Friday, October 30, 2015


I posted photos of the FAMOUS SWIG sugar cookies yesterday. Oh my... it's a problem. SWIG is literally a five minute drive from my house. This is the problem. I crave these beautiful pink cookies. I crave the DIET WILD. 
It's diet mtn dew and mango (perfectly mixed). 

Even my son knew he HAD to take a cookie. It's okay, I buy ONE for each family member. I have learned to not buy more than one at a time. YOU will eat them all. There is limits to our WILLPOWER. 
So if you are not in Utah and you are wondering... what is the big deal... then I want you to make a batch yourself and see.


I am so close I have NEVER made them myself- but I am told my many friends that this recipe is "legit."



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Thursday, October 29, 2015

It happened at 4 am

It really happened at 4am. I woke up this morning at 3 am and I tried so hard to go back to sleep. I realized about 3:30 that it was time to start the day. I tried not to wake up Brian (since I am that girl that wakes up super early EVERY day with so much to do that I can't sleep!!!!) and I went into my closet and put on sweats and my brand new PINNERS tshirt. 

They sent me this and I love it. Pinner's Conference is next week and I am doing a big booth and so I am thinking about my workshops and my booth. Yes, lots of stuff to come and buy. YOU will want to come- TRUST ME!!!!

Anyway, I walk downstairs and I had to take a photo of what I found.

I love my son Ty and how he left a note when he took a SWIG cookie from the box. I laughed out loud when I saw that he was so thoughtful. 

This made me think... okay... it's way early and it's still dark outside. I can't stop thinking how GRATEFUL I am for little notes like this. I am grateful he is my son. I will cherish this. This boy is in 11th grade and I don't have him much longer at home. He is my baby boy. How did he grow up so fast? 

So my thought is this...
CHERISH these "little" moments. 
I know I will.

I shared this photo from my home studio on my instagram yesterday. (instagram: TERESACOLLINSDESIGNS and my personal one: teresacollinswebber) I see it EVERYDAY and it is really HUGE to me. I feel that often we are so "in the world" we forget that we are special and unique and have our own path. We need to have faith daily. 

 I was impressed by something someone shared in a lesson in church this past week. I have thought about it A LOT. You know in life there are the LAWS of the land. You have legal obligations and if you don't do them then you are held accountable. A man shared that in business and often in life, sometimes we can get away with things that are wrong because the LAW does not single out every single things that is wrong. We can get away with certain behaviors and wrong doings "legally." Then he said, but "character" is what makes us "MAKE IT RIGHT" even though we have no legal responsibility to do so. That is profound. I agreed with him. I know that we should do what's right even if the law doesn't make us, or even if no one would ever know we did "something." Basically, are we honest? 

I wanted to share something personal and true. I don't know WHY but I have felt I needed to share this. I was "new" in the design world. I was designing with a talented girl and we became great friends. We both decided to design together and do it with a company who would manufacturer our designs together. Soon after we started, my friend did not really feel the company was a good fit and just felt ambivalence in us giving them our designs. I understood and sadly just decided to keep designing. I told her if and when we got any money on our joint products that I would pay her. Some of the products came out. This company was very slow to pay and it was much less than expected. My designer friend had asked about our payment and I recall at that point I had not been paid yet. I could feel "feelings" and knew she was questioning things. Then finally I got payment and it was so SMALL. I knew that it was not accurate but when you are paid on royalty you can get burned at times. So I remember telling her the amount and she questioned it. I don't blame her. I know she must have questioned me and my integrity. I certainly understand this. I paid her the amount from the amount they paid me. However, my heart was HEAVY. It just did not "feel" right. I remember talking to Tyler and telling him how much I felt this entire situation was wrong. I prayed and KNEW instantly that I had to make it right for me. I wrote her a "nice" check (well above what I had been paid) and sent it to her. She had no idea it was coming. THIS changed me because I felt so bad for months over this. I felt a peace again. I did not have to do this. I wanted to. It was a great lesson to me. I learned that even though you don't really have to do something sometimes... you SHOULD. I believe you make it right even if the numbers don't dictate it. That is how I run my business. Do we justify our actions? 

I know many of you don't know me personally and my blog is my personal connection with you. I keep this blog because I want my children, family and you to know the "real" me. I am never one to have a pity party. I try to see the good in the bad and I am not always perfect. Trust me, I have struggles, but I am always willing to acknowledge and work on them. I have grown in wisdom and grace over the years and I am a work in progress. I believe we all are. I am a firm believer in being a woman of character. I try hard to make choices with character and make things right when they aren't. Just because you can get away with something... I know I can't and won't live this way. 

Can you believe it's still dark? I love blogging and sharing. Now to get some kits finished for Pinner's and my upcoming cruise.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015


This was the most wonderful weekend for my family.
Travis and Taylor were sealed in the American Fork Temple to their beautiful babies. My heart is so overjoyed and thankful. It 
was a beautiful special day for them. 

This was the first PHOTO ever of all the babies together.

Tenneson, Zellie, Capri, Cooper, Maxson and Beckett.

I am blessed to be the mother of these two special girls (and Gentry).
As much as I think they are beautiful, the true beauty is their inner beauty and heart. I am so thankful they are kind and loving. I have ALWAYS told my children this. IF you can be ONE THING- BE KIND. It's really the only way to live your life. It effects how you treat everyone- including yourself.

Taylor then hosted a great dinner after the babies were blessed by Travis at the church meetinghouse . I loved that she used some of the items that I had designed and that she printed the 13x19 photos.  (Canon PIMXA iP8720)

Capri's little face is filling out and she is the sweetest little girl.
She loves to put her hand up like this in her photos. It's like that little girl in school who raises her hand to speak. I love this little angel. 

I love being her mother. It was funny that the rare day that I curl my hair "ALL" my girls did too. We laughed when we saw each other. I simply love being a mother.  She likes to come home and spend time with her brothers and is very mindful of her priorities in life. If you are in Springville, she works as a server at the Art City Trolley and is a really great (friendly girl) who is great to give you lots of drink refills. (love you McKay!)

This sweet guy was is my rock. He has been pretty sick for a few days and STILL he went. Brian knew how special this weekend was for Travis and Taylor. He has been a great addition to our crazy family. I love that he simply is just a great person and my children want him around. Did I mention that they now ask what is for dinner and if Brian is making it? Yes, Brian is the best cook and he loves to cook and prepare nice dinners for us. This weekend was so fun to have his children with us too. I have learned that the heart only expands to love more. I recently ran into a dear friend that has known our family for twenty years. She mentioned that she felt that Tyler would have wanted me to go on and be happy and maybe brought Brian into my life. It was sweet and tender and we both cried as we talked about this. I know that LIFE cannot be controlled. I can only control how I deal with hard trials and hard times in life.
(love this photo bomber)

Maxson loved holding the babies. Zellie is a little natural mother. I was so happy that Matt and Kayla were here and drove many hours to make this happen. I know that this was a big trip and sacrifice for them. I truly would have loved to have them closer and see them more. 

These cuties are just blessed to be surrounded with so many people that love them dearly. I am a firm believer in that FAMILY is everything. Today Taylor needed help to go to the dentist with her two babies, so I went to watch the babies. We spent the entire day together and talked. It was a day that she just needed her mother "time." She apologized for taking my whole day and I reassured her that I would drop anything at anytime to be with her. I truly meant this. If we focus on truly what matters in life then I believe that everything does work out. 

We hit a ROUGH patch as a family and each of us personally after Tyler died. I wanted to share that our family was "rocked" to our core. It took a lot of patience, love and kindness to get us through our own grieving process. I know that this grieving process is still going on. I witnessed each of our children and myself deal with Ty's death so differently. It was not pretty at times. I truly believe our belief in God and our FAITH was what pulled us through this hard time. We simply knew that family is everything and we need each other. It's during the "storms of life" that things simply unravel. I felt this on such a deep and personal level. I have never felt more sadness or felt more hurt. Our family was struggling. At times, angry words and misunderstanding happened.  I know a key ingredient what pulled us back together... LOVE. We choose to love.  Often times, we pull away so hard that we lose the most important thing to us. Don't let silly arguments, judgments, misunderstanding and words said RUIN your family and life. 

NOTHING is more powerful than the love we have for each other. Also, there is NO RIGHT or NO WRONG. It is called acceptance and forgiveness. We all know that we need to extent this more to others and hope that others will do the same for us. I am forever grateful for my "imperfect" family. We simply love each other and support each other 1000%. 

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Monday, October 26, 2015

DEBUT of HOME DECOR Vinyl on My Craft Channel

See the 13 products debuting and how they were inspired. Learn how to use Teresa's vinyl within your home or office space. The vinyl is both easy to apply and to remove. Learn Teresa's tips and tricks and watch as Teresa shows you how to apply her vinyl.

Watch Today's Episode on My Craft Channel Here

Check your local Hobby Lobby Store to find the new Teresa Collins Home Decor Vinyl.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015


One of the things I love about having a personal blog is that it is just that... my personal journey. 

I am OUTRAGEOUSLY blessed.
I can't think of a better way to share it then some photos that MEAN so much to me. This is some of my favorite photos right now. 

Blessed to be the twins grandmother. I love them dearly.

This beautiful girl is 21 years old. McKay (right) is a LIGHT of true beauty. She is a student at BYU and working as a waitress and loves it. HER smile will brighten your day.

Kayla and Matt recently bought a beautiful home in S. California. I am so grateful for instagram and snapchat with these beautiful babies. I love them all dearly. Kayla is one amazing mother and her children are evident of her patience and love. Zellie, Maxson and Tenneson are just the cutest. Many of you may not know that Tyler never got to see Tenneson or hold him. He was too sick. Tyler lived for photos and videos from the grand babies. We had no idea how much Tenneson looks just like his papa. It is so sweet and tender. 

Gentry, Devan and Cooper.
Wow... the love this little family has is over the top.
Gentry is capturing moments nonstop of her little baby.
This photo captured their family.

Taylor & Travis
This photo is their precious family.
I don't even need words to describe this beautiful photo. It is a beautiful reminder to me of what LOVE is really all about. I know that Taylor never thought she would be a instant "mom" to an almost 12 year old little boy. She loves and takes care of him along with the twins and "big kid" Travis. 

Taylor came to visit me at my office. 
I can't snuggle these babies enough.

Beckett and Capri got their shots and WOW are they growing. Beckett is 10 lbs and Capri is now 8 lbs.

Every Tuesday afternoon, Brian visits with his two youngest children. It's always so much fun to go out with them. We have a lot of fun talking and bonding. Here we are enjoying SUSHI MONSTER. Seriously, great food and they are great sushi eaters for their age. We have a great time together.

Well, my boys are being boys and this week (so far) I don't have any photos to share. I might have to bribe them with some yummy food or something. It normally does the trick. 

Hopefully this post will inspire YOU to take more photos. Time and life changes so quickly. Don't miss the opportunity to capture what matters most to you. 

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What would you do if you were not SCARED or FEARFUL of  failing? I know that I have at times in my life been that girl that STOPPED doing something because my FEAR was greater than my belief in myself. Okay- can we all not relate to this? I think one of the reasons is change. If you are like me, you are a creature of habit.

Change is hard and often this makes us AFRAID. I completely can identify with this. I go to Cafe Rio and I get the shredded pork salad EVERY single time. I resist change because it is the "unknown." What if I am disappointed? What if I don't like it? This is a silly example but it used to be me.

I know it's crazy but just ONE of the things that has changed with me is EXPANDING and trying new things is when I go to restaurants now. It's a baby step but for me, it's something I never did. I have to give credit for this to Brian. I am all about being SAFE. I like routine and  for me this makes me feel SAFE. 

Do you know how often I hear from women who ask me how I do what I do? They have dreams and they are FEARFUL or just don't know how to go for what they want. My creative career has been a long and wonderful journey. SETBACKS have and continue to happen. I actually see them as the important lessons to "make" myself want to pick myself up and SUCCEED more. I decided long ago that FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION and I would follow my heart and do what I felt was meant for me. I listened strongly to God in my heart and life. I also knew my PATH was my own path. I have always felt strongly to FOCUS on what I do and not on what others do

My biggest competition is myself. I want to be the BEST me. I talked about this in my book. It's simple- if you FOCUS on evolving and growing and creating YOU, then you don't have time or the focus to worry on what everyone else is doing. 

I realized that when I first started designing that NO MATTER how great a collection was or sold that I designed, SOMEONE would say something that would "hurt" my feelings. I was new at product design and with each new release I would "FEAR" being criticized.  It was a hard but essential lesson for me to learn.
I was allowing FEAR to stop me in some ways. 

Now I remind myself EVERY single day-


I don't want to ever live a life of regret or asking myself, "WHY didn't I just do it?" There is so much more to GAIN then to lose. I say GO for your dreams. Don't ever settle.

I hope you will remember that it's really almost like BABY STEPS in life. You grow stronger and more FEARLESS as you do small things to grow in your confidence.

I have so many AMAZING big things in the works for my company and designs. Many would be SHOCKED but excited at my future. I am
evolving as a designer. I am challenging myself and 
FOCUSING on exciting and expanding into new markets for my company. I don't allow myself to  "DEFINE" or limit what I want to do. 

The other night we had my first book launch. Gentry asked me if I was nervous to do it. I thought about it and honestly had to say, "I'm always concerned and really want to talk from the heart and make it meaningful BUT I know and am confident in WHY I wrote the book and it's message so I'm not afraid."

When we got to the book launch, I was met by two newspaper reporters. I had no idea what questions they would ask me or what would happen, but I  told myself to just "be myself" and share my message. That is really what is all about. 

So much in life- WE have no CONTROL. We are not really in charge. I have chosen to control my thoughts and belief in myself. 

We generate fears while we sit. We overcome them by action. FEAR is natures way of warning us to get busy. -Dr. Henry Link

For me and my personal journey I would say that overcoming my personal fear has required a mindset of me choosing to grow and change as needed. What do we really have to lose by TRYING and GOING for something we really want?????

It's a mindset and outlook. I knew that FEAR can trap anyone. It does not happen overnight and it will take time.  It's so very worth it. 

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Halloween Subway Art Printable

Join Teresa today as she shares an
Exclusive FREE Halloween Printable
that she designed for the viewers of My Craft Channel.

Thanks to the quality of printing on the Canon PIXMA iP8720 Crafting Printer you can print this fun spooky printable from small to large format.

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Don't ASSUME...

It's Sunday. I have been thinking so much about my life and things that are important to me. Brian and I were married four months ago. Time goes so fast and it seems life just get's so busy. I have been focusing on my family and our new adjustments.

                              Capri and Beckett are 7 weeks old.

Brian is truly a blessing from God to my life. This man is kind, honest, loving and has blessed me to heal my heart is countless ways. I know that we each see every day as a blessing to have found each other.

Zach just turned 18 years old. 
He is preparing to serve a mission for our church. Zach is very special and is so excited and thankful to do this. He wanted to go to BYU for college.

Cooper is now 5 months old (yesterday).
He is smiling and such a happy baby.
I sure love those grand babies. 

I have to say that I am so proud of my children. I am proud of Brian's children. I miss Maxson, Zellie and Tenneson. They are truly the cutest little kids. I am grateful for my FAMILY. There has been so many adjustments in our life and today in church something HIT my HEART. Well, I was overcome with emotion.

I realized that for me as much as I love my "job" what I love most is the opportunity to support other people as they "go for their dreams." I know that NO one has it easy. NOT one of us. We are all insecure, fearful and feel lost at times. We have to battle to keep going and see the good. We all do. We are meant for greatness. We are here to help one another. 

I knew I needed to blog and share it. I know that with my book out now, that many of you have read it. I have felt completely vulnerable with sharing what I did. I knew that many of you are like me. I know it's hard sometimes to share the things that have hurt us or things that make us feel weak or fearful. I want to share WHY I wrote the book and  WHY I blog.  I KNOW how important it is to share our journey with others. We each have a story to share. We each can help someone else.  This is my WHY.

Recently, I had a friend tell me about someone that disliked someone I personally know very well because "someone" had said something "negative" to them about this person. I was astounded and saddened. It really made me think.  I was really amazed that this person decided NOT to like someone because of something someone said about them. I could not wrap my head around how wrong this is. I thought about my own life. I thought about the times people have "assumed" that they know me, know my story, know my heart and intentions. I talked about it in my book. We instantly judge other people. We see someone and we "ASSUME" they are a certain way. Maybe we judge a person or a situation.
Then today in church we had a great message...


I admit, I instantly thought about my friend. I thought to myself, WHY do some people choose to tear or assume negative things about someone else? It has made me realize that there are so many MISSED opportunities for friendship and growth because of this.

I know on a personal level, I have people "assume" things about me and my family. It has made me realize how important it is to "encourage" and support others in our life journey. I simply do not see the need to hurt someone else. I am a firm believer in sharing the good in others. In a world that wants to tear other people down, we must make a conscious choice to BUILD others up.

 If you hear someone talking bad about someone that you know or may not know, do you judge the situation or the person based on what someone else is saying? I think I have surprised people by saying I don't want to be involved because I was not there and too often stories are misrepresented. I loved this thought...


I am on a personal mission to be kinder and wiser in all that I do. LIFE is so hard, I want to help make the world a better place by spreading peace and support. I strive to FOCUS on "what matters most." I am just simply GRATEFUL. I know that for me, it's not WHAT I have in my life but WHO I have. I am forever grateful. THANK YOU for all of you who are reaching out to me and have read my book. I was deeply humbled to know it's already on it's 2nd reprint. I can't thank you each enough for your support and for the feedback that helped me to know I made the "hard" but right decision to share such a personal story. 

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