Saturday, April 30, 2016

SATURDAY... stay at home day

I am STILL fighting a cold. The good news is the "headaches" did not happen for the first time today. YEAH! I don't crave soda whatsoever. This is huge for me. Now, I do still VERY much want sugar. I am drinking so much water every day now. 

I made the posters for the church foyers today. I love this idea to do a FAVORITE things social. I have no idea what I will bring for my favorite thing to give away. It has a $10.00 or under limit.

Hmmm.. I can think of a million things so I need to narrow it down. I am honestly thinking of taking one of my photo albums and including product for someone to do their own memory/photo book.

Here is Zach's team photo after yesterday's game.

These boys are super happy. 
I love that Zach had some of his team come over last night to 
"chill" and celebrate. They did smores on our fire pit. I always want to be the home where my kids and their friends, my friend and family always feel welcome.

Tomorrow we are celebrating Mother's Day.
I teach in Mexico next weekend and get home that day.  Brian arranged for it to be this Sunday to allow
for more time and a family dinner.

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Friday, April 29, 2016

FRIDAYS... oh how I love you!

I love days when I am super productive. I was in constant motion today in meetings. I even did a live PERISCOPE from my products at Joann Fabric and Crafts. I did have some girls watching me. It was fun to do and I know that many people are not able to go to a Joann and this way they can still see what I have there. 

I am really excited for ALL the events that I will be doing this year. We had meetings today to go over all the details and plan some great things today for my upcoming TC Vegas Event today. 

Anyway, I went straight from my office to go watch Zach play in a double header. I loved that McKay, Missy and Brian came to cheer the team and Zach on. They won both of them! 

We literally laugh the entire time at each other.
Missy is like another daughter to me.

Tonight we had a chill night at home. This is the BEST! 
Spencer and Ty have a LOVE for cars and they went for a ride in the car that Tyler recently purchased. 

So here is the real story. Right before Tyler died he wanted to buy cars for the boys. He was very generous to 16 year old boys and the boys had nice cars. Tyler asked me a few months ago to sell his jeep. This jeep was only a couple of years old and would be any teenager dream car (or adult for that matter). So I thought he was crazy to not have a car and we sold it. 

Then Tyler took TRAX or got rides to school with Zach or his girlfriend for the past couple of months. He never complained. He works at Super Sonic carwash after school and SAVES money. He came to me about two weeks ago and said he was going to buy himself a car. He wanted to buy it completely on his own.
I was really taken back when he wanted and purchased a 1998 Honda Civic LX.  He had saved up all the money and paid $950.00 for HIS car.

I asked him why he decided to sell the jeep and then to buy the Honda. He told me that he realized that he wanted to work and pay for his own car and not hear things like "oh, daddy and mommy bought you that jeep." It made him want to buy a car all by himself. He realizes the value of a dollar and I am really
proud of his decision. 

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Baby, Baby... Baby

Today was COOP time. Oh my this boy is on the go now. I need to take him shopping with me more. I had "no" time to really look. He is going to save me money. I love that he comes to me all the time and wants me to hold him. 

What will I do when these grand babies can talk?
I will be a big bowl of mush.
I never realized how much I would LOVE being a grandmother. 

When you kids want to be with you then you work it out. Yesterday, Taylor had a dentist appt. so I went with her to watch the twins. I have decided that I was very smart to have all my kids by the age of 29. I had so much more energy. 

Beckett is so full of energy and loves ALL the attention. Capri is so easy going. After errands too, I watched the babies so Taylor could take a much needed nap. 

Tonight, Brian and I took the boys to dinner at Crown Burger. They have this amazing salad that I love. I am on day 5 of no soda or sugar and I still have a headache. My energy level is very low. I know it will get better. I am going to bed super early too.
I guess that is a good thing.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016


A few years ago I was doing this really fun new workout at the gym. It was "new" to me. It is the popular CROSS FIT. I made so many amazing friends. Seriously, when you sweat and are in pain and pushed to your limits... it bonds you. Right? Well, when I got a pretty serious hurt back I had to give up my cross fit days. However, I met some really AMAZING men and women. I met this amazing woman named Sharon. A few weeks into our daily workouts her son came to our class time. He was so much like his mother. Immediately, I saw she had raised an amazing person. He was thoughtful, kind (very kind) and just pushed himself to the limits. I remember him coming in late because he had just done carpool for his kids. Over the time I was there we became friends and business conversation came up. I immediately knew he was successful. He lit up when he spoke. He had PASSION overload. Wow, he was inspiring. I wanted him and Matt to meet. I still do. We even went to lunch to talk business and I learned so much. I realized that SUCCESSFUL people set NO LIMITS... setbacks only teach us valuable lessons.

I believe that truly successful people want to share and help others in their own journey. They share their story. They share their heart, setbacks, successes and what they have learned along the way.

So today I am sharing this with you. He has written a book. He is someone that I believe in. Someone that I personally know and respect. So check out his website, his book and I know
YOU too will be just as inspired by him.

5 steps for unapologetic success by Justin Prince I recommend for everyone to get your free copy here:

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Today I woke up to the surprise of Zach being featured in the Deseret News article as the STAR ATHLETE of the WEEK. I am very proud of his drive, determination and mostly his kind heart. He is the one cheering EACH of his team members on and really sees baseball as a TEAM sport. I love this KID!!!! I love you Zach!!!

The Spartans are one of just two undefeated teams remaining in Utah, and the play of this senior is a big reason why.
Collins is batting .629 this season with six home runs, seven doubles and 32 RBIs. His slugging percentage is 1.371 with only one strikeout.
“Zach is a four-year varsity starting catcher. He's the best high school catcher I've ever coached and one of the best I've seen in many years, well beyond his years in regards to his intelligence behind the plate. For the past four years every pitcher through this program knows how fortunate they've been to pitch to a catcher of Zach's ability,” said Murray coach Marce Wilson.
“Personally he's been through more than a teenager should have to go through in recent months. How he stays focused to perform athletically and academically at the level he does is remarkable. Stats aside, Zach's value to our baseball program is often unexplainable.”
Collins maintains a 3.95 GPA as well.

If you want to read the article online you can find it here:

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Monday, April 25, 2016


Brian and I had to do the finishing touches on all the kits that are being shipped to MEXICO last night. I started to feel YUCK. I mean like just horrible. I know it's from my first day of going clean in my diet. Yes, I don't remember the last time I had no diet soda, or sugar. I will tell you I feel like I am detoxing. My body is somewhat mad at me right now. I feel like crapola. That is a word right?  

Thankfully, with Brian we finished A LOT of kits. (They are now happily on their way to the BIG TC event next weekend- May 7th for the Jumping Hearts National Crop of Artescrap in Mexico. I was humbled by how many people are attending. I am doing "my favorite" type of event. I am teaching one ALL DAY workshop album. Brian is going with me and it will be May 7th!!!!! 

Today my twin grand babies turn 8 months old.
Oh how FAST time goes.
I am sitting here typing with my heart full of tenderness, gratitude and tears flowing. How in the WORLD did I get so blessed?
Not a day goes by that I don't think, pray, or give gratitude for them. I see Taylor often "struggle" for balance, struggle to keep a clean home, struggle to even shower... it's really a blessing to have this BLESSING. 

It's all how you look at it. 
I remind my girls that when you have kids... don't sweat the small stuff. Those babies and kids come first. They grow up way to fast. Make time for what matters. Years from now, NO ONE remembers dirty clothes or the MILLION LITTLE things you feel are stressing you out- that you can't get done. It's the TIME you spend loving your children that really will COUNT. 

 I love you Capri(eze) and Beckett.
That is her nickname I call her.

So this morning I got up early to head to a meeting with The Original Scrapbook. They are the wonderful manufacturers of the Teresa Collins Studio Box.

What I want to do in my furniture and organization is offer a product that is beautiful and can go with any home or office. The Original Scrapbox is seriously the best innovative company. I love working and designing with them. It's seriously so fun!

I think when I am organized I want to create more. I love the look of simple, clean and timeless products for my work and home. I wanted something that went with my home and added beauty to my home and didn't look like a "craft" or "office" piece.

This is my home STUDIO. This is what the TC Studio Box looks like before all the product is placed inside. The doors fold so that it easily can be hidden and look like a armoire. 

We had a great meeting to talk about WHAT we want to add to the collection. What do you want to see? I can let you know that the TC Studio Box is going INTERNATIONAL more and more. 
Australia, Canada, etc. We are excited to work with distributors to make the products more available. It has been wildly successful and I am very grateful.

I was in the meeting and felt so YUCKY. I then had to get things shipped from my warehouse and I decided to come home and rest until my afternoon appointments. I walked into my bedroom and found the blue heart notebook by my pillow.

Brian had left we a "love note" in our book. It was the best gift from Kevin and Laurie (THANK YOU!). It was a notebook that my cute SIL Laurie gave us. It was to be used to write love notes to each other. I came home to read the sweetest message. I really do appreciated this today. I love that we have a book that is filling up with notes that we are writing to each other. I adore his thoughtfulness and that he gets my "love language."

It's SUPER rainy here today.

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Sunday, April 24, 2016


After you have served a mission, in our church the young man or woman talks in church. They talk about their mission. It's kind of like a report. Seth spoke today in his home ward. It was seriously so inspiring. I cried the entire time. He has grown so much. 

He spoke from the heart. He talked about this love for Jesus Christ and his FAITH and beliefs of having GOD in your life. 
Seth talked about his journey and trials to serve his "three year mission." I have encouraged him to WRITE his story done. It's a strong and powerful testament to overcoming hard times and ENDURING through our trials, our doubts, our setbacks and our own feelings of failure.

He spoke about that is the ONE person you should turn to. I know that people often do one of two things when BAD times happen to them. They often turn to God for help or turn away in ANGER. (Why me?????)
I know for me, I turned to God when I was so sad and did not know how to GO ON when Tyler was diagnosed and then died.

(Ty, Seth, Zach, Bret, Jake (cousins)

Seth and Grandma Collins.
We all felt Tyler was so there.
Seth talked about his dad, the cancer and the peace of
Death does not END this.
Grandma Collins has the strongest FAITH and 
I admire her greatly in this.

The entire family came and then we all went to Seth's home (AMY is the most amazing woman EVER!). We ate YUMMY food and celebrated Seth being home. I am so thankful that Amy and I are friends and that we will forever both love Seth and be family because of this. Yes, Amy is Tyler's ex wife and I firmly believe that Amy and I are family. 

I am so thankful for Brian and Seth becoming INSTANT friends. 
Oh how I know that this is exactly what Tyler would want. Our family has only grown to love MORE and truly know what it means to try to be more like our Heavenly Father.

I think this world is so full of DRAMA... unnecessary DRAMA. I experienced some pretty heavy criticism from a few people that did not even know me or my family personally. I understood and knew that anyone not in my shoes may not understand my choices. I understood that it just was so fast. I just knew me, my heart and my intentions. I knew that I would never ever forget Tyler. I knew it was time for me to move our family to a new home. I followed the prompting I felt from God and followed my own path. 

In all honestly, I never got mad at those comments or concerns. I understood, because maybe I would have been the same way. I have learned so much. We each have our own path, our own journey and we will make our own mistakes. Who are we to judge someone else? I feel I learned a lot in the past three years. I hope 
I will NEVER forget these lessons. 

I learned we are to have JOY and spread JOY to others. 
No matter what- LOVE is what heals and is most important. 
JUST simply LOVE others. 
(missy, zach and mckay)

My heart and priorities are GOD and FAMILY.
My FAITH is what gives me JOY.
I believe that Families are ETERNAL and we live with Heavenly Father and our elder brother Jesus Christ again.
I believe that I will be reunited with ALL of my family when we die. I know I will see my beautiful mother and Tyler again. I will see my Grandma and Grandfather. 
I believe this with ALL my soul. 

LIFE is to be LIVED every single day. Beckett is my little buddy. 
I LOVE being a grandmother. 
I love being older and wiser. 
I embrace being RIGHT here... in my 40's and 
am thankful to be here. 

This is a beautiful sight. All of us gathered at Amy and Rich's beautiful home. 

Of course, I take endless photos. 

I love seeing Grandma Collins smile at the grand babies.

I love my son Tyler so very much.
He is just like his dad, and so much like Seth.
Seth and Tyler are very close.
This is Tallya. I believe she came into Ty's life to help him and bring happiness into his heart. They started to date about a month after Tyler died.

Travis, Capri, Beckett and Taylor.
I am so thankful for this sweet family. 
I love having twin grand babies. I see the miracle of having them here.

Uncle Ty holding Beckett

I love this sweet couple too. This is Missy. She is Zach's girlfriend. They are the cutest silliest couple of kids. She is very supportive of Zach going on his mission to Brazil.


He is already so excited to go. He is trying to learn the language before he even goes to serve his mission.

 I love every SUNDAY the most. I love to go to church with this handsome man. He took me on a date night last night to Tsunami restaurant (where we first met! and instantly "fell" for each other). He promised me we will never stop dating. I like this about him.

Welcome HOME Seth!!!!
I am so proud of be your mom.
I love you with all my heart.

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Saturday, April 23, 2016


Okay, I have felt that I needed to share about how someone has changed me so much. It is my husband Brian. One day I was listening to the radio and this song came on.

It's called ONE CALL AWAY by Charlie Puth. I listened and then started to cry. I have to say that sometimes I have felt like Brian came into my life, heart and family to RESCUE me. I had NO IDEA that I even needed HIM. I was completely okay (or so I thought) to be alone after Tyler died. We were together for 19 years and we could have been together until one of us died. DIVORCE was never an option in our marriage. We had VERY hard times. Doesn't all marriage? No matter what we worked things out. 

So when I met Brian, I instantly LIKED him. Okay, I liked him
 A L O T. I told him that I knew we were going to be friends. I knew that we have this connection before I ever laid eyes on him. We finally met in person and I felt like I had KNOWN him FOREVER. It just was instant. I never thought I would EVER fall head of heels in LOVE. He is KIND. He is very thoughtful and he just does the nicest things for me and others. He is really a fun person to be around. He encourages me to LIVE life and loves me so much. Everyday he tells me how BEAUTIFUL I am and I know he means it. He loves the simple things and loves family time.

This handsome guy has changed me to realize that L O V E can happen at any age, at any time and there are GREAT men still in this world.
Brian has loved me, my children and the grand babies so unconditionally. He is my S U P E R MAN. 
I am a firm believer that WE (men and women)
are NOT MEANT to be alone. 
I am very thankful that Heavenly Father KNEW me and
blessed me to meet this GIANT of a man.

THANK YOU Pat and Bill for raising such a KIND, CARING and amazing man. I am one LUCKY girl.

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Friday, April 22, 2016

It's time to CELEBRATE....

One of the things that I love about her most is that she is ALL about FAMILY.
 We are such a close family and I always told my kids that FAMILY is always who you will cherish and turn to in life when you need help, or just to CELEBRATE the happy times.

It's her birthday today.
I could not be MORE proud of her.
She is the best mother to Coop.
She adores her husband Devan.
She loves to shop online and on a budget.
She is kind and always do uplifting and inspiring quotes in her home and artwork that she sells (BLUSH BOULEVARD- ETSY).
She is best friends with her husband, siblings and ME!
She loves and appreciates the simple things.
She is addicted to Diet Coke (again!).
She loves being at our home and wants to live here or beside us.
She loves Nordstrom Rack and designing things for their home.
She loves to buy things on KSL and repurpose them. Yes, she is so talented.
She was an ART MAJOR at BYU.
She met her cute husband at King Henry at BYU and dated him for 14 months before they got married.
She is a WARM weather girl and loves the SUN.
She is quite SILLY in nature and she is VERY protective of those that she loves. This can be good and BAD. ha!

I love her VERY much!!!!!
I am so blessed to call you my daughter.

So yesterday, I had a doctor appt. Okay, I am having BIG TIME issues with my travel and swelling. I came home Monday night from Germany and went straight to bed to elevate my legs. I need to get that vein surgery again. When I travel my legs and body swell like CRAZY. Plus, it doesn't help that I have been on the "LOVE" diet lately. So I am getting everything back in order
and I will be having that surgery this Summer. Anyway, I was leaving when I got the call that Gentry's car had trouble and could I pick her and Coop up from a hotel parking lot. I drove (a little too fast) and picked them up. So we went the day together and well, they ended up staying the night. Devan came to join us after work. He is an accountant and LOVES his job.

We had a full day of adventure. I took them both to work with me. First, we had lunch at Costa Vida.
(obsessed with the STEAK salad)
Cooper and I had a grand ole time. I love this little cutie!!!!!

Then we went to my warehouse, picked up product, went to JoAnn Fabric and Craft Store (yes, my new line is GORGEOUS).
BTW- go there NOW. My inline product is  ON SALE and you can take 20% off right now off the sale price. Cooper was grabbing ALL my stuff. I love this store!!!!!! 

We came back to my house and I had to design projects all day for my NEW yet to be released line going into JoAnn. It's my NEW end cap and I designed projects while this cutie played with boxes.
I had to buy child locks now because he kept getting in all the cabinets. 

He kept stopping the process, but I loved it. He loves "non" toys. He is walking now. It's adorable. 

In the 80's yesterday so we went outside to play. Yes, I made my deadline. So happy! 
Gentry said this NEW line is her FAVORITE collection to date.
Wow... I'm pretty HAPPY for her review!

We all went outside to enjoy the evening.
We live in a very peaceful area and we LOVE
just being outside.

So Coop loves BRIAN. He followed him around the yard and wanted to help him weed. He was trying to get in the bucket of weeds. It was so cute.
(PS- no clothes because he got FOOD all over himself!)

I will cherish THIS time and THIS moment.
We took lots of videos. 

Today we are having a day together as a family to CELEBRATE her special day.

We are planning some FUN things today.
Also, Ty's car story is coming soon.
I wanted to focus on Gentry today.

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