Sunday, April 24, 2016


After you have served a mission, in our church the young man or woman talks in church. They talk about their mission. It's kind of like a report. Seth spoke today in his home ward. It was seriously so inspiring. I cried the entire time. He has grown so much. 

He spoke from the heart. He talked about this love for Jesus Christ and his FAITH and beliefs of having GOD in your life. 
Seth talked about his journey and trials to serve his "three year mission." I have encouraged him to WRITE his story done. It's a strong and powerful testament to overcoming hard times and ENDURING through our trials, our doubts, our setbacks and our own feelings of failure.

He spoke about that is the ONE person you should turn to. I know that people often do one of two things when BAD times happen to them. They often turn to God for help or turn away in ANGER. (Why me?????)
I know for me, I turned to God when I was so sad and did not know how to GO ON when Tyler was diagnosed and then died.

(Ty, Seth, Zach, Bret, Jake (cousins)

Seth and Grandma Collins.
We all felt Tyler was so there.
Seth talked about his dad, the cancer and the peace of
Death does not END this.
Grandma Collins has the strongest FAITH and 
I admire her greatly in this.

The entire family came and then we all went to Seth's home (AMY is the most amazing woman EVER!). We ate YUMMY food and celebrated Seth being home. I am so thankful that Amy and I are friends and that we will forever both love Seth and be family because of this. Yes, Amy is Tyler's ex wife and I firmly believe that Amy and I are family. 

I am so thankful for Brian and Seth becoming INSTANT friends. 
Oh how I know that this is exactly what Tyler would want. Our family has only grown to love MORE and truly know what it means to try to be more like our Heavenly Father.

I think this world is so full of DRAMA... unnecessary DRAMA. I experienced some pretty heavy criticism from a few people that did not even know me or my family personally. I understood and knew that anyone not in my shoes may not understand my choices. I understood that it just was so fast. I just knew me, my heart and my intentions. I knew that I would never ever forget Tyler. I knew it was time for me to move our family to a new home. I followed the prompting I felt from God and followed my own path. 

In all honestly, I never got mad at those comments or concerns. I understood, because maybe I would have been the same way. I have learned so much. We each have our own path, our own journey and we will make our own mistakes. Who are we to judge someone else? I feel I learned a lot in the past three years. I hope 
I will NEVER forget these lessons. 

I learned we are to have JOY and spread JOY to others. 
No matter what- LOVE is what heals and is most important. 
JUST simply LOVE others. 
(missy, zach and mckay)

My heart and priorities are GOD and FAMILY.
My FAITH is what gives me JOY.
I believe that Families are ETERNAL and we live with Heavenly Father and our elder brother Jesus Christ again.
I believe that I will be reunited with ALL of my family when we die. I know I will see my beautiful mother and Tyler again. I will see my Grandma and Grandfather. 
I believe this with ALL my soul. 

LIFE is to be LIVED every single day. Beckett is my little buddy. 
I LOVE being a grandmother. 
I love being older and wiser. 
I embrace being RIGHT here... in my 40's and 
am thankful to be here. 

This is a beautiful sight. All of us gathered at Amy and Rich's beautiful home. 

Of course, I take endless photos. 

I love seeing Grandma Collins smile at the grand babies.

I love my son Tyler so very much.
He is just like his dad, and so much like Seth.
Seth and Tyler are very close.
This is Tallya. I believe she came into Ty's life to help him and bring happiness into his heart. They started to date about a month after Tyler died.

Travis, Capri, Beckett and Taylor.
I am so thankful for this sweet family. 
I love having twin grand babies. I see the miracle of having them here.

Uncle Ty holding Beckett

I love this sweet couple too. This is Missy. She is Zach's girlfriend. They are the cutest silliest couple of kids. She is very supportive of Zach going on his mission to Brazil.


He is already so excited to go. He is trying to learn the language before he even goes to serve his mission.

 I love every SUNDAY the most. I love to go to church with this handsome man. He took me on a date night last night to Tsunami restaurant (where we first met! and instantly "fell" for each other). He promised me we will never stop dating. I like this about him.

Welcome HOME Seth!!!!
I am so proud of be your mom.
I love you with all my heart.

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