Tuesday, October 13, 2015

What is the TC VEGAS event?

I am often asked what my event is about that is in Vegas. I have to say that for me it's really about "celebrating" life moments. I love that so many people come from around the world to attend and be creative. They also come to have fun, laugh, be inspired and hang out with their friends and make new friends. 

I am fortunate that I can drive to the event. This is one of the reasons I love Henderson (right outside of Vegas) for the location. My friend TC is the best traveling buddy. We laughed and then cried from laughing so much. She kept taking photos. I love them... every single one of them. We came and set up the store with a large group of amazing volunteers and friends. 

There are pre-VEGAS event workshops that anyone can take as well. They are a la cart and so Thursday is pick and choose any workshops you desire. Be warned- the workshops SELL out FAST! It's a great day. I love education and the event participants can can learn and create from so many talented designers. 

The resort is BEAUTIFUL so many who attend bring moms, dads, spouses and children with them. I love to see the families that attend the event. 

Year after year, I do the same. This year Zach came and helped in the store the entire time. He loved it! He especially loved the ribs a group of friends brought back for him.  He told me he loved meeting everyone. The girls with young babies could not come this year, but I missed their help. Hopefully next year they can come. 

This was Thursday night at the KICK OFF. Ashley Mitchell came and talked about being a BIG TOUGH GIRL. It was POWERFUL. I plan a post about her and her message in it's own blog post. Just know that to me... my event is about LIFE. We need to go and do things that INSPIRE, UPLIFT and ENCOURAGE us. We need to do more things that bring HAPPINESS in our life. That is why I asked Ashley to come. This is WHY I do this event.

Thank you Dawn for my GOLD camera. Oh my... it truly was the perfect gift for me. The truth is taking photos is hard for me when I'm at my event. The photos are not the best in the convention rooms. I take them anyway. I do this every day. Then I print them. I don't want to FORGET.

How funny that someone took this photo of Brian taking a photo of me. I was modeling my NEW- BIG TOUGH GIRL bracelets. I love them!!! I love that someone captured it.

This was my FOCUS this year. It was EXACTLY how I have felt the past couple of years. When Tyler died... I thought I would NEVER ever be able to go on. I was LOST in so many ways.

Brian is the one who shared this quote with me. It spoke from my heart and it was the message I shared to the 300 participants at the event. Yes, the event SOLD OUT and we have a waiting list to attend each year. I truly wished we could fit more people in but we cannot. 

Bridget and I work on the event every single day for the entire year, along with all our other company duties. It is something that is near and dear to my heart. That is WHY I continue to do it.

I am blessed to have amazing friends and partners in the industry who support my events. This is something I so appreciate and don't take lightly. I love the designers who came this year. They were all amazing and inspiration was overflowing.

Ashley Mitchell reminded us to:
I want her shirt. We need to stop labeling ourselves and others. We need to be kinder and help others. I held a meet up with all the new people coming to the event. It ended up with so many new faces and returning students before the event helping each other. Everyone wanted to make new friends and it was very special. 

Each year I make new friends like Midge & Madge. I loved that Shari M came this year all the way from Canada. I am always very mindful and thankful that people want to come. 

This is a few of the photos from the hotel.

This year I taught with pocket pages. It's OKAY! You don't have to create artistic scrapbook pages or bulging mini albums. Just print your photos and put them in the pocket page protectors. 

It's really important that you finally get the photos off your media cards, off your phones and PRINT them. I talked about speaking at the NYC Canon Expo 2015 Event and my experience sharing my story. I encouraged everyone to print their photos EVEN if they decide to slip them in a page pocket and never decorate it. 

I encouraged everyone to put their photos in albums. I know it's TIME. We all have busy lives. We have so many excuses. We need to just take the TIME to print out our memories and put them in a book to REMEMBER the moments.

Students receive "photographs" that show how my pages/albums look so they can duplicate their projects easily. And I love quotes and added these to my pocket pages as well...but I kept my books very simple. Everyone gets everything they see in my projects. But I encourage everyone to DO IT THEIR OWN WAY!

 There are no rules to scrapbooking or being creative. It's about preserving memories 
and that is what my workshops were about.

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