude. That is when it hit me. I have weathered the storm and battled. I decided to go on and give it my heart. That is all that I could do. I know that no matter what you do, some people never can have their expectations met. Last year's event probably changed me in many ways. During the hardest time of my life, some things happened at the event that forever changed me. Some things were done that I felt were uncalled for. Drama creep in. It was sad and hard and as rumors and horrible things were said... I remained silent. I knew the truth. I knew how easily things can and do blow up. I am a firm believer in having integrity and I stood firm in my resolve to never call or or harm anyone. As things were swirling and hurtful mean things were going on... I prayed for peace. I knew that I would never publicly say one word. I feel like often we try to speak when silence speaks more. I gained a greater appreciation during this time. STORMS will and do come into your life. I promised myself I just had to "hold on." Those that truly know me always know that I am the ultimate people pleaser. Sometimes you realize you can't fix everything. It's up to YOU how you choose to react to any situation. You have no control on so many things in life. What you can control is how you REACT to those challenges.

This is ONE of the THREE workshops/seminars that I am teaching this year....

               LIVE TODAY IN ALL CAPS

This is my NEW black/white and gold book plate label photo album.

I want to encourage EACH of you to take the time to take the photos, print the photos...

challenge yourself to at the very least
put them in page protectors/album.

I challenge you to do this. Stop making excuses. 

THIS IS WHY I design to tell a story...

I want to inspire you to do the same.

I promise YOU that it matters.

If you want to sign up to get on the list to come to my event please 

I am beyond grateful for this year. THIS is a huge year of healing and will continue to be so for me and my family. I am so thrilled to teach this and the other two projects. I am passionate about ENCOURAGEMENT. We all need this. We need that reminder that when life get's messy it's going to be okay... have FAITH.

LIFE is not always pretty. It's what you do with your messes... make it your MESSAGE. Share and forgive and love. I personally know what it is like to be judged by others who don't even know me. THIS is the SECRET... love yourself and NEVER ever use it as an excuse to become mean, vindictive or YOU have lost more than they have. I get emails and messages every day. Sometimes I cry knowing I simply don't have the time to respond, but I want too and wish I had the time. People share their heart, life and story. I am JUST like you. I see your battles and often they are just like mine. There is a connection. My heart is so grateful for YOUR willingness to share with me. I do this event and others because of that. I want to know YOU and I want to share ALL that I have and can to spread more LOVE and JOY. 

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

SHARING "GOLD"- Taylor's family

Thanks to The Minted Company my dear daughter Taylor will forever have 
captured the MOMENTS that FOREVER are in the heart.

This is her new little family of five.
Jaxon is her handsome "bonus"son.

Behind the Scenes:
This day was emotional. Taylor was stressed to take these photos about ten days after they were born.
Gentry and I went to her house that day to help for the day.
This was really important to Taylor.
She wanted to capture this special time. 
Travis and Jaxon did not understand why they should be in 
"newborn" photos. 
Then they took the photos. I know Taylor shed some tears
and "knew" WHY she was doing them.

This is WHY you take the photos.
Travis with this son Beckett.

Taylor at the age of 25. A first time mother...
Beckett and Capri

This photos speaks to me. I can see the LOVE in his expression for his beautiful children. Guess what? He ADORES and loves Taylor this same way. 

These TWO coming into our family has been
a DREAM come true.

What many of you might not know is that we had concerns if Taylor would get pregnant or have a really hard time conceiving. 
That is why after three months of marriage they thought, "let's just try."

They got pregnant the FIRST month with TWINS.

Oh how we see this as a BLESSING.

This is 11 year old Jaxon.
He is small. He is funny. He is kind. 
He is in 6th grade. He is loved.
This cutie now lives with Taylor and Travis full time.
He has a home surrounded with love. Jaxon now lives with Taylor
and Travis as of August. Taylor is adjusting to having Jaxon along with being a mother of newborn twins. She's doing amazing!!!!

This to me speaks of how special Taylor is. She calls me
and her maturity and compassion for Jaxon is something that makes my heart proud. LOVE is love and he is her's now too.
He is in my heart and family and I love this little guy.

*remember, I said he was funny? One day we are at church waiting for it to begin and he looks up my instagram page. Jaxon says, "Wow, you have a lot of followers. I want to be popular too. You can follow me and then I'm going to have as many followers as you too." He is sweet kid. I love him.

A mother and daughter. 
I get teary.
Taylor now realizes the "PROFOUND" love you have as a parent. 
Her life so quickly changed.
We talked a long time (several times) yesterday. 
I told her to just parent them with LOVE
and to know God. 

I also told her she is going to make mistakes. We all do. 
I told her that I wish there was a "redo" button.
There will be times when you with you could "redo"
how you react or do something you regret. 

It's PART of being a good parent. You don't have all the answers. You just DO the best you can.

Children are GOLD. They are given to us from GOD.

They grow up SO FAST. In a blink of a eye. Don't sweat the little things. FOCUS on what is important. Most important is that children KNOW and FEEL loved even when they are disciplined. 

I am so thankful to be a grandmother. I know people who don't like that name. They think it makes them "old." I see it as a GIFT from God. I know that I am blessed to be here. I survived a major stroke. I am HERE to see this moment. I am BLESSED. They can call me anything they want. 

I am embracing my forties and LOVING life. I am thankful for the wisdom and life lessons that have helped me to cherish EACH moment. I face the bad with knowledge that setbacks CAN and DO make you stronger if you choose to see it that way. People can be so hard on each other. It's easy to judge someone else. In my line of business, I have heard rumors of judgment of "me."  I want to spread love and kindness.  My kids are so sweet and often want to go online or defend me. I have learned that it's OKAY.  I know me ... I know my intentions of my heart. When others hurt you... and  trust me we all face this. We need to forgive and remember that when we judge others. Anyway.... I am just so thankful for TODAY. I am preparing for the TC VEGAS 2015 event in Vegas next week. It is SOLD OUT!!!!!! I am overwhelmed with how special this year will be. I have some BIG things planned and I have SPECIAL things in store for 2016. If you want to come please email bridget@teresacollinsstudio.com to find out how to be on the list. This event is MORE than the projects. It is WHY we do what we do. It's a weekend of inspiration for life and creating. 

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015


I am so blessed. I am overjoyed beyond words. My newest little grand babies entered the world August 25th 2015. Taylor had twins, a boy and girl. They were almost 37.5 weeks when the doctor knew she needed to have a c-section after her weekly visit. What a wise doctor. The babies were named Capri and Beckett. Little did the doctor know but there was a knot in Beckett's umbilical cord. I was on pins and needles from the time Taylor told me that they were scheduled for the c-section at 6:30 pm that evening. I said so many prayers. Still, I was a nervous wreck. I charged both of my cameras. I always have the white Canon Powershot SX610  and the Canon Powershot G16 in my bag. I decided to charge both and take these to the hospital with me. I know that so often we just take photos from our phones and I am the biggest advocate of "using" a real camera. These photos are priceless to me. These are just a few that I took at night at the hospital.

Beckett Logan Card arrived at 6:31pm weighing 5 lbs 8 oz. 
Capri Presley Card  arrived at 6:33pm weighing in a little smaller at 5 lbs 4 oz. They both arrived completely healthy and were immediately cuddled and loved on.

Capri is simply a beautiful little girl. I love her so much. This little cutie has dark hair and did not want to be awake.

Beckett had a full head of lots of blond hair. He was so awake and was definitely loud in crying. He looked like a "old man." So very cute!!!!!! He amazed us by being so awake after he was born.

Brian holding Capri. I love how sweet he is and he has been such a blessing to our family. 

The twins are here!!!!!!!!
I can't stop smiling.

Look at these three beautiful babies. 
Beckett, Cooper (3.5 months) and Capri
I am one BLESSED grandmother.
The twins were tiny and Cooper looked so big in
contrast to them. 

Beckett and Capri 

Capturing LIFE moments. 

I am so proud of Taylor and Travis. I know that the photos were really dark from that night but I know that they are better archival quality than if I had taken them with my cell phone. 

I have now printed out the photos from the night that were born and the first week. I did it before Taylor could. I gave her some prints. I just "do it." I can't stress enough the importance of taking the photos and then printing them. I put many them in frames. I display the photos as a reminder to surround myself with those that I love. 

My beautiful daughter Taylor and Travis with their babies. 
THIS photo has captured the love and joy that they have brought into their parents heart. 


Take MORE photos. YOU can't go back and take them.
That is just one of my messages that I gave in NYC this past week for the CANON 2015 EXPO. I will do a blog post on what I  spoke about. I am PASSIONATE about sharing my message of 

This was ONE of the slides in my power point for the Canon Expo.

I know for me, I love taking photos. I get so excited to print them off at home. I buy frames and display them. I love to see photos around my house. I think the funniest thing is that I was sharing my speech today with my daughter, McKay. I got teary eyed because it's so important to me. It's those photos that mean everyone to us when we have lost someone. I can tell you that I wish Tyler would have let me take more photos. I know each is now a precious treasure. It's photos that remind of us of GOOD TIMES, HARD TIMES, LIFE... and instantly take us back to that place or time.  McKay told me that her friends always can't believe how many photos she takes. Yes, I have been an advocate and remind my children often "why" I do what I do. I love that her friends noticed that she is "listening" to my counsel. 

If you want to see more (baby and family) photos and follow my recent trip to NYC you can follow my personal instagram page at @teresacollinswebber and @teresacollinsdesigns for design inspiration.

I wanted to end this blog post by expressing my intense happiness and gratitude. I am so blessed to have wonderful "imperfect" children that I adore. I have the sweetest grand babies. I miss Maxson, Zellie and Tenneson. I would give anything to have them closer. I watch Kayla's Instagram and am grateful that this can keep us all connected. We are a family that simply love each other. We keep connected in many ways through photos and that is important.  Seth is on his mission and I miss him greatly. There is NO step children in my heart. They are loved and that is why I call them my bonus children. I love Brian's children too.  I know that the heart has NO LIMITS on how many we can love and cherish in our life.

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Watch Today on My Craft Channel: How to Make Clear Envelopes

Join Teresa Collins as she shows how to create a clear envelope using her acetate papers. Featuring the versatile adhesives from Xyron. 

To see all of the awesome Teresa Collins Studio "clear papers" check them out on her website HERE.

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