Wednesday, May 18, 2016

SHINE ON--- Teresa Collins Vegas Event 2016

I am a firm believer in when I teach or host events that there needs to be a message. Each year I host my Teresa Collins Vegas event. This year, I knew I wanted a POWERFUL 
theme to go with what I have wanted to present. 
The event is in Henderson Nevada at the Green Valley Resort and Spa- September 22-24th. It is all about being creative and sharing this with 300 other people. I have a keynote opening ceremony on Thursday night. THANKFULLY I have the very inspiring and popular WHIPPY CAKE- Becki Crosby coming to start the event with a bang.

All day Thursday are Ala Carte classes and are always a big hit. These are mini 2 hour classes that anyone can sign up for.

The event theme this year is 
SHINE ON!!!!!!!

 I wanted to share the message of how we each SHINE. We are unique, valued, and loved. We can share our SHINE will others. I love how SHINY things attract others. I love positive messages and reminders of how special we each are.

Friday and Saturday I have six big workshops for the students. They take three each day. This year the CELEBRITY guest teachers are Lisa Bearnson, Richard Garay, Margie Aslett- Romney, and Deanna Hutchinson (Canadian Superstar!!!) and myself. We are going to teach classes (scrapbooking) and do a project that we know they will LOVE. It is so much fun and I look forward to this yearly celebration!!!!

The event is so big that we have to put all the attendees into three large groups. This year the participants will be in one of these groups:

Who does not want to be a diamond? 

The second group is the STARS. I love that STARS are so beautiful and unique. 

The third group is GOLD. Yes, we are all GOLD and of value. I can't wait for this year. I wanted to have groups that all SHINE. 

I never advertise this event and often I am asked "WHY?". I have been blessed to have a yearly event that just continues to grow. So this year, we added more spots. This is our largest year ever.
This week I had several people who can't come but still wanted the kits. This opens up spots for people to attend the actual event. So if you are interested in coming I do have a few spots left and you can sign up by contacting Danielle.

The cost is $325.00
The hotel group rate is $145.00 per night & tax and is large enough to share with friends coming. Danielle can help you with this is you are interested in joining us. 

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The MOMENT you were born

The moment you were born my heart exploded with love. How could a little baby that I had never known totally capture my heart like this?
I was instantly in love with Cooper.
He was born by c-section and he had some issues when he was born and had to be in the intensive care unit.

I just knew my life would forever be better because of him. So crazy how life is... I believe LOVE grows and being a grandmother has made me so much MORE. 

Everyone loves Coop!
He is sweet, so well behaved and just so easy going. I know Gentry and Devan are very blessed that he has been such a easy baby.

Watching Gentry with Coop really just touches a place in my heart that makes me happy. It makes me realize that maybe I did some good things along the way. I love that I get to see Coop often. I  love that he loves me too. I can't wait until he can talk and we can communicate. 

Last weekend he was in S. California and loving the beach. He is quite the walker now. He loves his cousins and especially the twins.

I think he is big mixture of his mommy and daddy.
His personality and his looks.

He has only two bottom teeth and he is a good sleeper. I know he is hard for them to take to church. He just wants to go go go....

I know he will always have me to love and support him. I am so thankful they are close so I can spend one on one time with him. 

This made my DAY!!!!!!

I love you Cooper!
Happy 1st Birthday.
Having you forever in my life and heart is something that I am so thankful for. 
I will love you forever. 

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Monday, May 16, 2016

She's in South America

McKay is now in Colombia, South America doing her service mission. It was crazy that they detained her when she arrived. She was supposed to have a certain letter to work in the school. It needs to verify that it was service and not a paid position.

We celebrated her birthday at dinner before she left. 

It was hard to let her go, but I knew that she is following her own big dreams. They finally let her in the country and the agent was trying to get her to be his girlfriend. CRAZY!

She said it's CRAZY hot and she is dying from the heat. 
She is face timing me and said she has a fan on her at all times that she can. She has already started teaching and helping the children at the local school. She will help them with English and Spanish.

We also have a NEW member of the family.
MILO is Tyler's new puppy. He is a labrador and is so sweet and mellow. He is 8 weeks old and the sweetest little dog.
Ty has "Milo's Rules" and we are all helping him
to get her trained. I am super proud of Tyler. He paid for her and is doing everything to train and take care of him.

I am very proud of his big heart and he has always wanted a dog. 

So I am THRILLED to let you know about all my home decor magnet boards that are nationwide at Ross Dress for Less chain stores.

I visited my local store and found two of them. They were out of the other designs. I am really so thankful for this. I always knew I wanted to grow my business and brand into the home decor market and seeing this happen has been something that has given me so much joy. This week I am missing the yearly NEW YORK STATIONERY SHOW. I was sad and really tried to figure out a way to do this and then be in Hawaii the same week. 

I just knew my personal limits and I decided to go to Hawaii for the  Silhouette Summit since this was a great opportunity to talk  at the event. I am talking about my LIFE and BUSINESS. 
I have named my presentation after one of the quotes in my book-

So I will be in Hawaii in TWO days and I will be back in NYC next year. Zach starts his STATE baseball games tomorrow and Wednesday and I just couldn't miss this!!!!!

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Friday, May 13, 2016

It happened in MEXICO CITY

So last week I was in Mexico City. It was one of my ALL TIME favorite teaching experiences ever. I am still in complete gratitude at the experience. In many ways it changed me and my thoughts on designs. I loved the women so very much. I loved Diana's event. I can honestly say that her event far exceeded any and all expectations. She went all out on making this the most amazing day for the attendees. I will share some of the photos.

I love these girls.
I could not have had a warmer welcome.
I was greeted with flowers from Chio.
I loved our ride to the hotel. I saw so much of Mexico City.

The event had a onsite store and Diana had over 100 people there.

Everyone was so excited. It was so fun!!!!

Everyone got my GOLD- Be A Warrior bags.
I am selling these still on my website if you are interested.

I was signing my books here. Can you see me?

I felt such a connection with these women. Many tears were shed. I shared my story and how I have kept going no matter what obstacles I have faced. I know that we are here to help others. I know we are here to help encourage others. It is often so much MORE than the project.

Diana's family and volunteers. I love that they were all wearing the shirts she made with the Sihlouette machine.

The women here are so beautiful. EVERY single one of them. My blond hair is quite different but we are all sisters!!!

Signing books. I write longer messages. I write what my heart prompts me to say.

I was blessed to get to have dinner with her on Saturday night. I felt an instant CONNECTION. She is the real deal and I loved her heart and soul. She has a large online store that is doing so great. I want to help her. I was blessed to meet her too.

I am honored to be here with them. I am just a regular girl who has and will continue to follow my dreams and DREAM BIGGER.
There are NO LIMITS to what we can do.

Brian snuck off and went to the photo booth. Oh my... I adore this man. He is silly, funny, kind and he adores me. Every single day he tells me that I am so beautiful and how lucky he is. I feel so blessed that he can often travel with me. He is my support and he just "get's me." I love you Brian!!!!!

I simply can't wait to go back. I will go back and I look forward to that day and to seeing these amazing women again. 
I had the most amazing Mexican food I have ever had. YUMMY!!!!! 
PS- I'm still doing good on the no soda. 

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Today is McKay's 22nd birthday. 
She is my third child (& daughter).
She is absolutely the sweetest girl.
She will do anything for anyone.

Mckay goes to Brigham Young University and also works nearly full time as a manager at ART CITY trolley restaurant in Springville.
(she LOVES her job!)

She is so funny and everyone wants to hang around with her. She is the person everyone wants to be best friends with. She can keep you laughing forever, but can be serious and determined too. She has always been so friendly and yet she sees the one person alone and will leave the crowd and go sit with them. She cares about people.

She served a mission for our church in Seattle, WA for 18 months and considers this the "biggest" blessing in her life. She speaks fluent Spanish and loves the language, the culture and serving. She changed her degree at BYU after serving her mission to work for a international nonprofit organization. 

She is crazy funny. She calls me on the phone and says, "YO, Teresa" and I say back,
"YO, Mama to you" and we laugh.
She is NOT a morning person and I talk to her anyway. She often will respond with a growl to me. 

She went to Peru last Summer to teach English in the schools there. This summer she paid her own way to Columbia South America to do humanitarian work for four weeks. I am proud of her for working, going to school and saving her own money so she could do this in her time off from school. She leaves on Saturday and I will miss her but am very proud of her decision.

I love and adore you.
Always my little "rat."

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Monday, May 9, 2016


The best thing I ever did was to become a mom. It has given me my biggest challenges and also my greatest joys. It has given me my biggest worries. You always worry about your children. I always wanted a BIG family. I love lots of people around. I love the closeness and feelings that can dwell in the home when you are surrounded with those that you love. I consider myself so RICHLY blessed with my children. I lost my mother and I think of her EVERY day. I often want to just call her and ask her to help me figure out a problem, or share good news. I miss my mother. I know she would be very proud of her grandchildren. 

I have no doubt that my mom was with these babies in heaven before they came to bless our family. 

I have given birth to the most amazing 5 children. I adore them. I love the closeness that they have together and with me. I was the PTA, room mom. I never wanted to miss anything. I still don't. I love that each of my children will tell you that they are the favorite child. 

Then I met Tyler and he had two boys. When I married Brian he had four children. Yes, combined that is 11 children. WOW!!!!! 
I believe you don't have to give birth to a child to be a "mom" to them. I believe so strongly in the role that women and mom's have on the influence of children. 

So for me, I love our COMBINED life. I love being their mother. I am obsessed with ALL of my kids. It's a journey with challenges and I learn new things every day. 

*post coming up about my visit to Mexico City. It was unbelievable. I loved it!

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