Friday, January 1, 2016

MAKE 2016 the BEST YEAR!!!!!

Resolutions. Hmmm... each day for me is a NEW day, a NEW beginning and a NEW way to improve me. I always think about things deeply. I would dare say I am an over thinker. I am definitely the hardest on myself. I am open and want personal improvement so that I can be the best wife, mother, friend, grandmother, boss... that I can be. I try to learn from my mistakes and have always been a girl who can see my "weaknesses." So 2016 for me is exciting. I have goals... I have dreams... and I have faith and know in my heart and head where my FOCUS has to be. 

DAILY... each morning it is a blessing to wake up. Yes, I know there are HARD times. HARD days and yet, there is always GOOD in the bad. I am a firm believer in you GET what you WANT. If you want something, often it is through hard work. There will always be things out of our control. THIS is where it can be real tough. No one wants to go through sad, hard and depressing times. It really is part of life. I felt strongly that I wanted to MAKE 2016 MY YEAR.    I hope you will feel the same. YOU can FACE anything. I know YOU will become stronger and better. As much as 2015 was hard at times for me, guess what???? It was FILLED with a new beginning on so many levels. My business evolved in ways I never imagined. This past year brought me three beautiful grand babies within three months. I learned at times to stand up for myself in situations that in the past I would not have. Tyler taught me to BE A WARRIOR. He taught me to CHERISH every single day. He wanted me to go on. I promise YOU if you are going through hard times, it will get better. I met the most amazing man. I can tell you that I know Heavenly Father and Tyler were behind this. I know it and often Brian and I are literally in awe, tears (me) and share tender words that we found each other to share our life. Last year, my heart focused on the one little word- PEACE. I have to say it was the PERFECT word for me personally. I had many times of prayer where I would be crying and the sweet spirit of love and peace overwhelmed me to the point that I felt GOD so strongly right then and there in my soul. 

2016- thanks to Ali Edwards for creating a way for all of us to really THINK about life and every day actions. This year my word kept nudging at my soul. It popped up over and over. I knew it was a message coming to me personally. So I choose FOCUS. I know that for me that life is easier if I do FOCUS on myself. I'm not saying in a selfish way. If you don't FOCUS on something, you can easily get distracted and go from thing to thing. I need to FOCUS on my journey, my heart, my children, my grand babies, my faith, my family, my friends, my life and doing the things that I know are meant for me personally... to be a better, stronger me. My hope is that I will be able to help others more as I try to FOCUS on what really matters. 

START NEW... START FRESH... 2016 let's go for it. STOP letting your FEARS stop you from making this year the best year.

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