Wednesday, October 7, 2015


I am waking up at 4 am every night since I got back from my business trip to London. I felt really impressed to do this blog post this morning so I got up early. I go on Channel 2 this morning. It will air at 3:30 pm on Channel 2- FRESH LIVING show. I hope you will watch it! This is my first time going on this show. I am sharing what I am doing at the upcoming big "PINNERS CONFERENCE" here in Utah next month. It's a large show and I will be sharing more about it. I have a booth there and will be selling some great TC product and am teaching TWO workshops. Make sure you come if you can. Many people from around the world now travel to this show. Today I will be on air sharing the projects and PRINTING your memories. 

These are the two projects I will be at Pinners Conference teaching and you can visit our booth at the show.
I am thrilled about this.

Now... oh my... deep breath...
has been racing.

It has been hard to sleep.
My book is SELLING. It's being read. I am getting so much mail and messages from people who have read my book.
I cry as I get so many of the messages. They are often with the person holding the book as they are buying it or after reading it.

I was so AFRAID to write this book.
It's deeply personal and REAL.
Guess what?

No one really has it EASY. Do we?

I NEVER thought in a million years I would be doing what I do. I would be SHARING my designs outside the craft world. Well, I never expected to be doing anything other than a mother. Heavenly Father led me to do and BE who I am.
I followed HIS path for me.

This book is now at Costco, Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and book stores both in the USA and Internationally.
I cry tears of joy and tears of tenderness.
I feel like I have exposed so much.
YOU will read the REAL me in so many ways.
I had no choice but to be STRONG and GO ON.
It is STILL not easy.

SETBACKS still happen to me EVERY day.
It's really how we CHOOSE to look at them.
I hope by sharing my story and how I grew up...
my inner desire struggles that YOU too will
know that YOU can and will do amazing things if you only BELIEVE in yourself.

I felt very strongly today to SHARE with you that you EACH need to realize YOUR own worth.
FOCUS on YOU. You can't change anyone else.
You can't change the hard times you will face.
YOU can FOCUS on being happy and living the most
amazing LIFE by being KINDER to yourself and your struggles.

I want you to know that I appreciate the messages about the book. I hope you will share the book with someone else too. I hope my story will help others. We are not alone. We all are in this crazy life journey together. Have the BEST Wednesday EVER!!!!!!!

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