Tuesday, October 20, 2015


What would you do if you were not SCARED or FEARFUL of  failing? I know that I have at times in my life been that girl that STOPPED doing something because my FEAR was greater than my belief in myself. Okay- can we all not relate to this? I think one of the reasons is change. If you are like me, you are a creature of habit.

Change is hard and often this makes us AFRAID. I completely can identify with this. I go to Cafe Rio and I get the shredded pork salad EVERY single time. I resist change because it is the "unknown." What if I am disappointed? What if I don't like it? This is a silly example but it used to be me.

I know it's crazy but just ONE of the things that has changed with me is EXPANDING and trying new things is when I go to restaurants now. It's a baby step but for me, it's something I never did. I have to give credit for this to Brian. I am all about being SAFE. I like routine and  for me this makes me feel SAFE. 

Do you know how often I hear from women who ask me how I do what I do? They have dreams and they are FEARFUL or just don't know how to go for what they want. My creative career has been a long and wonderful journey. SETBACKS have and continue to happen. I actually see them as the important lessons to "make" myself want to pick myself up and SUCCEED more. I decided long ago that FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION and I would follow my heart and do what I felt was meant for me. I listened strongly to God in my heart and life. I also knew my PATH was my own path. I have always felt strongly to FOCUS on what I do and not on what others do

My biggest competition is myself. I want to be the BEST me. I talked about this in my book. It's simple- if you FOCUS on evolving and growing and creating YOU, then you don't have time or the focus to worry on what everyone else is doing. 

I realized that when I first started designing that NO MATTER how great a collection was or sold that I designed, SOMEONE would say something that would "hurt" my feelings. I was new at product design and with each new release I would "FEAR" being criticized.  It was a hard but essential lesson for me to learn.
I was allowing FEAR to stop me in some ways. 

Now I remind myself EVERY single day-


I don't want to ever live a life of regret or asking myself, "WHY didn't I just do it?" There is so much more to GAIN then to lose. I say GO for your dreams. Don't ever settle.

I hope you will remember that it's really almost like BABY STEPS in life. You grow stronger and more FEARLESS as you do small things to grow in your confidence.

I have so many AMAZING big things in the works for my company and designs. Many would be SHOCKED but excited at my future. I am
evolving as a designer. I am challenging myself and 
FOCUSING on exciting and expanding into new markets for my company. I don't allow myself to  "DEFINE" or limit what I want to do. 

The other night we had my first book launch. Gentry asked me if I was nervous to do it. I thought about it and honestly had to say, "I'm always concerned and really want to talk from the heart and make it meaningful BUT I know and am confident in WHY I wrote the book and it's message so I'm not afraid."

When we got to the book launch, I was met by two newspaper reporters. I had no idea what questions they would ask me or what would happen, but I  told myself to just "be myself" and share my message. That is really what is all about. 

So much in life- WE have no CONTROL. We are not really in charge. I have chosen to control my thoughts and belief in myself. 

We generate fears while we sit. We overcome them by action. FEAR is natures way of warning us to get busy. -Dr. Henry Link

For me and my personal journey I would say that overcoming my personal fear has required a mindset of me choosing to grow and change as needed. What do we really have to lose by TRYING and GOING for something we really want?????

It's a mindset and outlook. I knew that FEAR can trap anyone. It does not happen overnight and it will take time.  It's so very worth it. 

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