Thursday, October 29, 2015

It happened at 4 am

It really happened at 4am. I woke up this morning at 3 am and I tried so hard to go back to sleep. I realized about 3:30 that it was time to start the day. I tried not to wake up Brian (since I am that girl that wakes up super early EVERY day with so much to do that I can't sleep!!!!) and I went into my closet and put on sweats and my brand new PINNERS tshirt. 

They sent me this and I love it. Pinner's Conference is next week and I am doing a big booth and so I am thinking about my workshops and my booth. Yes, lots of stuff to come and buy. YOU will want to come- TRUST ME!!!!

Anyway, I walk downstairs and I had to take a photo of what I found.

I love my son Ty and how he left a note when he took a SWIG cookie from the box. I laughed out loud when I saw that he was so thoughtful. 

This made me think... okay... it's way early and it's still dark outside. I can't stop thinking how GRATEFUL I am for little notes like this. I am grateful he is my son. I will cherish this. This boy is in 11th grade and I don't have him much longer at home. He is my baby boy. How did he grow up so fast? 

So my thought is this...
CHERISH these "little" moments. 
I know I will.

I shared this photo from my home studio on my instagram yesterday. (instagram: TERESACOLLINSDESIGNS and my personal one: teresacollinswebber) I see it EVERYDAY and it is really HUGE to me. I feel that often we are so "in the world" we forget that we are special and unique and have our own path. We need to have faith daily. 

 I was impressed by something someone shared in a lesson in church this past week. I have thought about it A LOT. You know in life there are the LAWS of the land. You have legal obligations and if you don't do them then you are held accountable. A man shared that in business and often in life, sometimes we can get away with things that are wrong because the LAW does not single out every single things that is wrong. We can get away with certain behaviors and wrong doings "legally." Then he said, but "character" is what makes us "MAKE IT RIGHT" even though we have no legal responsibility to do so. That is profound. I agreed with him. I know that we should do what's right even if the law doesn't make us, or even if no one would ever know we did "something." Basically, are we honest? 

I wanted to share something personal and true. I don't know WHY but I have felt I needed to share this. I was "new" in the design world. I was designing with a talented girl and we became great friends. We both decided to design together and do it with a company who would manufacturer our designs together. Soon after we started, my friend did not really feel the company was a good fit and just felt ambivalence in us giving them our designs. I understood and sadly just decided to keep designing. I told her if and when we got any money on our joint products that I would pay her. Some of the products came out. This company was very slow to pay and it was much less than expected. My designer friend had asked about our payment and I recall at that point I had not been paid yet. I could feel "feelings" and knew she was questioning things. Then finally I got payment and it was so SMALL. I knew that it was not accurate but when you are paid on royalty you can get burned at times. So I remember telling her the amount and she questioned it. I don't blame her. I know she must have questioned me and my integrity. I certainly understand this. I paid her the amount from the amount they paid me. However, my heart was HEAVY. It just did not "feel" right. I remember talking to Tyler and telling him how much I felt this entire situation was wrong. I prayed and KNEW instantly that I had to make it right for me. I wrote her a "nice" check (well above what I had been paid) and sent it to her. She had no idea it was coming. THIS changed me because I felt so bad for months over this. I felt a peace again. I did not have to do this. I wanted to. It was a great lesson to me. I learned that even though you don't really have to do something sometimes... you SHOULD. I believe you make it right even if the numbers don't dictate it. That is how I run my business. Do we justify our actions? 

I know many of you don't know me personally and my blog is my personal connection with you. I keep this blog because I want my children, family and you to know the "real" me. I am never one to have a pity party. I try to see the good in the bad and I am not always perfect. Trust me, I have struggles, but I am always willing to acknowledge and work on them. I have grown in wisdom and grace over the years and I am a work in progress. I believe we all are. I am a firm believer in being a woman of character. I try hard to make choices with character and make things right when they aren't. Just because you can get away with something... I know I can't and won't live this way. 

Can you believe it's still dark? I love blogging and sharing. Now to get some kits finished for Pinner's and my upcoming cruise.

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