Friday, May 6, 2016


Brian and I are at the airport.
I'm in serious excitement mode to go to Mexico this morning.
This is going to be amazing and I will be visiting stores today and teaching all day tomorrow (one long workshop).

So I thought I would share photos from yesterday.
Coop and Gentry holding my new book.
We were at my book publishers.
I loved that Gentry LOVED it.
It's MINT... and accents of gold.
(no pink this time)

I have three books out right now with Cedar Fort (my publisher).
PINCH myself!!!!!

Coop just wanted to walk and he is nonstop!!!!

I saw my book for the first time yesterday- YOU ARE GOLD.
I was so very HAPPY... OVERJOYED... it's gorgeous.
I did a live periscope yesterday if you want to watch it to see the inside. The video can be found by searching TeresaCollins1.

NOW for total cuteness...

Capri and Beckett.
Notice Beckett is pointing at Capri-
it's not me!!!!
This kills me. 
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At May 8, 2016 at 8:42 PM , Blogger Miss Hobbies said...

We are happy to know you. (Candy)

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