Tuesday, November 10, 2015

DIY... this is how we CELEBRATE our memories

 I am thankful that my family has captured something I love so much. I have"stressed" for years WHY I take so many photos. My girls really have watched me over the years. I know they know how important it is to take photos and equally as important to print them out. So when Taylor was planning her baby blessing and luncheon recently she called and asked if she could "borrow" some of my photo paper. I told her that she could if she would take some photos of her printing and creating her photos so everyone can see how she decorated for the twins big day.

Taylor has was recently blessed with her gorgeous twins. They are EIGHT weeks old. Taylor prepared a beautiful dinner to celebrate their sealing and blessing and wanted to make her own decorations.

Taylor took these photos from her home office. She had the photos she wanted to print and you can see them displayed on her laptop. Taylor is like me and loves the large 13" x 19" photo size

These photos are from the twins two week photo shoot. 
It's easy to keep these beautiful photos on the computer or media card. I think often we get so busy we don't print out our memories.

So many people at the celebration could not believe that Taylor had printed out all the photos displayed herself from her printer at home. They really had a "big impact" due to their size.

The fact that she can print from home and do this DIY photo gallery herself was just what a new mother of twins needed. Taylor said she has a hard time getting out of the house most days. ha!

I know I had a hard time when I had little ones too, so I can relate to how helpful it is to be able to print at home at any time. (like when the twins sleeping). This is the ultimate large format printer and I love that Taylor prints her photos now too. The model she has is the Canon PIXMA iP8720 Crafting Printer .

The reality is that the party was amazing. The photos do not do these photos justice (inside church meetinghouse with no natural light). They are stunning and Taylor is now going to put them in her  home.

This is a few of the tables she had with the photos in frames that she had printed on her printer

Taylor had some 13" x 19" black metal frames and I gave her some of my gray frames as well. You can find these at Michael's. 

These large photos make a LARGE statement. I loved that she had them on so many of the tables for everyone to see.

Yes, she also got my "obsession" with gold spray paint.
All the tables had plastic animals in gold  and my gold sequins.
I loved the great smelling and beautiful white flowers in the gold vases. Every table had this same decor.

This is so the BEST PHOTO. Capri is sleepy and yawning and Beckett is alert and awake. I know they will cherish every one of these photos. Travis did the most beautiful blessing for his babies. I have to share a little "behind the scenes." Both of my cute son in laws had no idea when they started to date my girls that they would forever be subjected to constant photos being taken. Each son has now said at some point, "Wow, I see where you get your photo obsession from. Your mom sure likes to take a lot of photos." I take this as the ultimate compliment. 

Thanks to Taylor for helping to remind me WHY we need to print our photos. Also, it inspired me to add more photo displays to my parties and events. I was really impressed with her meaningful shower and party. 

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