Thursday, September 17, 2015

It's VEGAS time.... 2015

It's almost time. Yes, in ONE week I will be in Henderson Nevada for four days hosting the TC VEGAS EVENT 2015. This is a SOLD OUT event. We have men and woman coming from all over the world to come together to celebrate life, family, friends, memories, and being creative. It is so much MORE than the projects. I have invited several amazingly talented designers to teach and inspire this year. 

This year is bigger than ever. Due to the size, we have even more a la carte workshops on Thursday prior to the actual start of the event. Anyone those not even who are attendees at the event can take workshops (not just the event) on this day. PLUS, for the first time- the on site store is open ALL DAY Thursday for the everyone with amazing deals and products from your favorite manufacturers. Anyone can come to the onsite store at the event and shop at Green Valley Resort and Spa. The store will be FULL of amazing product. Just to name a few Teresa Collins, Bella Blvd, Fiskars, Xyron, Craftwell, American Crafts, Graphic 45... oh that is just a FEW....

This year I felt very inspired to invite Ashley Mitchell (BIG TOUGH GIRL) come and be the KEYNOTE SPEAKER. She has a powerful message. I know that in life we all need that encouragement and to feel EMPOWERED and INSPIRED in our own personal journey. 

On a personal note, last year was the hardest year ever for me to do the event. I was struggling as I knew the end was near for Tyler. I had to refocus and get through a really hard sad time for my family. I remember seeing girls at the event but my mind would go blank and I could not remember their names. I was a shell walking and talking.  It was almost a blur and things just were not the same as the previous years. I had no desire for a time, to even want to keep going... much less do an event of this size and magnitude. That is when it hit me. I have weathered the storm and battled. I decided to go on and give it my heart. That is all that I could do. I know that no matter what you do, some people never can have their expectations met. Last year's event probably changed me in many ways. During the hardest time of my life, some things happened at the event that forever changed me. Some things were done that I felt were uncalled for. Drama creep in. It was sad and hard and as rumors and horrible things were said... I remained silent. I knew the truth. I knew how easily things can and do blow up. I am a firm believer in having integrity and I stood firm in my resolve to never call or or harm anyone. As things were swirling and hurtful mean things were going on... I prayed for peace. I knew that I would never publicly say one word. I feel like often we try to speak when silence speaks more. I gained a greater appreciation during this time. STORMS will and do come into your life. I promised myself I just had to "hold on." Those that truly know me always know that I am the ultimate people pleaser. Sometimes you realize you can't fix everything. It's up to YOU how you choose to react to any situation. You have no control on so many things in life. What you can control is how you REACT to those challenges.

This is ONE of the THREE workshops/seminars that I am teaching this year....

               LIVE TODAY IN ALL CAPS

This is my NEW black/white and gold book plate label photo album.

I want to encourage EACH of you to take the time to take the photos, print the photos...

challenge yourself to at the very least
put them in page protectors/album.

I challenge you to do this. Stop making excuses. 

THIS IS WHY I design to tell a story...

I want to inspire you to do the same.

I promise YOU that it matters.

If you want to sign up to get on the list to come to my event please 

I am beyond grateful for this year. THIS is a huge year of healing and will continue to be so for me and my family. I am so thrilled to teach this and the other two projects. I am passionate about ENCOURAGEMENT. We all need this. We need that reminder that when life get's messy it's going to be okay... have FAITH.

LIFE is not always pretty. It's what you do with your messes... make it your MESSAGE. Share and forgive and love. I personally know what it is like to be judged by others who don't even know me. THIS is the SECRET... love yourself and NEVER ever use it as an excuse to become mean, vindictive or YOU have lost more than they have. I get emails and messages every day. Sometimes I cry knowing I simply don't have the time to respond, but I want too and wish I had the time. People share their heart, life and story. I am JUST like you. I see your battles and often they are just like mine. There is a connection. My heart is so grateful for YOUR willingness to share with me. I do this event and others because of that. I want to know YOU and I want to share ALL that I have and can to spread more LOVE and JOY. 

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