Monday, November 30, 2015

My Craft Channel Episode - LIVE LIFE IN ALL CAPS

Join Teresa Collins as she talks about her new book, "Life in All Caps - The Teresa Collins Story." After divorce, a stroke, and losing her second husband to cancer, it would be easy for Teresa Collins to give up. But with her unfailing optimism and creative spirit, Teresa is taking on the world as an internationally renowned designer and popular guest speaker. Her incredible story will change how you see your challenges and inspire you to live life to the fullest.

Watch Today's Episode on My Craft Channel Here

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Monday, November 23, 2015

DIY Stitching Episode + Amazing Samples by Jennifer Haggerty

Learn how adding stitching to your layouts and projects add dimension and the WOW factor. Teresa is sharing her creative team designer, Jennifer Haggerty's projects with you today. See the projects on her blog today and how STITCHING just may be the thing you want to add to your next projects. All projects are designed with Teresa's newest paper collections.


Here are the amazing project's created by Jennifer.
Be sure to VISIT HER BLOG for more inspiring ideas.

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Monday, November 16, 2015


Words of affirmation are a great motivation. Print your own TC artwork to remind yourself of your own worth.

Featured in today's episode, the Canon PIXMA iP8720 Crafting Printer.
Learn more about this large format printer HERE.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

DIY... this is how we CELEBRATE our memories

 I am thankful that my family has captured something I love so much. I have"stressed" for years WHY I take so many photos. My girls really have watched me over the years. I know they know how important it is to take photos and equally as important to print them out. So when Taylor was planning her baby blessing and luncheon recently she called and asked if she could "borrow" some of my photo paper. I told her that she could if she would take some photos of her printing and creating her photos so everyone can see how she decorated for the twins big day.

Taylor has was recently blessed with her gorgeous twins. They are EIGHT weeks old. Taylor prepared a beautiful dinner to celebrate their sealing and blessing and wanted to make her own decorations.

Taylor took these photos from her home office. She had the photos she wanted to print and you can see them displayed on her laptop. Taylor is like me and loves the large 13" x 19" photo size

These photos are from the twins two week photo shoot. 
It's easy to keep these beautiful photos on the computer or media card. I think often we get so busy we don't print out our memories.

So many people at the celebration could not believe that Taylor had printed out all the photos displayed herself from her printer at home. They really had a "big impact" due to their size.

The fact that she can print from home and do this DIY photo gallery herself was just what a new mother of twins needed. Taylor said she has a hard time getting out of the house most days. ha!

I know I had a hard time when I had little ones too, so I can relate to how helpful it is to be able to print at home at any time. (like when the twins sleeping). This is the ultimate large format printer and I love that Taylor prints her photos now too. The model she has is the Canon PIXMA iP8720 Crafting Printer .

The reality is that the party was amazing. The photos do not do these photos justice (inside church meetinghouse with no natural light). They are stunning and Taylor is now going to put them in her  home.

This is a few of the tables she had with the photos in frames that she had printed on her printer

Taylor had some 13" x 19" black metal frames and I gave her some of my gray frames as well. You can find these at Michael's. 

These large photos make a LARGE statement. I loved that she had them on so many of the tables for everyone to see.

Yes, she also got my "obsession" with gold spray paint.
All the tables had plastic animals in gold  and my gold sequins.
I loved the great smelling and beautiful white flowers in the gold vases. Every table had this same decor.

This is so the BEST PHOTO. Capri is sleepy and yawning and Beckett is alert and awake. I know they will cherish every one of these photos. Travis did the most beautiful blessing for his babies. I have to share a little "behind the scenes." Both of my cute son in laws had no idea when they started to date my girls that they would forever be subjected to constant photos being taken. Each son has now said at some point, "Wow, I see where you get your photo obsession from. Your mom sure likes to take a lot of photos." I take this as the ultimate compliment. 

Thanks to Taylor for helping to remind me WHY we need to print our photos. Also, it inspired me to add more photo displays to my parties and events. I was really impressed with her meaningful shower and party. 

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Monday, November 9, 2015

Winter Paperie Collection Debut on My Craft Channel

The debut of Teresa's brand new Christmas and Winter Paperie Collection. See how her latest collection is a beautiful collection of kraft, white, black and red. See the Christmas daily album that is created to document your Christmas memories. Teresa has created her papers to coordinate with her line of punches with Fiskars. Using her TC Fiskars seal punch with her circle icon countdown paper, see the December countdown album in this episode.
Watch Today's Episode on My Craft Channel Here

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HALLOWEEN was truly a special day for us.
We gathered as a family to celebrate... lots of yummy treats, taco soup, cookies and it was a fun day. I count my blessings every day that I have kids that are so much fun to be around. They make life so much fun. They are happy and enjoy the simple things.

I have literally felt so OUT of time lately. I am preparing for my TC Cruise that is next week. I just did the PINNERS CONFERENCE event this past weekend. 

Gentry was there and I helped promote her new ETSY shop- BLUSH BOULEVARD. We sold a TON of her artwork.

I adore these girls. I love WHIPPY CAKE. 
This girl is the sweetest girl. I got a lot of time to talk to her and I am a FAN forever. I loved meeting Camille too. I want to do a girls retreat with both of them.

My mother in law Pat is the BEST. She worked the show for me. I have to talk about her. She came into my life (package deal with Brian) and OH how I love her and his family. She is full of love and support. She loves all of her children so much and supports them and their spouses. She has cried with me and been a huge support to me and to us (Brian and I). I am truly grateful. I am blessed to have a great father in law too. He is a kind dear man and I feel very welcomed. It is true... LOVE expands.

This is my friend Lisa Bearnson. I adore her.
ADORE. She is kind, giving and a SWEETHEART.
I support her and her new endeavors. I love seeing her shine and love that she will be at my VEGAS event in 2016.  I am blessed to know her.

Oh the TWINS are TWO months old now. I'm in LOVE... serious LOVE!!!!

My girls came to show to support me. Plus, the three grand babies. I am BLESSED beyond words. I adore these sweet babies.
Cooper is almost 6 months old now.

My booth was JAMMED packed. You could not get into the booth and everyone loved my wrapping papers, notecards, stationery and books. It was a huge success!!!! Brian was the superstar. He worked the show, set up the show with Bridget and I and then tore the booth down with Devan for me. He works very hard to support me. I adore him!!!! Next year, go to Pinner's Conference...

It really is amazing. EVERY day.
I also spoke in church yesterday. Brian and I talked about having PATIENCE during our TRIALS.
I have so much I want to share and express.

My heart is really tender. 
This is the year anniversary of Ty's death.
I have to be completely honest.
It's still so HARD. 
Every day is a gift and our family changed forever.
I know that my heart has been very tender and thinking about the last week of his life. I could write a book on the experience.
I know GOD is real. I know DEATH is not the end. 
I know that TRIALS are so very hard but there is GOOD in the BAD. I know that Tyler FOUGHT so hard to live. 
I know he would want this for his children and me.
I have a strong and unwavering faith in God's plan.

I know that I hate CANCER and I wish no one ever had to suffer and die. I do know this is God's plan for us. WE are here to be tested and through our HARD TIMES and TRIALS...yes, we can grow closer to God. I know I personally have. I know that 
Tyler is still very much with us and I have felt very strongly that he somehow had a part of BRIAN coming into my heart and our family.

I want to be REAL and HONEST. I know that I had to share with how hard this time is. Ty's sister came to Pinner's Conference and we talked about how it's still hard to believe that he is gone. I know that sounds crazy but it's true. Ty was so strong willed. He was determined until the very last day he was going to live. I shared in my talk... that he NEVER once questioned God. He knew God and never questioned, WHY ME? He would always tell me, "Why NOT me?" He felt so blessed in life. 

The reality is WE are blessed. Even though he died, we KNOW that this was God's plan. We don't know WHY but we know it's all going to be okay. WE are so thankful for the memories, the lessons and for the time we did have. My boys are STILL and always will struggle. I know that they were both very much best friend with their dad. How can I replace this bond? I simple can't.  I understand this... but I did not loss my mother at such a hard and early age as my boys. I understand in a way. I know I can't completely. HIS presence will never been forgotten. 

The secret is this-

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