Friday, January 1, 2016

THIS is what matters... year end highlights- HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016


The best gift is truly the PEOPLE in your life and heart. Oh how I know this first hand. This Christmas was just a beautiful but sad at times reminder of this for me and my children. 

I felt like decorating again. This was after praying and asking Heavenly Father over and over to bless me with this desire. It had been way too long. I wanted my tree in our home to be WHITE, and peaceful. I wanted the color of RED to pop for us. 

My beautiful girls. God gave me these girls to raise. Often, I felt inadequate and unqualified for the task. They taught me often over the years. This past year they taught me even more. The girls and I are so close. I always told them, "Friends will come and go but YOU will have each other for life and when LIFE happens- EACH of you will be each others best friends. They are best friends. I love to see them together.

This boy is just happy. Hmmmm. How do I say this correctly? I see him smile even though there is still the pain of losing his dad. Christmas morning, he woke up early. I came downstairs to talk to him. I asked him where he was going so early and it was snowing so much. He said he wanted to go visit his dad. THIS boy went and drove through a massive snow storm to go to his dads grave. I simply wept. I don't care what age your parents are... don't ever take the time you have with them for granted. Don't let stupid fights and misunderstanding rob you of time. FORGIVE. Stop holding grudges. FORGIVE. I lost my mother and my husband. I know many of you have lost loved ones. YOU know what I mean. 

My teenage son Ty turned 17 on 12-18. We all went to the STAR WARS movie together. Brian's firm rented out the theatre and it was a great way to celebrate Ty and Devan's birthdays. He is more of my "quiet" child and I have to admit, it's hard to not know what and how is he REALLY doing. Connecting with teenagers can be hard and I'm trying to give him the love but the space that he wants. 

Christmas BREAK. Zach got me to hike up to the Draper temple (1.3 miles uphill) in a cold, snowy and very windy day. I did it because I would do anything to spend time with my kids. He is preparing to go and serve a mission and I'm savoring EVERY memory and time with him.

I'm thankful he is talkative and shares so much with me. I know I am blessed that he feels he can share with me.

McKay and Tyler. I love how much they love each other. 

The twins. They are getting bigger and we see their personalities coming out.

Happy 4 MONTHS old!!!!!!!
What a blessing. I smile EVERY time the girls send me photos of Cooper, Capri and Beckett. The girls and Kayla post on Snapchat too. I just do this with them only and it's a way to instantly make me smile. 

The kids came to our home on Christmas Eve. We even got to Skype with Seth who is still serving his mission. It was tender, sweet and the spirit of LOVE was so strong. Here are just a few photos from our Christmas.

Beckett clearly did not want the Christmas day to end. Capri was just being very chill.

Our family LOVES these babies. Taylor is holding cute little Coop.

Tears were flowing when we skyped with Seth on his mission. April 1st is the BiG day- he will be home.

This year our home and focus was simple. We wanted to focus on having and feeling PEACE. 

Gentry's handwriting is so beautiful. What a gift she has!

Gentry, Devan and Cooper (1st Christmas) and matching jammies with dad.

Beckett and his funny faces keeps me laughing... like A LOT!

Brian loves these babies. This makes me emotional.

McKay in her own "reindeer" sweater creation and Ty in his camo. He is so much like his dad and I can see him being an avid hunter like his dad.

RED LIPSTICK... all the girls.

I love capturing these moments.

Did I mention we take a lot of photos?

Cooper- 7 months old

OUR FIRST  CHRISTMAS- FIRST PHOTO. Capturing the moments.

MY FAVORITE BROTHERS PHOTO. We took all the kids to eat at Penny Ann's Cafe on Christmas Eve. It was so yummy and so fun to just be together. It's the BEST... right off of 123rd in Draper.

It's always the tradition that New Years Eve PJ's are the ONE gift that they love and get excited about. This year I was loving TARGET. The girls looked so cute. We opened them up early on Christmas Eve to wear.

The stockings were hung. I loved decorating the house this year. 

The twins first Christmas. I love watching my girls with their babies. 

Going out to eat and watching all the kids on their cell phones. Times are so different for our younger generation.

I love watching Brian as a dad. They are making home made pasta and he is the most patient and easy going dad.

We went to St. George. This was a great way to spend Christmas break. I have learned to take TIME to make memories. This is so important and something I try to focus on.

We played lots of games. 

SIX months ago, I started a personal page on Instagram so I could share my more personal moments (not just business) and life for my family and friends who wanted to follow me. I did the 2015 best nine on Instagram online to see my most liked NINE photos. Since I started this account at the time I had just remarried. Plus, I had two huge events happen. Yes, two of my beautiful daughters had babies and within three months I had three grand babies in 2015. This photo represents the most liked photos and moments on my new instagram page. Thank you for those of you who are a part of my journey. I read all the comments. I am overly blessed in my life. The good truly does outweigh the bad. The bad makes me appreciate the good so much more. I am so thankful for LIFE and realize that I grow from every trial and am just grateful. I can't adequately express how hard 2015 was for me. It would be a huge lie to not acknowledge how hard 2015 was for me personally at times and yet, I see the GREAT that happened along the way. I'm thankful for a kind dear loving husband and children that love me. I love being a wife, mother, grandmother. I believe Heavenly Father leads our life and knows each of us and our heart. The older I become the more I realize how the SIMPLE moments are the best. THANKS friends and family for all of your support. I do not say this lightly. THRILLED for 2016 and feeling thankful. I will post on Monday the exciting things that I can share about CHA debuts, and the products you will be seeing from me in 2016. 

So now... it's officially 2016!!!!! Beckett and Capri made the end of my post easy. THEY are the future. MAKE 2016 YOUR year. This will be WHAT you want it to be. I know that 2016 will be FABULOUS!!!!!

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