Tuesday, October 20, 2015


One of the things I love about having a personal blog is that it is just that... my personal journey. 

I am OUTRAGEOUSLY blessed.
I can't think of a better way to share it then some photos that MEAN so much to me. This is some of my favorite photos right now. 

Blessed to be the twins grandmother. I love them dearly.

This beautiful girl is 21 years old. McKay (right) is a LIGHT of true beauty. She is a student at BYU and working as a waitress and loves it. HER smile will brighten your day.

Kayla and Matt recently bought a beautiful home in S. California. I am so grateful for instagram and snapchat with these beautiful babies. I love them all dearly. Kayla is one amazing mother and her children are evident of her patience and love. Zellie, Maxson and Tenneson are just the cutest. Many of you may not know that Tyler never got to see Tenneson or hold him. He was too sick. Tyler lived for photos and videos from the grand babies. We had no idea how much Tenneson looks just like his papa. It is so sweet and tender. 

Gentry, Devan and Cooper.
Wow... the love this little family has is over the top.
Gentry is capturing moments nonstop of her little baby.
This photo captured their family.

Taylor & Travis
This photo is their precious family.
I don't even need words to describe this beautiful photo. It is a beautiful reminder to me of what LOVE is really all about. I know that Taylor never thought she would be a instant "mom" to an almost 12 year old little boy. She loves and takes care of him along with the twins and "big kid" Travis. 

Taylor came to visit me at my office. 
I can't snuggle these babies enough.

Beckett and Capri got their shots and WOW are they growing. Beckett is 10 lbs and Capri is now 8 lbs.

Every Tuesday afternoon, Brian visits with his two youngest children. It's always so much fun to go out with them. We have a lot of fun talking and bonding. Here we are enjoying SUSHI MONSTER. Seriously, great food and they are great sushi eaters for their age. We have a great time together.

Well, my boys are being boys and this week (so far) I don't have any photos to share. I might have to bribe them with some yummy food or something. It normally does the trick. 

Hopefully this post will inspire YOU to take more photos. Time and life changes so quickly. Don't miss the opportunity to capture what matters most to you. 

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