Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I wanted to share a little "BEHIND THE SCENES" of one of my recent Channel 4 Good Things Utah TV segments.
First, I am in LOVE with LIVE TV. 
I just love that you know you are instantly 
getting your message out there. 

You normally get to the studio about an hour prior to the show beginning. You have to go through security to get into the TV Station. I know they do this so that no one can come in and do something crazy. They have a greenroom you can wait in, but I prefer to go "behind the scenes and watch the segments.
I prepare my segment by setting up my items,
projects, etc on a large table. 

Brian and Bridget went with me this morning. Yes,
the studio is dark except where you are on set. 

I like to wear skirts and they put the microphone on my blazer and the clip to the back of my skirt. I set up the table and then they have two show assistants take the take out on the set- (all the time I'm praying the items don't knock over!).

I am seriously in LOVE about the PHOTO BLOCKS.
I printed all my photos before I went on air at home. 
I prepped several photo blocks to show on air.
Then I printed photos on my Canon Printer to demo how easy it is to apply the photo to the photo blocks.

Depending on the local news and segments you have anywhere from 3-5 minutes. You simply watch the camera man for the "wrap it up" signal. 

The hardest part of LIVE TV is knowing that you really don't know
how much time you really have. So I think you
have to be okay with being able to quickly say 
what you want and wrap it up fast.

I would have loved to show the Canon Printer printing my photos but time and space on set simply does not allow it.

Nicea was loving the photo blocks and printer. They were amazed at the quality of my prints. Yes, they were gushing about little Cooper too.

I really do love doing this show because I love sharing
with the viewers "new ways" to display your photos and show
things that they probably have never seen or heard of.

BEHIND THE SCENES setting up my photo display. I wish the table was bigger because I had a hard time fitting it all on one table.

I also showed the Canon PIXMA iP8720 Crafting Printer (prints up to 13x19") and the GOLD Canon SELPHY CP910 Compact Photo Printer that you can find only at the Teresa Collins section at JoAnn Fabric and Crafts store. (*They are on sale this week too!!!!)

This is my go to TRAVEL printer and I am "obsessed" with both of these Canon Printers.

*LOOK at the quality of the photos that I put on the photo blocks.

I am showing how to take the film off and the adhesive is "on" the photo block and you simply apply the photo to the block. It's really simple. 

We weren't able to get a copy of the segment from the station so one of our fans recorded this from off her TV for us to view:

I hope this segment will inspire YOU to print your photos and display them. I know that I LOVE looking at photos in my home and office. They make me smile!!!!!

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