Tuesday, October 27, 2015


This was the most wonderful weekend for my family.
Travis and Taylor were sealed in the American Fork Temple to their beautiful babies. My heart is so overjoyed and thankful. It 
was a beautiful special day for them. 

This was the first PHOTO ever of all the babies together.

Tenneson, Zellie, Capri, Cooper, Maxson and Beckett.

I am blessed to be the mother of these two special girls (and Gentry).
As much as I think they are beautiful, the true beauty is their inner beauty and heart. I am so thankful they are kind and loving. I have ALWAYS told my children this. IF you can be ONE THING- BE KIND. It's really the only way to live your life. It effects how you treat everyone- including yourself.

Taylor then hosted a great dinner after the babies were blessed by Travis at the church meetinghouse . I loved that she used some of the items that I had designed and that she printed the 13x19 photos.  (Canon PIMXA iP8720)

Capri's little face is filling out and she is the sweetest little girl.
She loves to put her hand up like this in her photos. It's like that little girl in school who raises her hand to speak. I love this little angel. 

I love being her mother. It was funny that the rare day that I curl my hair "ALL" my girls did too. We laughed when we saw each other. I simply love being a mother.  She likes to come home and spend time with her brothers and is very mindful of her priorities in life. If you are in Springville, she works as a server at the Art City Trolley and is a really great (friendly girl) who is great to give you lots of drink refills. (love you McKay!)

This sweet guy was is my rock. He has been pretty sick for a few days and STILL he went. Brian knew how special this weekend was for Travis and Taylor. He has been a great addition to our crazy family. I love that he simply is just a great person and my children want him around. Did I mention that they now ask what is for dinner and if Brian is making it? Yes, Brian is the best cook and he loves to cook and prepare nice dinners for us. This weekend was so fun to have his children with us too. I have learned that the heart only expands to love more. I recently ran into a dear friend that has known our family for twenty years. She mentioned that she felt that Tyler would have wanted me to go on and be happy and maybe brought Brian into my life. It was sweet and tender and we both cried as we talked about this. I know that LIFE cannot be controlled. I can only control how I deal with hard trials and hard times in life.
(love this photo bomber)

Maxson loved holding the babies. Zellie is a little natural mother. I was so happy that Matt and Kayla were here and drove many hours to make this happen. I know that this was a big trip and sacrifice for them. I truly would have loved to have them closer and see them more. 

These cuties are just blessed to be surrounded with so many people that love them dearly. I am a firm believer in that FAMILY is everything. Today Taylor needed help to go to the dentist with her two babies, so I went to watch the babies. We spent the entire day together and talked. It was a day that she just needed her mother "time." She apologized for taking my whole day and I reassured her that I would drop anything at anytime to be with her. I truly meant this. If we focus on truly what matters in life then I believe that everything does work out. 

We hit a ROUGH patch as a family and each of us personally after Tyler died. I wanted to share that our family was "rocked" to our core. It took a lot of patience, love and kindness to get us through our own grieving process. I know that this grieving process is still going on. I witnessed each of our children and myself deal with Ty's death so differently. It was not pretty at times. I truly believe our belief in God and our FAITH was what pulled us through this hard time. We simply knew that family is everything and we need each other. It's during the "storms of life" that things simply unravel. I felt this on such a deep and personal level. I have never felt more sadness or felt more hurt. Our family was struggling. At times, angry words and misunderstanding happened.  I know a key ingredient what pulled us back together... LOVE. We choose to love.  Often times, we pull away so hard that we lose the most important thing to us. Don't let silly arguments, judgments, misunderstanding and words said RUIN your family and life. 

NOTHING is more powerful than the love we have for each other. Also, there is NO RIGHT or NO WRONG. It is called acceptance and forgiveness. We all know that we need to extent this more to others and hope that others will do the same for us. I am forever grateful for my "imperfect" family. We simply love each other and support each other 1000%. 

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