Tuesday, December 29, 2015

PRINT & TRAVEL... on the go

Learn how to document your travels while you are on the go. Take the Gold Canon SELPHY CP910 Compact Photo Printer that Teresa has exclusively featured at Joann Fabric & Craft with Canon. This episode will show you how to print your memories as you travel and place them inside a notebook. Teresa shows her go to Canon camera for when she is on the go and wants to take incredible photos.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Free Holiday Gift Tag Printable

The holidays can get crazy busy and creating your own tags or even finding the ones you bought can be a challenge. So we have created these fun gift tags for you as a free printable. You can print them out on a 4x6" photo for a smaller version or a full 8.5x11" sheet for the perfect tag that looks great on any wrapped package. 

Download This Printable Here

  And our friends over at Canon are offering an
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 Didn't get what you wanted for Christmas,
then place your order for 
this awesome crafting printer.

$100 OFF PIXMA iP8720
with promo code BFSAVE100 
(Good 12/26 - 12/30/15) 

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Monday, December 21, 2015

DIY Wax Seals

Who does not love the sophistication and personalization of wax seals? Learn how to create your own wax seals to close your envelopes and add elegance to your next letter or card.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Create your own stunning photo frame for your home or office. Using the TC embossing folder and a frame you can create the perfect inexpensive holiday, home or decor gift.


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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

PRINT your GIFT....

I have been thinking lately about the perfect gift. I was teaching in Seattle last weekend and I held up one of my photo albums and I said "THIS IS THE PERFECT GIFT."

Make your gift something that has meaning. We give so many gifts and buy, buy, buy. Imagine if we took the time to print our our photos and put them in a photo album, put them in a photo frame, or placed them on a magnet to put on our refrigerator. 

To me... this is the ULTIMATE gift. This one is REAL. It is timeless and a keepsake. Who does not love looking at photos and seeing the memories that they bring back? Photos evoke feelings within us. 

To me... this is the GOLD. The gift that will be treasured. So with this in mind, I wanted to share with you what I have been doing.

If you are looking for a GREAT gift to print your photos at home, then it is this printer. It is my go to large format printer, the Canon PIXMA iP8720 Crafting Printer.

This was a framed gift that I printed to give my daughters. Photos always make the best gifts!!!

I created gifts by printing photos and putting them in books. This is the TC PHOTO FLIP albums. I simply printed the photos.

This is the Canon SELPHY CP910 Wireless Compact Photo Printer that is at my Teresa Collins end cap at Joann Fabric and Craft stores. I love it because it's GOLD-yes, but I love how easy it is to wireless print amazing photos up to 4x6 from my camera media card and and my phone.

I wanted to share my photo book book that I made this past month with photos that I printed.

Simply take your adhesive and place it on the backside of your photo. I used my Teresa Collins Xyron Mega Runner to place the photos on each page of the flip book. 

I printed each of these photos 4x6 and cropped each of them smaller as needed. 

So it's NOT too late. Think about the GIFT that has meaning and will be cherished.

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Monday, December 14, 2015


HELLO... it's DECEMBER 14th... I can't even believe it.

 I seriously am not worried how few gifts I have purchased or how I have ZERO gifts under the tree. I have purchased a few things but I am definitely a "last minute" follow my heart girl. So I wanted to share something I felt was something I had to do and FOCUS on this year. Well, this is a FIRST Christmas for us in our new home, FIRST Christmas with Cooper, Capri, and Beckett, a FIRST Christmas for being married to my amazing husband Brian, a FIRST Christmas for our blended little family... you get where I'm going here.

CUTE CAPRI ALERT... see WHY I can't help but be so HAPPY when God has blessed me with so MUCH.

Well, I decided to do the 12 DAYS of CHRISTMAS to really take my heart into giving to my husband and kids. So I decided to SURPRISE them today. I woke up at 5 am from pure giddiness. Giving to others honestly makes me feel happy. They had NO IDEA that I was doing this. I did mention to Brian that today he was going to be surprised but he had no idea what I meant.

(FIRST DAY gift wrapped in my TC gold foiled dot wrapping paper and REAL holly and berries. I want these gifts to be ones that they know I took time and thought into them!)

I had heard from Layni (she does my hair) that she does this for her boyfriend every year. I have done the SECRET- 12 days of Christmas for other people/families before. I had never thought to do it for my own husband and kids. I have to admit, I feel rather silly to admit this. How could I have not thought to do this for them? 

She was telling me all about how she does it. I knew instantly I had to do this for Brian. In fact, I started to get emotional. I knew it would mean a lot to him to know how much I love him and I took the time to surprise him with a gift each day. I believe that marriage is one that is a day by day effort of service and love. I know that he will love the thought and effort MORE than anything.

I guess most people do the BIGGEST gift on the FIRST. I am doing all of mine from the heart. 

Layni mentioned some people like to hide the gifts so they don't know where the gift is and they "find" it somewhere. Today to surprise Brian I put his FIRST gift on the stairs.

I thought about this and I knew that Zach, Tyler and McKay would be so surprised and feel "extra" loved if I did this to surprise them too. McKay has finals this week at BYU but she will be home enough to get any days that she might miss. 

I am crying as I type this... the FIRST day was a tradition. I gave my kids ONE dollar bills holiday gift ($20) from the bank. This was a tradition that Ty and I would do for the kids. They loved getting $20 and I knew it had meaning. I thought this would remind them of this and of their dad. (I was told usually the FIRST day is the biggest gift). The amounts and items are really all up to you. I decided to try to do thoughtful meaningful gifts for the kids. 
(I even used my TC FISKARS gift tag punch to make it easy- yes, after making the boys tags I realized go get your pennant tag punch silly!)

It's really just the SIMPLE thought and gesture.

One of the reasons WHY I wanted to do this is because on Christmas Day it's such a RUSH of gifts. It's always been almost a mad house at times with all my kids. I have wanted the day to be FOCUSED on love and Christ. Its about FAMILY and GIVING to others. So I hope by giving each day (the 12th DAY of Christmas will end on Christmas day with me starting today) that they will look forward to each day and what I have done for them. 

This is Zach at about 6:15 am. He saw his FIRST gift and said, "What is this?" I had made him eggs and he was a shocked to see a gift on the counter for him. 

I know you can't really see it, but he smiled when he got the GIFT. THIS is really important to me. I know that they need to know more than ever how loved they are. When Ty came upstairs to go to school and saw this gift he was shocked to. I KNOW it meant a lot to him. Yes, he smiled too. 

It's still only 7:30 am and Brian and McKay have not seen their gifts. They are asleep. I can't wait to see their faces. I plan to keep sharing on my instagram page too. (teresacollinswebber) 

It's beautiful here today in Utah and snow is everywhere. This is view from my backyard this morning.

This is a peaceful morning and one I will certainly never forget. I hope you will feel inspired to do this for someone you love. I am so thankful to Layni for inspiring me to do this for my husband and my kids at home. I have heard of many men that do this for their wife too. 

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Friday, December 11, 2015

THIS is WHAT I love... headed to AUSTRALIA

Okay... I'm giddy. I'm headed to AUSTRALIA again!!!! 

I have been waiting patiently to share some projects. So today I thought I would share what I am doing.

JOIN ME IN March 2016.... I'm headed back for a big TC exclusive event with Pages 2 Scrap again. I will NOT be visiting any other stores at this time.  I absolutely ADORE Tracey and LOVED my last visit. I loved seeing Sydney with her. She was the best tour guide and I am HONORED to be asked to go again.

 So this time I'm going and doing FIVE TC big workshops and will be doing a book signing. I am so excited to share a little sneak peek with you today of ONE of the big workshops I am teaching.

I have been OBSESSED with sequins, clear packaging and telling a story... in GOLD... (this one is displayed on a GOLD clipboard). So much MORE to share. Make sure you contact the store and join me.

http://www.pages2scrap.com.au is the website... Last time ALL the workshops SOLD OUT so fast. Okay... much more to share coming up. I absolutely LOVE what I do. I am very grateful to be going back again. PLEASE JOIN ME at this amazing store.

Contact Us

Unit 4, 6 Morton Close
(Corner of Gavenlock Rd and Morton Close)
Tuggerah NSW 2259
PO Box 3704
Tuggerah NSW 2259

1300 664 228enquiries@pages2scrap.com.au

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm
Saturday - 10am to 5pm
Sunday - Closed

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

So much to be THANKFUL for....

My heart is so full for this year. It's been quite the year. I've struggled at times to go on since last Thanksgiving with trials I never wanted or expected.  To say that life has thrown me some curves is an understatement. I have at times not even known where to FOCUS. I bet you can relate to this. It can be very overwhelming. I just have really felt so much comfort from the fact that I am doing my best. I found strength and knew to turn to God and simply have gratitude. The GOOD always outweighs the bad. I have been blessed much more than I deserve. I have what matters most. That is my family and friends. I have everything because of their love. I believe in living every single day with gratitude and love. The truth is I have been pretty overwhelmed with some trials lately and I did not do my yearly THANKSGIVING/GRATITUDE post. So I decided it was important and...so I thought better late than never.

 Tyler will be 17 years old next week.He is a on the high school cheer squad. He is way taller than me now. 

Zach is so excited to serve a mission this upcoming Summer after he graduates from high school.

This year has been hard for these two. It's a very personal & private trial that has been a really sad one to go through. I love them with all my heart. I am grateful for these two boys and am trying day by day to help them deal with their dad passing. This year has not been "all pretty" at times. Each day I pray for help and I KNOW that Tyler is near by helping and watch over them. 

I want to share a real tender mercy in my life. Last week, I was in the garage in my car. I was praying to Heavenly Father. I was begging for help to know that everything would one day be easier and that my boys were going to be okay. I asked (begged) for help. I prayed that Tyler would help me still. I need the boys to know that their dad is still with them. Then as I was sobbing, the trunk of my car opened up on it's own. I could not believe this tender mercy. It happened the night Tyler died and again the day I was  going to the funeral home. There was no way it would open on it's own. I know that God gives us each tender mercies to let us know HE is there and we are not alone. I know that Tyler is watching over his family still.It was a sweet and tender blessing that day in my car.

I am so blessed to be HER mother. McKay and I went to Seattle last weekend to visit her mission and I taught workshops too. It was the best. I'm thankful she is at BYU and loves it!!!!

I am fortunate to have my kids. I love them all so much and can't wait for Seth to get home from his mission. We are a close family and we try hard to get together a lot.

This boy being born was a true miracle and blessing in our family. MIRACLE. I know this is the word.I love Cooper so much it's indescribable. TRUST ME... being a grandparent is the BEST ever. HE stole my heart....

This beautiful woman Pat (Brian's mother) has helped me in so many ways. I am thankful for her kind and inspiring soul. I had felt so overwhelmed right before my big TC Vegas event and she was over at my house for hours helping me prepare and lighten my load. I have been very blessed to have her love and support along with Brian's dad.

It is rare to have a photo like this. At Taylor's twins blessing-

Tenneson, Zellie, Capri, Cooper, Maxson and Beckett. This photo will be cherished FOREVER.

Here are a few of my favorite photos right now- 

Cooper you are the sweetest little happy boy. 

Oh Capri... such a sweet little girly girl.

This boy is going to do GREAT things in the world. 

Capri and Beckett-
Beckett tends to steal the attention.

Taylor becoming a mother for the first time 3 months ago.

Cooper is 6 months old now. He really is the happiest baby boy.

Capri and Beckett visiting Santa for the first time last week. It was fun to do this with them. Cooper was there but he slept the entire time.

He went a few days ago and well, I'm not sure what he really thinks of Santa this year.

Where do I begin? Yesterday we have been married for SIX months. I was asked today by someone if I felt I had any regrets or felt it was in hindsight too soon. I knew it was a valid question. I have to say that I don't know WHY or HOW but Heavenly Father blessed me to find this man. I listened to my heart and I knew that Brian came into my heart and family for a reason. I have only grown to fall in love MORE deeply... each day because of the man and dad he is. This cute guy loves me and loves my children & his children. He understands my loss, my children's loss and has only supported us. 

Last weekend, I was teaching at Running with Scissors in Kent Washington.*seriously go to this store. They have ALL of my products and they have the BEST store. I was so impressed with what Melinda and Robin have created. Brian stayed home with the boys. I love that he made yummy breakfast for "dinner" for Zach and Ty. He even cleaned nonstop while I was away to lighten my load and help around the house. He is a keeper...

So although it is December and Thanksgiving did pass... I feel so much GRATITUDE. I can't possibly name and talk about everyone or everything that I am grateful for. Trust me, I could go on and on. 

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